Ex Confederates in Europe


The most difficult thing about dealing with history are the facts surrounding propaganda.

If a group have been told x is true, the longer that group believes it is true, the harder to convince them that not only is x not x but x is y.

The real x has an entirely different meaning.

Exact same thing holds true for the concepts of history. Some aspects of history have been so corrupted by conquerors that it is close to impossible to actually determine what the truth is.

Questioning of the accepted facts usually leaves the questioner in a theological debate regarding belief instead of actual facts.

When documentation is brought up proving x is x, those that belief x is actually defined as y have the most significant problem since the questioner is actually attacking their belief system. Not just presenting evidence of the true definition for x.

After the War, the Confederates who could not stand both the fact they lost and the fact that they had to dishonor themselves and confess they were wrong. So they left America for good. Knowing that the only way back was to literally stand some type of trial and confess they were wrong and their actions were bad.

Thousands possibly including “Colonel Patterson” who hired Phoebe Judson to finish destroying the French city and the get rid of most of the evidence in the Log Jam. Traveled to France and Germany to continue the good fight to reform the Confederacy in those places.


IN the decades which followed enumerable think tanks and publications were created to spread the word regarding the base principles of the Confederacy. But since one of the strongest issues of the Civil War was literally the violent and radical Anti-Semitic message. In American during the Civil War, this key aspect was heavily censored and the execution of the Jews went entirely undocumented. But the strong core not only believed strongly in Anti-Semitism, they enjoyed killing Jews for fun and profit.

Which the cultures in Europe were more than happy to not only embrace, but they simply needed a strong person or group to give them permission to be violent against the Jews again. The Anti-Semitic publications were just the excuse needed to start  new wave of Jew bashing.

By 1870, old laws were reestablished allowing just show of Concentration camps to reform and be legalized again. New laws were created to further humiliate and punish the Semitic People.

You have to remember that in both Iberia and Greece the Ottoman Empire still had a stranglehold on power. in Iberian the stranglehold was only in pockets, but the majority if the entire Aegean was owned by and as radical Islamic as the center of Mecca during the Hajj.

Some of the laws were not intended to be violent towards the Jews, but were aimed at being violent against any and all Islamic followers. But strong, dominant, violent cultures need not invitation to be militant. These cultures leaning Islamic which the Confederates in Europe were already either Islamic by religious or were Islamic philosophically based on generations of business deals. They took the laws as being violent and murderous against the Jews, while some pockets took the laws as being ok to be violent against any and all Islamic cultures.

This ultimately lead to a dozen wars between 1870-1919; which includes World War One.

Many Ex-Confederates in Europe founded a series of Think Tanks and discussion groups. Each with massive amounts of funding and organizational structures. Each was quickly outlawed for inciting riots and other crimes against the state.

But no sooner would a group be outlawed that B group would start. B outlawed when C and D would start up.

D would be identified and outlawed, C would continue but E would be founded. E and C would lead to F G and H.

A couple of them outlawed, leaving a couple in place.

Eventually they consolidated in the chaos after World War One in The Thule Society.

The Thule society formed its own Political Group, which was outlawed quickly. But a second political group formed, this one would be different.

The second political group was finally outlawed in 1946, but the really funny part is. This Political Group outlawed its founding think tank The Thule Society in 1932. The Thule society did what they had done for 80 years. Reform with a new name.

This time under the name “The Four Year Plan”, which lasted till Operation Valkyrie when most of the members were either executed or the end of the war was so close there was no further reason to try again knowing the Allies were only a few months from crushing Berlin itself.








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