The Exodus was one incredibly messed up situation.

The Exodus was the Avaris/Hyksos performing a coup d'état against the 18th Egyptian dynasty.

The pharaoh killed in combat was King Tut or Pharaoh Tutankenaten.

The Purpose of the Exodus was not to free the Jews from slavery. But exactly the opposite. The Jews were being captured and used as slaves by the Hyksos. But since the Avaris commander Moses was about to erase every single letter regarding the actual history of the Jews and the predecessor “Children of Israel” kill every single scholars who knew anything about the truth. Destroy every single language which might point to a different story than the one he was about to tell, he invented Hebrew to both erase a Gateway to Hell and to rewrite every single word of the Jewish holy book with Hebrew.

The Lost 13th tribe did to just disappear, where they went is obvious. But they did not merge into Moses’s Ghetto because they had their own army and did not have to.

The Trojan War is about the Lost 13th tribe. Part of What Moses did was to take is Jewish Slave Shield Wall

Jews killing Jews, little more is better for the Hyksos. This is close to the definition of perfect, the only thing better would be to watch an entire army of Jews kill another entire army of Jews leaving almost no survivors in heaven while they are enjoying their virgins. That is perfection for the Hyksos.

Unfortunately it breaks close to every single rule regarding the proper conduct of humans god and dictated.

A significant portion of the Exodus was Moses’s slave army at Troy killing Trojans.

The evidence is in the Illiad, Ajax the Lessor. That was Moses, the Lessor is a name given to those who ask to enter another cultures war but the primary has less than zero interest in their battel glory going to anyone other than themselves. Sometimes the lessor is used to indicate a little brother who needs looking after.

But in this case Ajax’s bother was named and a distinguished warrior in his own right.

So the lessor was a non-family member. The actions this person did by default make his actions all but exactly like that of Moses.



The plates of destiny

They could be part of what Moses destroyed when he descended from mnt Sinai.


these events occurred at the same time

·      Exodus

·      Change of the 18 to the 19th dynasty

·      The rise of the Hyksos

·      Tuts wife escaped/evacuated; very possibly to Carpathia, easiest place to go for safety after the Ay took over. After her husband was killed in battle.

·      Battle of troy




Ra man ka

Masculine, Laguz/Abraham, the energy of the soul/mana(diablo)




TR Welling