Father Joseph


The Father of the Jews Joseph. This man led a beyond fascinating life.

He was the most spiritually gifted of his father’s children. He was the only one capable of working with the Tabernacle System correctly, and the only one skilled in being able to interact with the Whore of Babylon ceremony without giving himself a lobotomy.

So his father Jacob chose him as his successor.

He also had indications for the Whore of Babylon Ceremony, which as mentioned in Pharaoh, is part of Judaism erased by Moses.

The Ceremony was literally not about just having coitus with some random female. Nor is it about the females of an area being forced on occation to have coitus with strangers. Those are all lies, period. Although Caligula was accused of this, forcing the Wife’s of the Senators to have turn themselves into prostitutes to pay off the Senators debts. This is mostly a fabrication. The Senators under threat of execution informed Caligula he had to teach them how to turn the Senate chamber Tabernacle of Adam System on http://modeoflife.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/roman-senate.jpg, the associated collection of Kaaba’s were located in the Floor Above the Senate chamber. The Senators had to know how to use it, so he told them the basics. It did not work. So he said “Bring your wives, but prepare for your wives to have coitus with whom they choose.” It seems that the glamor of power and a divine weapon was more than sufficient to offer up their wives for said ceremony.

The results were the women were allowed to choose their partners, who also had to be entirely willing. But the interactions had to be in specific locations in the Kaaba and in specific positions. The grams of electricity pouring off the human body during coitus are in part designed to be captured by the third floor amber room and directed to a central location/machine where the energy would be converted to electricity and then sent to achieve the machines set goal.

The Senators at the time of insulting the Emperor to the ultimate degree before and after the actual assassination of his body double/body guard, they did not call it “Whore of Babylon” because during that time people still knew about the connection between that ritual and the Tabernacle of Adam System. But the Paul led Vatican would erase those people and most references to that WMD by the time their imposed Dark Age was over.

Forced coitus is the definition of bad, the participants have to be entirely willing or the ceremony does not work.

When Joseph was sold by his extremely jealous Brothers to prevent his being appointed the next Israel. Josphe was sold to their uncle Esau, under the strict assurance that he would not be killed or harmed under any circumstances. Just held and forced to work.

Joseph in his early to middle teens, was given to Zuleikha, the wife of Potiphars the head guard for Esau. He was given to her as a household slave. Esau and Potiphar did not want Joseph anywhere close to a battle, or he might learn combat and challenge them for a return of his freedom. So he was kept out of politics, war, strategy, etc. anything which he might learn from to obtain power over Esau.

But what Esau did not know was, that he was already schooled in the ways of the Tabernacle of Adam system.

So when Joseph began under the direction of the lord to use the household Tabernacle to turn the electro magnetics of the house favorable, he began to be noticed. First from Zuleikha, then from Potiphar who noticed huge amounts of prophets coming from his fields and other business ventures. So much profit that he started to not know how to spend it. Esau noticed that his chief guard was amassing a huge fortune, which was of course a threat to his power. He could hire a larger army and defeat Esau; this was unacceptable.

But to keep the money rolling in, Joseph was forced to perform with the Tabernacle System more and more, using ever increasingly strong levels of electricity.

To achieve this goal Joseph informed Potiphar that he had to use a better System (built immediately) and use coitus energy to fuel it. But the conditions were pure willingness, and pure intent for the spending of the funds. Most of the money was earmarked to achieve specific goals. Of course a lot of it was to go to Esau, but as it turns out not enough. Esau got greedy. He wanted most of the money and to cut Potiphar entirely out of the deal. Which was strictly against the rules the lord set up. This was Esau’s chance at redemption for several of his sins against the lord. He had to let this play out, had to allow the money be directed at specific locations. He would achieve some of it for his own purposes, but this was punishment by god for his sins. Esau perceived it as being cheated again.

The story of the invited to sex is only partially correct. Zuleikha was ok with intimacy in a divine sense with joseph, but Potiphar was her husband. Joseph had his own path to walk. When the deal was over, Joseph had to return to Memphis and rule as Pharaoh. Zuleikha had to stay with her husband.

Esau demanded more control, Zuleikha wanted to be with Joseph full time and in effect divorce her husband and produce children with Joseph. This is where the situation became unacceptable and the lord puts a stop to it. Esau was punished more.

Joseph for challenging his uncle was thrown in prison, he languished in prison being head inmate warden for years. But his divine gifts Esau used in the prison. One day Pharaoh Esau had a vision which no one could understand but Joseph. Esau summoned his nephew to court and asked him what it meant. He informed his uncle what was about to happen. Which the 7 and 7 were to balance out the prosperity of the work done in the tabernacle of Potiphar. Released from Prison Joseph was granted a wife, the daughter of a high ranking Priest and had at least two children. If he had children with Zuleikha they were either executed or were smuggled to his fathers to raise.


Esau could not directly bennifit.

Father Pharaoh Israel aka Jacob.






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