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Burn the Witch

“Burn the Witch” has occurred more than a few times, just not on the scale it did from 350-1800 c.e in Western Cultures. But it has occurred and in some cultures is still occurring. Indonesia and India for instance the practice of seeking out those whom literally the community think are practicing actions which are either sorcery and or against Islam, torturing them to death has become a standard practice.




Either by way of an assumption by Abu Bakr or the framework of what Fatimah picked up along the way. Did Fatimah find source material from either Lilith and or Eve and worked to recreate what work, rituals, ceremonies, etc. they did. Either independently and or together.

Could this be why Fatimah was hunted down and marked for execution the second her father took his last poisoned breathe.

The Garden of Eden


The War between Jacob and Esau

The war between Jacob and Esau

Paul and Simon Peter




The wild craze created by the Catholic Church’s office of inquisition itself is responsible for both causing waves to occur as well as allowing the practice to swell from just seeking out the followers of Jesus to kill to seeking out the followers of both Mohammed and his daughter Fatimah. Fatimah it is assumed internally at least by Abu Bakr that she was herself a fallen, a Nephilim, or worse resulted from whatever Mohammed did in the Kaaba. If he did something unacceptable to recreate Islam from the ashes of the philosophy of Esau.

The Hajj is a recreation of the conquest of Mecca and Medina by Esau. The problem is the behavior patterns associated are entirely bad in all aspects.

Even the bible tells of a battle with a fallen, that Jacob would not bow to. It is assumed that fallen was sent summoned by Esau and sent to kill or destroy Jacob so he could not literally become king of Kings.

But the attempt on Jacob’s life failed. But it did curse Esau for the rest of his existence to a very bad life and death. Especially since his death was literally at the Hands of Dan whom himself literally was stabbed to death by Jacob’s son with the Blade/Tome of Methuselah.

Mohammed worked very hard to recreate those actions in order to reinvent/recreate the actions Esau performed. Which means that Summoning of a demon is part of the Ceremony.

Which is really bad since the Hajj every year is as faithful a recreation of the conquest of Mecca by Esau as the Muslim’s can literally recreate. At the end, it means inside the Kaaba, the people inside might literally be summoning a fallen/demon in order to conduct their business. Spreading the word of Islam farther and farther.


As Islam spread out from mecca it turned more than a few of the power structures of Europe into panic. Not being able to reconcile the new power dynamic even though Islam is just the new name for the old Esau line philosophy.

But getting rid of Islam in Europe is in part what cascaded into the burning times.


Trying to hide what something is from the general public while at the same time waging a full scale war against the enemy you are openly killing every last person associated with that philosophy becomes increasingly difficult. The philosophy of Mohammed through is daughter Fatimah with the continuation of the followers of Abu Bakr trying everything in their power to push their military as far and wide as possible. Taking over the philosophy of every single person on the planet is the goal. Even if the first generations only convert or die, eventually within about 10 generations no one will remember what the old philosophy was and all but the new philosophy will exist.

This is what the Vatican was attempting to achieve with the philosophy of paul taking domination over the philosophy of Jesus.

As the Hyksos/Paul/Mohammed spread the church took a violent hand to the extreme. Choosing to kill anyone whom questioned their authority versus only seeking out Islamic and killing them. The bad actions done in the modern age are considered death row offenses; so seeking those guilty of child molestation, murder, torture, human sacrifice, kidnapping, murdering infants, etc. these are more than sufficient reasons to seek those following this crimes against humanity philosophy out and prevent them from spreading these ideas.

Abu Bakr

Few men are more responsible for the inhuman behavior in the entire stretch of human h history than this man. He was such a very bad man he purposely instructed his followers to kill anyone whom questioned his authority. From 600 to present the violence has not stopped. The degree of the violence is the only thing which has been measurable. Other than the degree of violence, it has not stopped.

To counteract the viscous and over the top violence in Europe circa 650 c.e. is when the Vatican sent out the office of in question to find Muslims specifically Fatimah followers and remove both them and their books from Europe.

The problem is take a good idea and corrupt it. Those in charge of finding and rooting out Islam in Europe chose to root out and destroy anything which questioned the authority of the church. So a simply hunt for Fatimah and her followers turned into the most dangerous and violent hunt for anyone whom the church might think for a second wanted, needed, desired to question the authority of the church itself.

Islam invades Europe

There were two main thrusts into Europe. Well three if you count the unbelievably clandestine incursion of Mohammed into the city of Rome itself.

“Mohammed ascended to heaven”

The definition would be not to another location but literally to The Eternal City itself. That Eternal City itself is Luz. Renamed after Abraham to Mem; since Mem means the same exact definition in hieroglyphic as Abraham does not Hebrew. But the Hebrew has much less credibility since Hebrew is a language which is directly during the Moses an Avaris/Hyksos descended invasion. He was not interested in telling the truth only in controlling the population and using the Jewish slaves in his army to conquer his own kingdom.

A Major thrust of Islamic invaders from whom had to go around the bospherous straight, and the army following Fatimah whom traveled after leaving her dead father in either Egypt or Rome and traveled the northern portion of Africa west to Gibraltar. Spreading the word of Islam in Spain, southern France, then Britain. Where she fought a long standing decades long war in Britain; but was ultimately defeated and evacuated to northern Europe. Where she kept spreading her philosophy in northern Europe from the west to the east.

Finally the end of her life would be somewhere between Germany and Russia.

Each step from Spain to Russia the Vatican followed and worked very hard to destroy her and her followers.

That destruction later generation’s took up the banner of those movements and chose to expand exponentially from just Islam to anyone or anything which would question the Vatican’s position on anything. The Vatican was perfect all whom questioned the power and divine right of the Vatican faced immediate execution. The burning times could have come first to destroy Fatimah (so much hate, rage, bad inhuman ceremonies, committing crimes against species as a whole. So not a bad group of people radical Islamic and Fatimah followers to capture performing bad actions and executing them. Destroying copies of their works, also not a bad thing. Taking children from their beds to do despicable things to them in the name of Allah, evidence in the present regarding those same actions is easy to find.) but expanded to include everyone.

The Ceremonies of the Hajj


The burning times

There were more than one dominant religion in Europe after the collapse of the Roman Empire. From 200-700 c.e. in Europe due to the Vatican’s not having a chance to spread fast enough or with a large  enough tyrannical army to suppress all scholarly work. Many philosophies abounded. Works (a scholarly idea written down, and copies distributed to those whom would be interested) were not only common but regularly circulated around different scholarly communities. Different works which spread during one cycle would obviously influence other scholars to assemble the current and newly added works causing more ideas to be generated. Those ideas would then generate more works from which to explore different ideas. The explosion of ideas was only hampered by the different armies and cultures fighting and forcing their rules of acceptable order to the societies they were attached to.

The response when the Vatican did start to grow large enough and with a sufficient army, they started to insist all information had to stem from the Vatican itself. All works previous which might not have been bible based or worse question the authority of the Vatican were destroyed. Many of the scholars involved were killed if they would not renounce their ideas and follow the strict rules of the Vatican itself.

In this chaos came the applications of Fatimah and her entourage. She brought Islam, her own version of Islamic e.g. Fatimah Islam (which was specifically aimed at female converts), as well as her fathers most dedicated and loyal troops. After her father was killed, she had to evacuate from both the middle east het Egypt. The ceremony his followers took him to in Egypt failed to work. Taking Mohammed to Heaven would be taking Mohammed to literally the city of Luz aka Memphis Egypt. Which brings up an extreme problem. Did Mohammed and his army travel first to Egypt, and then to Rome itself.

The burning times are interesting since the events in question themselves can literally be trace in part to the Islamic invasions of Europe circa 620 c.e. The Catholic Church was not happy it was not yet the end all and be all of dominant religions but the true violence and mass genocide did not start till after Mohammed’s daughter evacuated out of the Middle East, one small step before Abu Bakr could kill her. He was entirely convinced she was literally a fallen angel, a Nephilim, or worse the product of a summoning spell Mohammed cast inside the Kaaba to have at least one child survive childhood and carry his message forward.

Abu Bakr it seems assumed that he was a sufficient vessel to carry the message, Fatimah was not necessary in any way. Abu Bakr poisoned the profit in order to erase his believe about the unholiest of what Mohammed did and the product of his daughters philosophy.

In a very real effect Abu Bakr possessed “identity disorder” whenever anyone praises the prophet, he is whom they are talking about. In his mind he became the profit in the killing of Mohammed. He cannot be a prophet, I killed him “I killed a false prophet” so I am the true prophet.

As the Islamic army invaded farther into Europe, the farther scouts and advanced imams spread the word of Islam deep into Europe. They did not have an army, they simply traveled around spreading the word of Islam into Europe. This is part of what the burning times were about to seek out imams of both the * and the women centered Fatimah form of Islam and erase its existence.


Upon Fatimah’s escape into exile from the Middle East and her father’s side. She traveled pregnant as far away from the armies of Abu Bakr as she could. She traveled into Ga ’al now France in order to literally spread her philosophy to the world but also to escape the execute on site order from her enemies.

She most likely circa 630 traveled across the channel into Britain. Where she would have both assembled an army out of those she converted. Which is Britain especially the southern part several of the cultures present they were descendants of the same Hyksos culture. Find the Hyksos descendants and convert them to the ancient philosophy of Esau. Since they were already from that background, simply present the information “we are all from the same background, but here is where we all deviated from the original path. So we must adjust back to the original,”

Special application of a women’s tasks and jobs was part of what Fatimah was selling. Disposed females of any culture were drawn to the power and strength applied to their life from this ancient philosophy.

Mohammed in Rome

The subject of Resurrection comes up about this time. To be resurrected from the dead to equal the actions of Jesus. Taking Mohammed to first to the pyramids, which failed and then to Rome hoping in vain to bring him back from the dead. The problem is, since they had literally no possible idea how to work with tool of Adam’s tabernacle there was literally no possible way in which they could have make the tool work.

But spreading the propaganda that Mohammed ascended to heaven from the Temple Mound sounded perfect. The propaganda being a throne in the side of the Levant lands. Causing all manner of issues and problems with the Jewish people for the next 1400 years.

Most of the powerful sides are less than not interested in the facts surrounding the base idea that Israel and Jerusalem were never in Levant. That is an Hyksos/Avaris lie, created to throw off the Jews from knowing exactly where to return home. If all the documentation points to Levant than Levant is obviously where the location is. But all the documentation was political spin.



In Britain when the opposition armies rose up to challenge her, she was forced to flee upon defeat back to Europe. She chose to northern portion and instead of reforming a large army, she chose instead to focus on wondering from town to town. Finding the little outlying people whom were usually disposed and unpopular in the city itself, to convert them.

Northern Europe

The stories and applications of Witches and their deep and nasty traditions cascaded forward into the fairy tales the brothers Grimm recorded in their stories. Traveling around to various places in remote areas of northern Europe, writing down every tail they could find regarding with the villagers remembered about their own history. 1000 years of fear, conquest, invasions, genocide, serial killers, religious fanatics, zealots, a dozen religions, countless cults, political power dynamics, etc. can alter truth well outside the realm of truth.

But within a statistical cross comparison of the events before 650 and the events after 1500 begins to generate an actual picture of where Fatimah not only traveled to but spread the word of both Islam and her little female empowerment through Islam philosophy. Which more than a few women, villages, and men were drawn to.

These males, females, etc. account would literally draw a close enough comparison between the Freya Freyer balance the Nordic culture had operated from before Catholic invasions to convert everyone over to the Vatican’s new philosophy/religion.

A witch hunt in central and northern Europe was layered. But started as a way to seek out both Islam and Fatimah’s followers and kill them. Assuming those followers were following the teachings of a fallen (fallen angel), a Nephilim, or a dark spell created my Mohammed in order to have at least one of his children survive to adulthood. All dark and nasty as far as the Catholic and Hyksos descended cultures were concerned.

Unaffiliated with Islam

In the firestorm of seeking out Fatimah and killing those connected to her, most of those murdered not only had nothing at all to do with Fatimah but had never heard of Islam. The tyrants of the time needed to obtain power, lands, money, and show force over their minions. Using the burning times as an excuse to kill anyone whom they thought were a threat to their power. Many were killed or run out of time for the simple reason they were a political pawn for the powerful to gain more power.

Neighbors would fight over any subject, and the side which had more political power could have their neighbor arrested, tortured, lands seized, money confiscated, etc. the lucky ones if that is an appropriate concept were allowed to simply leave the city they had most likely grown up and lived their entire lives in. they were allowed to leave, the rest were tortured to death. For nothing other than it was of political advantage to kill anyone whom got in the way.

During those times questioning the King of the castle or the church was an automatic death sentence. The Fatimah scare allowed the truly psychopathic serial killers in an area to literally do their worst and not only get away with it, they were usually rewarded for rooting out the evil in the community and putting evil to death.

But it does not take long for a culture to run out of those whom will not tow the political line and support with local King. So those whom needed to go on killing would travel around to seek out hidden members of a community, accuse them and kill them. To get their jollies off with the kill but be able to go into a community where their victims would have made friends with those in power.





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