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Is Ra El

The problem is that this word was not invented till the Hyksos invasion of Egypt circa 2100 bce.

This word replaced the previous word of Israel in order to hide the fact that Israel is Egypt and Egypt is Israel.


The Very word Egypt is a Greek word which itself would not exist till after 800 bce.

Eg Y Pt; translates to “The Temple (Eg) of (Y) Ptah. Which is a form of the concept of the ATEN.

Which begins a little odd when you consider that virtually the entire structure of Egypt, the Pyramids, and Judaism from 1300 to 100 bce the Hyksos did their absolute best to destroy everything their was to destroy about the Jews. Destroying “The Children of Adam” was at that point mostly accomplished.


There were philosophies, ceremonies, and rituals which were conducted that Terah and of course Esau hated at a soul level.












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