FreeMasonry and the Vitruvian Man


Leo was a student at the Sorbonne which up till a bit ago still held classes in Notre Dame. In a way the Sorbonne was founded out of Notre Dame, but previous to 200 ce the original was still a synagogue, which was designed to be a copy of King Solomon’s Temple.

Notre Dame was still structurally a synagogue till 1150 when it was demolished and rebuilt as a purpose built Cathedral.

The second the building was complete 300 years later, is when that same motivation to erase the past moved onto the other Synagogue complex buildings on the island of Paris. He was half Jewish (on his mothers side) so it bothered him a lot that the Jewish foundations of Paris were being obliterated to make very evil people happy.

The building to the North of Notre Dame, and the Palace structures to the west of the island were also in part demolished over the next 200 years. A few managed to remain intact, but mostly were destroyed and rebuilt.

Leo lived in Paris during parts of this destruction and rebuilding to hide the Jewish/Trojan past of the city. He witnesses synagogue after synagogue more than 2500 years old be destroyed to make the Catholics and Prussians happy.

Was Leonardo Da Vinci a FreeMasonic Brother Da Vinci. Belonging to the Grand Lodge of Britain (it was destroyed then obliterated from existence by the English during the 1600s), or the French Grand Lodge, which was also obliterated twice previous to 1794.

The French Grand Lodge is more logical, since that is where Leo lived for most of his life, clandestinely.

Best defense against enemies trying to kill you. Do not be where they think you are going to be. So if they think you live in Milan, do not be within 500 miles of Milan.

The next point of course adding  pictures from his drawings to decode the layers and layers of hidden information within.

Also keeping secrets is part of FreeMasonry; need we look any further than the portions and aspects of modern FreeMasonry which we have to swear on our knees not to share with anyone at all minus a proven fellow brother. A few letter sequences from Florida work. Which today is entirely different from 1480 when they took the do not PPCCSSMDI any of this information in to anything at all, period. 


He hid his FreeMasonic Membership so well that it has only come to light 500 years and a few days after his death in 1519. 


That was by chance. 


Now that sufficient evidence has been drawn to suggest Leo was Brother Da Vinci, what do I do now?
Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the most famous Renaissance artists and scholars.

He was also one of the smartest humans to exist.

Most of his art pieces and inventions were designed with hidden codes buried in them. They were in fact so well hidden that some secrets like the Mona Lisa are still too well hidden half a millennia after his death.

He also painted more than 60 versions of Mona Lisa,  but only one of them is world famous. Where the others are is an extremely good question. What is even a better question is; when he did many canvases of a specific piece, did Leo make a layered code, not unlike some Medical textbooks which features human anatomy the layers of each from an entirely open torso with nothing in it, layer by layer adding more and more of the organs back in, till you add the stomach muscles, then the fat between, then the skin.

Has anyone taken his drawings and paintings and created a layered code breaking effort?

Did the Third Reich figure this out, collected all of the masters of the Renaissance work to put them through the best decryption scholars who the Reich did not kill first. The Reich stole millions of pieces of art, did they spend years working to collect all the pieces of art with the “hidden” science in them. What did the Reich learn from all those secret academic papers in the form of “Sculpture Painting Sketches”.

Apparently they learned a huge amount.

That is some impressive cryptography.


A close up of text on a white surface

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The seats of a FreeMasonic Ldoge, at least this is the layout of some of them. America, England, etc. I undersatnd that modern Germany FreeMasonry has a different lodge layout pattern.

The officer Chairs

A Historian/ Mathematician

B Treasurer


D Marshall

E Music/Organist





A close up of text on a white surface

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In addition, this could be also how the Alter Tools, equipment, etc. are laid out.

The Great Lights of the Alter

A Historian who does the mathematics (Alma) of the tools

B Candle

C Compass

D Square

E  Candle

F bible

G Candle

H Attendant who touches the tools




A close up of text on a white surface

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The Candles aroudn the Alter.

The Great Lights (Candles). North is up, South is down.

WM to the East and the SW to the West.

Related image


The single foot. the hands and the foot the candles of FreeMasonry.

The rules regarding do not P P C C S S M I I (Florida Work) in the 1400s were a bit stronger than they are now. Then they would have litterally all had to be hidden very very deeply inside codes. So deep in fact that they could not be seen unless the observer knew exactly what to look for.

However there is another issue.

We are dealing with one of the smartest humans to have existed, so his codes and said would be on the unbelievably extreme side of difficult to solve.


Image result for freemason great lights




A close up of a watch

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The Ancient Elder Futhark Language when applied to the 360’ compass, it converts numbers to letters.

Those letters become letter sequences when they are applied to various items.

Despite the fact that the parent of Hebrew language is the Elder Futhark, it would be very curious if the Katherine (a normal slave name of Italy during the 1400s. An African Slave named Katherine was Leo’s mother. She was purchased and brought into Florence in order to achieve a very special and specific Fertility Rite ancient pre-Exodus Jewish Cermeony. A Cermeonoy which was purposely hidden from Moses and the Hebrews he created. Egypt as well as Cathage are both in Africa, it is on the exterme side of doubtful a really dark female slave was purchased from say the Ivory Coast [like 99% of the slaves of the Triangle Trade which began during Leo’s lifetime. But that is a rather long and on the extreme side of complex story. What does it have to do with Leo, actually a huge amount.] His mother would have been from based on looks and social customs, she was a Jewish Princess from Egypt. Making Leo half Jewish Royality on the side of his mother; which is the side which counts.) was a Jewish Princess from Egypt. The only real way for her to be transported into Italy was as a slave. Anti-semitism was a generaly accepted fact in eupre from the Crucifixion till the Holocaust, were the rage and hatred towards the Jews cooled but only by a mild amount. Killing about 10 million of them has that affect on cultures which hated them.

Through his mother did Leo learn Hebrew. Did he put his devestating intellitence towards Hebrew to find out more about it.

It would not have taken him long to figure out that the Hebrew language itself was not from Aramaic, its parent is the Elder Futhark. 

The Elder Futhark the 12th character is spelled “Jeru”. The 12th son of Jacob was Judah, Judah is the father of the Jews.

He was named Judah as an indication of his being appointed King/Pharaoh of the city of God, eg Jerusalem.

Although Jeru is a letter in the Elder Futhark, salem is Hebrew.

Jerusalem in Heiroglyphics translates to Heliopolis in Greek, and New Castle in English.

New Castle Northumberland is 12 miles south east of Ogle Castle. Hadrian’s Wall bisects through New Castle.

Heliopolis was moved from  Egypt to Rome well to the North West just outside the Walls of Rome by Caligula days before the Crucifixion. Which atually took place in Rome Propper. Well all but the very end, the mount zion part was done where the Vatican Hill used to be.

That Hill was quarried immediately after Crucifixion to prevent it from becoming pilgrimage site.

A few minutes with the evidence and an eye for science; it does not take long for a scholar to sift through the facts and evidence of the crucifixion data to know the events took place in Rome Propper. Which could be a huge reason Leo was under constnat attack from the Vatican for most of his life. He knew the Crucifixion took place starting in the Senate Chamber, and ended on Julii family lands.

The Hebrew portions the Futhark itself is the Parent of Hebrew, it means that the layout of each Lodge spells Hebrew Letters out in lodge placements.

Where the Officers sit, as well as the floor work.

From the ATEN looking down.

Wow this will be very interesting to dive into each character which has points where the Officers Sit and or the floor work.

The F is fixed North.

So take each point of the officers chairs.

Image result for freemasonry lodge layout

The task is to combine the above Hebrew with the Lodge Officers Chairs. Where they match that character is in play.

Which means that the opening, middle, and closing ceremonies of a stated communication have a built in “motions” langauge built in.

the Vitruvian man, and the lodge officers. the Hebrew compass. Where each lodge officer sits has an associated Hebrew letter or letters.

During the stated communications, as each Officer/Hebrew character is in play, that Hebrew character combines with other Officers/Hebrew characters in play/motion. As they do their thing, they create Hebrew words.

It would be fascinating to decode what is being said in Hebrew.


A close up of a map

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Alef bisects the SW, Historian, and comes very  close to the SD chairs.

SW, and JD involved.

A close up of a map

Description automatically generated

WM, and the Marschel.

And or the Chaplin and the Marchell. Depending on where the circle is fixed to

A close up of a map

Description automatically generated

The Historian, SW, JD


A close up of a map

Description automatically generated


A close up of a map

Description automatically generated

JD The actions and functions of the JD.

Anything the JD does this symbol as well as the others symbols the JD does apply. In order.

A close up of a map

Description automatically generated

JW, SW Historian interacting.

A close up of a map

Description automatically generated


Interacting  with the Alter,

A close up of a map

Description automatically generated

SS, the Historian

A close up of a map

Description automatically generated

SW, this is all about the SW.

A close up of a map

Description automatically generated

SD, Marchel, Historian

A close up of a map

Description automatically generated

WM, Chaplin, Historian , SD

A close up of a map

Description automatically generated

SD, Chaplin, SS, depending on fixed points JW

A close up of a map

Description automatically generated

Chaplin, SS, JW, JS, SW

A close up of a map

Description automatically generated

WM, SS, SW, Historian

A close up of a map

Description automatically generated

SD, Chaplin, Historian, JD,

A close up of a map

Description automatically generated


JW, Historian,

A close up of a map

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A close up of a map

Description automatically generated

Chaplin, SS, JW, SD, JD

A close up of a map

Description automatically generated

SD, Chaplin, SS, JD, JW, JS

A close up of a map

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SD, Chaplin, SS, JW, JS, JD



First point East


The actions which occur to the north, the floorwork to the north.

A close up of a map

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SW, the alter, JD, Marchel


A close up of a map

Description automatically generated

SS, Chapln, JS, SW, Historian


As the above officers perform their duties. the characters they are associated with come into play.

The actions done in sequence create the letter sequences which become words.




Whether Leo knew this or not is immaterial to the facts of the science of AErdology which is directly based on the mathematics which created the Pyramids and the items the Pyramids are based on in the first place.

The Pyramids and Masonry are the same subject.

The Causeway of the Bent Pyramid bisects the Cave under where King Solomon's Temple used to be. Currently where the Temple Mount Mosque is Image result for temple mound cave.


Image result for temple mound cave


Related image



Related image


That Cave is what we consider to be the EA.

Makes the Pyramids in Egypt the Circle of Head of the ATEN, and the arm of the Bent Pyramid causeway goes through King Solomon's Temple. A picture containing indoor, sitting, table, cake

Description automatically generated

Everything has a place in the circle. Every  mm in the circle has a sequence of letters already connected to it.

This wedge is facing north, but that is just as easy to have the wedge fixed point east to the WM.

Every  chair has a letter sequence built in.


King Solomon's Temple was a Synagogue.

The opinion of born again fanatics aka Great Awakening Followers regarding FreeMasonry being not Jewish are simply wrong.

Jesus never claimed to be anyting other than a Jew. However the Great Awakening movment itself was founded by Prussian Spy’s working to under mind the British Colonies, the Prussian axis the English at that same time were working against the British in Britain to destroy their powerbase. The prussians worked against the British in America, the English worked to deestroy them in Britain. all to complete the task they ahd been given by Agamemnon 1330 bce, “Kill all Trojans and their associated cultures.” It took 3300 years but the Old Kingdom/18th dynasty and the Trojans/British were obliterated as a culture. Thanks in huge part to the Prussian created Protestantism. Which their efforts worked with an extreme degree of success. They worked so well that the prussians created a back up country for themselves. In case they lost the Slovakia areas to conquest.  That country is the United States of America. It appears the Prussians want their hard fought for back up country back; circa 2016 and will as have every day since 1130 do anything and everything they can to achieve that goal, up to and including genocide.

King Solomon had no other option than to be a Jew, and his grandfather King David was also a Jew.

Their can be absolutley no middle ground, FreeMasonry is based on and from Judaism, the Old Testiment had a previous name

The Torah. FreeMasonry needs to return to it pre-Hebrew base of knowegle and information.


Which makes some of the applications of Vitruvian Man not a codex oriented but a Torah Scroll oreinted.



Especially when you place Versailles phase one blue print under the Vitruvian Man layout.

The Head,

The arms which stretch out for ¼ mile

The legs which expend from the main body.



The two buildings in a slightly wider configuration to the roads, feet.

The 45’ angles from each corner makes a 90’ total

A picture containing fence

Description automatically generated                

The square and compasses built into this extremely large layout, which every single in mm was carefully constructed. It was built off angle in order to ensure that when it was studied later on, the information and hidden clues would stick out and hard.


This buidling was designed by one of the smartest humans to ever live. It was that same intelligence which makes it more than a little difficult to decrypt. But once you have the cypher key, the rest pours out.


Past Master Compass Image result for past master jewel


A close up of text on a stone surface

Description automatically generated


The 24 Segments/sequences Gage, the right arm divided into 8 sequences.


A picture containing text, book

Description automatically generated

The Level



A picture containing text, book

Description automatically generated

The Square and Compasses, of Masonry are built into the infastructure of Vitruvian and Versailles. 

Versailles based on the sheer volume of marble used had something to do with being an Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope.


A picture containing text, book

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­Right Angle; the legs together produce the correct tool structure for the JW’s Chair.


What is interesting is that they are opposite each other.

The JWs tool and the SWs tool are 180’, as apposed to where they are in American Lodges which is 90’ from each other.



A close up of text on a white surface

Description automatically generated



Squares, there are 6 built in.


The 6 Times of year every 4 years when there are 6 16 day months of the Elder Futhark. Those 6 months have 16 days, the rest have 15.

15*24 is 360. The days of the year minus the 5/6 floating High Holy Days.

Which is also the 360’ of the compass.


The 4 windows in Notre Dame represent 4 of the 5/6 16 day months. Image result for notre dame window

There is a 16 wedges circle somewhere on the ground or in the basement; eg the Cave under the Synagogue (Notre Dame was built as a Synagogue circa the Trojan War, could be earlier but that is not the point. The foundation and the original footprint to the building was a Synagogue. It was torn down and rebuilt as a purpose built Cathedral.). Similar to the Cave under the Temple Mound eg King Solomon's Temple and the EA of FreeMasonry.

In the roof or the Spiral was another 16 wedge circle.


Which in a rather strong and substantial way connects Leonardo Da Vinci with FreeMasonry.


Leonardo Da Vinci

FreeMasonry, Versailles was built based on the basic engineering of the Pyramids.


The manuscript was published in 1480 when Leo was about 28. *

Rule number one in any and all security situations. Secure the principle (King Sacred Fruit/apple, the origins of the word Principle) and put them were the enemy cannot get to them.


The Vatican tried to kill Leo on at least 4 occasions openly. He was too valuable of a person and scholar to allow him to live under such horrendous conditions. so instead of him living under the threat of almost constant assassination attempts.  His friends would have put him where the Vatican’s assassins could  not find him. In other words his own secret research facility miles away from nothing in order to allow him to work in pure peace and quiet.


His research facility is Versailles phase one.


But this produces a rather interesting problem.

That is a huge amount of money, time, effort, and political issues to allow for a building like Versailles to be built. That core building was more than 300,000 square feet not including the out buildings which were another 100,000s square feet.


That building was not just a College for cutting edge technology. That building was much more than just a College.

What else could that building have been.

The next part comes into the applications of where exactly was the Grand Lodge of FreeMasonry previous to 1794. It had to exist, or there would be no possibility of Templars Operating out of France. The Templars were/are a FreeMason sub-group, same then as the renamed York Rite is today.


Actually, it was called York Rite, then Templar half a millennia later, then York Rite again after 1400.



The Grand Lodge of France used to be on “The Island of the City”.

However, somewhere between 1307 and in the 1400s it was moved; FreeMasonry in France had a lot of enemies.

The Enemies of FreeMasonry.

The Kings of France for a time because they felt threatened by the Templar Army.

The Vatican of course, money and an unstoppable army.

The Prussians of Course.

The Islamic armies from Spain.

The Grand Lodge was moved to Versailles circa 1465 when the building was still under construction, in order to keep it even more hidden from the enemies of FreeMasonry.

(1307-1460) 160 years after the British Knights Templar had caused a huge political rift in France and Paris.

The FreeMasons of France had to be extremely careful, since they had lost their political maneuvers circa 1300.

From 1300-1460 FreeMasonry and their army branch the Knights Templar had an extremely uneasy  alliance with the Kings of France.

One of the reasons the Temple/Palace structure to the north of Notre Dame and of course the West side of the Island was destroyed was its affiliation with FreeMasonry.


Would indicate that Leo had a plan to recreate FreeMasonry in France, but 12 miles west of Paris in lands he was working on regarding his Polytechnical College; MIT/Harvard in 200 years would be the English/American answer to Versailles of France.


The question becomes, where was the Grand Lodge of France previous to 1794, if it was in the same building, when was it related to that building. Since that building was not built previous to 1450.


The building the Grand Lodge is in was built after 1500.

So where was it between 1330 bce and 1450.

Where was FreeMasonry between 1460-1720; when it reformed after various political shifts in France in the new world in the late 1600s early 1700s.

The Prussians were in effect too strong militarily and politically to argue when they informed the English and of course France to erase the existence of Freemasonry in those countries previous to 1700. 



The Grand Lodge of France from 1465-1792 was Versailles, France.


The Grand Master was Leonardo Da Vinci from 1480-1519.



The function and structure of Versailles is one of a very high degree of difficulty since the building itself was designed to be a research facility for Leonardo Da Vinci’s best and greatest ideas. Make note that at least 2 of not a dozen of his notebooks were stolen virtually the day he died. At some point during his death and after process, his most advanced and intense notes and said book were taken.

It should also be noted that he was surrounded by the Kings Guards as well as some members of the French Royal family, as well as those who could arrive in time from Italy the Medici and other friends.

He was not allowed in Italy or he would have been surrounded by more friends and family from Italy. However, he was by far the richest member of his family, some of his half siblings were not anywhere close to as well off.

So much so that after the death of their father, his younger siblings asked him for money to make up for the money their dad did not have anymore. His estate was not large enough to support his dozen or so kids from his 5 wives. They asked big half-brother, what happened with those interactions is not important to this discussion. Likely only his oldest siblings from his father and mother were present if at all; some of them were not more than 5 years younger than he was.


What was in those notebooks, sketches regarding his plans for the Sistine Chapel, as well as his rocket designs, notes for manned space flight. His freemason journey,  etc.

Those were confiscated by the French Royal family immediately upon his death. They were at the time the absolute definition of the most top of top secrets of the nation of France.



Teutonic Knights; descendants of Fatimah, Mohammed’s only surviving child. That is a guess but a statistical likelihood guess. The Teutonic knights were by the end of Hastings were large and strong. They were more than capable of taking on a serious invasion of Italy, challenging the Papal States for power and control over the Vatican.

So the Pope agreed to make them a Knight order and allow them safe passage out of Levant lands to Slovakia areas. Where they would form their own Empire, rename themselves form Teutonic to Prussian and continue fighting against the British.

The Prussians had created a huge military, but found it was much easier to send in dozens of spy's into their enemies ranks and cultures to disrupt, sow political issues, and generally cause problems.

Hence the need to keep the secrets of FreeMasonry, Leonardo, and of course the technology of the Pyramids as secret as possible. Since the descendants of Fatimah had one goal. That one goal was to repeat their defeat at the Tower of Babel but this time they would attack god correctly and defeat him. They, since Esau and his ancestor Terah have had one goal. To erase the aspects of the philosophy of Adam they do not like. They want to have the one and only concept be that the lord must be the master of his Domaine and that all subjects are his property.

The philosophy they do not like is that of where we humans are to work in harmony with our world, we are not its lord we are its caretakers. We work with it, it works with us, symbiosis.

Terah and Esau hated that concept to the depth of their soul. That argument was also in part what Caine and Able fought over. It is what Jacob and Esau fought over,

It is what Esau directed his people to find and kill all of Jacobs descendants to prevent the message of being in symbiosis with the earth from spreading.

However the base idea of this comes directly from the function and structure of the argument between God and Satan, God demanded that humans had to have Free Will, Satan demanded that humans had to worship god the way he decided was the correct way.

God disagreed and commanded that Humans had free will.

Satan and God argued and argued which led to violence, and angry. Escalating to a full-scale battle.

Said battle ended with Lucifer and his supporting angels be cast out of Heaven and to Hell.

The mythical Silver City, which is wrong, it is actually called the Golden City, however that is way too close to the name of a very powerful culture from Noah 4000 bce which Gold/Vertical/and City built into there very name to the present. Up in Heaven in the Silver City. Up in Heaven in the Gold/Amber/Umber City. Change one-word Silver to the more accurate Amber and you have the family name. A family which has a history which stretches back to Noah; the Noachite Rite.


What does this Vertical Amber City have anything to do with Masonry at all in the smallest way. That is an easy answer. South of Scotland and North of Mercia Lands is a Kingdom in Britain.

That Kingdom by legend was founded by Prince of Troy Brutu, his father or grandfather depending on what propaganda from the Romans (who wanted the Trojans with a passion which caused them to erase as much of the actual history of troy from existence as they could in their 1500 years of dominance over scholastics) Ǽneas was the first cousin of King of Troy Priam. He was sent out of Troy before the War started, his marriage to Queen Dido had been arranged for years. Her current husband/brother was King Tut who everyone including Tut knew he was not going to live long. He was not born with the greatest of working bodies. In his first battle as Pharaoh, he would be killed. There is less than zero way he had the capacity to stand on a chariot platform and ride into battle. He fell off and ripped his patella, 10 days later he was dead from infection.

His wife had evacuated out of Egypt virtually the second he left to go into battle.

She was in Carthage just days later.


She waited for Ǽneas and when he arrived they Married.

The couple left Carthage to go to Italy, to refurbish the ancient city of Alba Longa (which is only one letter different from Alma, the title Mary Mother of Jesus possessed before the birth). To create a place for the refugees of Troy to have a nice safe place to come to knowing that part of the battle plan was to give the city and the Ǽgean over to the Hyksos and prepare for the next wave of invasions in Italy. The refugees knew this and had worked hard to build up the cities in the area of central Italy to prepare for invasion.

Their defenses lasted for 580 years before they were out strategized by the new commander Romulus, he attacked Alba Longa then defeated the Samhain army as they came to aid. Destroying both armies in the process.

Queen Dido and Ǽneas’ son was sent to Britain to be its name sake, first king, and founder of the British People.

After 1066 the British came back to their name sake Island and brought their library with them.


From that library FreeMasonry was again practiced and performed in Britain.

Their kingdom was called in Gaelic Yr Hen Ogle dd, in English Northumberland.


Remember that till the compass was reinvented north did not mean magnetic north, or the top of the planet. It meant Polaris, or back then it meant the constellation Draco, or in Latin Dragon, Fire Worm, Eternal Snake (reference the Snake from the Garden of Eden).


370 years after Hastings Leo is born the most remarkable child of most times. He is in the top 10000 smartest humans to have ever lived.


Part of the problem with Leo and France is that he was under constant attack from first the Vatican while he was in Italy, the Muslims since he was half Jewish, and from the Prussians who were secretly Islamic. His life was in danger from his age of about 5 till his last breath.


His only real choice was to live in his own Palace surrounded by guards and technology which would defeat most any enemy.


He was given his own 1000s of acres of land 12 miles west of Paris.


All to avoid being killed or taken prisoner and forced to turn his mind to helping Esau’s descendants create WMD’s to conquer the world and bring all of humanity into their control, domination, and eventually slavery. Stripping all but the leaders of any and all free will in order to amass enough power and wealth to challenge god for supremacy over heaven. This has been part of the cultural plan from Terah and then Esau since they were born, Terah attacked the Ziggurat at Eridu aka the Tower of Babel, and attacked god. The result was an Electro-Magnetic lobotomy of himself and those closest to the machine. Esau’s descendants has been trying to gain access to similar machines ever since, and nothing will convince them this is a bad idea which god strongly objects to. Nothing will convinced them not to do it.  4500 years of failing in all ways regarding this plan and every generation is sure they can achieve the goal. All they end up doing is killing more people, hurting themselves, and doing their best to create a new dark age. Because they have to hide their mistakes and failures. They hate the failures, but they hate being told by their enemies how much they have failed more.

Heaven and of course Hell from the function and structure of Lilith Adam and Eve has a very different understanding than the descendants of Esau want to acknowledge as fact. Esua’s descendants are afraid of the information they have worked very hard to destroy, so they make those concepts evil. When in reality, Lilith Adam and Eve are the astrophysics of how the earth interacts with the Solar Wind.

Leo knew this and understood, that this earth, solar wind, Electro-Magnetic dynamic was to be solved/worked with to create flying machines. He had to understand aerodynamics, which aerodynamics themselves come from the interplay between the sun, the solar wind, the planet, and the wake created by the Electro-Magnetic pulses of the planet and the solar wind mixing together.

Those things combine to create thermal dynamics.

The Sun puts out the Solar Wind,

The Solar Wind goes out in all directions.

It is made of both particles and Electro-Magnetic waves.

Those Electro-Magnetic waves the Earth is in a constant state of entering.

In a FreeMason Lodge, you have the light above, and the Pillars.

Those Pillars are both the Earth and the Cosmos.

The Light and the Pillars are the Sun, the Solar Wind, the Earth, the Earths Electro-Magnetic Pulses/Magnetosphere, and the Solar Wind combining with the Earths Electro-Magnetic Pulses to create an Electro-Magnetic recording of the two; planet earth orbital west is the wake of those two combining into one thing. The Earth is traveling orbital east.

The evidence of FreeMasonry is that the basic structure of the ceremonies have an understanding of Astrophysics built in.

Although from King Solomon's Temple to present enough edits and revisions have occurred by the very people who hated the facts and evidence of the original to change the basics to all but totally hide what FreeMasonry used to be. However, it is not too late to reform what FreeMasonry used to be. Which is the promise every single FreeMasonr has sworn to god on their knees they will do, to be the best they can be.


Which in actuality is a much different function and structure than the story Esau’s descendants have demanded their scholars write about. Scholars have to follow the edicts of the people with the large muscles and big weapons. Scholars weapons are their books and information. Bullies and Megalomaniac’s use force, brute strength, and of course violence to push their way (in other words they remove free will from others to get what they want). You can sell fear, rage, bitterness, anger, hatred, etc. easy. It is much more difficult to sell education and cutting-edge astrophysics.

The Teutonic Knights formed as an anti Templar association, which is simply an extension of the anti-British/Anti Trojan/Anti 18th Egyptian Dynasty/anti Old Kingdom group of cultures.

Cultures which are mostly to entirely based on the hatred of being told no they cannot be really nasty and commit crimes against humanity because the actions make them feel better.

The more violence they do, the better they feel.

The Teutonic Knights name changed to Prussians when they seized enough lands in the Slovakia area. Creating the Prussian Empire.

THE Prussian Empire formed when the Teutonic Knights at some point learned about the Legends of King Solomon's Temple was built by harnessing demons. Those harnessed demons were obviously not demons, but Electro-Magnetic Machines generating huge amounts of electricity poured into magnets, Those magnetics when placed close together will produce a sphere which forces gravity waves to move around the Electro-Magnetic waves of the magnets.

When the culture which formed the Teutonic Knights learned of said technology, they knew they had to possess it. From then till present, those descendants from Esau’s culture attacked with everything they had anyone they assumed possessed anything close to that technology.

Which based on the most basic understanding of Leonardo Da Vinci’s life, proves beyond a doubt he had access to if not improved on some of those technologies. Which means he was one of their most wanted to kidnap and force to work for them to make those divine weapons. So they could redo the Tower of Babel but with success this time, rather than be destroyed by the very weapons they want to turn against god.


Prussian Empire

They had one goal. to attack the north east flank of the Templars and of course France till they had finally defeated the British conducting the Crusade's. The attacks were designed to commit crimes against humanity as well as to steal as much of the library books and weapons technology the British and Parissi possessed as possible.

To achieve those goals they formed spy organizations, which is another reason why Versailles was created. To form a Parissi/French/British spy headquarters far away from the Prussians and anyone or anything else  of note. So the Parissi, French, British, etc. could plan spy operations without anyone having any idea where the Head Quarters was, the Prussians could be fought spy versus spy.


The Prussian spy's in America have a much better and more substantial history which they bragged so much about it is impossible to keep the organizations secret.

The New York branch of the Prussian’s spy organization name changed to Tammani Hall circa 1750, but did not officially take on that name till 1780. They kept that name till circa 1980, when they had to turn completely away from the political party they created the democratic party which was still active, to embrace full on and total the GOP, under the direction of Ron Reagan. Or as the gop have called him St Reagan. The GOP was created as a form of liberalism, the dem was formed to commit crimes against humanity conservative values. From 1870-1920 the parties switched platforms. Although the story is vastly more complex than just a simple the conservatives (e.g. plantation owners, slave owners, slave traders, the people and cultures involved with owning and operating the triangle trade.) ended their dem memberships and joined the gop, and the liberals quit the gop and joined the dem party. It is no where close to that simple. What does this have to do with FreeMasonry and Leonardo Da Vinci, more than a little.

The French in America in New Orleans up to and through Hudson’s Bay were defeated by the Prussians and the English during the Samhain War 1754-1761. That War has about 4 different names, depending on what language and spellings are used. In more than a few ways that war is simply a continuation from the Trojan War. The Trojan War and King David are part of the same battle sequences. The Jews in Anatolia and levant lands were used as target practice for new armies to get their troops ready to take on real armies. The Jews were used to season fresh troops, to get the infantry used to killing. Hence the David versus Goliath battle, was in this same concept. Although some armies simply wanted to stay around Levant lands and keep attacking and killing Jews for the fun of it from 1330 bce - present. Absolutely guaranteed previous Esau’s descendants have been using Jews for killing for the fun of it from 2600 bce to present. The Trojan War is just a sub-sequence of battles and genocide under the larger umbrella of Esau’s descendants simply want, need, and desire to kill Jews.

Since Leo’s mother was a Jew from Africa, he was a prime target to go kill. Depending on a couple things, killing Leo was not all that illegal in Italy. It was in France.

It was between 1703-1920 when the major hard-core edits to the original Ceremonies which King Solomon performed at his Synagogue in Levant Lands in the city formerly called Jupiter, would be changed and altered to make the Protestants happy. A lot of the scholastics were removed, the emphasis on astrophysics was all but entirely removed, the structure of construction was also for the most part removed. Replaced with a gentleman’s club with titles and honors. The switching of the American political party platforms and the alterations to FreeMasonry occurred in similar timeframes.

Where did the information about Da Vinci go, how much more evidence is needed the French attack on the Templars, the obliteration of the Grand Lodge of France on the Land of the City, the total mysteries surrounding the first phase of construction at Versailles, the name of Versailles itself, where Leo was for most of his life (saying he spent 20 years living on compounds of his friends going months to years between being seen) in seclusion  from the general public, etc.


Tammani Hall

Is a spy organization which draws its funds from the mob. Which countries/cultures mob makes less than zero difference. As long as the political wheels are turning with money, to achieve Prussian goals the organization does not care how things get done. as long as the money and power keep rolling in.

Leonardo Da Vinci chose to build at least one if not a couple copies of his Polytechnical College Versailles in America. one possible location is what is currently called Bancroft Park Colorado Springs Colorado.

Another is Western Washington University Bellingham WA State.

Then there is Heidelberg University Tiffin Ohio.

Tammani Hall worked with the Great Awakening movement followers to find and strip each location of the weapons secrets they had been holding onto for several millennia.

The Friends group participated in more than a few genocidal actions over the half millennia since it formed. It based is not from Jesus, its base is the philosophy of Fatimah which is her understanding of her fathers understanding of Islam. Which itself is the philosophy of Esau, who was not chosen to be Head of the Long Tall House (Pharaoh) of the Tabernacle System of Adam.

Which Versailles is an abbreviated copy of.


Versailles phase one was designed by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Versailles phase three 1682 (interesting date, Abigale Williams was about 2 when Versailles switched from being a Polytechnical College to being the French Royal Palace and residence.) construction was in full swing. It had initially stated in 1687 and did not end till 1715. The Salem Witch Trials the events which led up to the trails began circa 1685 and did not stop till about 1695. Although the cascade effects from the end till about 1720.

Which at the end of both the Trials, Versailles Phase three construction ended, and the reformulation of FreeMasonry all occurred at the same time.

Each of those events were all focused on and or in buildings which were purpose built to be Tabernacle of Adam Systems; or in other words copies of Noah’s Ark Fleet.

Which changed Versailles from being a spy head quarters and college to being a Royal Palace, which is exactly what led to its demise less than 110 years later.

The Salem Witch Trials and Versailles events occurred at the same time.

These three events took place at the same time

Versailles phase three

The Salem Witch Trials

The reformulation of FreeMasonry



The FreiKorp was one of the larger Prussian Empire spy organizations with branches all over Europe and America.

The FreiKorp officially name changed in 1754 to fight in the War.

That war has about 3 separate names.

The French and Indian War

The 7 Years War

Which in Gaelic and Italic is actually spelled Samhain, but pronounced (7), since that shaped character did not exist yet. 7 could not have been used. to describe The 7 Hills of Rome. The city was called Samhain.

Samhain was conquered and renamed Rome by Romulus when Romulus attacked the city of Alba Longa (Alma). Then proceeded to erase any and all traces of the past as much as he and his followers could. But just because you destroy all the documents, and as many of the buildings, does not mean a single thing when it comes to the actual evidence you have no idea is present, which cannot be destroyed. Graves, and foundations of buildings remain. Find them and you can start to rebuild the history which was erased by later conquerors.

Thus is the task of the FreiKorp, to follow up behind and keep finding secrets of the past they want to either weaponize and or destroy to obliterate their enemies existence.

The Munich Branch of the FreiKorp name changed to NAZI, the New York branch name changed to Tammany Hall.


Alan Turing

The NAZI’s and Alan Turing had a very interesting War. Alan cracked their unbreakable code. Thus winning WWII for the allies. However the Thule Society was working just as hard to send its secrets to the Allies, to undermine the Third Reich war efforts.

Alan Turing was an expert mathematician, and invented/co invented quantum computing. His partner was a female Jew from eastern Europe and actress Hedy Lamarr who was a mechanical genius.

They built something together which only a handful of people on the planet from 1930-present are capable of inventing, let alone being able to maintain.

In the present quantum computers require whoever has one to have an operating budget in the multimillion dollar range. If not 100s of millions. They require 24 hour a day maintained, and completely dedicated buildings. That is 80 years after Christopher was constructed. The brains which are/were required for said actions and activities only a handful of people on the planet were capable of in 1930-1940. Hedy Lamarr was one of those handful capable of inventing the mechanics, while Alan invented the concept of an Operating System.

For direct evidence, show me anyone else on the planet during that same exact time with the mechanical engineering mind to invent Christopher.

Although if you take a very careful look at Leo’s Automatic vehicle, Christopher is just a vastly more complex version of that pre-programmed vehicle.

It was cutting edge technology in 1930, despite the fact he invented it half a millennium previous. The Greek vehicle was not reprogrammable, that easily. Once set it would be more than a little difficult to reprogram it. Unlike leo’s machine which was not that difficult to rest, and Christopher was able to be reset in mere seconds. But it takes a genius to take the Greek automaton type of a design and either change it or improve it.

Hedy Lamarr

Hedy spent part of her teenage and early 20s in Paris studying privately at the Sorbonne, and Versailles. Female Jew during that time, all she was officially allowed to do was to audit classes. In another decade she would not have been allowed on campus, of course a few years after that few would be allowed on campus at all.


Thule Society

One of the names in the list of think tanks in the post Holy Roman Empire located in Europe, interesting that the name Roman was kept despite not having most anything to do with Italy or Rome. But having a huge amount to do with the descendants of Agamemnon’s culture which formerly had the name Philistines. Yes the ones who demanded that Jesus be executed. There is another name for philistines; that would be senator.

The Thule Society in general was assembled to study and find any and all information they could regarding the Garden of Eden.

Although from 1806-1932 the Thule society had about 1000 different names.

They would be outlawed, be forced to repurchase new organizational papers. pay the Prussians more money to reform, to gain access to the libraries. have there research papers confiscated so that the Prussians could learn any and all secrets they could and have others do all the work and pay the Prussians for the privilege of having their scholastics stolen.

All in all a great and really horrific situation for the Prussians. The Prussians would steel academic works, and collect huge amounts of money from the very scholars they had stolen their research from.

The Prussians would then turn the work into weapons to gain more power and money by selling the weapons created.

FreeMasonry is itself designed to be a secret organization to protect the very secrets which the Prussians spent 1000 years killing vast amounts of people to gain access to. A huge part of the reason the secrets of Freemasonry exist in the first place is because of the Prussians, the Vatican (The Evil Priest Paul), the cultures of Islam, the descendants of Esua, etc. no matter how any many headed hydra come from Esau, the motto is the same. Get those divine secrets, weaponize them, then challenge god for supremacy over earth first then heaven second. To allow for Esau and his people to erase their enemies so they can live in peace with their entire world at their becon call.

They want all of there needs, wants, desires met before they think they have a need. They want pure unbridled pleasure at all times with not even the smallest problem to distract them from pure pleasure.

As I understand it, what they want is a permanent that first hit from Heroin High which lasts for eternity.

The Thule Society focused in on the Garden of Eden and a repeat theme in the ancient world of a fleet of large ships. Noah had a fleet, the earliest Monotheistic Temples were more ship than building. Despite the fact they were built entirely on land.

They were like 3 plus story house boats, but house boats which did not leave the Earth.

On the other hand, maybe they did, through some type of Electro-Magnetic Levitation System.

BTW if you take a look at Leo’s Flying machine; just because we think it is a Helecoper design a Ǽrcamedies Screw but for the air. Which is the exact engineering used to buid Helecopters half a millennia after Leo invented the concept.

His invention was more Electro-Magnetic geared.

Image result for da vinci helicopter

What if this is not for pushing down that hard, but for generating electricity. The “wings” are some type of magnetic metal as wire, woven into the canvas fabric, in both directions.

The struts or wires along the outside when two magnets interact with each other, having magnets as part of the structure which holds the canvas in place, magnetics and wires is exactly how modern generators work.

Thus enough electricity to push push against the ground. Creating an Electro-Magnetic push push field on the bottom.

That push push field on the bottom could absolutely produce both lift from the wings and lift form a base of Electro-Magnetics.

A Maglev system.

The Thule Society itself was formed to take what was known about the Garden of Eden and Noah’s Fleet and research every aspect of it.

This group however from  success comes attention. Attention comes dark forces who demand a part of your success. Sometimes they come with pleasantries other times they come strictly for the violence. One way of the other they get what they want or they are forced by others to back down. Either a stronger force, and or the police.

The Thule Society had no choice in the matter regarding the police since depending on location the Prussians were the police. The Thule Society had been forced to disband and reform 100s of times in the prevous 110 years. Their research papers were confiscated enumerable times. When FreiKorp members began to join, this think tank had no choice but to let them join. Months later they had enough members join to form a solid voting block, in December 1919 the voting block of FreiKorp members in the DAP rose up in a coordinated political effort to replaced the leadership and installed their own people. Their newly elected leader was Adolf Hitler. Adolf’s commanding officer in the FreiKorp ordered him to join the DAP a few months previous.

He joined and immediately changed the platform of the group from being research oriented to being a militant group set to overthrow the Keizer.

January 1920 they name changed from DAP to NAZI, 2 years later they conducted a military campaign which failed and  landed several of them in jail. Where Adolf wrote Mein Kamp.

Ironic that he as a child grew up with so much hatred towards Jews, he was not a Jew, his grandmother was of Esau descent not Jewish. She was Hebrew, not Jewish. Part of Adolf’s rage towards Jews was the way his father was treated before he was born.

Alois Hitler was born to a mother who was an Esau line descendant, she was Hebrew but not Jewish. He was born a bastard from an encounter his older mother had with someone while she was working at a maid in a very rich family with strong Hebrew connections. But they were not Jewish only Hebrew. A distinction important in eastern Europe.

If Alois was Jewish he would have either been killed and or forced to leave the area he was living in. As an older man in his 30s he had already been a city official for a career. He was stripped of his position and his pension. He was forced to take on a clerk type position and start from scratch. This produced a rage in his which he visited on his yet to be born son Adolf.

He was also stripped of his last name and was given the name Hitler, which means “inferior person but an ok man”, the spelling is specific to the area he lived in. Other spellings were of other Hebrews but not Jews living in other areas.

He was a relatively old man by standards in this 40s when Adolf was born. Adolf was born to a very loving mother, and a father so angry he would live the rest of his life trying to control an out of control violent temper.

Adolf grew up in an intensely abusive household. Alois was also forced to marry a semi-close cousin for various political reasons.

Adolf developed an extreme hatred of Jews, females, and the information which he felt should be owned and controlled by the one and only true superior race the Aryans. The Prussian Empire was one representative of the Aryan Race. All other bipedal’s are either inferior, or not human.

The laws of eastern and some central European cultures reflect those differences.

What is even more interesting is that Adolf needed the Jews he hated so much to produce ideas, products, inventions, etc. in order to allow him to carry out his Prussian Empire orders of world domination. He needed the Jews to invent the stuff he and his supporters would  use to genocide them.

One of Adolf’s first directed targets were the FreeMasons in his community. He demanded the secrets the FreeMasons held, when most of them had no idea of what I know, they were killed. Most FreeMasons have no idea of the true facts and evidence which formed FreeMasonry in the first place.

Most FreeMasons believe the English propaganda that FreeMasonry ended about 900 bce and poof into existance again at 1708. Nothing could be farther form the truth and facts.

It did not just “poof” into existence with the UGLE (United Grand Lodge of England). The UGLE (UGLE to honor the Ogle family who created it) formed out of the destroyed and obliterated British Grand Lodge, which had worked in partnership with the French Grand Lodge since centuries previous to the birth of King David. If not Millennia previous.

This is what the NAZI’s wanted. They did all those evil things to sift through the populations of their enemies to find anyone who might know about the ancient knowledge which in part built the Pyramids.

The ultimate aim of the Third Reich was an extension of the Triangle Trade aka Slave Trade. 99% of the slaves taken from Africa were from Nigeria. Which is in a nice area at the end of a sequence of rivers along the bottom of the Sahara desert. The Sahara extends from west to east of north Africa up to and through the Nile region. When Mohammed ordered the invasion of Egypt the North East corner of North Africa, he did so in order to first kill Jews, second to sieze possession over the Pryamids of Egypt. Although the Area of the Pyramids has another name ISRAEL.

The name is written using several million tons of specifically and deliberately cut rock over a 300 square mile area. The Causeways from west to east form half of the Triangle of the Star of David, the Sun from east to West forms the other portion of the Star of David.

A picture containing text, map

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The muslims invaded Egypt to get access to what the coptics, Jews, Egyptians, etc knew about the Tabernacle of Adam System. That system is what the Pyramids are a copy of. The Tabernacle of Adam System originated in the Garden of Eden, Adam made copies of it on earth.  Every FreeMasonic Lodge in association with the Grand Lodge is also a copy of said System.

Mohammed wanted to gain access to that technology, to use it for his purposes.

However his efforts for the most part failed.

His descendants continued to conquer along the coast of North African along the Mediterranean. It took them from 630-900 to conquer all the way from Egypt west to the Pacific, south along the west coast of North Africa, then over into the Niger River area.

Where they found a huge population of the descendants of the Egytpians who had evacuated out of the area while the mulsims were conquering it.

However in the several centuries between 630-900 a huge amount of merging cultures had occurred between the Egyptians and the natives living in the area.

The slade trade began.

To separate out the Egptpians, Coptics, Chrisitans, etc. living in the area. To question to find out secrets of the System, and to sell the population into slavery to pay for the scholastic crimes against humanity torture techniques used to force the people to tell them about the gateway to heaven.

This worked mostly ok from 900-1400 when too many battles and little wars occurred between rival Islamic war lords. The slaves could easily simply run back home. They were still on the same continent.

However this was a huge problem, the plantation owners needed to protect there profits, keep their slaves in line, and to not be othered by other war lords.

The solution was simple, expand the Islamic empire to the not yet called “American Continent”. The Muslims informed the Vatican that they needed to allow information about the continent to the west of they would invade Italy, conquer Rome and make the Vatican a mosque. Have their Grand Aitolia the next person to sit on the throne of St Peter, since that throne is a semi-close copy of the throne of Adam from the Tabernacle of Adam System.

Why not just go over to the west continent themselves, they had the cash to pay for fleets of ships. But heritage wise they are not a sea faring people. For the last 4500 years the descendants of Esau have not had a lot of success with sea travel.

It would be interesting if the Mark of Caine is the inability to interact with the sea.

Since the cultures which have descended from Esau have little if any real ability to use nautical navigation, 6000 years of being really not all that good with working with the seas kind of backs that up a lot.

Or being able to only sail within very strict parameters; sight of shore, or with specific technology which allows them to know exactly where they are based on fixed locations (gps, celestial navigation, magnetic north compass, etc). This also applies to larger ships which did achieve greater level of technology. Most of the “grand ships” sunk, more than a few with more than a few lives lost. The Titanic and its sister ship the Olympia being two stark examples of the Hubertus and 100s of lives lost at sea.



Which is the same technology which was used to build the Tower of Babel (Eridu Ziggurat) which Terah attacked, conquered, and used its tools for good to attack god for supremacy over earth and then heaven. His efforts failed.

But his descendants have been trying in vain ever since to acquire those weapons with the same exact goal from Terah to present.

To have domination over the earth, and challenge god for an equal say in the universe. The Prussians are completely convinced that some of those secrets held by FreeMasonry, similar secrets are held by the Mormons the Ladder Day Saints. *

The LDS Mormons

The LDS is the same technology Joseph Smith’s church was based on. To learn and understand orbital east, as the earth pushes into the solar wind east. The mythology of Lilith

The Earth’s Electro-Magnetic Waves

Orbital West or as Smith called it Latter Day Saints.

The pyramids, one of their functions was as an Electro-Magnetic wave radio telescope. to look up the planet’s orbital east, as it pushes into the solar wind. Lilith

but the solar wind and teh planets Electro-Magnetic waves combine to create an Electro-Magnetic wave and particles structure. orbital west

that structure in the orbital west (eve) or the past has a different name which was created just under 200 years ago.

that name the wake of the planet orbital west, Latter Day Saints. the saints are the Electro-Magnetic stuff left as the planet travels in its orbit around the sun. Brigham’s actions upon infiltrating the LDS church, are the same exact behavior patterns which both the evil Priest Paul and Adolf performed. Infiltrate, have FreiKorp friends join. Build a solid voting block which will allow a turn away from democracy towards tyranny, then like a cancer corrupt the whole from being good and in symbiosis to being dark and nasty. The parts of the LDS church which are still from Smith are good, the changes which Brigham and his followers have changed are not. Temple Square Salt Lake City should resemble the Pyramids of Egypt, if not be a working Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope. However the Methodist who joined the church had no interest in facts, evidence, the sciences of the book. They only had interest in being devout followers of Brigham and spreading the message of Protestantism using the new tools of the Book of Mormon.

Which directly connects to the field of Psychology.


The 40s year old men Joseph Smith and his book editor Oliver Cowdery were in Tiffin Ohio. Oliver by choice, Smith was kidnapped and forced into slavery. Those two 40-year-old men worked with a very impressionable 10-16 year old Wilhelm Wundt at the newly captured from the Ogle family Heidelberg Library. Immediately after the capture of the Ogle family library the industrial revolution came immediately after, within 50 miles of Tiffin most of the major invasions were created within 10 years. Both Smith and Cowdery were FreeMasonrys. Smith was made one after a conversation with the Grand Master of Illinois, he was made one on the spot. He already knew most if not all of the ways of FreeMasonry.

The point is that the FreeMasons and Mormons were attacked alongside the Jews in 1920, the second the FreiKorp had a solid cover organization to hide their true affiliations of the Prussian Empire via the FreiKorp. Once their cover was created, they performed all manor or evil in order to gain access to  the secrets. Of which it is obvious that Leonardo Da Vinci not only knew those secrets but had spent his lifetime improving upon them.

As for Wundt, his book published more than a decade later can be easily defined as the sequel to the book of Mormon. His co authors Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery. They helped him write the notes which became that book. That book after being published, was purchased by William James, Mary Calkin, Lightener, etc. They went on to create the Psychology dept at Harvard, be president of the American Psychological Association and founder, and both create the Psychology dept at Penn State and create the sub-field of clinical respectively.

James before he created the psychology dept at Harvard he disappeared for a number of years. He traveled to the location Wundt was to learn directly from, but his journey was entirely clandestine. He was not allowed to say anything about it. It was assumed he travels to Prussia, but that is not accurate. He traveled to Tiffin Ohio to learn. He achieved his goals, but the Prussians military informed him “we will kill you if you divulge these secrets”. Those secrets being Tiffin Ohio, Heidelberg University, the LDS stuff, and of course their military operations against the Ogle family.         

The ATEN and its secrets were built into Salt Lake City Temple Square.

However at this point it is entirely unknown if it was more than the most basic of those two things are important. Or did the builders of Salt Lake City specifically those buildings did they know about the ATEN and did they know about that language of Ǽrdology.

The only way to tell is to reverse the mathematics of the architecture to find the words. If the words are present and are not just alphabet soup, than yes, and if not than Brigham was only given the most basic of information.



Killing Adolf in his crib would accomplish absolutely, positively less than nothing. he was chosen for that job by his FreiKrop spy masters. He was nothing more than a puppet who was a great showman. But the people in charge were the Prussian Emperor and his court. They made the decisions and they allowed him to take all the blame.


Wannsee Conferences

The Wannsee Conferences were an extremely elaborate smoke screen, the attendees were members of the Thule Society, who steadily fed the allies with as much information on and about the Third Reich’s activities as they could.

However they had to look the part, or they would be killed on site just like anyone else who the reich and or the Prussians felt were betraying them.

The Wannsee Conferences occurred over the course of a couple years, the façade reason they formed was to discuss and put forward the “final solution” which is not an accurate description. They were trying to figure out a way to prevent the mass slaughter of the enemies of Esau.

They could not do much, other than send as much of the technical specifications of the advanced weapons the reich were developing based on confiscating the libraries the Parissi were unable to either hide and or send out of the country. The libraries of fortress Europe were free for the reich to plunder at their leaasure.

Art and the Renaissance.

The facts are that no matter how hard you attempt to suppress something; it does not matter in the absolute least. As Jeff Goldblum in the movie “jurasic Park” stated “nature will find a way”.

Just because a person or a culture think they have things handled, does not mean a single thing when it comes to the applications of free will.

Yes the Vatican did its absolute best to kill everyone who questioned their authority from 350-1700 ce.

However what all abused do when confronted with a sociopathic bully. They find ways aroudn the bully.

In this case the sociopath would be the Roman Catholic Chruch and the victims were scholars and the like who could not leave Europe. Other places were far more dangerous. So instead of fleeing to Russia “on the extreme side of a bad idea”, or Africa “which depending on decade was and in some ways still is more dangerous than Russia”, or India. Each location presented unacceptable challenges for scholars.

So staying in Europe where they would not be killed for having not dark skin was preferable to were they would be killed simply for not being dark skinned.

But they had to find a way to perform scientific studies and mathematical research but not have the evatican want to kill them.


So the renaissance scholars began to develop skills in the artistic fields. Either advising professionals, and or becoming professionals thsemlsve. Painting, sculture, city planning, eningeering, any field which would allow for academics and mathamtics to be included inside but not noticed.

Leonardo Da Vinci proved to be one of the greatest masters of hiding layers and layers of hidden academics, science, of course engineering, mathematics, etc. inside his works of art.

Other masters copied his techniques and used his hideing science in plane site for the next several centuries.

The NAZI’s figured this out, possibly because Adolf was an art student. He figured out that the great works of art were all about mathematics and scholastics.

If you want to paint something, you absolutely positively have to know enough geometry in order to match yoru flat canvas to the 4 dimensions of the thing itself.

Which means you have to create depth.

The best way to create depth is to draw an x from a horizon point the degrees of the bottom of the x and the degrees of the top of the x have to match, but they also will give the illusion of depth.

If you have lines which are far apart. the horizon is in basic in the room, if you have lines which are very close together you horizon line is miles and miles away.

Inside the above sketch are the mathematics and scholastics telling a much larger story than just a guy in two separate positions.

They tell of the major aspects of FreeMasonry.

Square and compass, the working tools, the great lights, the minor lights, etc.

The evidence of the hidden language built into art by REnaissnace artists has been a not well hidden secret since they were being painted. However what was unkonw till recently, the nazi’s exploited those secrets to gain access to the weapons.

A group of people in front of a building

Description automatically generated

This is a painting done by Raphael, it is in the same structure as the Sistine Chapel ceiling painting.

Leonardo Da Vinci is the Master of Athens in this image. They knew what Socrates looked like, but Raphael chose to paint Leo as grand master in place of Socrates.

Plato is of course to his left. which is interesting since this pointing indicates that Plato is on the incorrect side, pointing to Plato’s ideas were different enough from Socrates that he was clearly the lessor scholar. However, Plato lived much longer and published his works.

You can learn a huge amount regarding the scholastics and mathematics of the best and brightest scholars form recorded Roman History.




Van Braun














TR Welling