Futhark Numbers and Hebrew


in the Elder Futhark, it is a statistical hard fact that the Futhark is the parent language of Hebrew.

consequently, since the holy bible is written in Hebrew, that every single one of the Hebrew characters are literally also a time period.

but in addition to a time period. There is a third way the Futhark and Hebrew are directly connected.

in the Futhark numbers you will counter where the Futhark say number 1,325,546  works out to a very specific sequence of Futhark letters. since every generation has 24 years. which are the same as the 24 symbols of the calendar months (each month is 15 days long, with 5 which are 16 days. every four years Imbulc (feb 2) adds a 6th 16 day month).

but since the number 1,325,546 is also a sequence inside the Hebrew characters.

the larger number the exact coordination of Futhark letters, and which directly correspond to their own sequence of Hebrew.


Ansuz Laguz Ewaz Fehu. somewhere in the 100,000 to 300,000 range of Futhark numbers are the long count futhark numbers of Ansuz. inside Ansuz will be the 13,824 count of Laguz, which inside that count will be the generation of Ewaz, which the first character in the generation of Ewaz is Fehu.