Gears of the Calendar Month Day and the ATEN


Depending on what you do in life. You cannot do it alone, meaning at some point in your existence, someone else had to help.

You did not butcher the meat you eat, or raise it.

You did not weave the cloths you wear.

You work with people. Each have birthdays. Todays numbers, and of course past and future numbers.



For past and future numbers.

Down is east since down is the rising sun, up is west, North is to the right, South is left.

Add the ATEN, and things become very complex.

However for the purposes of this specific map.

Say you and your SO are working on something which will take 5 days.

From your perspective you are where you are, they are where they are.

Older or younger in just the month and day.

Put those 4 characters together.

Now when do you expect to have the project done by, that makes 4 days future. Those four letters according to your and your S.O. days.

Image result for compassesone point goes now, the other point goes forward to 4 days from now. The distance between in degree angels that number will also have a set of numbers, those numbers/letters add to.

How where to put the pivot point is also a serious question, since there are any number of places to put the 3 points. 1 pivot, 2 right point, 3 left point.




When did the project start,

What your birthdates at the start, of the project

How long do you think the project will take.

What is todays date and both/(all those involves birthdates).

How long will the project take.







TR Welling