Genius People


There is a category of people who have an extremely high IQ, those people present to the world as odd, strange, unusual, etc. However, it is those people who if they manage to not get killed too quickly in life usually do something that changes the entire world.

People who specifically have IQs above 150; more like 170.


One of the many subjects to address are the facts regarding are the smarter people different than the rest of the population. That answer in a being written dissertation to prove, it is absolutely yes, they are a differnet species. The people with a fundamental difference in thinking can be classified as a different species to the rest of humanity with a plus or minus 3 deviations from the mean IQ. Of course their is the 3-6 plus deviations from the mean who can be classified as “half Human and half ?”.

List of Genius People


Leonardo Da Vinci

Alan Turing

Hedy Lamarr

Steve Wozniak

Steve Jobs


Now something interesting. Many of the most famous Genius Level people are from 1460 forward during the Renaissance. Specifically in France. France from 1470 forward have an unusually large number of extremely smart people.

Now is this extreme smarts due to a quirk of culture, or a till now secret school they attended founded/created by one of the smartest humans to have lived. Leonardo Da Vinci.

90% of Leo’s time is unaccounted for. From about his age 5-to the end of his life most of this life his documented whereabouts are a complete mystery. He sent letters from x location to y location. However it is the easiest thing in the world to write letters in A location, then have someone else go to X location to mail those letters. It is one of the earliest spy tools.












TR Welling