Giza Khufu/Cheops Pyramid Theory

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I have a theory the Khufu  Cheops pyramid is Jacobs ladder dedicated to Noah (with the Legend of the Noachite Rite built into the internal architecture). Making Khafre’s pyramid dedicated to Adam. Finally the Menkaure’s pyramid being dedicated to his grandfather Abraham aka Pharaoh Mem. To show the evidence for said will require a careful examination of where each of the pieces of the current incorrect theories came from; including where academics came up with the idea. The idea is only possible to propagate if that idea exists. Start with the reason why the currently accepted theories are militantly defended when the evidence pointing away from said are absolutely staggering.


an understanding of the history of The definition of what the pyramids are, what they were for, etc. all comes to the western world from academics. Academics defined the pyramids based on the Greek culture from which it originated.

To understand where Academics came up with the definition of the pyramids academics is necessary.

The history of academics has taught the following facts are undeniable. The Khufu Pyramid has not a single hint of the following; a large enough sarcophagus

, plus the sarcophagus in coparrision with those found elsewhere has no carvings only an extremely polished on the square inside, funerary paintings The entrance from the initial corridor into the antechamber, funerary writing, funerary accoutrements, 0 air movement, 0 humidity, 0 vertical shaft , almost no similarities to the plus hundreds of graves outside the Giza Pyramids and 10,000 in the Valley of the Kings. Consequently if 0 % of the evidence is similar; that statistically points to a 0% chance the current accepted assumptions and theories regarding the Khufu pyramid are correct. If not graves for the kings of ancient Egypt; what could said be built for. The only real option is they were built for protection, living quarters (in emergencies), and ceremonial work. But for who. The fact the yet to be called Jews were the builders of the pyramids has been a long established assumption since practically day one. Since the Jews built them; instead of for the Egyptians could the Jews have built the pyramids and said organizational infrastructure for themselves? For what purpose. According to the Narmer plate; the West side of the Nile between Sakkara and Giza was designated a reservation/refugee area/land by pharaoh Narmer aka (possibly) the Scorpion King. Since the area (almost all the pyramids were built between 2600-2100 b.c.e) was within the borders of the same area Narmer gave to the (yet to be called till the second son of the fourth son of the fourth generation from Abraham; 12 14 14) Jews. Would it not make logical and mathematical sense that the pyramids were in fact built for Jewish needs. The Jews have faced serious problems since practically day one. They have needed incalculable times protection, places to hide, places to rest, places to teach, etc.



One god many names

After the tower of babyle; the monotheistics started to regularly change their name and the names they used for sacred things. God, alters, priests, etc.

Consequently tracking backwards in time for evidence of religion becomes all that much more difficult. Tracking evidence based on comparing and contrasting variables, behavior patterns, etc.

For instance Ba’al might not be a polytheistic god but a monotheistic different spelling.

Breath of life


Greek Mythology


The story of medusa is the story of the sacking of the city of Poseidon by a presumed Hyksos army/tribe. The mother of the commanding general was named Athena. A few generations later and Athena could have been easily elevated by cultural popularity to the rank of goddess. Her consort Zeus also points to this theory. Zeus being a possible Hyksos/Dorian name/spelling for monotheistic religions concept used as a primary symbol and spelling for first century Christians.

Roman Mythology

Isa direct copy over from Greek mythology. The Romans simply changed the names but kept the majorty of the stories the same.

Egyptian mythology

Is a combination of several cultures religions compacted together.

Nordic mythology

Man made into a god

Western Academics




Current theories regarding Khufu pyramid

The documentation regarding 3500-2000 b.c.e Egypt; first question which has to be raised is, who wrote the documentation. Just because some government official wrote it; does not make that document correct. How many official documents in just the last hundred years has America written which were entirely baseless of fact. Example for a considerable amount of time African Americans were restricted from some combat duties because it was a widely accepted notion they had bad night vision. Widely accepted but in fact entirely incorrect. Japanese American’s were placed in internment camps because they were a documented threat against America during World War II. However Italians and Germans were not forced into camps.


The currently accepted theory the pyramids were graves; brought to modern culture through academics has no basis in fact (as the history of academics section demonstrated). The common phrase regarding “thieves stole it” specifically for the Khufu pyramid is incorrect. The queens and kings chambers were still sealed shut with workers had to in very real effect dig around the still intact block.

Some type of water pumping station

A niche is only a place to put a book shelf or similar shelving unit.

I discredit this idea since there is no place to anchor the hundreds of lbs or tons of both machine weight and motion weight. Where are the tons capable anchor points?

The evidence of water is clear in the subterranean chamber; however the accepted theory regarding how the water arrived in said location is strongly in dispute.



Khufu pyramid discrediting currently accepted theories.


Too small

funerary paintings

highly polished walls

funerary writing

only two sets of writing; Khufu and a date 2100 bce

funerary accoutrements

various types of underworld and after life materials

0 air movement

Two airshafts on a pressure differential location; each was set at different heights on the outside of the building, engineered to force new moist air into the kings chamber every x number of hours.

0 humidity

less than 1/4 mile away from the Nile; humidity will be part of the atmosphere

0 vertical shaft

Mastibas have vertical shafts to lower the mummy into the ground. pyramids do not have vertical shafts; they have angled passage ways. Presumably to haul a several ton sarcophagus up or down a passageway to a waiting crypt.

almost no similarities to standard graves

hundreds of graves outside the Giza Pyramids

10,000 in the Valley of the Kings

What was the building built for currently accepted theory

Funerary rights

The first pharaoh Osiris

All the kings/pharaohs after attempted to follow the mythology. Osiris was murdered by his brother, his wife gathered up the pieces, mummified him, then resurrected him, after resurrection she became pregnant with Horus.

Incorrect assumptions

The Khufu pyramid is a Pharaonic grave; this assumption is flat out incorrect because to preserve mummies requires two thing low humidity and low airflow. Khufu has neither.

The box in the kings chamber is a coffin; this assumption has no basis in evidence. No mummy, no carvings, no hieroglyphs, too small, etc. Most previous pharaohs had large sarcophagus; this one is 3x7x3. The infinite power of a major king who built a 14 acre building would not have settled for an itty bitty living space in the afterlife.

The blanket answer of “grave robbers stole everything” is also vastly incorrect. Since the shaft leading up to the queens and kings chambers was still blocked at 700 c. e. .

Why was the sphinx recarved approximately 3000 years ago; approximately the same time the exodus from Egypt by the Jews/Semitic culture.

Why does western culture assume only one pharaoh was in charge of a unified Egypt the entire time. Several times both upper and lower broke away to be independent. Egypt has not always been unified.

Nothing indicates the area between Upper and Lower Egypt has to be included in the unified Egypt.

Nothing would indicate the area between Sakkara and Giza did not have its own ruler/pharaoh.


Most if not all pharaohs which followed attempted to follow in this ceremonies foot steps

Legend of the Noachite Rite

Possible Origins of Noachite Ceremony

When Caine killed Able; Adam and Eve would have first and foremost asked/begged god to bring their murdered son back to life. What parent in the history of civilization has not done the same thing (minus the crazy parents) if their child died/murdered? Behaviorally speaking it is possible the Legend of the Noachite began with some type of attempt to resurrect Able. This story could have been carried forward when the monotheistics invaded and set up empire building in Egypt. Transforming and being edited through a dozen languages; eventually turning into the foundation for the Egyptian religions mummy, resurrection, and death rites.

Carrying this resurrection ceremony forward from Adam to many generations later Noah. About six months after Noah died his son’s faced a dilemma. Knowing their father had a direct line to god; they attempted to try and use their father’s dead body in some way to contact god.  Thus the beginning of some type of resurrection ceremony.

Noah had three sons. Of which the third Shem (by legend) is where all the Semitic tribes descend. After his death his three sons attempted to raise him from the grave by using specific hand positions (interesting that the first Brethren/Mason was Tubelcaine; which according to the bible he was an uncle to Noah's wife, pointing to the widows son {Ashem} taking over the responsibility of building the sacred temples). The oldest tried first (subterranean chamber), middle son tried next (queens chamber), youngest tried last (King’s Chamber). The youngest did remove/lift/Resurrect/Elevate/Levant the body from the grave.

Every time the descendants of Noah were faced with a difficult task they would repeat the Noachite rite. By recreating a mock death scene; raising the acting dead body of Noah out of a grave and asking for divine guidance.

It is not talked about because a Hyksos descended Moses and his descendants were not interested in presenting information regarding what the pyramids could have been. Since the story and most of what occurred in Egypt was not a glorification of Esau’s line. Plus Moses chose to cut as much contact with the past as possible, forcing those he was king of to focus all efforts onto the middle east and forget about Egypt. Evidence of said can be seen in those within Moses’s control who were from Jacobs line attempted to put their bull ceremonies back together; which obviously proved to be unacceptable to the point of breaking something hand built by god to deny and destroy any and all ceremonies from Jacobs line. Moses coming off mnt Sinai with the 10 commandment; seeing a Jacob’s line ceremony taking shape, throw the plates at the calf to destroy it.

Noachite Rite changes

Over the millennia changes occur to most religious ceremonies.

It is possible the original could very well have included a boat.  Which changed to a bull (the story of Europa being a combination of several stories into one as progressive cultures were conquered {a ? b Cycladic/minion/Cretan c Mycenaean, d Mycenaean 2, e Dorian/Hyksos, f early Greek's, g middle Greek's, h late classic Greek's, I roman republic, j imperial Rome, k later imperial Rome, l Vatican, etc.}. Identifying how to decrypt each layer requires an understanding of each major cultures schema. Zeus could have been the name of the spelling of the Hyksos/Dorian god the commanding general or the title of general itself.). Which then changed to a goat Why the changes; each major leader would change to suit their own perspective as to how things are to be done properly.



Noachite Rite used as a ceremony

When Abraham led his people into Egypt; he ordered them to set up building a civilization. His grandson Jacob would later be crowned King of said culture and building infrastructure. The language they used was either Indo-European or Sumerian. Over millennia till Aramaic and a few hundred years later Hebrew; the names would have been slowly absorbed into Hieroglyphic. Meaning Able would translate in hieroglyphic to Osiris (the first pre-Pharaonic Pharaoh was Osiris. Osiris is a key for each and every pyramid in Egypt. Each of the pharaohs in both the west side of the Nile and the centuries later valley of the kings went through the Osiris burial rite of mummification hoping to be resurrected like Osiris was.) if you take the concept of Osiris (This would make the ceremony Noah’s boys did based off of the ancient Able resurrection ceremony) was a god out of the definition then he was simply an early king from a different conquered culture; making Osiris a king would make all what he did something for the pharaohs to fear. Your conqueror will write your history for you; it will not be complimentary to your culture, it will be complimentary to their culture. They will take your most powerful symbols; edit the events with poetic license turning your power into their power.

Other than in movies; none of the post Pharaonic and post Hyksos invasion resurrection ceremonies worked. By legend the monotheistic specifically Jacobs descendants resurrection ceremonies worked several times.

Adding credibility to this theory; the third son Seth, being this story was originally for the first at least 1800 years circa 5000 b.c.e written spoken in Indo-European language. Then translated into Sumerian 1800 years after Noah circa 3200 b.c.e; after Pharaoh Narmer gave the monotheistic refugees an area on the west side of the Nile between Sakkara and Giza. The time of said is built into the architecture of Khufu the pyramid (I theorize) dedicated to Noah .  Seth and Seti depending on three generations of languages which have been dead for at least 2000 years. Seth could be the disgraced name Caine took after the murder. Which Caine was banished to the foreign lands; south of Egypt was considered foreign, additionally Seti the Egyptian god was god of Chaos and of Foreigners. The architectural civilization of upper Egypt started before the advanced architecture of lower Egypt. It states in the bible Caine made one of the first cities out of masonry. Genesis 4:17   And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bare Enoch: and he builded a city (possibly Faiyum aka Crocodilpolis; which would play a significant linguistic roll in the theory Osiris is Able), and called the name of the city, after the name of his son, Enoch. Side note 4 as mentioned being the sound of god according to the mathematics found in Indo-European language. 17 being the number meaning direction of society.

This explanation fills in a possible gap between the children of Adam and Eve and Noah

Khufu pyramid


Giza Plateau





City of luz aka Memphis

Hagar was an Egyptian = Hagar was from the temple of Ptah Egypt. First taking as a hand maid then as a consort; Hagar would have had to be by the rules of acceptable order of the time a monotheistic descended and or a Noah descended person. Or she would not have been acceptable as ether a hand maid or a consort.

Khufu pyramid what could it have been built for


How many times have the Jews faced genocidal activity?

Bent pyramid

Living underground

Even with the Narmer Plate the culture

Fiddler on the roof

Anti-Semitic laws


Demonstrate the life of Noah

A recreation of the three degrees from the entrance/purification temple next to the Nile. All the way to the proposed real reason for the coffers placement. (Ogle Rite)

It is possible a room/temple room might have existed at the top of the pyramid. When Caliph al-Ma'mun around AD 820 chose to once and for all find out what was inside the largest building in the world. When the casing stones were removed, an attempt at removing the still intact top of the pyramid was also started. But since the top was still intact with little to absolutely no reason to want to report what was found; there is no reason to assume some type of ramp was found between the casing stones and the current skin of the pyramid. There is also no reason to assume the top of the pyramid did not contain some type of room/temple. The Muslims had every reason in the world to not tell about either an internal ramp and or any type of room on top. They simply stated they attempted to dismantle the pyramid and only achieved so much of the dismantling process. Why progress if the two things which they needed to destroy were already removed.

Kings chamber


Checking under the kings chamber coffer for writing on the bottom.



But the weathering on the recarved portion matches the recarving on the sphinx’s head and back.



Narmer plate





Conquest of Egypt

Coming in pre Pharaonic conquest

Pharaonic conquest; enslavement

Hyksos invasion

War between Jacob and Esau

Since the time of Esau and Jacob; Esau's line has always hated what gifts jacob was given. So every time Esau's line encounters Jacobs; Esau's line does its best to destroy as much of what Jacobs line has done. the most famous was Moses using a gift hand made by god to destroy the calf which was not a polytheistic thing but the animal symbol for Jacobs line. the sheep being the symbol of Esau's


Different traditions with in Judaism

Adam; this tradition is based on how Adam lived his life. Created, journey of innocents, gifted with a soul, journey into career as a scholar, journey into knowledge with had significant consequences, journey out of paradise into the harsh world, children, redemption.



Zoroaster this person has been an enigma for most of western history. He is a monotheist but his records only date back to the origins of the language from which the history dates. One version his history dates to the origin of Hebrew, others his origins date to the beginning of Aramaic, others place him in Akkadian language.

Hypothesis Zoroaster is the philosophy Esau followed rather than his father Abraham. Zoroaster being an ancestor.

When Mohammed came along the Zoroastrians naturally converted to the new name same basic philosophy

According to some erased history the Monotheistic Hyksos were just as nasty to the Monotheists on the west side of the Nile (aka Jews) circa 2100 b.c.e and again circa the Exodus as the current Palestinians are to the modern day Jews. Which gives rise to the behavior patterns regarding Hyksos versus Jacobs descendants and the Modern Islam versus Jews. Many followers of Zoroaster converted to Islam; is it possible

It this specific theory is correct. The Palestinian Israel conflict is the same exact conflict started between Esau and Jacob. The behavior patterns are so similar the two sets of behavior converted to mathematics are so similar the equations almost look identical.








Each major leader shaped the beliefs and ceremonies according to their own specific point of view. The ceremonies their father taught them; Jacob and Esau would have continued each ceremony according to how each viewed the world.

Which would lead to an instant change of perspective and a conflict over which version is correct.

Remember two people from vastly different points of view can view exactly the same thing and come off of the experience thinking the application of what occurred to their point of view was the same. But in reality what each person witnessed and how  they witnessed it can schew the ceremony. Just because something is written down does not mean by any stretch that how those words are written will not translate into being performed exactly the same over the course of decades with different people in charge.

Consequently when the Esau descended Hyksos conquered Egypt, they took a very hard line with the Jacob descended westies (as the Greek's would later call them). Which this suppression is also seen in the exodus. The Sakkara necropolis was for bulls; Jacobs animal of choice after he was crowned king of Israel one aka the west side of the Nile between Asusir and Giza.  When the Jews left and Moses went up mnt Sinai; the tribe which was descended from Jacob felt they could have their long suppressed ceremonies too. So they started to construct their metaphoric connection to god which for them was a cow versus Esau’s line which was a goat. Moses a Hyksos descended devout follower used the gift from god to once  and for all destroy the ceremonies Jacob and his descendants used. For additional proof of this; monotheism had been around since the Sumerian language. But no rabbinical/biblical writings in Sumerian and or Akkadian have been located. Only the five books of Moses written hundreds of years after his death. Moses would have spoken and written in Hieroglyphic and Akkadian; Aramaic could have been developed under his rule after they left Egypt. Hebrew did not come about till after 1000 b.c.e. Moses led his people out of Egypt a minimum 200 years before.

From the time of Abraham circa 2700 to 1200 b.c.e there were at least two major competing examples of what would become Judaism. Ironically the Hyksos had to take on the name of the fourth child their twins great grandson (which is 4th generation from 4th son).

Jacobs line


Cuneiform languages

The Cuneiform languages began roughly at the same time the monotheistics were becoming a major military power in Sumeria. Hence the name of the first cuneiform language as Sumerian.

However; the Indo-European language of the time and the development of Sumerian need to be placed in proper perspective.

The perspective which is missing regards the application of many towns and cities in Sumer were almost literally at war with each other. As the monotheistic religion rose to power the previous culture started to loose. Their began a conflict between cities which were population wise aligned with the Canaanites (pre-monotheistic cultures) and not  for many centuries to be called Jews. Some cities on mass converted to the new, while some cities generationally moved back and forth between alignments.

This is the environment in which Sumerian was created.

Cuneiform languages Format all still have a % of the ancient Indo European language as part of their organizational structure.  The farther back the higher the percentage. For Sumerian the percentage is in the extreme over 75%.

Everywhere the monotheistics conquered as the Hyksos outside of Egypt they would conquer a city, then combine the cities previous language with their cuneiform base. Phoenician, Hittite, Akkadian, Linear B, Linear C etc. all have cuneiform mixed with a previous language.

Consequently Hebrew only has a 25% or less Indo-European structural framework. But this does not mean individual words are not still  present from Indo-European language structure. Amen for instance is a word left over from (at the earliest) Sehetepibre Amenemhat I 1991–1962 b.c.e. Rose to power after dethroning Mentuhotep IV. Amen and Hotep are in each of those two Hyksos pharaohs names. Sumerian was still an active language as of 1800 b.c.e.




Amen/amun *

HOTEP; Imhotep and hotep more than 20 pharaoh’s of the Hyksos had hotep in their name. The 1800 b.c.e pharaohs built Heliopolis; which that city had a temple dedicated to Menkaure in it. The center of that temple had an obelisk. That obelisk is now the center crown jewel in St Peters square Vatican. Since that square is outside the basilica where the first Pope Peter is buried; this is hard evidence that obelisk is extremely important to the Catholic faith. So  why would a currently accepted theory pagan temple obelisk be a center point for all Catholics? Answer is the obelisk and the Hyksos temple in Heliopolis from which that obelisk used to be its crowing jewel were not pagan but in fact were from the original monotheistic settlers and rulers of Egypt. However the Hyksos Pharaoh’s are who built and dedicated that Heliopolis temple; according to my theory if the Hyksos are from Esau’s line, that makes the obelisk a center piece of and Esau philosophy. I would hazard an educated guess something from a Egyptian Jacobs line is either in St Peter’s square or inside the basilica itself. Since most of genesis takes place in Egypt; the connections or evidence is starting to mount regarding the pyramids are early synagogues not graves for pagan kings.

Men(m)caure Heliopolis temple built by the Hyksos (the Hyksos were monotheistic) to honor pharaoh Mencaure.

Men(m)caure Giza pyramid built by the Jews; supposedly to bury an Egyptian king. On pharaoh Narmer designated reservation lands which happen to be on a plateau above a flood plain which is a septic tank after the Nile floods till the excrement from the Nile breaks down.

Mem(n)phis built by pharaoh Mem. Memphis is located on the west side of the Nile between Giza and Sakkara; the exact same area pharaoh Narmer designated a refugee/reservation area for undesirables aka Jews.

AMENHOTEP; Amen what most monotheists say after praying, no one knows the traditional origins. Hotep; the second part of Imhoteps name and the name 20 Hyksos pharaohs. Only one pharaoh outside the Hyksos; that pharaoh is Hotepsekhemwy circa 2600 b.c.e. About the time Mem was traveling through the western side of Egypt

Egyptian pharaoh list; there is no reason to assume the undesirables on the west side of the Nile between Sakkara and Giza would use any other word for their leader than Pharaoh. Although in truth Pharaoh (head of the long house) was not used as a title till 10th century; pointing to the word/title was incorporated into the newly recrowned Egyptian kings as a way to absorb the monotheistic kings into their own history. This fact has not been taken into account by modern archaeologists.


Israel one


Bent pyramid

Built 43-53

Damage is horizontal impact not vertical crush. If vertical crush; the walls and ceiling would have collapsed millennia ago.


Temple of Ptah



Bent is pointing at the dome of the rock

Khufu is pointing at Everest

.99 mile south of djosier pointing at Church of the nativity Djoser complex and the Church of the Nativity.pptx

Khafre causeway.pptx










Megalithic structures

Built by I assume to be the people of Kaern

The People of Kaern; Adam is a direct descendant of the people of Kaern

Megalithic structures come in many sizes, shapes, and architectural styles. But all have the following engineering specifications which are unique to each and every megalithic structure.

Theory; megalithic structures are individual scales (interesting metaphoric concept) measurement points if all the megaliths are tied together as one gigantic measurement devise. Which evidence suggests they are 100,000 individual measuring  points designed to measure both astrophysics and continental drift. Each of the 100,000 megalithic including the ones the monotheistic church’s chose to partially destroy to put churches and cathedrals on top of; does not mean the old measurement structure is not still semi-in place.

Pre-Pharaonic Egypt there was a war between the monotheistics and the bird people aka people of Kaern. The bird people are named by the Greek's (Dorian's) as an insult to the really ancient people of Egypt. Most consider said references a joke or a flight of fancy; but at the same time Narmer conquered the monotheistics and took the shepherds crook he also conquered another people (Narmer plate) taking their bird like (feathers/scales) and incorporating said into both the new Pharaonic garb and ceremonies.

For additional evidence of said Heliopolis used to be called pre-3400 b.c.e IWNW aka the capital city of pillars. Pillars being a metaphoric reflection of what a megalithic structure resamples; individual pillars, either by themselves and or holding something or a rock/several rocks in the air.

Giza could have previous to the Narmer reassignment could have been called “The Dragons Lair” as a reference to the measurement grid and the fact the sphinx previous to current lion with Pharaonic head, could have resembled a cherubim. Previous could have resembled a dragon.

Circle; Stonehenge

Modern examples of the megalithic culture

Dr Who




Circa 4000 b.c.e


Exodus out of the middle eastern wars

The battles raging in the middle east force vast populations to migrate away from the battles. Those battles are notably well documented but the archaeology backs up the massive fighting

Cities constantly changing hands for good people and bad people. Problem is the records are either in a language not found/translated yet aka indo European and or they are in Sumerian which itself is only 25% translated at best. Consequently massive amounts of missing data.

The only real way modern academics has of tracking what actually occurred is by translating the cultures mythology into reality. Poetic license over the course of 1000 languages and 10,000s of individual cultures becomes a task.

Consequently those to be known as Jews millennia later named after the fourth son of Jacob were granted lands on the west side (septic tank) of the Nile between Abu sir and Giza. Since the surface for eight months is above 110’ and the stench is unbearable; the only real way to go about making a home is to go underground. Where the methane and helium will not settle; allowing for safe to breathe atmosphere, cool 64’, safety, protection, etc.. So the Jews started to build underground living quarters. They only needed to surface once in a while to gain sufficient levels of sunlight for physical safety and health.

In Derinkuyu turkey there is a vast complex built underground. Partially built as a place to hide from invaders. This city was used periodically for thousands of years; when needed. One of the cultures which used this underground city and expanded it well beyond just a simple little underground couple of rooms were the Hyksos. The Hyksos outside of Egypt did not always maintain a high degree of military power for the entire time they were around.


Hyksos Royal dynasties

Just because on a few kingdoms are labeled Hyksos does not mean the Hyksos were not in charge of Egypt from 2000 – 1350 b.c.e when King Tutankhamen aka Tut the last of said types of descendants died.


The war in the Aegean/Anatolia peninsula

The city of Troy;



The kings of Rome prided themselves on being descendants of the kings of troy. Specifically the sons of Priam iv; a few of his son’s survived the dorian invasion and sacking of the city.


King Tutankhamen aka Tut


After King Tutankhamen aka Tut death it became necessary to replace the invading Hyksos finally with a real Egyptian pharaoh’s line. Ramses and his line soon take over.



Lost 13th tribe




Post exodus Egyptian

Israel two





The bible



Plural number line

First few sentences of genesis

The Jewish graves to the north of Khufu; are oriented to the polarity sequence of plural mathematics.



City of 7 hills after conquest Rome








Ogle Royal family using their navy; traveled to Constantinople in order to obtain copies and or original works from the Constantinople library. The Ogle family (O and U in old and middle English are interchangeable. UGLE will be very familiar to all FreeMasons) starts to assemble a library in Northumberland. The family begins to have a reputation for having many scholars; some of which become experts in ancient dead languages.






Holy Roman Empire

The Holy Roman Empire existed from roughly 300-1806 when the last of the by then German base holy roman empire collapsed. As the Vatican gained too much power, the holy roman empire shifted from Rome to Germany.



Israel One Sakkara and Giza




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