Global Lettering




Global Lettering





Secondary Connections

AErdology Spider Web Dream Catcher


Connections which are connections between say the Ogle family and Northumberland in regards to Hastings

Or the parissi in regards to Caesars military campaigns in Ga’al.

Spider web covers from the third layer of connections out to distant connections.

Example Noahs’ Ark and the formulation of Washington State, they are connected however they are layers and layers separated from each other.



Subject Calendar



AErdology Matrix

To explore the spider web and its multi-dimension wave patterns.





The problem with global lettering, is that it is a combination of rational numbers and irrational numbers.

The position of someone or something on the planet has more than a few measuring points.

Actually global lettering has 1000s of measurement points.

Each of those measurement points through Ǽrdology Cryptography Numbers translate to Letters. Those letters will sequence out to make words. Words sequenced out make sentences. Sentences sequenced out make Paragraphs.

Example of fixed points to measure too and from.

Fixed Points

How far from the Paris Rose Line           

How far from the City of Rome.

How far from the Khufu Pyramid

How far from the closest huge landmarks, mountains, lakes, rivers, gulfs, oceans, etc.

The Fixed Point of Mecca and the 5 ATEN’s.

At the top of most Hours around the Globe; the ATEN is being worshiped by Muslims around the clock. 5 Specifically at a time, however the hours between spread it out to be close to literally at the top of every hour a large portion of the planet’s time zones are praying/worshiping the ATEN.

Which is interesting since the Physical Dynamic of this presents very interesting problems.

Jacob is from the ATEN down to the “Ankle”. Islam is from the Ankle out to the world.



Then there is of course the position of the sun, which are irrational numbers. Numbers which change ever split second


Those numbers through cryptography become letters.

From the earths surface up are rational numbers/become letters.

From the earths surface down become irrational numbers/letters.


From the earths surface down take on the aspects and avenues of in basic dance.

The feet and hands (sometimes elbows, knees, etc) touch the surface in a form of dance.

Those dance moves create Hebrew Characters, and other language characters.

Those characters take on interesting shapes, but those interesting shapes also take on the function and structure of letters and or words.

Those repeat letters and words take on the definition of Language.

A Language which at this point is entirely unknown to most if not all humans. At least it is an unknown based on the facts and evidences for the last 1500 years.

Of course this information about languages, the origin of Hebrew, its connection to the 20 different Cuneiform languages. 

Think of Cuneiform Languages as a way to rebuild the ancient IE language by placing each of the Cuneiform images over the Planet and seeing how it works to build the language itself.






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