Guild System


Guild Structure


The Guild structure was created by the Vatican to bring back education and scholastics to the areas they controlled in the most restrictive and controlled manner they could.


The Guild Systems began shortly after the Evil Priest Paul gained possession over the Vatican and began to systemically kill all scholars who disagreed with him.

Then over the decades and centuries, his cultural descendants took this concept to the ultimate degree, destroying any and all materials they did not like.

They kept a copy or two in their achieves, but the rest was destroyed to not have anything question the power and authority of the church.


However within 400 years from the Evil Priest Paul to about 450 the Roman Empire had collapsed, in no small effort on the part of the Vatican and the Catholic Church.

They allowed an outside army to come and destroy the Empire, which they then turned and conquered the conqueror.


Creating the Papal States, which took over a huge chunk of the former Roman Empire.


However with the radical drop in education meant that the skills to operate and building a civilization also dropped.

From being able to built 4 and 5 story buildings. They dropped back down to one story and occasionally two-story buildings. But mostly the education and associated skills dropped into normal dark ages levels. A lot of living in tents, and hunter gather occurrences.


Vast populations died from starvation under from 450-1100 ce, under the tyrannical rule of the Vatican.

TO prevent revolutions and uprising, the Vatican was forced to give education back. They did so through the Guild System.

Which is for the most part still in operation in academics. However, it is has been reduced by a radical amount.










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