Hall of Records Whatcom County


Where ever the descendants of the Jews went, they rebuilt their Israel. Because their Israel was literally their books of knowledge built into their architecture.

The concept is, that everywhere they were pushed they built a new Israel. So that when the next enemies came to kill and destroy the Jews would simply be able to move on and rebuild.

But with all those copies of Israel, and most of them being destroyed, the bet was that of the several hundred which would be built from 4000 b.c.e to present that out of all of them, enough of each one would remain from all those scattered pieces. Reassembly of those ruins could give at least one solid picture of the original. Or at least enough puzzle pieces to guess at which pieces were missing.

Whatcom County is close to the very last of the Israel copies built. After the British were forced to leave Whatcom County  they left for Northern Ireland, so the British might have had time to build another or refurbish their old one in Ireland, but that is a doubt. Since by the time the British arrived in Northern Ireland the English were waiting and really for full and completely hard target combat. Which the citizens of Ireland obviously got in the way. Being casualties in your own lands between two large armies is enough to get any population upset enough to start to fight back, and fight back they did. The rise of the Irish Republican Army; which started out great but ended up being a terrorists organization was the response to being in the middle of a War between the British and the English in Ireland.


Based on the Hall of Records architectural language, since the facts that the Ancients even at 3200 b.c.e knew as a matter of the hardest fact knew that their records were going to be destroyed and the enemy wanted to erase the fact that the Children of Israel existed in the first place. The Israelites knew they needed to bury their library somewhere and in some form which would by detail not be “Findable” by the enemy. The Enemy would not look twice at the records. From 3200 b.c.e to 2500 b.c.e the Israelites worked very hard to figure out a way in which to achieve that goal. How to make the enemy when they do conquer this x specific location not destroy the library but in their own way preserve the library.

The only realistic solution was to use architecture as the letters themselves. 



If the Hypothesis holds, the letters are easy to prove their existence. All Western languages previous to 500 b.c.e were both letters and numbers depending on how each character was used. 10 inches also mean the 10th character sequence of the language. What is not easy to prove on the other hand are the words in what sequence.



This graphic has Ohm’s Law built in. The ATEN Limbs (Jacob) touch teach “Sacred Space”, each Sacred Space is in various ways connected to each other.

First through the earth

And then to various geography formations, like a vain of metal, quartz, etc.


The Hall of Records in Whatcom County takes advantage of the previous infrastructure which is entirely ignored by the English, American, and Confederate forces which occupied Whatcom County from 1850-1900. Wanted all the Battle Glory and the Victories, they had no interest whatsoever in acknowledging anyone else was present let alone had built anything. The winners documentation is what became history, the losers documentation was erased and relegated to obliteration.


Old Main, Pickett Tower, Fort Bellingham, Lynden, The Peace Arch, etc. these were locations which were already built and functioning previous to the arrival of Roeder and Picket. When they did arrive Roeder was under contract to the EIC and Picket was an American Union Officer but with a double agent for the Confederacy. He worked harder for the Confederacy in Whatcom County than he did for the Union. When the Civil War did break out, Picket was forced to flee in the middle of the night or be arrested and triad for High Treason and Hanged.


But the armies present from 1820-1920 were so consumed with their own issues, that they did not have time to erase the past as they had bragged. They were too consumed with the work they had already been doing. Lynden worked very very hard to keep the slave trade going, although it was called “Indentured Servitude” but same thing different name. This War over slavery in Lynden lasted up till 1889 when Washington Territory became a State.


The Americans present were too interested in making sure Canada did not come any further south than the Peace Arch to pay attention to anything else.

Also the Estates like the “Roth Estate” which an apartment Complex and a hotel “The Lions Inn” hotel now sit on a portion of that Estate. It was much larger in the 1880s than the small amount of land the Hotel and Apartment complex now sit on. At the very least it encompassed the city block. But that is just one Estate, with an English Garden. There were a couple dozen other Estates with their own English Gardens.

Those Gardens were not built after 1870, it takes decades if not a full century to build a proper English Garden. So how exactly did a proper English Garden exist in two dozen locations in Whatcom County if they were up and fully working circa 1890, when construction on them only started about 15 years previous. The answer is impossible. These Gardens were in existence long before but the documentation was erased.

Several of the English Gardens in Whatcom County were full and lush Gardens. Which takes a bare minimum of 4 decades to make them into such condition. Or enough money to bring the adult plants in from 1000s of miles away. None of the rich in Whatcom County could afford that type of expense. Carnegie, Rockefeller, and perhaps Vanderbilt but most of the entire rest of the Western rich could not afford it.


The Records are divided into sections.

The Arms/Legs/Limbs of the ATEN, but at the end were the limb touches the ground are the bones of the infrastructure. The bones of the infrastructure are the little buildings surrounding the main temple.


The archaeological evidence of the oldest buildings in Whatcom County need to be explored and examined for the applications of their Hall of Records evidence.

The Exact distance from say the Picket Tower to the Roth Estate. The Degree and the distance those letters/numbers are present and a solid fact.  339 degrees and 2389 feet. For the degree it is the Othallo Month Haggalaz day. The O in Othallo is the letter of the month and the H in Haggalaz is the letter/number of the day. To letters directly, just from the start Aett point. R Raido image012Th Thurasaz  image008 and EA from Eiwaz image028 2389 the number of feet between the two. Why is this important, First letters are O and H (which are also a time signature; as well as Hebrew Character marks <the Architecture degrees wise with the specific Hebrew Characters with he in this case O in them. image046 and image062 if any of the buildings are in said degrees, than there are hard evidence proof Hebrew Words are built into the infrastructure.

Y/J is old Main

(Daggaz Month Isa Day)

O is the Pickett House/Tower renamed from Castle Ogle


YOD; WWU, Pickett, to Lynden

 Of course this could be extreme to the maximum degree chance, but when aligned perfectly there are dozens if not thousands of Hebrew letters built in and those built in letters start to form words repeated over the different Israel copies; the statistics becomes increasingly difficult to argue against.

 159 degrees I Isa Month Haggalaz Day. I and H on both sides of the ATEN )

With Dozens of Buildings built in 1840, and earlier. The likelihood of Hebrew Characters are going to be findable and entire first words and then sentences are going to be written into the architecture using the degrees is at this point at a basic examination of the evidence a complete guarantee.









TR Welling