Hall of Records


The Hall of Records has been part of oral tradition from Northern Europe and Egypt for most of recorded history. Although only popularized and published by Edgar Cayce in the 1930s.


Every single place the Jews went to create a new Homeland; a new Israel, a Jew Jerusalem. They did so using the Hall of Records format. They rewrote their history using Architecture.

Including the Mississippi Mound Builders one culture. All those mounds have the Hall of Records Code built in.



There is a strong connection between the Hall of Records and the city of Heliopolis/IWNW/Jerusalem. The Evidence for said is the fact that there is an ATEN
from Heliopolis to the Pyramids, and an ATEN from the Pyramids stretching over Heliopolis to half the globe.  Which was a large thriving city well before the invention of the languages of Sumerian and Hieroglyphics circa 3500 b.c.e.


Define Jacob; holder of the foot. For 3000 years it has meant “holder of his brother Esau’s foot” but that is an incorrect translation.

That Jacob actually means is holder of the foot of the ATEN. Proving the ATEN is one of the original names for god in Indo-European language. This also proves the ATEN is Jewish, as was the 18th Egyptian Dynasty. Making Moses a Muslim making Amenhotep IV a Jew. The Exodus was not a good thing for the Jews in any way. The Exodus was carting the Jews off to war as a slave shield wall army. Not the first time the Hyksos from Avaris carted the Jews off into a slave army to fight in their shied walls to conquer. 2100-1550 the Hyksos used the Jews to conquer most of Levant, most of Antonia Peninsula, and half of the Aegean. But they took the secrets of the Hall of Records with them and rebuilt IWNW/Jerusalem everywhere they went. The Romans direct descendants of both the Avaris and Agamemnon both Hyksos descendants which was an insulting name given to the descendants of Esau. The Romans gathering up 7 or more Tabernacle systems the Jews built in their Hyksos cities, the Romans wanted every one of them. Assembling most of them in Rome, just in time for the arrival of Jesus Christ (John 12:12-19) in Jerusalem (means that the copies of Jerusalem were reassembled in Rome Proper; which would identify Rome and Jerusalem). He arrived in Rome Proper. But he arrives in Rome Proper as “King of Israel.”

The monster problem with this is; that although Israel had been in Egypt from 5000 b.c.e to about 30 ce. With half a dozen or more Jerusalem cities with the same architecture in Rome Proper and a huge Jewish Population in Rome, exactly where was Israel? He arrived in a city with at least half if not 60% of the buildings in the city were/are literally directly from either Israel, Memphis and Heliopolis or was from copies of Jerusalem (the Capital city of Israel) in the city itself. The buildings of the copies of Jerusalem and “Jerusalem e.g. IWNW/Heliopolis” itself made up the core of Rome. The King of Israel Jesus, which is what INRI is an abbreviation for when he entered Rome, he was in a very realistic concept entering Israel.

Did Jesus Move Israel from Egypt specifically the Left Side of the Nile between Abu Sire and Giza to Rome Proper? If that move occurred, the reason for Jesus’ execution was he was attempting a coup d'état in Rome. Which Caligula was more than 110% ready and prepared for. He did not want to be Emperor, plus as a Jew he did not rank high enough to be the King of Kings. He was only a descendant of about 4 Jewish lines. Jesus was descendant of all 13, including the lost 13th tribe.


Heliopolis was dismantled or shipped to Rome and rebuilt where the Vatican sits currently. The Vatican is just the re-modeled Heliopolis, twice. The same building materials were used in both Vatican Remodels. The Vatican was re-modeled twice because the officials wanted to hide any traces to the original city of IWNW which might be found in the Vatican. So the city of IWNW was entirely re-modeled stone by stone into the 300-1500s version, then re-modeled again from 1500s to present. A significant portion of the Hall of Records currently sits in Rome in seven separate versions. Carthageimage114, Memphis Image result for ancient memphis Image result for 300 ce vatican, Heliopolis, Tyre, Jerusalem (Levant) Image result for Jerusalem king solomons temple ( Fascinating how similar this artistic representation based on research and Noah’s Ark are strikingly similar.), Athens Image result for ancient athens, and Troy  are the cities from which were dismantled and shipped to Rome Proper from 200 b.c.e to 100 ce. It is fair Hypothesis to consider a sizable portion of the Hall of Records is built into the design of Rome Proper.

Samhain the fixed 16 day month according to the Gregorian/Julian Calendar October 31, is what the name of Rome was previous to the 753 b.c.e invasion of the descendants of the Agamemnon Army who sacked Troy. Although his descendants did take 577 years to sack and destroy the descendants of the Trojans in the City of Samhain. But the word Samhain or Seven itself is also directly and strongly connected to Julius Caesar. Since it is Caesar who attempted to rename Rome back to its original name “The City of Seven Hills Image result for City of Seven Hills” aka “The Eternal City” since that was the name of Memphis Image result for ancient memphis. Previous to being renamed to honor Pharaoh Mem aka in Hebrew Abraham. The city of Mem was called “Eternal”; but if you think about it. The definition of Eternal is the definition of Samhain. So the translated into Latin Genesis 35; 6 “So Jacob came to Luz, which is in the land of Canaan, that is, Bethel, he and all the people that were with him.” In Latin the city of Luz (Sumerian) in Gaelic is Samhain. Which was renamed to Memphis; the sacred city of pharaoh Mem.

Memphis in Egypt was located in the middle of the Nile, it was a copy of the city of Heliopolis. Which was by legend made by Adam himself. Or the city of Heliopolis was a copy of the exact plans used by Adam for other Tabernacle of Adam Systems.

Another Legend has Noah’s Ark it did by the bible land on Mount Ararat http://www.arkdiscovery.com/arkkazanchbvid.JPG , but that does not mean for a second Noah ordered a disembark in Turkey. He set sail/direction for IWNW . Magnetic Levitation is not exactly a difficult thing, it requires a slightly more complex direction of electro magnetics than the three year old playing with magnets. There is less than no reason Noah did not order the Ark to be sailed to the location Adam Built a Tabernacle centuries previous. Setting the Ark down on that site aka IWNW/Heliopolis. Which would make part of the City Caligula took to Rome literally at least a few pieces of Noah’s Ark.

The city of IWNW was huge and at least several hundred years old at 3800 b.c.e. Their was also another city in Egypt (upper Egypt) which was just as large if not larger than IWNW. That city was Hierakonopolis, which is west of the city of Thebes. But Thebes would not be founded for another millennia.

Heirakonopolis was all but entirely erased from the History books, why because it was one of the first cities obliterated by the invaders of Egypt from Mecca. The permanent structures of Heirakonopolis like the mural and library were left and buried. But the moveable stuff was moved to Heliopolis. But in Heliopolis they all had to move north again when the Invader from the Ubaid culture were direct and long standing relatives of each other. The Mecca culture had a rage regarding their understanding of the job of Steward, while Abraham’s people had a very different definition.

1100 years after the 3800 b.c.e invasion Terah of Ur became afraid of the Eridu Ziggurat, he needed that Weapon of Mass destruction for himself. He like all of the Plantation owners is at their heart afraid they will be conquered. So they do everything in their power to prevent being attacked and destroyed. The threat of a Weapon of Mass destruction is more than enough to get the entire army at attention and ready for combat. That is exactly what Terah did, attacked the Eridu aka Tower of Babel with everything he had and destroyed it. Taking the golden plates and the princess’s of the royal family as war booty. The civilians not killed in the battles were taken as slaves and used as such. Most of the royal males not killed in combat were executed for the pleasure of Terah. Men like Terah are so convinced that the enemy was hours away from attacking them, that they deserve every single piece of torture and agonizing death they can get. Because the now destroyed enemy was about to do the same thing to the conqueror. So the conqueror starts with their Paranoid Delusional ranting of “I got you first”, “you could not destroy me, so I will make sure you cannot hurt me.”, then torture the conquered, the way Terah would inflict on their newly conquered foe comes with lines like “Is this what you were going to do to me”, “ were you going to do this or that torture.”, as the insanity builds the conqueror convinces themselves all they did to their now conquered foe was what the now conquered was about to do to the actual conqueror, doing it to them first. But the conqueror does it first. Usually in a fit of rage, the person is beaten to death. In their mind they are entirely convinced all their actions are justified because they killed their conqueror, if the battle had happened just one hour later they would be the one dead on the floor. This paranoid delusional thinking is the base of why the hall of records was needed and the ancient Indo-European languages rules were used as the primary language.

The job of Steward is literally about being a caretaker.

But Terah and his descendant culturally and philosophy wise Esau perceived the Steward Job as being lord of the Plantation and all creatures great and small were his own personal property. Slaves for a missing better word. The Lord of the Manner is the mouth and persona of god and all in his domain are his personal property.

Any and all information which contradicts the concept of there is another way to perform the Steward job, a different way needs to be erased so that the Plantation Master is the embodiment of the word of god being 100%. Doubt and the entire system of Master slave falls apart; it is the duty of the slave master to maintain order in his plantation. Because to maintain the power of the Lord, the Lord of the Manner and all the slaves must not have even the smallest doubts from he is the embodiment of the Lord they God. The Hall of Records was created to ensure that the truth and the actual records of the lives of the true meaning of the path of Adam would be maintained.

The City of Heliopolis was originally called IWNW; the Capital (Sacred/Amber) City (defined area) of Pillars (Vertical/North). In Gaelic that translates as Yr Hen Ogle dd, or the name of the Kings of Northumberland the English version of Ogle. The Ogles not only named the Kingdom of Northumberland (changed by the Pictish Kings 680-1066 from Ogle Kingdom) but they named Ogle Castle where the Roman Empire and specifically the Army was destroyed, and New Castle. New Castle in Gaelic translated into English has been the name of the city since the Romans conquered. But in Hebrew New Castle is Jerusalem. Memphis was a copy of IWNW/Heliopolis/Jerusalem, which was shipped to Rome. So calling Memphis Jerusalem is not an incorrect theory. The Hall of Records is literally the architecture of the blue prints to the city of Jerusalem.

 What does any of the city of Heliopolis and Hierakonopolis have anything to do with the Hall of RecordsEgypt Megalith Heliopolis 2013 11 10 0117. That answer is as deeply ingrained into the answer as the structure of the language of said records. The Graphic is in the Shape of the ATENhttp://trwelling.org/Hall%20of%20Records_files/image004.jpg the deity of the 18th Egyptian Dynasty Pharaoh Amenhotep iv aka AhkenATENImage result for aten; his son Tut was the last Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty. AhkenATEN reached back to the founding of Egypt to the time of IWNW and worked to resurrect the most ancient of Monotheistic Deities. That deity was the ATEN. The last four letters in AhkenATEN is the word ATEN.


What could any of this have anything at all to do with the structure of the Hall of Records; the records were not written in a modern translatable language. The language the records were written in was both Indo-European and unfortunately architecture. So it requires a huge amount of discipline in order to understand how to translate the words.


The Structure of the name Israel is the same structure as the language the Records are written in Israel Horus 2014 4 1 0051. Israel Jacobs Ladder from Luz 2013 3 24 1500 

Israel 2013 3 25 0947The Aten built into the Pyramids. Exactly how the ATEN is built into the city of IWNW with the pyramid structures pointing at Heliopolis. Heliopolis the center sphere with lines extending to the PyramidsEgypt Megalith Heliopolis 2013 11 10 0117 (the ATEN). The Pyramids as a group were linguistic spheres (each pyramid and group of pyramids each one was a sphere or AEtt) with lines extending to key geographical areas on the planet and key architectural http://trwelling.org/Israel_files/image002.jpgsites. Those key areas are part of the language; the key areas like large hills, mountains, rivers (mouths and headwaters), islands, older established buildings (with impossible to destroy footers), etc. where they are located from key portions of the new construction to those measurement points are fixed compass points. These fixed points on the compass are degrees; those degrees have specific meanings. The start point one AEtt (Isis) ==== causeway (el) AEtt (Ra). The Isis start and the Ra end of at least a sentence are the fixed or important letters. The Causeway are were the bulk of the letters are.

The mm, inch, feet, yards, miles, etc each category of distance has its own number sequence. Each number sequence is a letter sequence.

An ATEN from Heliopolis west by South to the Pyramids; each arm connecting/touching a group of Pyramids. The second above ATEN as in the above graphic with center are the Pyramids as a group with Memphis/Luz in the middle with lines/Arms/Limbs extending out from the Pyramids to stretch around the globe. The Farthest being to the Everest Summit.

To make things slightly more complex. The mythology of the satyr enters the picture (double ATEN; which is very close to the definition of Yahweh). Layered ATENs in an AEtt, Israel the first with Is west and the Sphere or AEtt. But the second AEtt the start would be the satyr with his Nymphs the arms of the ATEN. The dance is the weave of time.


To the left or west is Is or Isis indicating polarity of negative.

The West of Is (-) of the sentence; the El is (neutral)the causeway and were the causeway is pointing, the RA (+)is where the causeway or at least the end of that sentence bisects. The start of the AEtt a building (Is), the causeway anything between the buildings or the building and a geographical location (El), and the destination (Ra) is the second building. But this does not mean that destination is the end of the sentence. There could be a paragraph of more than one sentence in that line. <insert or an extremely simplified version of the 3d max first two sentences Gen 1;1 2>


In this case the causeway ends/bisects geographical and or architectural sites with mm precision.


Is or Isis; the negative or female part of the word. following the rules of the Aten

El; meat, the middle part of the word. This is where the majority of the letters are. The letters of the angle and distance from A to b.

Ra; the male or positive portion of the word.

Genesis_1_1_2_code_Israel_2013_11_29_0254 (2)

The start of a word (Is) the middle of the word ====(EL)=== the end of the word(RA)


Nothing says that those fixed points are the only fixed points. x fixed point bent to Solomon’s could be just one sentence/word. Past Solomon’s could be another word?

Vertical is an absolute key aspect of both the Ogle Name (Yr Hen Ogle dd) as well as to translate this ancient language. Because the Hierarchy of back (-) forward (+) is easy to hierarchal out. Left (-) and Right (+) is also easy.

But up (vertical/North e.g. North Star) and down become more difficult. But down negative up positive. Which is how the Elder Futhark Aett is constructed.


Another way of saying it


I can prove beyond a doubt where the letters are

and letter wise what they mean

as in ABCs

from Hebrew back

western languages specific

languages used letters and numbers interchangeably

so 10 inches also was the 10th character in the alpha bet.

The Hall itself is where the original Israel was. Was because based on the work of Caesar’s family and the hatred of Vespasian; the Zerubabel temple was moved from Jerusalem to Rome Proper and remolded into the Coliseum. The Romans used the Temple of Solomon rebuilt into the Zerubabel temple to human sacrifice Jews to the greater glory of Rome.

The Hall of Records

The Hall of Records size wise is about 20 miles east to west, and 50 miles north to south.

The original Israel before Moses’ lies diverted the truth about what Israel is and where it was.


The hall of records in Egypt; specifically Israel. It is partially in Egypt. Pharaoh Narmer shrank Israel down to just the west side of the Nile between Sakkara and Giza, it used to be larger. But the enemies of the Jews (although not called that yet) demanded that the Jews be divided into very small pockets so they were not a threat.

Pharaoh Narmer is most recognized by his other name “The Scorpion King”.

Narmer had two primary documents about him.

The first the Narmer Passport.

The second the Narmer Monolith;

Both contain the same code used in the Hall of Records which the Pyramids were constructed as a permanent library to replace the previous library destroyed from 3800-3200 b.c.e.

That library was inspired by Jacob’s grandmother Sara (which means Princess in Sumerian), her real name has been lost to history. But out of reverence and honor to her, her Eridu/Babel Ziggurat title has remained.

Sarah wanted to recreate the library as her ancestors had built, but was too easily destroyed. So that ambition was not allowed. But her Grandson Jacob (The foot holder) took up the idea and progressed to building his “Jacobs Ladder” but each of his Synagogues were not designed to be just a Temple. His were designed to be a Castle around a Synagogue. So large and impenetrable they would last the test of time. Make them so large that only a few of them would be obliterated over the millennia between construction and when they would be decoded to reveal the true story of Homo Sapien Sapien.


A pocket in Thebes, a pocket in Heliopolis, and a pocket were the Pyramids would be built in 600 years.

Which is fascinating since it is about that same number of years between Pharaoh Narmer e.g. the Scorpion King and the start of the construction of the first Pyramids, and the Conquest of the city of Troy (descendants of the holder of the foot, the holder of the foot being Sumerian translated into English as “Jacob”) to the “founding” conquest of Rome. The city was known as “The city of Samhain Hills” Samhain in Manx Gaelic is pronounced SEVEN. Manx is the oldest of the Gaelic Languages.

Which brings the concept of the Golden Plates; the city of Eridu possessed the Golden Plates of which Abraham’s father demanded to have those plates.

Those plates (the plates of destiny) were taken as War Prizes by Terah. Who gave them to Abraham upon his being killed in Combat with allies of the Eridu.


Shortly after the Ziggurat of Eridu was destroyed, that army based on archaeology ended up in “Israel” inside Egypt.

Those plates were then used as the base of language, numbers, math, science, engineering to create or in this case recreate the hall of records the culture that invaded upper Egypt circa 3800 b.c.e had destroyed on their way north. They eventually destroyed the city of IWNW and renamed it after rebuilding to Jerusalem. The Esau/Hyksos/Dorian/Avaris demanded that the newly reformed Greek Culture and academics name Jerusalem “Heliopolis”. Heliopolis in Linear B means the same as Jerusalem in both Futhark Jera and Hebrew Salem. But demanding to erase what they did not like is a 100% consistent pattern of all Esau line descendant Cultures. THE Hyksos/Avaris/Dorian/Roman's, etc.

The Golden Plates arrive in Israel and the construction begins on the Pyramids. A side note, the Golden Plates of Eridu are part of the legends surrounding the founding of Mormonism the Church of the Latter Day Saints.

But the architecture is so advanced that as a matter of the most brutal fact, it has taken modern culture up till 2006 to develop sufficient technology to prove the ancients actually possessed a technology far superior to modern science.

The Hall of Records is not just a large room/building containing some type of library. That library of scrolls, books, codex’s, etc. if they would have made the hall of records that way; it would have been obliterated several millennia ago.

So a different type of library was a requirement.

One of those requirements was about mapping out time

The single number line mathematics cannot even identify time, let alone map its shape and infrastructure.

But with such radically advanced language, technology, etc. how easy (proved circa 3800 b.c.e) is it to strike a match and burn an entire library of scrolls, books, codex’s, pottery, etc. into oblivion leaving no traces once the ashes are scattered to the winds.

But building with buildings and architecture, that is an entirely different story.

You have a language; numbers, mathematics, and science which are so advanced it can literally identify and map out time. You built said into architecture, buildings, palaces, etc.

The enemy instead of wanting to destroy will want to capture and use for their own purposes. Leaving the bulk of the information of the library intact but on the sub-quark level entirely ignorant that the Building they are protecting is in fact a chapter of a story the enemy spends their reign of power wanting to destroy.


The About to be conquered culture builds their Hall of records into architecture. Then turn the diplomacy/negotiations to try and prevent genocide into convincing the enemy they want what you have. They want the opulence, they want the gold, they want your architecture, etc. since they cannot build anything like it themselves. Make them want those buildings in the worse way, then at the last minute hire mercenaries, have the real troops evacuate the populations out, and let the mercs lead the War. They will either get slaughtered or the mercs will win. IF that happens bring the home army back and take the city’s back from the mercs. If the enemy wins wait till they collapse from internal struggles and then retake what was yours.

The enemy will likely not destroy the buildings they want to occupy

pure hard ignorance they captured the library and then defend it. Which is the greatest thing about enemy forces, they always are more interested in the War and battle glory than in understanding the cultures they demand to conquer. The cultures have their own intelligence, not to mention those cultures also have their own unique perspective of technology. If they can force the enemy to protect their conquered cultures most treasured assets, the enemy has been led into a trap. The enemy protects the one thing they want to destroy the most, after the people who refuse to submit to the new government will. 


The Next Translation Key is to understand the letters of the math work the same.

Every number is a letter. Since every number is a letter that applies to measurements as well.

1 inch is the first character of F. or in English A.

2 inches B, 3 C

1 foot A, 2 feet B, 3 feet C

1 yard A ....

1 mile A

No matter what the distance, there is a number to identify the distance. That number is a letter. The larger the numbers the more letters. The more letters the larger and more profound the words are, sentences, paragraphs, chapters, books, etc.

So that graphic of Giza, all those numbers.

height, weight, architectural configurations (rooms, hallways, angles of assent, descent, etc.)

causeways, every micrometer is a number/letter

every cubic micrometer is a number/letter




H. Lewis Spence's Rosicrucian (AMORC) another author who wrote about the Hall of Records.



Everything has a “position” which is its own “fixed point”. It also points at various other “fixed points”.


In the Compass (which the Babylonians developed; the story of the Babylonians with their Hanging Gardens of Babylon obviously had to have access to a radically extreme form of engineering to design a building or a collection of buildings indescribable by most who saw one of the ancient wonders of the world) the 360’s are the days of the year. But the 5 and six “High Holy Days” of the Egyptian religion are included. The 5 and 6 days a year which have 16 day months; those extra days are not counted.

Every 15 degrees is another letter in the Futhark, and the Elder Futhark Calendar Months.

F U Th A R K G W H N I J AE P Al S T B E M L Ing O D


The days of the Month


Fehu (F) = Priorities

Uruz (U) = strength

so apply the compass

on each specific landmark



For math all you need is a fixed point to start. For more complex concepts, adding more fixed points is needed, since there are obviously more than one fixed pointImage result for codigo da vinci cryptex.

Image result for codigo da vinci cryptexEvery ring the F of Fehu points to a different fixed point. How other rings characters align with each other is a fascinating concept to explore (cryptex).

Also this is the mathematics used to built the Image result for greek computer Image result for greek computer Antikythera Computer.

But their needs to be a hierarchy of sequence. The Hierarchal structure of the layers of this language had already been brought up. But without the added benefits of a more detailed description.


In this case North


The letters seen in the below Graphic are English on the outside but Futhark on the inside. The Hebrew character in the middle is the sounds of each Hebrew Character in sequence pointing to its Futhark Letter Equivalent. On the outside, the sound in English Letters; for instance the first ALEF. A = Ansuz the fourth month, or 46-60’. So by using the fixed point of North on all compasses 46-60’ will always mean the fourth sequence of 15 days as well as the letter A the Futhark symbol for Ansuz. But that does not mean north is always the same fixed points. There are any number of other fixed point to apply Fehu or the F too.

The 8 sabots through the year, true north, magnetic north, south, east, west, the dawn of


The book of Mormon, the fixed point of one of the end of the day Sabots, or West. West by logic seems to the best fixed point to asses if the book of Mormon was part of the Hall of Records books.  Why this is important, regarding the book of Mormon being associated with the Hall of Records, it is not; just an interesting possible factoid. The only way it would be interesting is if this factoid if proven gives some evidence to the concept that the Book of Mormon has some divine credence and that the “Cave” is not actually a Cave but the  of the Double ATEN.

The Cave oriented to the West.

Although the connection between the ATEN, the Book of Mormon, and of course King Solomon’s Mines have a connection to the same structures involved. Tunnel, tube, mine, straw, etc. circle lines 4



Ansuz in the Tarot is the Hanged Man *; or Odin hanging over the Well of Eard preparing to learn the secrets of the Futhark through blood and human sacrifice of himself.  




But there are more fixed points than just North.

East, West, South are also fixed points.

As well as the fixed points the earth passes through on its orbit around the sun. The Solstices and Equinoxes; which are presented by two separate but equal fixed points in the compass.


degrees of the compass and architecture.

The example of Ansuz from ALEF is important since the Khafre Pyramid fixed point itself the Khufu Pyramid (keeping north as a constant fixed point) is in the 30-45’ section of the Compass. Specifically close to day 15; the fifteen day is Alhaz or Al.

From the AEtt of Khafre <North East>to Khufu is Th<TH> (month) and Jera <J> (day). But as the fixed point of (keeping North as the primary fixed point for the Khufu Compass) Khufu <South West> to Khafra is intersecting at month of 15 degrees sequence is Alhaz (month) Pertho (day).

So we have the start aett of khafre 2 letters Al and P. the middle EL has yet to be calculated out 17,000 inches. The end letters of the Khufu AEtt are Thurasaz (day) of the J Jera day. We have Al P and Th J.

Four hard defined letters. Converting numbers to letters.

For example the number of words which contain only four letters in English, 149,165 . In English which would not be a language for 2700 years after the Pyramids were finished being built. Why no more pyramids, the invading Hyksos hated them and worked their entire cultural existence to erase every single portion of what the Pyramids were, why they were built, and of course, what purpose did they serve.

But those four letters do not need to be a word, they can be a sentence for example, "A top" four letters.



With those four numbers and how to achieve them the formula is absolutely fixed. More letters are needed.

The next fixed point which must be addressed is the Height of the building.

In the case of the Khafra the original cover stones have been removed, but an estimate can be performed.

In science exactness is necessary; but statistically it is possible to reverse engineer what used to be based on the numbers present. If 22 feet is wrong than calculate the numbers/letters for 22’1”. UP and down till the correct numbers/letters start making words/sentences. 0 arm count

The top is a fixed point. The numbers from the top to the base are numbers/letters.

The height of khafra to the height of Khufu are different. Those differences produce their own vertical compass numbers. Each of those vertical work exactly the same way as the horizontal fixed points.


The next problem in the Pyramids is they have a built in infrastructure which makes them more than distinct.

Since the three Pyramids on the Giza Plateau have more than a small similarity to a language which would not be invented for 1500 years after construction ended on the Pyramids.

The inside architecture of the Khufu Pyramids resembles the shape of the Hebrew character of SHIN. 

The Khufu Pyramids the Hebrew letter Shin;



Tsadeh Image result for tzadei is built into the Khafre Pyramid. means strong side

Image result for khafre pyramid




Mem dalet Image result for dalet hebrew  number 4. Means related to god.

Image result for menkaure pyramid inside


The next problem on the list is the hierarchy of the AEtt.

Since this is a key to understanding how to translate the Aten from Heliopolis to the Pyramids, lower or negative earth.

With the upper ATEN of the Pyramids being the sphere and the lines/arms extending out to among other areas The Temple Mound, the Cave of the Nativity, the North and south walls of the Babylon Ziggurat (two separate pyramids next to each other, the north bisects the south Babylon wall, the south bisects the north Babylon wall), Mount Everest, Sri Lanka, the Strait of Hormuz, etc. all 16 measured Causeways bisect to the mm a specific geographical or building 100s if not thousands of miles away.

The physical evidence for this can be found in the cemetery of the workers of the Pyramids to the north both east and west of Khufu. The more south the smaller, the more north larger. The more east the larger, the more west the smaller. North East corner are the largest, the South West corner are the smallest. That applies to the hierarchal structure of the interpretation of the AEtt.








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