Halliwell Manuscript and Dante’s Inferno


I stopped last night at 5;30. which an extremely close description of the cable tow. AFter an extremely close description of the officers of the grand lodge. after a close to dead on the money description of a working lodge. after a close to dead on the money description of the staircase; with symbolic applications of the people involved. Including the mataphoric concept of Poetry being the Pillars of Society. "our library" is inside the b and j pillars; those pillars contain poetic writings. that is at the end of the day thinking and going a little research for 5 hours.


Dig deeper and the chances of finding more evidence is at this point very obvious. dante's inferno is one step in the earliest masonic writings. published circa 1320. He started to write it 1270. halliwall is based from dante, dante is based on aenead, aenead is based on the story and journey of Aeneas. AEneas left the trojan war before it began. Married Queen Dido formerly known as the wife fo king tut. She took on a pharoah name after her husband/brother was killed in battle. She son/grandson Brutu eg the British Empire. THose sequence of books places FreeMasonry in Troy, in the 18th Dynasty, with the Old Kingdom the Pyramid builders.


remember that during the darkest parts of the Medieval Times, Judaism was not all that legal in most places. Hiding facts and evidence regarding was always in code. Very real genocide happened a lot. So it is not outside the realm of possible to have Dante's inferno be a symbolic and metaphoric concepts of FreeMasonry. Hell EA, Purgatory FC, and obviously MM. Assention into heaven. Which brings into the mix of course the structures and functions of the schema of Rome Janus being in this case a person is both alive and dead at the same time. Alive looking due east SJ, and dead looking due west WM. Pictured in the inferno as the “Backwards looking” people.

of course Dante published in the 1320s, but wrote in the years previous.

His poem was in huge part based on Virgils Poem about the travels of AEneas from Troy to ROme(although it was called Samhain at the time) and founding or refounding Alba Longa which literally means "Long Sacred Vision/Array". Which happens to have the same name meanings as Longinous; Longi and inous. word changes from Italic and other older languages into Latin. It is the name of the blade not the name of the person.

Halliwell being based on Dante's, based on Aeneas, based on the Iliad/Odyssey.


"leopard" or "leopon"),[9] a leone[10] (lion), and a lupa[11] (she-wolf)

Leopard; JW.  fraud and malice 

Lion; SW  violence and bestiality

She Wolf; WM incontinence. translated from the Greek for “self control”; self assurance of being not a beast but a thinking, regulated, and in control person. Also a direct reference to the functions and structures of the Queen of Sheba part of a communication, which based on some research did involve intimacy. The Maul, is also a direct reference to said intimacy.


Everything about Self Improvement is based on “finding out what is wrong”. To make people better; to find fit it requires finding gout what is wrong. Carving the self from the block. The journey from the depths of hell to salvation.


The point which Dante was pointing out in his explanations of FreeMasonry; is that each mason works out the struggles of humanity within them as they journey from aimless, wondering, non-committal. Through the process of their journey through the underworld; EA.

To finally as a divine task are (circumambulation) in Chiron’s boat/Noah’s Ark sailed with a Partner/Vergil/Marchel onto the boat and across the sea.

Do the math's, “Thus, Hell contains, in total, 24 divisions.”

7 masters;  AdamAbelNoahMosesAbrahamDavidand Rachel

Each of the major players who Christ went into Hell to collect them and bring them into the embrace of heaven.

 Symbolically represent ­­­the jobs each one did in the bible.

Grammar; Adam; language,

Rhetoric; Able the specific forms and word of god. He was also killed for speaking truth

Logic; Noah; Logic and reason to built the ark,

Arithmetic; Abraham obtained the plates of destiny (arithmetic) from the Eridu Ziggurat which he then gave to Jacob.

Geometry; Jacob; took arithmetic and applied it to architecture and built the Pryamids from the Plates of Destiny.

Rachael; Music, the Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope of the Pyramids.

King David; Astronomy, he renamed Jupiter to Jerusalem and draw up plans which his

Grandson Solomon would build Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope. to  house the ark of the covenant.

5 poets  HomerHoraceOvidand LucanDante; the 5 Pillars of Architecture; senses.

a raised (vertical) area, where the 4 divinely collect into one of anointing. it is italic for north umber land, or Yr Hen Ogle dd. 

"Ars Technica" is an early Latin phrase (legendarily, first spoken as part of the twin language 

of Romulus and Remus from which Latin sprang) 

to describe the rocky isthmus across the sea from which human knowledge (not to mention gyros) sprang. Yes, Ars Technica means Land of the Geeks. Hellburner. Ars Legatus

The 4 staves; IWNW (old name for Heliopolis) the Capital/Divine City of Pillar; Rocky/Staves/Pillars. Ars is a anti-semetic way of saying part of the name IWNW.



Ars Pillar

Qua; 4

Tuor; a small defined thing (tower/hill/bush) on top of a larger thing.

Etymology 1[edit]

From Middle English tortorr-, from Old English torrtor (“a high rock, lofty hill, tower”), possibly from Proto-Celtic, compare Old Welsh *tor (“hill”); ultimately from Latin turris (“high structure”), from Ancient Greek τύρρις (túrrhis), τύρσις (túrsis, “tower”), of non-Indo-European origin. Cognate with Cornish torScottish Gaelic tòrrWelsh tŵrIrish torFrench tor, and Romansch tor/tur/tuor; the first four are from Proto-Celtic (from Latin turris), the last two directly from Latin turris (from Ancient Greek τύρρις (túrrhis) and τύρσις (túrsis)). It is not clear whether the Celtic forms were borrowed from Old English or vice versa. See also tower.”


Coronati; to coronate, the crown itself. Usually when the crown is placed on the head of the person, the crown means they have been “coronted”. In this case, the crown is made of the four tuors, which are on top of the Pillars/Rocks above the shore.

In other words the Ars (pillars), the 4, tuor (Hills/Towers), come together to form a complete Crown. In other words the JS, SS, JD, SD staves come together to form a crown over the later or between the alter and the WM’s position. The 4 Staves the top emblems merge together to create a 4 sided crown. Which the WM/PM/GM then perform their sacred duty.


The position of the Crown according to the word description is intensely specific, Coronati. Coronati is not just the crown, it is not just the position of the crown relative to the position of Jesus.

Image result for jesus being crowned 

 Image result for jesus being crowned


Image result for napoleon crown

The definition of Coronati is not all that different from this of Napoleon.

Although the position of the crown according to the definition would be the position of the hallow over Jesus head.

Image result for jesus crown

Obviously the definition of Ars Qua has more than one meaning.

It also is a direct reflection of the wood foundation ars, with tuor would be the thorns sticking up from the wood base.

Could the crown of thorns have been made of 4 different types of wood. of which the senate would have taken special and specific delight in creating said 4 separate types of wood to punish Jesus. the four types of wood being specific to the 4 trees of the garden of eden. it is not one tree but 4 from which the forbidden fruit derives.


WMs position; temple of Curia Julii, sds position Temple of Jupiter.

The Alter would be the crucifixion site

The SW’s position the Temple of Janus; where ST Peters Basilica Dome is.


7 gates in the city

Each of the main officers;








Grand Officers








Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076

Ars Quantuor Coronati

The Quatuor Coronati Egyptian Lodge Italy

Quantuor; four arms/appendages, digits.




Temple of Jupiter/Curia Julii = Adam, emperors’ throne

Mount Zion = arc of the covenant, alter Jesus was taking on the role of the ark of the covenant

Throne of St Peter Vatican; Senior Wardens Chair.


Ars means elevated stave, wood, rocky outcropping ,quan 4, tuor tower/hill, coronati the hallow of the royal crown. why the crown is placed over the head for several minutes before it is placed on the head. in extreme basic as described by those three words in freemasonry, it used to be that a pyramid would be created by a specific means, that pyramid would be locked together and the WM/GM stands below it while performing specific rights and functions. that is a specific reference to 4 quarters crown.

in coronations, the pope/priest would hold the crown over the head of the "about to be King". for a bit. having the crown be in effect the sacred hallow over the head. then descend the crown to the head. but the bit of time is the spelling of that word meaning

it appears that the 

Ars Quantuor Coronati from the Halliwall manuscript has a complex description and translations which directly connect FreeMasonry with Rome (janus), Dante's inferno (the trojan war), and the Passion of the Christ. The passion is much more complex part of the situation. 

The cross of Jesus being the in effect representative of Noahs Ark, of sorts. Which brings up a very interesting concept regarding Charon and the river styx EA. 




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