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Yesterday I had this incredible sequence of conversations with some really good people. The chats lasted for around 8 hours, one right after another from 8 am until about 6 pm, with some breaks between.

This weekend well Friday I had this incredible idea sequence which came while I was finishing up our final paper.  That idea was about the Sistine Chapel the west wall, specifically the concept of Janus and the first rule of mathematics “measure to and from fixed points”. Those fixed points being the skulls of the people painted on the wall. The positions of the skulls after just a few hours work prove that the entire sequence of Hebrew characters is present. Those Hebrew Characters prove mathematically that there is only one person capable of those paintings at the time. A person who was under house arrest for his involvement with the invasion of Italy by the army of France 1492-1497. A 6-year invasion ended with Leonardo Da Vinci under house arrest, the King of France committed- honorable suicide in France, and Rodrigo Borgia elevated to the position of Pope. Followed by an old man who was on the throne for about 20 days, followed by Pope Julius II who took the name Julius from Julius Caesar. He was more of a military commander than a minister. He worked very hard during the Invasion of France to fight off the French in Italy. That is a huge and vastly complex story all on its own. The events leading directly to the remodeling of the Basilica of St Peters which came about half a century after the construction of the Sistine Chapel, which itself was in part from portions if not a serious portion of the outer walls of the Coliseum. The materials from the Coliseum is a long, intensely complex story, and sequences of interconnected stories. To be on the extreme side of tremendously brief of the interconnected stories which led to the painting of the west wall of the Sistine Chapel.

The execution of enemies of the state of the Roman Empire took place in Rome Proper, well unless they were Jews and they were taken to the Rock of Mars (had many names over the 1000 years it was used, 8 major cultures operating in Rome each one had its own language and own names for things. Two separate Jewish cultures if not a third [Ionian, Hebrew, and Gaelic], Romans [italic, Latin versions a-p], Romans [kind of like Ebonics but for the city of Rome itself], Greek [about 5 major versions 20 minor over the centuries], a proto-French, Egyptian, Carthage, etc. I can mention about 20 more both regional and African, but only small portions of the population spoke them. This is about the written languages used and records still in existence. Of course, a pocket of Etruscan, was still being used by some very powerful families up until about 300 ce. Not unlike New York City, Chicago, LA, Miami where you can find dozens of languages being spoken at any given time/location.) where they would be placed for execution in a very specific temple dedicated to said action. Other actions to follow, in accordance with the ancient Memento Mori ceremony part 1a and b, part two Shakespeare wrote about in his play Hamlet the talking to the skull is the part 2. Done by a Jewish slave riding on the chariot of the commander/general doing that thing. Which is all about the function and structure of the remembrance and fear over the events of Egypt the Giza Plateau specifically the Khufu Pyramid. Its internal architecture is that of the Hebrew character of Shin which is the main character of the Mezuzah. The Pyramids are the double spine of Janus, which is the reason the emphasis is on the skulls. Part of the Memento Mori Ceremony 2 is between the 1a part and the 2 purification would take place, and the skull would be decorated with the battle victories and battle glory of the commander. Almost all of those skulls were destroyed in the insane fear over the events which followed the Crucifixion. To hide the evidence, and to appease those murdered, but that is an even longer and more complex story. But that is also the story and the point to the West Wall of the Sistine Chapel Painting, to show those souls in the afterlife having themselves restored to whole.

In the above think of each major story a neural pathway.

Each neuropathway has all kinds of working parts and people. Specific buildings, specific people performing different actions. Those people and buildings being used for greater and more intense purposes. The story of the Pyramids coming into being, construction, and invasion from the Hyksos from Mecca; is the center point of the story of Hamlet.

Which is the entire point to the following. History and its interconnectedness. Its interconnectedness being a physical map which resembles the interconnectedness of a neuronetwork. Several pathways all connected and working together. Each major event making a larger and more intense connection and higher consciousness awareness factor. In the field of psychology that is called cognition, having a larger and larger ability to understand the relevance behind larger and larger concepts.

Jacob “Holder of the Foot”, although that is not all that correct, it is more appendage/extension/part of something.

That definition feeds into the field of Psychology by way of the concept of first the quantum field (which many in several fields are starting to theorize could be what allows cognition to occur, when the brain connects with the quantum field. The difference between being able to process information on an animal instinct format, and or realizing that thing is not an enemy who is mimicking your movements exactly, but that thing is your reflection in a mirror) and second by way of the semi new concept of Quantum thinking.

Interesting enough those subjects are actually connected. The connection between Hebrew, Jacob, Quantum Field, Cognition, Quantum thinking, and the Sistine Chapel is an odd one. But the connection when the evidence is reviewed is not only strong but also intensely interesting.

To prove a Quantum Thinking concept. I am using the applications and structures of history.

Specific to the study of psychology Historiography, which is to study the behavior patterns of humans over the species to determine repeat patterns. Which is more than easy to do. The problem becomes the Dorian Grey issue. Most people want to believe they are good, and they only occasionally do negative things, but they are good people with a little bit of dark color here and there. But in reality, some of the worst individuals believe themselves to be really good people. The good they do to themselves is Mount Everest and the occasional not so good thing they do are just little bits of sand. However, the truth is often the opposite, the good they do is not that much or that good and the bad they do is an entire mountain range of negative stuff. Not being specific about any one person or one culture. A general historiography observation of studies. A comment from the TV show “Burn Notice” where the main character of Michael was taking down his x number tyrannical petit dictator, who had a self-esteem issue. That person was a good person and bragged about how great he was to anyone he could say it to, the bad things he did were not his fault. The bad things were a result of people treating him badly. They do bad things, forcing him to hurt them in return. If they would just not do those things, he would not have to respond.

This is a dependable behavior pattern. Abusors almost always accuse the person attacking them of hurting them first.

Take each major historical event and draw connections to where that thing came from.

Parts of the Sistine Chapel came from the Coliseum, which itself came from the Zerubbabel temple, which was a remodel of the destroyed King Solomon Temple, which itself some pieces were collected from the temple of Ptah Memphis which used to sit in the middle of the Nile River. It was a fortress built like a huge ship. Every time the city needed to expand it simply built more ships and connected them to the center craft. All in all, extremely complex, but also a neuropathway.

That is how cities are put together as well. Each neighborhood can be defined as a neuropathway, in a large collection of neuropathways which create a neural network.

Vatican Sistine Chapel West Wall, the Hebrew language. Identified by a 3-year old’s game of connect the dots.

Connect the dots from a given skull to the next given skull following the sounds of the Hebrew letters. ALEF for example

It is also remarkably close to the appearance of a neuropathway and a neuronetwork.

I built a graphic which in extreme preliminary shows in the groupings of the skulls (synapses/small neuron pathways) painted on the wall the map of the brain. 4 Groupings of skulls.

Now what would be entirely fascinating is if something the shapes of Hebrew letters/characters match in any way the shapes created by repeat pattern neuropathways. A given thought having the same of say alef, or bet, etc.


Next issue on the list.

Since it is impossible to prove Janus is not a direct copy over from the Pyramids. That means that the major body parts are controlled by x nerve. x, y, z nerves control different body parts.

Those different body parts are controlled by specific major nerves.

Those major nerves have direct stem points from the spine. Those specific stem points from the spine have a direct corresponding pyramid structure.

All the associated aspects of that Pyramid became the story of the body part in question on the West Wall of the Sistine Chapel.

There are three major nerves which branch off the spinal cord at the base of the neck upper back. Those three one of which controls the arm.

The Arm.

The Arm of the Deity of Janus.

The Arm of God

The Arm of God which literally touches Adam. This is also the name of Jacob, “holder of the appendage”.





Be interesting if a “Dark Age” is a historiography way a cognitive quantum thinking way of creating a human species wide Alzheimer’s disease. Removing most traces of past events for humanity to start anew/fresh. New thinking, new power dynamics, new languages, new close to everything.

Of the 4 major Dark Ages we have direct evidence for, the power cultures, languages, strong cultures going into the dark ages (the ones who usually start the dark age) are never in charge or powerful after they are done. Be a fascinating thing to study. Since the western world is on the verge of creating a 5th 1000 year long dark age. This time created by hardline Muslims and hard line protestants who have issues with information they do not like. Their wish is to remove information they do not like e.g. a dark age.

That is what I want to study, that is what I want to research in a campus. But few if any departments would allow for said type of study infrastructure.






TR Welling