History of the Third Reich

the Third Reich formed out of the FreiKorp, the FreiKorp is a spy organization from the Prussian Government, the Prussian empire formed as an offshoot of the Mongol horde who owned Russia for a while in the 1300s and fought in the crusades on the other side.

The history of the Third Reich is a long, detailed, and complex history.

It spans millennia, with numerous name changes, and of course clandestine operations to hide their true purpose. Although consistent themes ar easy to find.

Killing Jews,

Slave labor

Cognitive dissonance, sure that their x actions are not actually x actions but are y actions.


The NAZI party began as a result of the Crusader Army invading Turkey. A group of Islamic but western appearing groups evacuated out fo Levant lands and made a new home in the southern Slovakia area. Their capital was Kornegburg.

But they were not called NAZIís yet they were called FreiKorp from 1754 to present.

Previous they were called Prussians. Previous they had little if any name.

Previous they were most closely associate with the English Pictish Culture.

They are a descendant culture from Esau.

All in all very bad people.





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