Iliad Odyssey


Odysseus was a very interesting man. He was placed in charge of being a go between the Jewish slaves armies (one of which was Achilles [buried in the symbology of Achilles is the Ankh, he was dipped into the River Nile by his mother by his Ankh. He was a Jew, who oversaw a Jewish Army, in service to Agamemnon.]), in service to the Hyksos. Agamemnon was a Hyksos who had name changed to Dorian.

Odysseus was rich but he was also not high enough class to be one of the major commanders on the field. He was in effect either a Lieutenant or a Major in charge of ordering the Jew armies to take the brunt of the battle loads.

The Hyksos hated putting their own troops into battle, so they used Jewish Troops who had been indentured servants to them for generations to do their fighting for them.

Traveling to Troy, Agamemnon picked up as many Jewish armies as he could. Jews killing Jews for Hyksos fun and profit is a great day for that evil culture.

The Iliad was a continuation of two Wars.

The first being seizing control over the Tabernacle System of Adam located at Knossos, aka the Minotaur.

Second when Theseus managed to achieve his goals and free the Jewish slaves forced by King Minos to work to make this Tabernacle System work as a WMD (that WMD is why the cites within the range of that weapon were forced to pay tribute to Minos). The tributes were almost exclusively Jews. But that portion of the mythology has been edited out.

Agamemnon and his army were present and ready to conquer the city and seize the System, but Theseus defeated the Labyrinth and destroyed it before Agamemnon’s plan could work.

Theseus traveled with his Jewish army and the portable portions of the System back to Athens. Athens itself is a fascinating city and name all by itself.

A T H E N S; now take off the H and ‘S. A T E N; the Aten of the 18th Egyptian Dynasty which at the same time as the Trojan War the Exodus was happening.

Moses was a very bad man, he was a Hyksos who later rewrite the entire bible to suit his Esau philosophy.




Iliad; the Trojan War. Agamemnon was enraged at the humiliation and degrading behavior the Trojans and Athenians showed him while he was trying to genocide the entire culture. He arrived at the newly renamed city of Athens (several centuries back it was called Poseidon; the whole Medusa story comes from that battle when the Hyksos conquered Poseidon and renamed it x name, Theseus renamed it the female version of their god ATEN.), but the defenses were so strong that Agamemnon’s army was defeated in very short order. The defeat was so intense that Theseus’s Daughter Helen was married to Paris the second son of the King of Troy and Hecuba. That marriage was a step too far. Not only were the Trojans and Athenians not afraid of the Aegemon army, but while Agamemnon’s army were outside the walls being killed as they broke themselves on the Athenian and Trojan Army’s, the State was conducting a full elaborate Pomp and Circumstance Wedding for Helen and Paris.

The humiliation for Agamemnon was more than he could tolerate. His men lay dead, his army shattered, but the enemy (the Jews) were so unconcerned they were having parties and celebrating the happy wedding.


As the wedding concluded, obviously, Helen became Pregnant. Paris continued his duties as head of the library, while his brother continued to be head of the army. Helen and Paris would soon depart for troy where they would live at least for a while.


Agamemnon followed the happily married couple from Athens to Troy. But he had to stop and collect another army. This army would rival even the largest of the Hyksos armies of the past.

He wanted a force to large that no matter how large the Trojan Army was or how solid the defenses, his army would crush the Trojans. He had to enlist the help of his brother Menelaus, but betrothing Helen to him. She would be spared in the War and he would take her as his bride.

The marriage would allow Menelaus to challenge for the throne of Egypt and become the next Pharaoh.

By passing the less equipped 19th dynasty army. Menelaus would become the head of the 20th Dynasty and rule Egypt as the most powerful pharaoh of them all.

Helen was the great granddaughter of Amenhotep iv aka Akhenaten(ATEN) and Nefertiti.

Her son would be the next rightful heir to the throne of Egypt.

Soon after it became clear that the Hyksos/Dorian/Avaris armies were going to win into the battles Priam ordered that Paris and Helen with a huge escort to evacuate Troy and travel to the city of Samhain.

Then possibly to the city of Paris. Creating a System on an island in the middle of the Sein River. That system is/was housed in a Building (rebuilding a dozen times) now called Notre Dame Cathedral. Which the Romans 1000 years later invaded and destroyed one of the previous buildings. IT was rebuilt several times over the course of the next 1000 years till it was rebuilt at the current cathedral.

Agamemnon would not stop till he possessed the same WMD power as King Minos had at Knossos. Since the System was taken out of Knossos, he had no choice but to find a different system to seize.

The Temple of Apollo at Troy was a Tabernacle of Adam System.

Complete with the prerequisite temple attendance.

The character of Briseis aka Hippodameia was captured by the army of Achilles. Most of her male relatives were killed in combat or executed after. By order of Agamemnon.

But Briseis was both a queen and a fully trained Priestess of the temple of Apollo. Translated from whatever language the Dorians used and the Trojans used into English Apollo is just a different name for the same Jewish deity ATEN.

Agamemnon wanted Briseis and Achilles to work together to make the Lyrnessus System work. The city of Lyrnessus possessed a working System; which Briseis knew how to operate.

Being forced to perform said tasks or face very nasty punishments. Achilles and Briseis complied to as limited a degree as possible. Ancient Israelite and obviously, Pre-Exodus Jewish Ceremonies were at the center of how to make the System work. Like what Alan Turing discovered and was at the heart of making his Christopher work. He needed a female he could be intimate with, to make a portion of the system work. A portion of the system which was later separated out from the rest of the machine. The two did not have to work together. They could be separated and still work. The Mathematics of vibrations, frequencies, and of course electro-magnetic signatures was an early key to understanding how to decipher the enigma machine code.


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The ceremonies Achilles and Briseis performed did produce various results which the Dorians and Avaris did learn great amounts from. But they also learned that as a matter of the hardest fact, no matter how hard or strong they wanted to participate. No matter how many times agemmon went into the system with a female, it never worked. He had no idea what love was, nor how to have a woman truly love him. The system will not work period unless the couple have deep feelings for each other.

Hence the Arabic Harem; to surround the sultan with women to find at least a few who might like him enough to make the system work. They always miss the key ingredient, soul level connection.

The 1001 Arabian Nights is about this very subject. The sultan would make a new bride every night so the system would work, but soon after the encounter she would be upset or hurt. He would then instead of helping her to heal, to repeat. He would simply kill her and obtain another bride. Till of course Scheherazade was not only trained in the working of the system, she did not require the healing of an innocent uneducated virgin. She was a virgin but she was educated in the ways of Alma.

Briseis was not the only royal female trained in as an alma. Helen and of course Cassandra were as well.


Since Briseis per the story of the Iliad her husband was dead. She was a widow. So, it is possible that before the Trojan War started that King Priam had arranged for his cousin Briseis to marry the single Achilles. Which would also explain why the systems worked despite the battle damage to her family. Although there is no reason to assume that the forces of Achilles told Odysseus the truth regarding her bothers, uncles, and other relatives. They could have been just as easily secretly escorted to the gates of troy and allowed in. While Briseis stayed with Achilles.

This story is very like that of the Tower of Babel ideas. Where the main purpose is to capture and use against the will of god the Tabernacle of Adam System. The consequences for turning gods tool against him is “Befuddlement”. Or in electro-magnetic turns “Electro Shock Therapy”


The Trojan war was about using the captured Trojan Systems against the Systems in the capital. Slowly over time, the systems around the capital (Jerusalem) were captured and turned against the Capitals systems.

Helen and Paris worked to maintain a balance. But eventually it became clear that the War was lost and the evacuation of the city of troy and its inhabitance would be a requirement.

The population make its way to the cities of Alba Longa and Samhain.

As the population of Troy migrated secretly from X (troy) to Y (Samhain); portions of Agamemnon’s army followed. The younger commanders, and those not permitted to join the main Agamemnon army moved over the obtain their own battle glory in Italy.

Including Moses and his Jewish army.

Those battles were part of the 40 years wondering the desert before returning to Levant lands to rename them Israel.



The Odyssey; the Samhain War.


The city of Troy fell, and the associated armies were done with their job. Agamemnon stayed and appointed himself a Pharaoh. Changing his name accordingly.

His brother seized a slave girl and renamed her Helen. He then traveled all around to announce he had captured Helen and made her his wife. The real Helen was living safety first in Alba Longa and then in Samhain. Then left to live with her husband and hidden in their own kingdom of Paris.

Odysseus was ordered to take his Jewish armies to Alma Longa and destroy the Trojans and all whom helped. Where he was met with a very strong army from the south Carthage. Who he had to battle against in addition to the Trojans, Samhain, Alba Longa, and other armies of the Western Mediterranean.

He did not win, he left to let others take over the War after 10 years.

The older commanders left Samhain and returned home, being replaced by younger commanders and armies. The next 500 years the same pattern emerged. New armies came, were defeated, and left. But the forces were so strong and large that the core 40 cultures 10 armies leave, 10 new armies arrive. The Hyksos kept sending new armies ever few years, as the old ones were either decimated, and or grew too tired to continue to fight.

Then a new commander, Romulus emerged. He changed everything.








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