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Is the Country God Selected for the “Children of Israel” to live in; which has been called Egypt since circa 4000 bce.

The largest problem is, the affects of politics, raging arrogance, megalomania, Schizophrenic egotism, etc. have caused the facts of what the Country of Israel and its capital City of Jerusalem to be all but entirely lost to the ravages of history. Not to mention the facts that Jerusalem has been in at least 3 language defined areas; Levant Lands from 1200 bce to present, Egypt from 4000 bce to 25 ce, and Rome/Samhain from 30 ce to present. IWNW/Heliopolis/Jerusalem was moved from Egypt where Adam and Gilgamesh/Noah Docked the fleet after there respective journeys. Adam built his Tabernacle Gilgamesh docked his flagship directly next to what remained of Adam’s Temple IWNW. Emperor Caligula moved both to Rome months before the Crucifixion. Parking the huge ship in a custom built dry dock, in a former swamp directly to the west of the Vatican Valley, which was directly west of the Vatican Hill. The Vatican Hill is just one name for the location. Three major cultures called the same location something slightly differnet.

The Arabs called it Mount Zion

The Romans called it The Rock of Mars

The Jews called it Vatican.

The ship was docked in the built dry dock in the former swamp, for decades till it was moved a few 100 feet to the east and the roof was remodeled into a Circus Maximus, a Horse Racing Track. Inside was for the Julii specifically and only. A huge ship, but only the roof was accessible for the public. Almost immediately after the Crucifixion the Senate lost its collective minds, and ordered the primary location to execute Jews for the previous 790 years destroyed. The Hill was ordered quarried and the parts were fashioned into a Wall built around where the Vatican Hill used to be. During the Crucifixion the site instead of being the definition of “stay away” as the Philistines had wanted for the Jews and all others to respond. The site became a pilgrimage site for the Martyred Jesus. People flocked to the location of the Crucifixion, despite the fact that the thieves executed with him were in the stages of dying or dead and the place was the definition of an abomination. After he rose from the dead, in the catacombs below. The site took on an entire Roman Empire presence. In the days, weeks, months after the Crucifixion (and resurrection) the Rock of Marks aka Mount Zion became the first “church” location of the followers of Jesus. Which the senate responded by having the Hill Quarried into blocks, and those blocks were made into a wall to surround where the place of Executions used to be held. Also known as the Rock of Mars location was then erased from all Roman literature. Books were rewritten, destroyed, or the location of the Rock of Mars was simply removed from all records. Everyone in Rome knew the exact location of the Rock of Mars, till a few days after the Crucifixion then it was systematically erased from the collective knowledge. It took two centuries and more than a million executions, but the culture of Rome slowly forgot where the location of the Rock of Mars aka Mount Zion was. It helped that the Roman Senate set to purge its citizens of any and all who questioned its authority. A city of more than a million strong, within a century had been reduced by 100,000s of people. Many of the richest left Rome proper and traveled to create a new life in Pompeii, some traveled north to Florence and the bay to the north east of Italy. Where they built Venice, as a copy of Noah’s Fleet.

Venice was originally built as a Electro-Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope, but it has not been used for that purpose for centuries if not more than a full millennia.

Emperor Vespasian was in Pompeii when Vesuvius erupted, he was killed in the blast. There is a very good chance that the evil Priest Paul was fighting along side Vespasian in Pompeii as well. They were bound and determined to kill every last follower of Jesus. They were going to follow the dictates of the Senate or they were going to follow the religion of Paul; those were the only choices. A sizable chunk of the Roman Army was in Pompeii when the eruption occurred and were killed in the blast. Leaving the bulk of the army up at what would be called Hadrian’s Wall in about 50 years. The writing was on the wall for the Empire, but it took another two full centuries for the empire to collapse. The whole way the Senate and the super rich in Rome grew angrier and angrier that they were losing more and more control over the city every day. It is almost like the mass executions for the citizens of Rome had a negative affect on the citizens opinion of the Senate. It was almost like, the more citizens of Rome were executed for questioning the authority of the Senate and the Emperor the more the citizens rebelled. Funny how that happens. The harder the harsher the rules on the citizens, the more the citizens did not like it and rebelled. Pushing the Senate out of power and into the embrace of the bran new Evil Priest Paul’s philosophy in his Church the Vatican.

Previous to 753 bce, Rome was called the city of Samhain. This name is key to about a dozen separate situations which have occurred throughout the history of western culture. Samhain is the Gaelic name for one of the fixed points in the Earths orbit around the sun. In Manx Gaelic Samhain is pronounced the Arabic letter 7. The City of 7 Hills previous to 700 bce had a different spelling, the City of Samhain. The City of Samhain is absolutely critical to the function and structure of Israel, since it was Italy and that central area of Italy which acted as a evacuation zone for the Pharaoh’s of Egypt when the invaders from Mecca did their genocidal thing. That invasion genocide thing occurred about a dozen times from 3800 bce to 630 ce(on another page, create a list of the invasions, and where the evacuees went to, including the Trojan Situation). The invaders keep invading, killing, destroying, creating Dark Ages (to hide the facts and evidence of what they do not like, namely what the Pryamids are actually for), genociding any and all Jews that cross their path, etc. Generally all the evil actions in the world, the invaders from Mecca keep doing and wonder why all the Holy Sites they “capture” after killing huge amounts of people either do not work or stop working shortly after they arrive. They get upset with the Holy Site and destroy it, instead of looking within themselves for why the divine refuses to chat with them. In the legit holy books there is no Caviot after “Thall Shalt Not KILL”. But they keep killing and genociding and wondering why they cannot chat with the divine. They seem to be totally oblivious to why their actions lead to god ignoring them. Always going to with same assumption, “Ok, we have not killed enough, or we need to get specific with the people the lord wants us to kill”. Hence the Genocide. However in the process, they keep destroying civilization in a psychotic form of worshiping god. Which their own holy books tell them, “removing free will is what caused Satan to be thrown out of Heaven in the first place.”

Being thrown out of Heaven does not seem to make a dent in the philosophy of Mecca and that cultures understanding of life.

The times when the Mecca culture has invaded Egypt, the Egyptians (descendants of Gilgamesh/Noah) evacuate to among other places Italy, specifically the city of Samhain after the 753 conquest the city was renamed to honor the commanding General Romulus.

Thus Rome was “founded” after the conquest, and all records regarding its 1000s of year history were destroyed for the schizophrenic egotism of Romulus and of course his ancestors the Philistines. The Philistines is the ancient (Trojan War 1330 bce -150 ce) name for the culture which formed as a result of Agamemnon’s invasion of Troy. All in all a very long and complex story all on its own. Well actually there is about 1000 different very complex stories with the city of Troy and its citizens as a hub. Each one as complicated as the last; which will require its own separate Webpage and hub of information to explore even the major subjects. All in all it is like every single subject is a tooth on a gear, each gear is part of a clock, and the subject of Israel, Troy, Rome/Samhain, Athens, Paris, the Trojan War, etc. are separate clocks some with more complex gearing than others. But each one is a rather complex clock. Not unlike Ankeruhr  Vienna, Austria; just one of a few European clocks with vastly elaborate gearing which takes the basics of a CuCkoo clock far beyond just a little thing which pops out at set times. These specific subjects each one is a complex clock of details and interconnected topics. The Trojan Clock is a sufficient name for this complex set of information. 

Jerusalem the first two syllables Jeru translates as the 12th character in the Futhark Sequence, which is the same language/calendar used to create Hebrew. The Elder Futhark was used as a Scaffolding to create each Hebrew letter inside the circle.

The 12th character Jeru or Jera depending on spelling variations means the Rising Sun of the New Day. Vertical as the Sun comes up; or more appropriately the earth rotates to the East. The Rotation the Earth is also moving in a general Easterly direction in its Orbit Around the Sun. The Rotating around allows for the illusion on Earth that the Sun is Rising from the Horizon. However, said rising affects the Pyramids Thermal Dynamically. The side facing the Sun warms up and expands, said expansion causes the North and South sides to contract. The contraction of the North and South sides produces electricity. All that information is being absorbed by the Pyramids and their causeways, however the information is being processed at Heliopolis. These seemingly separate things, the Futhark, Hebrew, the Pyramids are part of the story of Noah, or as it was spelled in pre-Hebrew language Gilgamesh. The story of Gilgamesh (Noah) is that of he partnered with the Nephilum to transport their library from location X, through location Y (mount Ararat), to location Z which is Israel/Egypt.

His craft which civilization grew from would be called Heliopolis, or in Hebrew Jerusalem. The Ark is not just one ship but a fleet of ships. That Fleet of Ships had direct interaction between Gilgamesh (Noah), the Nephilum (Utnapishtìm, the name of a Nephilum), Adam, and the Garden of Eden. The compression of the Quartz which is a sizable if not most of the materials the Pyramids were built with cascade into generating huge amounts of electricity every single day. The maximum distance from the power station to the area of most effective use of said generated electricity is 300 miles. All of the Nile from the Pyramids North is within 300 miles of the Pyramids; from Alexandria to where Heliopolis used to be. All that electricity generated by the Pyramids and of course the Causeways had to go someplace, there is of course the Legend of the Alexandria Lighthouse and its WMD. Apparently the country of Israel had a built in Power Generating Plant and various tools/equipment to use said generated electricity. Which is actually discussed in several of the ancient tails regarding said histories. The problem is, no modern scholars are willing to accept pre-Greek cultures in Egypt possessed extremely advanced technology, forget Electro-Magnetic technology, and they simply cannot accept no matter how much evidence is presented that the Pyramids were both  Electro-Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope and a thinking synapse (brain). However the facts are the facts.

The Pyramids of Egypt engineering wise were capable of thinking. They were built as a direct reflection of a Synapse Bundle in the Brain.

Heliopolis is the equivalence of NORAD in Colorado Springs; the Radio Telescope used to be in what is now called Bancroft Park but it was moved to Pete Field. Pete field currently acts as a sort of Radio Telescope, sending information to NORAD/Heliopolis for collection and data analysis.

Jerusalem is the parent of the same structure of Pete Field (the Pyramids) and NORAD (Jerusalem/Heliopolis/IWNW).

The Sun God Ra, the Ra in Is Ra El. Isis Ra El, if you examine the basics of the function of what those 3 characters in Egyptian Mythology actually do, what their behavior patterns in story form did/do it would be rather obvious there is some type of a Radio Telescope built in the name IsrǼl itself.

The number of changes made to the religion/philosophy of Adam from 5000 bce to present have all but erased virtually every aspect/part of what the original was. However, The great part of the destruction of what the religion/philosophy of the Children of Israel was is that the enemy attacks the same way in each incarnation. They attack with the same strategy, attack the whole without mercy. Till the whole is destroyed, but the parts are intact. The Parts being in tact for the most part, the enemy is all but entirely ignorant of what the whole is. So when they in effect breach the city and set the place on fire, they think they have destroy the city. When in reality, they have only destroyed x percentage of the city, but not the whole city itself. Oftentimes large chunks of the city remain intact, only key buildings are destroyed. The enemy is to busy celebrating to notice the bulk of the cities buildings were not touched by fire and or other forms of destruction.

This is true minus a few exceptions. The Romans when they destroyed both Athens and Carthage, both cities were torn down, moved to Rome and reassembled. Athens was torn down minus the acropolis and a few dozen other buildings. But Carthage was all but entirely taken apart.

Memphis and Heliopolis were also moved to Rome. Memphis and Heliopolis (Jerusalem) were moved to Rome for a similar purpose to that of Carthage, to move the remaining pieces of the Tabernacle of Adam System from their respective locations of construction, to Rome (Samhain). The Julii family spent three centuries moving those pieces to Rome 300 bce to 30 ce. In a very real effect making Rome into as close to the original Tabernacle of Adam System as possible. The Tabernacle is what the center of the Garden of Eden was. The Four Kaaba holding and supporting the 4 trees of creation.


The Original of course is radically different than the current understanding.


A person comes up with some facts and evidence regarding the truth; not long after enemies of facts pour in and do everything in their power to destroy the original message. It happened with Jesus, when Paul arrived to destroy what Jesus had built. It happened to Joseph Smith when B Y came in to both destroy the previous and to seize control over the organization. In recent facts and evidence discovered, what was renamed “Old Colorado City” after 1858, previous it was called “Rocky Mountain”, previous to 1820 it had another name. And Salt Lake City were supposed to be laid out and built as replacement IsrǼl’s. The problem is, B.Y. hated the very concept that Mormonism was anything other than what he had envisioned when  he first joined the church. He demanded that the LDS reform as a slightly different form of Methodist. Methodism is just a slightly different updated version of Calvanism, which is in truth far more radical and genocidal than Puritisim. The Puritins of Massecheuts created the “Salem Witch Trials” to punish the cities of Salem for not obeying the leaders of the community the way the leaders were demanding. The Leaders wanted and needed to “purge” there community of any and all dark thoughts from the citizens. They wanted and needed to arrest and execute key citizens who were not obeying the erules correctly. Calvanism has been since the beginning based on being backed by the Prussian Empire and of course the FreiKorp, has been much more bloodthirsy than the Puritans and Pilgrims of Western Cutlure. The Puriticans/Pilgrams usually do not hunt for people to persecute and kill. John Calvin and Martin Luther believed that to truly have a solid human race, “unbelievers” need to be hunted down and punished for their thoughts. The Salem Witch Trials cascade effect directly into the Samhain War, which cascaded directly into the American Revolution. Which Judge Rutledge and John Adams spent years arguing over how exactly to have a set of laws in a country where the Witch trails can happen again at any time. The same exact fight from Gilgamesh/Noah to and through B.Y. have resulted in the same outcomes. The “Bad People” cannot rest till they have in all hard reality “Human Sacrificed” enough fellow humans to appease the will of god. Which if you pay attention to the rules is actually Human Sacrificing to worship Satan. But they will never admit their violence and executions are to worship satan. B.Y. backed up his demands with an army who were ordered to be as violent as needed to keep the message of LDS to what he wanted and away from what Smith had created. What does this have even less than zero to do with Israel and Jerusalem; the evidence of Salt Lake City (was supposed to be a recreation of the Pyramids of Egypt, to be a Jacobs Ladder to and from Heaven). Tempe Square was supposed to be a 300 square mile recreation of Israel; but either Smith did not inform B.Y. of those details, or Young was so angry and hatefilled that he purposedly did not rebuilt the Lords Radio Telescope in his founded city. Odds are that even if Young did know about the Radio Telescope, he would have refused to build it. Because hteir was a chance that the Divine Radio Signals would have told Young “DO NOT DO THAT”. Young was too desperate to do what he wanted, not even god could have convinced him not to perform the evil he did.

Which brings the conversation to the from 1480-1910 working Electro-Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope in Old Colorado City, which Leonardo Da Vinci designed and built as a copy back up of his Versailles 12 miles west of Paris. It is possible Smith was already relaying messeges from that Radio Telescope to Young, and Young would stop at less than absolutely nothing to ignore and destroy the device telling him “Young, this is god. STOP doing what you are doing. This is not what I want.” But again Young did not care who he killed to obtain power, up to and including Smith himself. Old Colorado City  was also supposed to be a recreation of Ladder for Angels; as a Ladder for Angels to Ascend and Descend from Heaven. Which there is less than zero physical evidence to say it was not a working Electro-Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope; Which is an extremely elaborate way of saying the Pyramids of Egypt are an Electro-Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope. Hard Physical evidence of this “Radio Telescope” can be found in Space Command which was renamed from the Palace in Old Colorado City was the School in Bancroft Park was destroyed in around 1910. The infrastructure of the Palace was moved from Bancroft Park to Pete Field and of course NORAD in the decades from 1860-1910. Decades later the technology would be incorporated into other military operations and bases. But at the start the technology was part of Joseph Smith’s plan for “Rocky Mountain”. Smith’s original plan he had converted more than a few Jews to his philosophy. However, from 1830-1844; Young and his Methodist supporters were as anti-sematic as Adolf Hitler would be in 70 years (1840-1918). For Americans killing Jews in from 1770-1970 was not exactly illegal. Smith created a special secret Jewish settlement in the Original Capital of Texas for his Jews to travel to and live.


The Old Kingdom of Egypt aka the Ogle family,

gave Joseph Smith assess to their library (which B.Y. stole and founded BYU from part of the stolen library from the Ogles/Old Kingdom same Kingdom who built the Pyramids).

Smith proceeded to work with the Radio Telescope in what would be called Old Colorado City in 1858. The Radio Telescope was already built and maintained from 1470-1890. From 1890-1920 the radio telescope equipment was moved from Versailles One copy in Colorado to first Pete Field and then a copy of Heliopolis was built as NORAD.

Colorado Springs General William Jackson Palmer

Salt Lake City Utah

Kaskaskia Illinois

Whatcom County WA State

Vancouver WA State

St Augustine Florida



Boston MA

Dublin Ireland

New Castle (Jerusalem) Northumberland



Rome Proper





Sistine Chapel God and Adam thinking and the Pyramids



The Armies of the world descended and laid siege, geocoding as many of them as possible. Of course there are two huge problems with this situations. The first is the Palace in what would be called Bancroft Park post 1890, that was a copy of Versailles built by Leonardo Da Vinci in 1470. That story is extremely long, detailed, complex, layered, and requires a lot of “tossing out of accepted fictions” about the man to see the evidence for what it is. Whatever Old Colorado City was called previous to 1820; it was a refuges area for the British and French Royal families in exile. The British established the area with cooperation from the natives, and they lived happily for centuries. The Royal French were evicted from France by the Libertine; they had to travel to the Arkansas River, up to its headwaters which is the area of Colorado Springs or at least would be called that from the original city circa 1875. Courtesy of General William Jackson Palmer and his Methodist Great Awakening Friends some of which were Quakers, but Quakers who had less than zero problem killing natives, Jews, blacks, slaves, etc.  After the creation of Mormonism, Quakers found a brand-new group of people they could kill and not feel bad about it.

For a bit more evidence of said Old Colorado City in what is now called Bancroft Park the School which its foundation is still present. The Spanish in about 1510 began to hear rumors about 7 cities built with gold. The Spanish having a huge issue with gold began to create expeditions to go to said mythical location and exploit the gold. The first documented legends came from a couple survivors from an ill faited Narváez expedition circa 1528; where the survivors talked about 7 cities made entirely from gold. Coronado set out close to immediately to find and secure the location for the glory of Spain and his own fortune.

Image result for coronado expedition

What is not well known is that Taos New Mexico is one of the best “passes” to cross between New Mexico and what is now Colorado. At Taos, Coronado and a few dozen of his closest friends and advisors ordered that most of his troops and people stay for a while. He and his small group were going to head out and do some exploring on their own.

They were done for a bit under a month, which is more than enough time to walk the bit over 100 miles from Taos to Manitou Springs Colorado to interact with both the Natives and the British present.

Upon his return to his men, he abruptly changed course and headed all but due east. Wondering around North Texas, Oklahoma, and up to the middle of Kansas before turning back. After his little clandestine operation in Taos, his attitude changed radically. Instead of being entirely convinced that he was going to be richer than rich the next day, he changed and was only interested in the expedition, mapping the undiscovered area, etc. for the glory of Spain. When he returned to Mexico City, he was a radically changed man. He was hounded by his creditors for the rest of his life, but he did not seem to care at all he owned vast sums to the people who actually paid for his expedition. He refused to discuss what happened in the almost month he and his small band were gone when they headed north into Colorado. He refused all aspects of it.

Obviously Coronado unofficially traveled to what is now Colorado Springs, interacted with the natives, found all that Red (Sandstone) Rock and 10,000s of natives and British who were so well fortified against the genocidal Aztecs that he could not attack the areas and win. He could not bring his troops in from any angle and have any hope of winning.

If his goal was to capture tons and tons of gold, there was no refined gold to be found. Although their was millions and millions of tons of gold in the ground which would not be found and recognized as a “Gold Strike” till after 1840. However he did find Versailles Phase One Copy and its associated secrets. Secrets which were based on the reality of the situation was the real goal of the expeditions. They wanted the gold, but what was more important was capturing the copy of Versailles and its related technology.

To give the Spanish Government the most powerful Weapon of Mass Destruction, since the Alexandria Lighthouse. Of course there is also the issue regarding the Muslims has ruled Spain for the previous 800 plus years. So the culture was a mixture of what remained of the Romans, the native Iberian peoples, Jews from Carthage, Muslims, etc. Each had their own mythologies regarding the Garden of Eden and the Tabernacle of Adam System located at the very center of the Garden.

The nasty/bad cultures wanted to find copies of said and turn “gods” tool into weapons to rule the world with.



Millions if not billions of people of the course from 6000 bce to present have been killed “given up their lives” in order to seize control over Israel and of course Jerusalem.

The problem is, Israel is not in or has ever been in Levant Lands. That is a pure Evil Fiction which no one for the last 3000 years has bothered to question.

The Jews were told by an evil man (Moses) x was true, and they have no questioned it for 3000 years. They did not question him, they did not question his destroying their Holy Books, rewriting their Holy Books under a brand new language (Hebrew), rewriting all of the stories to make himself the center of most of the “Old Testament”. As opposed to the New Testament. The book of Mormon is a separate subject entirely; although the  Book of Mormon is the basis of where the Field of Psychology came from. The Book of Mormon came in part from The Ogle Family; the library cache was placed their by the Ogle family. Cassandra and Noahs Fleet

They did not seem to question his authority in any way regarding his demanding to recreated all of Judaism from the philosophy of Esau. From Moses 1330 bce through King David 1100 bce, to his grandson King Solomon 1000 bce to the reconstruction of King Solomons Temple (within 300 miles of the Pyramids of Egypt, the Bent Pyramid its Causeway bisects of the Cave under the Temple Mound), for the next 500 years while the forces of war battled it out in the Middle East, finally ending with the Jews being captured and taken to Babylon where the final aspects of the language of Hebrew were finalized 800 years after invention and the rest of the Torah was written.

Those facts have little if anything to do with Israel; other than the fact that the Pyramids are in Egypt. The Pyramids are Israel.

Israel (3)

The most difficult aspect of any and all things associated with ancient pre-exodus monotheism are the facts that there was/is a war between the descendants of Esau and Jacob. Esau’s line could never get over the fact they were not chosen to be Pharaoh “Head of the Long Tall, House, of the Lord”.

Esau was so angry with this being denied the title that he in effect sold his soul to the devil in order to send a fallen to go kill his brother. The Fallen went to Jacob on his way back to Israel/Egypt and they proceeded to fight. During said fight, Jacob won. Jacob was given the title of Israel as reward.

Israel Code 2015 3 1 1245 (2)

The next difficultly in trying to define/describe Israel; of course, there is the built in code; North Umber Land.

however, there is an infrastructure behind which is equally difficult to function through.



From the ATENaten 4

above the arm/limb/foot (Jacob; holder of the Foot) where it touches the land belowaten with foot.

 Where the Limb of the ATEN Touches is Sacred Land.

israel upper egypt 2014 3 31 2326 (2)

Written in 20-foot-high letters. Is Ra El.


But because of the vast anti-Semitic attitudes of Islam and academics; this has not been accepted as saying Israel. Because the radicals if accepted would immediately destroy it Image result for destroying archaeology Image result for destroying archaeology, because if paper, tin, rock, etc. says something they do not like. NO matter how true, they destroy it Image result for destroying archaeology. Like a pet will hide their head behind something to avoid the punishment for something they know they did wrong.

If I just erase the evidence than the thing I do not like no longer exists.

As it happens no matter how much of the evidence for Israel being in Egypt is destroyed Image result for destroying archaeology, the largest portion of evidence is impossible to destroy.


The Pyramids are the first still in existence copy of Genesis. Each specific story in Genesis is told using the language of Architecture.

Before the Dorians Dark Age (1300-800 b.c.e), all western culture languages characters were both letters and numbers depending on use.

Image result for destroyed pyramid Abu Rawash The Remains of Abu Rawash the farthest North Pyramid and the closest to civilization.

Many of the superstructures from the Pyramids were dismantled. The cover stones for the Giza Pyramids were removed after the Islamic army invaded circa 630 c.e. There is a large amount of detail which surrounds that invasion and where Mohammed traveled to to climb his way to Heaven on a Ladder.

However almost all of this is pure fiction. Invented by Abu Bakr to lie about the fact that Mohammed was in Egypt not Levant Lands. His body was not recovered since his body was taken by his daughter Fatimah to Rome to be resurrected. One of her philosophy descendants St Augustus of Hippa wrote about it a few centuries later. Her task was to either resurrect her father or implant his spirit into the souls of his followers. Which in a millennium became the basis for the Protestant ideal of “Being Born Again” by inviting the “Teacher” “Imam” “Jesus” into your soul. In Rome Fatimah ran across the Cumaean Sybills and became part of their organization. Instead of their previous Holy path, as an organization they have been fighting on the side of Islam/Esau and Evil ever since.

The Cumaean Sybil temple a few hundred feet west of the Vatican Hill was in the valley of Gethsemane. There is less than zero doubt the Romans had been at war with the Jews from the first day Romulus entered the gates to the day the Vatican seized power and became the Papal State. The Vatican itself hated the Jews and performed equal crimes against humanity against the Jews for the next 1400 years. If the official government hates something or a group, the evidence in both archaeology and documentation form regarding that group and individuals in that group by default cannot be trusted. Especially since by 300 c.e the Vatican was no longer being controlled by the teachings of Simon Peter the first Pope but rather the teachings of the Evil Priest Paul who was a dyed in the wool Esau line descendant. Some evidence suggests that Paul was the King of Cilicia or Edessa. If the Evil Priest Paul was a King before he took on the idea to take on the role of Jesus and conquer his church in Rome, then we have a good idea of what his actual name was. The documents regarding the origin of Saul are merged and edited into being the origins of Paul. Paul was of Tarsus and he had not a single thing to do with the events till 5 entire years after the Crucifixion. The first church he founded is an early version of what would later become known as Islam. The Eastern Orthodox Church is almost entirely based on the teachings of Paul, with little hint of the teachings of Jesus or Simon Peter.  Paul had less than zero to do with direct contact or interaction with Jesus or any of his direct followers. Paul arrived after the Church was established and the Senate had declared specific war against Simon Peter. But Simon Peter was untouchable since his relatives were the Emperor’s, Caligula to Nero. However, Vespasian was a Senate choice, and he went about destroying all things Jew and Christian. Up to and including destroying levant lands, dismantling Zerubbabel’s temple. That Temple was transported to Rome and used to create the Coliseum Related imageRelated image Image result for the coliseum. Use their own grand temple to human sacrifice them to the Glory of the Roman Empire, close to the center of their Capital building of Samhain. They get to be sacrificed on the grounds of their own capital building of Samhain. The only way to add insult to injury which was also done was to have gladiator and executions occur directly inside the Senate Chamber itself. Which occurred sometimes at the same time and other times separate from the intimates the Senators and some select Jews were forced to perform. The senators chose to do it, the Jews were not willing participants. Although after some time, select members of Pauls’ followers did take on the role of the Queen of Sheba, and willingly performed said with senators and other high officials. In the Roman Empire, heterosexual and homosexual intimacies were not looked upon differently. Just no chance of pregnancy with female on female or male on male. intimacies both in the chamber and in the chamber floors. The second and third chambers were used for intimacies on a semi-regular basis. Senators using Jewish slave but trained rabbi’s of the pre-exodus theology were often used to curry favor and political gain in and above the chamber. These ceremonies did have some measure of success so the senators thought “why not use death/execution to perform the same rites and see how much success we have”. Apparently the Roman Empire was convinced that various combinations of both worked to further the power of the Empire.


Consequently, reliable documentation is impossible; so, working from the standpoint of what happened based on the opposite of what the enemy would want which is what the documentation reflects is a great place to start. Paul’s descendants demanded that all documentation reflect the crucifixion took place in Levant Lands, so if said is true. Than the Crucifixion took place in Rome. What evidence, that is simple. When the Hyksos invaded Egypt, those of means could evacuate. They evacuated to Italy since it would be entirely outside the reach of the Hyksos armies for the next several millennia.

When the Jews are conquered out of area x they travel to area y and z to rebuild Israel and their capital city of Jerusalem.


Then the Thera Volcano erupted. That eruption destroyed the heart and bulk of the Hyksos culture. Whom were in the Aegean to destroy the Egyptians who had evacuated to Greece and not Italy.

The 17th dynasty was replaced by the 18th.

The 18th dynasty were Jews.

The 19th were Hyksos from Avaris.

The changeover from the 18th to the 19th is called The Exodus.

Seti and Ramses were about as anti-Semitic as Adolf and Eikeman.

Although over the course of a century the 19th killed far more Jews than the third Reich even thought about.

For a short time under the 17th dynasty Heliopolis was the Capital of Egypt. Aka Jerusalem in Hieroglyphic.

Caligula ordered that city to be moved from Egypt to Rome. Those stones make up the core of the stones remodeled not the Vatican, twice.

Julius Caesar ordered that the city of Memphis be moved to Rome as well.

Memphis was Abraham’s Capital city in the middle of the Nile.

With both Jerusalem’s of Egypt moved to Rome. When Jesus entered Jerusalem; exactly where did Jesus enter. Did he enter Levant lands, or as described “was the journey” out of levant and to Rome?

Did Jesus enter his family’s lands in Rome, aka Jerusalem?


The entire area of the Vatican had been owned by the Julii family since before Romulus was born. I am very curious as to what 30 pieces of silver the Sybil was offered in exchange for her and her entire organizations soul.

The evidence for said is a more then 15-year fight between myself and the group centered in Colorado Springs.

Although how the Colorado Springs Sybil organization itself formed has itself also been hidden and destroyed. The Sybil arrived with the attackers who sought to destroy the French and British Royal families in Manitou Texas. Those battles to erase the Court of Louis XVI and the last remaining British Royal family is when the Colorado Springs Sybil set up shop and have been present ever since.

Violently militant regarding any questioning of their authority.

 The British Royal family adopted the name British to honor the Son of Prince of Troy Aeneas Brutu whom had to evacuate out of Troy and then Alba Longa when the armies of Agamemnon followed. Descendants of said army have been following to destroy ever since. To the last stand of the British in Whatcom County WA state. Part of those wars have been documented as the adventures of Huck Finn on the Nooksack River Image result for nooksack river, Huck the hero and Jim a slave from Lynden WA escape to Bellingham Bay. Most of which was written in the Hovander’s Estate which is only a few hundred feet from the Nooksack River Image result for nooksack river. Mark Twain traveled to that River since at the time was one of the only still in operation Steam Boat Engines Image result for Steam Boat. There were both dozens of Steam Boats operating on the River. Although due to the log jam (Ferndale) there were boats from the jam south and from the jam up river. From just north of the jam to just before Lynden dredges had to be use to keep the 3 feet of depth to the river for the boats to travel to the Lynden Docks. Almost all of them have been dismantled since.

The founder of Lynden WA was ordered by her master (Colonel Patterson; who was likely in Prussia fighting the Franco-Prussian War, he being a very loyal FreiKorp spy and of course Member of the Prussian Empire) since she was an indentured servant. Although all documentation regarding said was destroyed. She not only founded Lynden (sort of) but she also founded “The Normal School” which is just west of Fairhaven WA. Fairhaven was set up by a Jew and was a Jewish community. The school was based off a huge library the British were forced to leave behind. Instead of burning the books, Phoebe convinced those in power that they could generate more money by allowing her to found a girl’s school. Which would bring young women to the area to learn how to teach. All the little towns needed school teachers, so what better way to have children taught than by a teacher’s school in the immediate area. But the school had to be as far away as possible. The books were left in the building the British had built sometime before 1850. As well as their hospital. But the Jam was getting in the way of business, so Phoebe was instrumental in removing the jam. The jam was in part from destroying the French city which sat were Lynden sits now. Although a bit farther west, closer to Main and Guide Meridian. Patterson wanted all evidence of those buildings and their associated information destroyed. So, that is exactly what Phoebe did, she paid to have the jams cleared. Which opened Steam Boat Travel to an extreme amount.

Decades later the County started to put in the Bridges, the Steam Engines were either abandoned and or dismantled and sold for parts. One of those team engines from a destroyed boat became a boiler to heat the Hovander’s House. In the decade, before, during and after the Civil War the companies operating the Steam Boats were operating both clandestinely and making massive profits.

Mark Twain was not only a Steam Ship Captain, he was an author, but he was also a Union Spy so he had to travel in the area under his spy name. He had to follow more than a few Confederates from the South up to the Nooksack, the Confederates were trying to build a second Capital where Lynden WA would be founded/renamed in the next decade. Ironically by a Jew Judson (son of Judah; the founder of the Jews). This is part of the History of Lynden you will not hear anything about at all, from the museum or the residence. The area in and around Lynden is still very pro-confederate, pro-slavery, and violently anti-Semitic. For present day direct and hard physical evidence of said, the two places which Donald Trump was able to give a talk in the Pacific North West was in Spoken which is extremely conservative and Lynden WA.  Judson, Weiser Lake located just south of the city itself are Jewish in origin. The founder of Fairhaven, Dan Harris “Dirty Dan” was the common Nickname for a Jew in the 1800s. It did not represent being unwashed, but rather anti-Semitism.

Jews were present since day one in Whatcom County but you will not get a single historian or the official historical organizations to admit it.

Despite all the evidence. But you can find tremendous amounts of presence and praise to the efforts to locate and destroy the Jews in Whatcom County. Captain Picket himself a future Confederate General spent every minute of his time in Whatcom County finding and destroying anything related to the Jews. Part of his actions were also included in Mark Twain’s writings. All his stories do not revolve around the Mississippi, a great deal of them are about the Nooksack. But you will not find many Mark Twain enthusiasts to admit that either.

They also deny his actions of being a spy. “Show me hard documentation he was a spy” from one museum operator. The CIA does not allow information about its NOCO’s to get out. Non-Official Cover Operatives. He operated unofficially, which means what he found even close to two centuries later is still not only extremely bad, but potentially a threat to the security of the American Government. The documents state he was in location x but he was in location Y. Official Cover for unofficial operatives. It can be easily assessed that the Third Reich was born in Lynden WA state. The Confederates who traveled to Lynden after the war in various waves including waves pushed by Custer clearing out ex-confederates hiding in the west side of the great lakes. Who were railroad supplied and the wounded transported to the hospitals located along the line north and south by General Palmer. He founded Colorado Springs. He also fought a clandestine War with Margret Davis Hayes and her confederate’s army from 1870-1905-1910 respective of both deaths.

Jews creating a new homeland and being followed to their new Israel and Jerusalem. Then having said destroyed but all previous evidence erased regarding the new Jerusalem and Israel.


Pre-Exodus Jewish lines who refused to travel to Levant lands and accept either Moses or his descendants to rule over them.

They and their kind have been enemies of Rome since day one. It is why Romulus conquered Alba Longa, then Samhain (the history of Rome and Jerusalem is beyond fascinating. Heliopolis was moved to the Vatican swamp by Emperor Caligula during his 1400 days on the throne. Heliopolis means Jerusalem in Hebrew), changing the name of the city from Samhain to Rome.

The working Rail Roads in the area were insufficient. The firs miles of Rail Road Tracks were laid out in Whatcom County in the 1850s. Although they were used primarily for military, and were not very well documented. However less than 25 years later, when the military sold their lines in Whatcom to civilian companies the number of miles of tracks point to military use and that being a very long term use. The couple hundred miles of un-connected tracks in Whatcom County is difficult to imagine they were paid for by anyone else than military. Why need a few hundred miles of tracks both north South and east west when no mining was being done at scale yet. No logging, no crops, etc. were being done. The area of Whatcom County is not large enough to justify a railroad. But it is plenty large enough to fight over. But why; the only reason 15 of the worlds late 1700s early 1800s super powers would be in Whatcom county e.g. Bellingham would be to find and kill Jews (Trojans/British).

The stories regarding their following to Italy are in the collection of stories of the Odyssey. The Cyclopes is a fictional form of the ATEN.

Everywhere the Jews are pushed by combat to a new location, they build a new Jerusalem and Israel. Manitou/Colorado Springs, Rome, Paris, Northumberland, Boston Mass, New York City, Maryland, Tiffin Ohio, Bellingham WA State, Dublin Ireland, etc.


Of course, vast number of items that Islam had destroyed Image result for ramses II to make themselves look like the only voice is almost too many to count. The Ramses II Temple is just one of countless examples in Egypt of the 19th Dynasty erasing the fact that the 18th Dynasty were Jews. Although a clear distinction must be made. Pre-Exodus Judaism and post exodus Judaism/Hebrew is an entirely different species of theologies. Moses made 100% sure to destroy every single aspect of Pre-Exodus Judaism he could to rebuild the Jews into his own Esau inspired image. He stripped the philosophy of Jacob out and worked hard to replace it with Esau’s version.

Which for the most part has worked great.

The Hebrew religion and language are courtesy of Moses who was a dyed in the wool Esau/Hyksos/Avaris person. He never converted to Judaism, as he lied about regarding his parentage.

His princess Mother became impregnated when she took part in an ancient Fertility Rite. Which involved Intimacies. To ensure a bountiful harvest.

Just few a years ago, part of the great library of the great university of Timbuktu (which took an active and key role in the Slave Trade) was destroyed. Because an Imam found a hand-written note by a student in one of the books in the library.

That hand-written note to him was the definition of blasphemy, it insulted the prophet Mohammed. So, the entire building with all contents had to be destroyed to destroy the very idea written about on that slipped in piece of paper.

Of course, this was a lie, some of those books talked about the very secret part of the slave trade which was to separate out the native Nigerian cultures from the Jews who had infiltrated and “destroy them”. Selling the slaves to pay for the seek and destroy the Jews in West Africa. Part of that library was about that topic,

The Imam’s lied about why. Which is not an unusual thing for all of Esau’s descendants including the Hyksos, Avaris, Dorians, Romans, and of course Islam to do.


The Most Important thing to know about Israel is MOSES Lied. Israel from pre-writing to 1320 was between Absure to Giza on the West side of the Nile.

Western, Westies, etc. are all ancient slang terms for Jews. Also, Dirty, since that area is a backwater for the Nile floods, for a few months of the year after the floods the filth in the Nile decomposes on the flood plains of that area. A few months of the year that area stinks from the decomposition process.


Moses lied and had the entire structure of Israel changed from being in Egypt to renaming Levant to Israel.

The struggles in Levant are mostly due to the facts that the lands currently known as Israel are not Israel. That is Levant, Moses lied.


The Jews need to return to their promised land of Egypt.


Jacob Ruled from Egypt as Israel, evidence Pharaoh. Most of Genesis takes place in Egypt.


Luz was in Egypt.

The Name Egypt itself literally means the Temple of Ptah which the city of Luz/Memphis was built around. Although Memphis was more of an Ark/ship than a traditional Walled city.

Pharaoh Mem (Abraham) ordered Dyk’s to be build around the capital city of the Jews in Israel. Since the yearly flooding devastated the entire city. He ordered Dyks built.

After a few months of Dyke construction, the Dyk’s were in the form of a huge Ship. Almost if not exactly in the engineering of Noah’s Ark.

Israel 2_2013_3_25_0958



The Sheer volume of information left out regarding the subject is Israel can literally fill its own library. The location of Israel is not one place Israel as the Jews have been almost constantly displaced has moved at least a dozen times.







There is a difference in how things are categorized in Indo-European language. They are categorized not by location but by what is occurring the physics of it.

Based on the evidence found in the megalithic structures. Where you would not have one site, you would have several sites spread out over differing distances.

Feudal society which comes from the Greek city state model has everything contained within the city walls. In Indo-European, different sites can be hundreds of yards, miles, even geographical areas apart.

Things are not labeled per area they are labeled per who is doing what in what area. For instance, if powerhouse culture is conquered and they leave on mass 200 miles away; the new area they are in now takes on the name the old area had when they were there.


There is a difference between the Esau line descendant’s schema rules of order and Jacobs line descendant’s rules of order. Consequently, one name/label from an enemy does not equate to that being the name the inhabitance used.


Specific areas










Israel one Egypt


A 3700-3200 b.c.e

B 3200-2100 b.c.e west side of the Nile between Sakkara and Giza

C 2050 – 1600 b.c.e who replaced the Hyksos; till the Hyksos regained power, keeping the power till tut

Abandoning Egypt for Levant lands

D 1600-1300; Jacobs line takes over from Esau’s line. Rules till tut.

Violently deposed.

An Esau line descendant is adopted by the daughter of the new kingdom at least a few generations later.

Seti’s line rules from 1300-Alexander 300 b.c.e.


E Alexander being a Macedonian was either a Jacob line or an Esau descendant.. his god was Zeus; a Hyksos “sun” god. Alexander is pharaoh for a few years.

F Coptic Christians control Israel one from 200-700 when the Muslims conquer






Israel two Hebron

File:12 Tribes of Israel Map.svg

This map shows the Jacobs line and Esau's line trying to battle for control after the exodus. But these names and similar places are matched by the areas of Egypt. The lands, areas of control, and cities are all copied over to the middle east after the exodus. The question presents itself; where did these families and cities orient themselves in Egypt? Specifically, Megiddo; Jerusalem and Bethlehem are easy to find, they are Memphis and Sakkara respectively.

Megiddo is

Was named “Upper, sacred vessels, with amber/honey” which is very like Northumberland. The Planes outside the Main City, there was a War fought between the powerful armies of the world in Whatcom County in the last 1700-early 1800s. The War took place on the Planes north West of the City of Jam. The City of Jam exactly like Luz/Memphis was built inside the Nooksack River. That city was eventually destroyed, a few decades later the remains of the city were destroyed with assistance from Phoebe Judson the founder of Lynden Washington State.

The War which occurred around the area of Custer was a major all-encompassing war, the war was fought to secure which nation would seize the working Tabernacle of Adam System in Whatcom County and possess a WMD. The Tabernacle of Adam System built in Whatcom County was by the British (very different from England) whom were forced to leave previous areas to avoid genocide.

In a very real Effect one of the Battles of Armageddon took place on the Planes outside Jam. It is a realistic assumption to equate Armageddon with a Time War. Jerusalem literally translates as The Sacred City of Time Lords, since word Jera is Futhark for Time. Jacob established Jerusalem as his capital city, the city of the Lord, the Capital city of the King of Kings or Israel.





C Levant Israel Late May 1274 b.c.e won the territory from- Egypt. Esau's line and Jacobs line (among others) trade Jerusalem back and forth till they are conquered and taken away to Babylon. Till Zerubbabel.

D Jacob descended King David 1040–970 b.c.e; 1002–970

E Jacobs line and Esau’s line fought back and forth over ruler ship till the Babylonians conquered in circa 700 b.c.e

F 500 b.c.e – 50 b.c.e Zerubbabel holds the Empire till the romans attack

G 50 b.c.e Rome



J 1946-present; although constant fights with Muslim; who are an Esau line descended people and philosophy.

K Best thing to do; give up Esau's line Moses’s forced down Jacob’s line throat Jerusalem. David and Solomon were forced into the actions regarding building a replacement for el Beth el. That is the third attempt to stone build said temple. If god intended, the great temple to be in Hebron; Abraham was in Hebron before entering Egypt. The order was given after traveling south from lower Egypt. El Beth el is the temple of Ptah Egypt in the city of Memphis. NW of said is Jacobs ladder; which uses the ancient non-single number line based mathematics; which is dead on accurate hundreds and thousands of miles away, evidence the causeways. Although the word and basic definition for causeway must do with water; monotheism/baptism, Noah’s ark, the Noachite Rite, an arc was the symbol of Egypt circa 3800 b.c.e (Jerusalem), etc. interesting connections.


Israel three Mecca


A Mecca was attacked, sacked, and converted to monotheism circa 2700 b.c.e.

B various cultures fought over and passed mecca back and forth regularly till the modern age.

C 800-present Esau line descendant (Ishmael absorbed/conquered); absorbed Zoroaster





Israel four Paris


A Parissi a possible monotheistic group from Rome circa 50 c.e; name like a political movement Jacobs’s line from both Jerusalem and Alexandria. Were the groups or at least part of the group who guarded the Alexandrian library. They and the books traveled to Rome, then Paris.

B Napoleon conquered Egypt; his crypt in Paris is modeled after an Egyptian masitba. Not a pyramid.







Israel Five Northumberland


A 1300 b.c.e Scotta/Meritaten; the druid arrived in the uk at approximately the same time this legend started. All pharaohs were divine. Meritaten was pharaoh after her father died and before her little brother tut could be crowned king.










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