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Jacob the brother of Esau, and the future King Israel most of his history and that of his descendants has been carefully crafted to ensure he was turned into the Devil of the Bible and that Esau was the rightful but wrongfully displaced ruler of Earth.

The Number of Problems which come up to describe and explain the life and times of Jacob are actually too numerous to mention easily.


In no specific order. Jacob is considered the most evil creature to have ever lived by his brother and the descendant cultures of his brother.

If you take a careful examination of his name Jacob; in Sumerian that name translates to “Holder of the Foot”. Evidence for said is the name of the Trojans is “Descendants of the Holder of the Foot”. Which in basic means the name Trojan is whatever language Agamemnon and his culture used was an insult to the Jews. It means Jews, but it on the other hand does not actually identify who the Trojans were. Just they were Jews that Agamemnon wanted desperately to kill every single last one of them. What does this have even the mildest absolutely nothing to do with the man Jacob. Actually the two subjects are actually about a dozen and are all but the same subject.

You see, it can be statistically theorized that the Jacob was ordering his children to do in chapter 49 of Genesis was to built the Pyramids of Egypt. As a continuation of the work their ancestors the descendants of Noah had done with rebuilding the city of Heliopolis (that is its Greek name, not its between 3500 – 800 bce name. The words Heliopolis cannot be the original name changed after the name IWNW was stripped by a similar to the Hyksos ou tof the same place 1800 years previous to the Hyksos invasion of Egypt circa 2100 bce. Same behavior patterns, same need to destroy, from the same place, etc. but historically that culture only has a guessed at name.

Plus of the fact that Hyksos is actually a nasty adult joke regarding “Where the Men are Man and the Sheep are Nervous”. The Name Hyksos means “Lord of the Sheep”. They took on the name Avaris eg the 19th Egyptian Dynasty which rose to power at the exact same time as the Trojan War started. The Avaris took direct and personal part in that war Moses took on the Name Ajax the Younger; based on battle glory and said crimes against humanity issues, Moses was not allowed to fight in an army which he was not in charge of using his real name. Traditionally the name “The Younger” would indicate a younger brother fighting under the protection and stead of an older sibling who was a warlord in his own right. However Ajax’s younger brother was a warlord in his own right in command of his own units. So the name “The Younger” was applied to Moses being an outsider and giving all due respect and glory to the warlord he was under the direct command and control of. Based on the actions Ajax the Younger performed, he was not really interested in paying attention to the rules his “commander” gave him. He was constantly going off script and had to be backed off on many many occasions. Not the action of a cocky little brother, but more the actions of a war lord in his own right with many soldiers under his command (or Ajax would have simply killed him) and a key asset to the battles.

Moses aka Ajax the Younger had a goal, kill as many Jews as he could get away with. His own Jewish shield wall slaves, and of course as many trojans as he could get his hands on.

This places Moses at the Trojan War, this also places Moses in Italy fighting outside the city of Alba Longa. Gee a real shocker “Moses lied” in his writing of the first 5 books of the Torah. Btw, he also wrong long and hard about the facts that not only did he lie all the time, but god punished him all the time for those lies and other crimes against humanity. He was ultimately not allowed into his “Kingdom” of Levant Lands because of all the lies, crimes against humanity, etc. he committed. But he could not stop himself  he was a died in the wool anti-Semitic Jew hater. To him the only good Jew was a dead Jew.

After the fall of the City of Troy the Trojans (Jews) evacuated out of Anatolia Peninsula and went to Italy. Where they either lived in Alba Longa and or the city of Samhain.

The City of Samhain 577 years later was conquered by the Philistine’s the culture which formed through the efforts of Agamemnon to have the largest army come together to genocide every Jew they could get their hands on.

The city of Samhain was conquered and renamed to honor the commanding General of the descendants of Agamemnon’s army and Culture, that commanders name was Romulus.

Things are only going to get more and more complex as the items continue.

Genesis chapter 49, covers the tasks Jacob gave to his children. One of those tasks was to send out their cousins to a distant area to create or rebuild up the Summer Palace which was first built shortly after the Invader’s from Mecca attacked Egypt the first time 3800 bce.

The Winter Palace would be IWNW/Heliopolis and the Summer Palace would be Samhain the future conquered and renamed city Rome.

The Trojans Evacuated to Rome, the “Old Kingdom” Evacuated to Rome, The 18th Egyptian Dynasty (King Tut was the last of those Pharaohs) evacuated to Rome, Plato Evacuated to Rome after Socrates execution, etc.

Now for the super difficult part.

The Crucifixion of Jesus did not take place in Levant Lands, that is pure fiction. There is no basis in any reality regarding Jesus being in Levant Lands of his trial. That is pure Christian and Roman empire fictions, created to force historians to write fictions as facts to justify actions which occurred later. Since the Evil Priest Paul the facts of the case hurt his feelings too much. He was going to be the leader of the church, not Jesus and absolutely not Simon Peter. That hurt Paul's feeling just too radically much. You will find that any reference about Jesus for the next 1970 years is downgraded to favor that of the feelings and philosophy of Paul. For direct physical evidence of this one need look no further than the names of the Popes of Rome; a large number of them boar the name Paul. Not Simon or Peter, but Paul. One and One only board the name Simon Peter; that would be the first one. Which translates as “Build your house upon me”. Which is the job and tasks of Ptah the first Pharaoh of Egypt, built upon me would be a direct physical representation of “The Ben Ben Stone”. which became the metaphor which started the tradition of the Eucharist; the body of Christ would be the “Ben Ben Stone”. Of course the Blood is a direct reference to the Ogle family; in Gaelic the full name is Yr Hen Ogle dd. In English Yr Hen Ogle dd translates to North (Vertical) Umber Land.

Which is where the people of Alba Longa and Samhain evacuated to during subsequent invasions.

The behaviors of Jacob and Esau are mirrored almost exactly with the interactions between Jesus and Paul. In addition the same “Psychodrama” played out between Joseph Smith and B.Y. Esau, Paul, and Young winning through genocide and taking over command of the church.

Winning through committing crimes against humanity seems to be a pattern of “The ends justify the means” by those men.

What does this have even the smallest thing to do with Jacob. The descendants of Jacob used Samhain as a backup, and Northumberland as a backup for Samhain. When it looked like the British Isles were going to be lost again permanently, the descendants of Jacob moved there operations to America and began to build new Israel’s and Jerusalem’s in on the American Continent. with the Enemy close behind.

However when the fall of Samhain occurred, several Jewish ex Trojans ex 18th Dynasty formerly more than a 1000 years previous “The Old Kingdom” families stayed in the city. The families who stayed had a plan to recapture Rome and turn it back into Samhain. Their plan took about 700 years, it half succeeded and half failed.

In Rome some remnance of the ancient back up for the “old Kingdom” can still be seen. However it does require some strong and carful examination of the evidence.

One of the families mentioned previous who stayed in Rome and lived was the Julii family.

A direct descendant of the Julii family Caligula had the city of Heliopolis moved from Egypt to Rome. He did so in order to allow for the new church Simon Peter was building to have a first home. Which worked beautifully till Paul arrived and demanded that the senate sieze control over Caligula’s Circus and allow him to rule form that location.


Shortly after the descendants of Jesus were forced to find a new way to express themselves. They did so by finally accepting the role the descendants of Esau had been demanding they accept since Esua declared that his brother was “The evil one”.

As stated Jacob in Sumerian means; “Holder of the Foot”, however in a collection of other languages which predated Latin and Arabic, which one has been lost to history (most likely with full intent to hide the fats and evidence). In Sumerians the name is Jacob, but in some other language which has not been identified, the name is Lucifer.

The descendants of Esau decided that their “boogy man” would be non-other than Jacob.

To them their was other creature on the planet more evil than Jacob.

He had to have soul his soul to Satan in order to have been appointed to be Israel. The Hajj is based on this very concept that the descendants of Esau will devote their lives to the discipline of finding all of the descendants of Jacob and killing them all. Destroying all that they have built. and eventually erasing the fact they existed at all.

To renounce Satan/Lucifer with all due hast is what is screamed at the remodeled (rather badly) megalith the 3 Pillars. To renounce Satan/lucifer/Jacob and all his works while throwing stones.

It is amazing how much hatred of Jews has grown so intensely but still subtly over 6000 years since Noah.

It is difficult to understand how good people who worship god can sing hymnals at the same time as they are being violent against other people. The function and structure of western culture has grown so accustomed to anti-Semitism that unless the acts are egregious standard just below genocidal actions are considered normal. Well at least the Jews and those connected are not being killed, only beaten within an inch of their lives. Occasional beatings to make the masses “feel” better is not what Jesus said was acceptable.

Just because violence “feels” good does not by any stretch of the imagination mean that it is ok. Humans should not be subject to separating out minority groups to persecute for the express purpose of making the masses feel better.

Although in large measure this hurting people to make ourselves feel better as individuals groups appears to be the way western culture operates. Superiors piking on inferiors; till the inferiors strike back and the superiors get their feelings hurt by the inferiors standing up for themselves.

It is a cyclical problem of violence.

Which brings us to our next point in describing Jacob and his affect on the world.

Jacob himself was a rather strong-willed fellow, his brother Esau was in no way strong of character. He had strong muscles and a talent for violence, but as for strong ethics, morals, character, etc. he was at the shallow end of the gene pool.

That next point is the city of Heliopolis was the Capital for more than a few of the Dynasties in Egypt. It was the Capital city for Egypt for several of the important occurrences in Egypt.

Only after 2600 bce, did the Capital in part change from Heliopolis to Luz renamed to Memphis.

However both cities were transported to Rome by the Julii family about a century apart.

Caesar transported Memphis, and Caligula transported Heliopolis/IWNW.


When Jesus entered Jerusalem; he was entering the very newly moved into position city of Heliopolis. Which had to be renamed to not hurt the feelings of the Romans. The City was renamed “Caligula’s Circus Maximus”, because the construction was so solid despite the age of the building, it was built so well that horses could race on the roof and not damage the building.

That all changed a few decades later when the building was converted from a Race Track into the First Catholic Cathedral named for the land it sat on “The Vatican”.

Heliopolis translates to Jerusalem.

When Jesus entered Jerusalem, he was no longer in Levant Lands. He was in fact in Rome Proper. However these details turned out to be the largest and most profound threat to both the followers of Paul and Roman Senate. A threat so intense that the Roman's did everything in their power for the next three centuries to erase the facts and evidence of the foundations of the Ministry of Jesus.

The Roman's knew they were in a losing battle, but they fought it out hard and heavy anyway.

Every single day the strength of Christianity grew in the heart of Rome. Every day the Senate worked harder and harder to suppress, eventually going on mass killing sprees which ended up costing the citizens of Rome to cascade effect cause the largest most intense problem with the Empire itself. Summary executions of anyone and everyone in Rome who the soldiers suspected they were Christians, kill 1000s if not 10,000 and the rest begin to flee Rome for either country estates and or flee Italy entirely.

This cost Rome to a profound degree regarding money and power.

What does this have to do with the life and times Jacob.

Since not much physical evidence is left regarding his actual life, the repeat patterns of his descendants paint a picture of what his life was like. Since the events of his life and his fights with his brother played out in both of their descendant cultures, and with very small examples regarding the above cultures obviously the patterns repeat and repeat so often it becomes a dependent predictable patterns.

Esau obviously directed his descendants to perform endless attacks against the descendants of Jacob. It is also obvious through the sequences of events that Esau and his followers consider Jacobs people the Jews to be the epitomy of evil.

Over and over again the descendants of Esau either “infiltrate” the ranks of the next generation of Jews and do everything in their power to destroy the new generation, or they attack the organization without mercy.

So many generations which add up to several 1000 years, almost no one involved anymore has any idea of why they are fighting. They just fight and die and the overwhelming majority of the fighting everyone on both sides has been entirely ignorant of why.

Which brings this concept to the next level of information.

The evidence of the next 1700 years from 50 c.e. to the middle of the 1700s; literally just before the start of the Samhain Wars aka the 7 Years War aka the French and Indian Wars, is the Vatican War against Witch Trials of Europe.

If you were in anyway against the Catholic Church from 350-1700 in Europe (unless you had a huge army to stand behind), the Vatican wanted in a very desperate way to kill you. They wanted to kill you and most of the people you knew.

From the point Paul had his psychological breakdown forward. He had a personality identify crisis, He convinced himself he was Jesus and that the direction of the Church of Jesus was going in the wrong direction.

So he set forward to infiltrate said church and reform it, into what he thought the direction of the church should be. Which for the overwhelming majority of the time for the next close to 2000 years, his philosophy has ruled over the Vatican and Italy. For more than 1000 years of said, his philosophy had ruled Europe from about 400 -1500 c.e.

A huge amount of power was broken at the end of the 1400s, thanks to a cascade of a few dozen events. The Vatican’s power reduced to the point of irrelevance.

However the Vatican had no choice; they could either look power or be conquered and the Vatican itself turned into a Mosque.

Although technically speaking the Vatican has been a mosque since Paul demanded to take it over. Which the Roman Senate was more than happy to have him push is religious powers to overthrown the rule of Simon Peter.

Although the facts regarding Simon Peter are for the most part fictions. Simon Peter is Latin for Ptah.


The Senate had the most difficult time dealing with the fact that the Julii family was too powerful to attack head on. so they attacked the Julii family from virtually every other degree they could find. UP to and including using one of their members cira 65 c.e. to strip him of his name and give his name to Paul. Giving Paul the Emperorship over Rome (in name only) so that Paul could be Nero and Nero could then destroy the family from within. Since few in Rome had even the slightest idea that the real Nero had left for Either Egytp and or Northumberland while he was an adolescent. Likely after several Vatican assassination attempts. He evacuated, leaving the function and structure of the running of the government and the church in the hands of Simon Peter aka Claudius.

All pharaoh’s had at least one added name if not  5 upon being elevated to the rank of Pharaoh. Or the Latin version of Pharaoh which would be Pope.


The fictions about Jacob are that he was born the twin of Esau, that he was born second Esau was born first.

However linguistically this is not correct.

Esau was not born first, he was born second. They were likely not twins.

The Holder of the Foot is not about holding onto his brother Esau’s foot. It is about being Blessed by God to perform specific tasks.

However since as a child Esau decided that since he was the better hunter, stronger, faster, and more violently aggressive that he should be the next leader not his weakling brother.

To Esau “Might makes Right”. If god did not intend me to be the leader, he would have not made me stronger, faster, bigger, better, etc.

However Esau was based on all available evidence and documentation he was a Sociopath, he had decided long ago that his actions were not only justified but that if god did not want him to be so violently and disgustingly nasty that god would intervene and prevent him from committing crimes against humanity.

Since God never stepped in (in Esau’s Opinion) than god was just fine and dandy with his actions. All of the nice things which happened to and for Jacob were not favoring Jacob, it was Jacob selling his soul piece by piece to the great dark one for power.

Esau did not see the good things going to Jacob as god favoring Jacob. He saw them as Jacob betraying god to align himself with the devil.

All those favors, gifts, etc. were not god choosing Jacob (Lucifer) but rather Jacob making deals with Satan to take advantage of the good man Esau was. Despite the fact that Esau did countless crimes against humanity. all of his actions in his mind were justified for the greater good.

Exactly the same as “disciplining” a child, teachings that child boundaries. So according to Esau he was simply disciplining the human race since only himself was a proper parent and they were all children who needed to learn what he needed to teach them.

Every time god re-wants Jacobs descendants to reform a new Jerusalem and capital of Israel. The descendants of course comply, however it takes little if any real time for the descendants of Esau to seek out the new Israel and capital city Jerusalem to either seize power over it and or conquer it to make it not exist anymore.

The descendants of Esau simply cannot deal with the facts that they were not chosen. All of their efforts from Noah to present have resulted in absolute failures. but they do not see those facts, they only see the “great evil” getting in the way of gods plan.


Now for the next.

As stated Jacob himself was named Israel by God. which is being called Pharaoh Israel.

Since he was Pharaoh Israel and appointed to be head of the Semitic Peoples, he had an ancient task to complete.

That ancient task was to assess the situation regarding how to keep the stories of the children Adam and Eve and Lilith intact without having too much attention from the enemies. The people like his brother how would stop at less than absolutely nothing to seek out his people and destroy them (genocide) and destroy any and all things they built.

The solution was simple, return to the ancient sciences of the past and use Architecture to tell the stories with.

The ancients used a science where the characters were both letters and numbers at the same time. That language had been renamed Indo-Eruopean by modern scholars. However that language has a distinction which modern scholars fail to understand. It does not operate based on the concepts of Nouns, Verbes, etc.. The Lnaguage operates based on the flows and functions of the structure of time itself.


The Pyramids are Ben Ben stones. They are the correct side up, they are Ben Ben stones however the earth is riding on their back as the Ben Ben fleet sail through the cosmos.

The Cosmos is the sea of ooze, and it is the person in charge of the Fleet who is in control of the weave of time.

Now since the Job of Ptah is to Weave the different strings of time into cloth. Cloth must be shaped and rejoined together in order to create that which is needed through the proper motions of time.  That cutting process requires the application of a blade, but not just any blade, a blade built specific to cut through the fabric of time itself.

You have to direct the strings of time, into the warp and weft of structure. Then  you have to be able to cut the cloth which comes from said bending of strings. Then you have to reshape the cloth pieces into a new thing.

That new thing is in effect “The Emperor’s New Cloths” but not as presented in the recent fictional story.

This concept can be found in the warp and weft of the function and structure of “The Fisher King”. Jesus Christ was given the title of “The Fisher of Men”, which i

Babylonian ceremonies depict the priest wearing a “fish” costume or a “whale” costume to work with the people around them.

Two pieces of evidence regarding the weave of time. The Job of Adam, Eve, and Lilith was to work together to create a weave of time. The fish/whale story of Jonah points to this similar to the Fish Netting which is given to Christ as a Symbol of his power and divine being that he was cast as the ancient Ptah or Adam.

This symbolic representations are still found in the Headdress and cloak of the Pope, that is a fish Head. Which is only slightly modified by the Pharaoh Narmer (Scorpion King) upper and lower Egypt crowns.

Adam is the Green Lines of the Warp,

Eve is the Blue Snake lines which weave up around down around repeat the Greek lines of Adam.

Lilith is the sowing which occurs to combine different pieces of cloth together.

Also Embroidery, to improve the basic design of the different colors of lines used.

As Mentioned the Pyramids are a Ben Ben Stone according to humans “Upside down”.

According to the Cosmos they are right side up.


With the Earth Ridding on the backs of the Fleet. A dozen large ships carrying the planet on them, collectively.

As they sail through the cosmos; the Function and structure of what humans do is directly connected to the weave presented in the blue and green lines.

The Pyramid would be God.

Or taken another way.

Adam is the loom (Pyramid)/(Ben Ben stone) with Eve being the green lines and Lilith being the Flying Blue Lines.

What does this have to do with Jacob.

Through his descendants, they rebuild and repeated the philosophies and concepts which he either built and or carried forward from the traditions of Adam.

Just because one thing is all but destroyed, does not mean that its stories, traditions, philosophies, etc. die with them. Their descendants in both biology and of course teachings carry forward the information.


However knowing there stuff will be under future attack, the ancients and the Jews figured out semi-quickly that “you have to allow those cultures who have to WIN, at all costs. You have to let them win. Win what does not matter at all. You can do what you want to do, as long as you give the enemy something to win against.”

So do your thing, create a false front for the enemy to bruise their knuckles on, and just do your thing.

Doing your thing oftentimes results in hiding facts and evidence inside things which the enemy can then take and ridicule to their hearts content over.

Part of that hiding process is to hide intense advanced science inside religious ceremonies in order for the conquering enemy to find and have a lot of fun and enjoyment laughing at the stuff they consider to be dumb.

However, what they are laughing at is in all hard reality very advanced science.

But those advanced sciences have to be hidden inside items to ridicule in order to allow the enemy to both win and “have fun” with the ridicule.

For the enemy the only thing they care about is fun. Money is the solid and consistent only thing they want is for every second of their existence to be enjoyment. Winning is joy, laughing is joy, being superior to someone or a group is joy, have enough money to never worry about problems is joy, etc.

One of the problems regarding the application of addiction is that “Addicts” are always chasing “JOY”. As the character from Orange is the New black Nikki paraphrased statement “We get high in order to not feel like a useless pile of garbage for a few minutes.” For most addicts they feel so bad about themselves, they will do anything to avoid there deep feelings of personal disgust at who they are.

So they are always chasing things which are designed to make them feel better.

The best way to make themselves feel better is to make someone else feel worse; or in other words force someone else to feel as badly as they do.

Which brings us back to the concept of Group Think. Not only does violence against others make people feel good, it gives a for a short time a sense of superiority, but most important of all it allows for a shared feeling of inner pain.

Person A; “I hurt”

Person B; “I do not care”

Person A; “after I beat you up, you will feel the same way I do, and then you will care about my pain.”

Person B; “I will still not care about your pain, I will be resentful to you for hurting me, I still do not care about your pain. Your pain means nothing to me, the only thing I feel now about you is anger for hurting me. You can take your pain away it still does not matter to me.”

Person A; “I will hurt people till someone cares about my pain”.


Hence how enemies are created. Esau could never get over the facts that he was not chosen by god to lead the people. His pain became institutionalized “Destroy them all, who took my joy from me”.


In Egyptology and most ancient western culture religious ceremonies; the prayers said over any given event can be converted through Cryptography from Letters/Words to Mathematical equations.

Esau’s culture will never be able to get over the fact they were/are passed over (enumerable times) to be leaders of the human race. They simply cannot get over the facts they are bad people and they hurt people premeditatedly to feel better about themselves.


Most people, who need to hurt others, want to say “I am sorry” and have that be that. I am sorry I hurt you, but you must both forgive me and allow me to just go on hurting people to feel ok with myself. But you must not stop me from hurting people, and worse make me suffer the consequences for hurting people in the past.

Now the spheres before.

Each sphere is a fixed given thing.

Those fixed given things are both variables which means they have a mathematical designation, they are also through AErdology Cryptography a letter.

The North to south lines are the Guide Meridians marking the application of the hours of the day.

The east west are the rotations of the planet marketed north and south from the Equator.

As the Planet Rotates, on its axis it produces sequences of letters. repeat sequences of letter produce mathematically predictable words.

Word sequences produce sentences.

Sentence produce Paragraphs.


In the Legend of the Noachite Rite, which FreeMasonry directly draws its origin from. The Square can be easily defined as the Ben Ben Stone, the Compasses that is easy to find in the Khufu Pyramid.

The Shafts in the Queens Chamber, to the North and South. The compasses.

The Khufu Pyramid itself is literally a Square and Compass.

The Noachite Rite is as described a “Two Wave Radio” between Humans and the Divine.

Since Esau was not allowed to be “the leader and in charge of the radio” he decided to destroy the radio and all connected information regarding the radio.


Esau and all of his kind are on a soul level panicked that they will be told by the Radio build into the ancient language that the divine will tell them “what you are doing is wrong, bad, and against my will”. See if they destroy the radio they can go on “preaching” what they are doing is divine will. If they destroy the radio than they can ignore all the signs which destroy their Joy at killing, destroying, committing crimes against humanity is not gods will.

They can pretend all day long for their entire lives that what they are doing is good; as long as the radio which they destroyed a very long time ago does not tell them something different.  

Direct evidence can be found in each time the descendants of Jacob rebuild Israel and Jerusalem.

They rebuild, they begin to rebuild what was in the past, they build a portion of it, and then they are attacked without mercy, the end results are the same exact behavior pattern as previous.

Only this time with more evidence left from the ancient past reassembled.

The enemy has no idea what they need to destroy so they leave portions of it behind.

With enough rebuilt, enough of a collection of said information can be reassembled to create a solid and defined picture as to what the radio was and how it worked.






Now we get to talk about the Blade of Enoch, Jacob, and how eventually that blade would name change to be called Longinus and be stuck in the side of Jesus on the Cross. Proving that Jesus was a Roman Citizen.



The grandsons of Abraham the leader of that specific group of monotheists.


Key points in Jacob’s life

Running from brothers wrath

Fighting with angels (possible south of mecca, more probably on the west side of the Nile)

Defeating the bird people

Being crowned king of kings Israel

Jacobs ladder

Building monuments

Building temples for his people to live and worship in







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