James the Brother of Jesus Ossuary




boy are people not going to be happy with me.  my friends that box the writing if authentic.


 the writing on that box is not possibly a forgery because their is so few people alive at all in the last 1800 years that could have written in symbolic language Canaanite dialect something that makes sense and the sentence is relayed to that of what the box is supposed to be about. 


sorry but I thought it was a hoax till I say the lettering, the lettering is Canaanite, sentence structure, grammar, layout pattern is symbolic language. 


The worse parts are that the sentence makes,  now I am no expert in reading this but my best guess is this.



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its written backwards, layout pattern something that has happened in the past. A

1.   a upside down Ansuz a communication about the past

2.   Isa regarding something important about time

3.   Thurasaz a boundary issue

4.   Laguz a flow of water has stopped

5.   Sowillo, this is going into the sun, possibly a religious indication, sun,

6.   x

7.   x

8.   another Laguz in the 8th position emotion and flow of life

9.   x

10.                    x

11.                    Uruz, the end of strength

12.                    Haggalaz, a reflection into the past

13.                    numbers

14.                    Laguz upright

15.                    Haggalaz

16.                    Uruz upright

17.                    end of sentence and end of line

now somewhere in this is the name of the person.  But the first few characters are about death, Thurasaz backwards, Laguz backwards. Sowillo about the sun. 


then a large character with intersecting end large character lines.  The name could be in the first brackets,


with out studying the Canaanite dialect and characters, I would say this is a symbolic language Canaanite dialect grave or coffin inscription.


So I think the forgery concept is a bit harder to put forward since the characters actually are written at least semi correctly.

The life and times of Josephus bar Emmanuelle

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This Fish is not laid out like a Fish, this is a multi-dimensional impression of the Tabernacle System of Adam.


from the head which in this case is pointed down. The head of the Fountion (the Headwaters), the Trees the next and upper body, the fins the walkways between, the lattus work between the four buildings each assisting the Trees they contain, then the weave, the carpet of time is the tail/flute.






TR Welling