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Janus Faces Time

is the Roman symbol for Time, well it is the Rome Symbol for the present, with the East facing (right) being the future, and the West face being the past.


Every Variable it itself a thing which has a time code with it. Any given subject in question statistically they are called variables, came into existence at some point. Its components came into existence at some point. This is about identifying where any given object was in the corkscrew of time. West face when did it begin, present (Ghost) where is it now, East Face where is that variable going in the future.

The Schema of Janus Roman is literally directly copied from the Pyramids Egyptian.

 Roman JanusA picture containing web

Description automatically generatedPyramids of Egypt

The West face of Janus the Pyramids, specifically from the Djedefre through Giza down to just north of the Step Pyramid, that is West, or the past.

From the Step Pyramid south are the east facing Pyramids Spine of Janus.

From the Red Pyramid to the Bent carries over back to the west.

Jonah and the Whale

If you are standing in the middle of the Roman Forum looking 122’ East by southeast you will observe the Pyramids.

From that direction over 1200 miles away A close up of a logo

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The configuration of the Pyramids will look like the light and dark of a Fish. The Light slide facing the west and the dark side facing the east.

The Elder Futhark itself is a language, a Mathematics, and a Calendar. However, the Calendar itself is not designed to have a single fixed point from which to measure to and from; like the Julian/Gregorian Calendars have January 1.

The Elder Futhark uses the first rule of Mathematics; measure to and from fixed points. The Earth has 8 fixed points which are 100% dependable 100% of the time without any possibility of error, fixed points. Those fixed points are the solstices and equinoxes of the earth’s orbit around the sun.

8 Fixed Points

Dec 22 mid-winter

Feb 2

March 22

May Image result for beltane poleMay Pole Janus

June 22 mid-summer

Aug 2

Sept 22

October 31 Image result for halloween costumes

Based on the physical evidence from the medieval ages, each of those dates has a direct corresponding “new year festival” association. Instead of being separate cultures Pagan celebration, Occam’s Razor it is a simpler explanation they were part of one large pre Roman mathematical event/calendar, each culture in effect hosting a given time of year. It is actually more difficult to assume that the dozens to hundreds of hunters and shepherds did not routinely interact with several cultures. Traders by job description default brought information and supplies to most if not all of the cultures in Europe; trying to separate them and say they had no to little interaction ignores a huge chunk of the facts and evidence. It also allows for the Roman Propaganda machine to make themselves look better by bringing civilization to the nomads in Europe. Very little of that has any factual evidence.

Each culture which had a different new year prove that the Elder Futhark Futhark Calendar is the root of them. Since they share dates and they share a common cultural linguistic heritage,

apparently based on the evidence of the Elder Futhark the inside architecture of the Khufu Pyramid being the Hebrew Character of Shin, the Parent of the Hebrew Language is the Elder Futhark, the Schema of Janus is the Pyramids of Egypt, the facts that the Causeways of the Pyramids create both the shape of the ATEN but the causeways of the Pepi I Pyramid and Bent create an Infinity Loop with the Cave of the Nativity and the location where King of Solomon's Temple used to be. Add that up with a dozen more impossible to disprove variables and you have a very interesting and complex set/sequence of information showing an intensely layered sequence of architecture built to in effect be an on the extreme side of accurate calendar.

So many variables all linked together creates a long sequence of rather huge problems; primarily because those huge sequence of variables which cannot be disproven when linked together point to an ancient science with one of its primary purposes would be to map out the function and structure of time itself.

Which goes along perfectly with the comments regarding Jacobs Ladder where angels ascend and descend from heaven using said ladder. If you alter the concept of angel to an Electro Magnetic Waves than the Pyramids of Egypt were an Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope. With more than 70% of the 300 square mile area of the Pyramids being exactingly carved Quartz in at least two forms; Limestone and Granite. The Pressure Waves from Thermal Dynamics release Electricity, said electricity would be used as a way to have a steady and predictable pattern of Electro Magnetic Pulses. Any interruption in said Electro Magnetic Pulses automatically translate into changes in the predictable pulse patterns in the research labs mislabeled as Temples around the pyramids.

The east looking face of Janus would be looking at the next fixed points in the Earth’s Orbit around the sun.

The west face would be looking at the last fixed points of the Earth’s Orbit around the sun.

The Twins Third Ghost


Twins East Face Light (in effect good) Twins West Face Dark (in effect not good)

God Satan

Able and Caine

Jacob and Esau

Jesus and Paul ghost Mary Magdalene

Mohammed and Abu Bakr ghost Fatimah

Joseph Smith and Brigham Young ghost Emma Hale

An interesting connection with the Twins; their support staff


Saints to the East, Ted Bundy BTK and Serial Killers to the west


the Roman Schema

the foundation for the Memento Mori Ceremony

1a violence, 1b intimacy, 1b parade/community involvement

The Saints to the East support staff, usually take the damage upon themselves. More than a few of the Saints and associated people have been either Martyred (1a) or faced serious grueling issues.

War Lords, Serial Killers,

helpers to the east, not so much helpers to the west

On the one hand you have the Memento Mori 1a the Saints takes personal damage, 1b people in emotional issues pray/connect (intimately) with the Saints, 2 to be able to be closer to the lord 3 beings 1 human 1 spirit 1 deity = community involvement eg a Parade of some type.

The other side.

1a a Serial Killers 1b males and females Attracted Intimacy to said Serial Killers 2 they form some type of an intimate union and are not shy about informing the community of their 1a Serial Killers 1b person 2 community.

An Electro-Magnetic academic argument can be made that the Electro-Magnetic dynamics of the Saints and Serial Killers form a closed Electro-Magnetic loop Ohm's law.

Combined with Newton’s Third Law Equal and Opposite Reaction.

The Behavior Pattern of Saints and the Behavior Pattern of Serial Killers (including that of warriors, fighters, etc. but not mass shooters. The fighting needs to have some level of intimacy involved, the person inflicting the damage needs to have a personal connection with the target. Shooting into a crowd is not the same as one on one combat.)

East leading edge

The Saints does personal 1a sacrifices to provide for both the 1b individual and the 2 community. The Serial Killers does the exact same thing in literally the reverse; the killer separates out a victim 1a (the origin of the Protection from the Evil eye, several of the Roman artifacts resemble the Causeways of the Pyramids of Egypt) to obtain pleasure 1b from the kill, the body that is where the differences in Saint and martyer behavior are identical serial means more than one victim 2, or display the victim in a public place 2, or have a “killing field” which is another form of display 2, sometimes the killer will have a partner and the two have a sadistic sexual component to the act 2. The couples working as Serial Killers usually report some type of heightened sexual gratification after the murder occurs. Not unlike the Death Religion of India, where said activities are normal in with those members. Even going as far as to consummate some of their prayer sessions on or in the corpses of humans and or animals.

The stories Saints  versus Serial Killers can be studied in both a qualitative one to one align the variables or in a quantitative study using branches of statistics to show the similarities within the framework

Example 1

The Saint worked with the community. These scenes are uniquely public, and the community is well aware

The Serial Killers interacted with the community e.g. sent messages to the newspapers. BTK, HH Holmes, Jack the Ripper. These scenes are specifically bloody and gruesome. Which is not all that different from a Martyer and or a stigmata

Example 2

The Saint worked with small communities and worked to solve small isolated problems. little fan fair, mostly in small isolated areas. the Saint affecting specific little changes to the community

The Serial Killers body dumped in findable locations, but not obvious. Not all that different from the Anthony Edward Sowell; he did not send info to the papers; he did not taunt the police. He killed and tried to hide the body in his house. The first bodies were very successfully hidden, the last bodies were almost easy to find, they were hardly hidden at all. But he did not Bragg about his kills. He prayed on his community, the exact opposite of how Saints help their communities.

Example 3


Serial Killers

What is more interesting is that based on statistics and the flat evidence alone, Ted Bundy might have done some of his killings to directly perform the Memento Mori Ceremony in order to send 7 Grams of Electricity to help the GOP. Some of his last kills were just before Saint Ronnie began his run for President. He won in an unprecedented land slide in both the popular and Electoral College.



Memento Mori and the Infinity Loop

In the last few days I found the same exact pattern in another area. Using both Ohms Law and Newtons Third Law combined to take two seemingly different things and showing the hard-physical reality of they are two sides of the same coin.

 The behaviors are ABC on one end and CBA on the other side. Very interesting stuff. 

Bent Pyramid and King Solomons Temple

King Solomon's Temple and the Cave of the Nativity

Cave of the Nativity and the Pepi I Pyramid.

Creates an infinity loop, it is also in a way strong way the ABC CBA of the Saint Serial Killer aspects of FreeMasonry.


Jesus becomes the East Face of Janus

Janus is the The Lord who Looks/Commands the New Day ()(in Greek Helios) from his Capital (IWNW) City (Greek Opolis)(Hebrew Salem)( Latin Castle)

Janus (Pyramids of Egypt) is the structure, AErdology is the mathematics of how that works. Ǽrdology itself is the mathematics of the AEtt spheres. Each Sphere is created by the Earths Magnetosphere pushing into side swiping, and the tail wake of the Solar Wind from the Sun interact and making a recording. An accurate record of the Electro Magnetic Wave Pulses and actions of the earth are in the wake of the planet earth orbital west.


Shemesh means time


Jerusalem; City of Time


City of the Sun (Ir ha Shemesh)

House of the Sun (Beth Shemesh) and Ôn

Shemesh solar deity in ancient Semitic Religion Religion

Shemesh; Canaanite Goddess, was the Canaanite Goddess of the Sun, Daughter of El El and Asherah






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