Janus and Memory




Janus and Memory; the rote memory could be attributed to the west face of Janus, as well as the concept of “Situational Blindness” once the West “thinking” part of the mind sets a “scene” a given situation, the west mind beings to over rite the actual observations from the east Janus mind. The west expects to see x, so that is what the east does see.

The older the human gets the more the west brain makes more and more decisions which over rite the east brains capacity to input data. The evidence is beyond obvious “back in my day”, and the ever famous “we walked 10 miles to school, bare feet, in two feet of snow, up hill, both ways, every day of the year”. Obviously, a joke based on the ridiculousness of the previous generations (Janus West face) “how hard we had it, compared to the lazy youngsters (East face) of today”. Obviously, an extreme exaggeration, but said exaggeration is clear evidence of the west face over riding the facts of the present. At least 30 comedians have said similar lines, including most of the members of Monte Python, Robin Williams, etc. This Janus psychology concept can be expanded and studied to an unbelievable amount. The nature of the east face based on a study of behavior patterns can be clearly defined, the nature of west face also. Same goes for the nurture of the east and west faces. Each has behavior patterns which can be clearly identified and clinically defined.







TR Welling