Jessy Chisholm (circa 1805 - March 4, 1868)


One of the largest Native groups to have Jews integrate over the course of the previous centuries was the Cherokee.


Jessy Chisholm was a “Half Scottish half Cherokee” how it has been reported moved “Voluntarily” with his mother to Oklahoma. Perhaps as part of the “Old 300”, or at least one of those waves.

This Scottish heritage means he know about the Tabernacle Systems of Adam working in America.

Which was also backed by his Cherokee side; which had first hand interactions with the earliest English Colonies in the North East.

Jessy worked tirelessly negotiating treaties between the Texan’s (British and French Royal Families) and other cultures; e.g. Mexico, America, Spain, Libertine French, etc.

But since the trails up the western side of Oklahoma, Kansas, etc. were cut off due to War. New trails has to be forged, Chisholm achieved those goals by making new trails farther east.


Since Moses Austin was either a Jew or a conversos, being a Jew in America and the frontier in the 1700-1800s was an automatic death sentence. No mass camps, no gas chambers, just take the Jews somewhere and kill them.

Jesse was part of many expeditions in the 1820s and 30s to explore the areas from the Rio Grande north to Wichita, Kansas then farther north to the West East Rail roads in northern Kansas.

He had goods which needed to be sent north from the Red River to the Rail heads in Kansas. So he started to work on making follow able trails.

What is not discusses is that some of those “Goods” could have been Jews.

If not his own “goods” but others were absolutely Jews who followed his Trail markers North.

Evidence for said can be easily found within various movies depicting the times. But poetic license prevents people being in the temporary arena, animals versus a variety of things.

But since few if any of the participants either survived the Civil War, and reporters were strictly forbidden. No records or legends of those events exist. The few and far between which did survive evacuated American circa 1865 and headed to France and Germany were said Anti-Semitism was welcome and encouraged.

But the facts remain.

From 1500-1850 millions of Jews contracted to be Indentured Servants from the slums of Europe were put onto ships. Sent across the Ocean and put to work. Most escaped, Centuries of these activities and Land Lords became upset that the vast majority simply ran away. They had to contract more, which took both month and time. So a better solution was to select the Natives of Niger who had a large population of Jews and instead of paying for the contract, simply hire Islamic groups in the area to capture the Nigerians and ship them to the colonies to work to death.

Millions if not 10s of millions of Jews hiding in Native communities and African communities were “Selected” “Separated” and executed for the pleasure of the crows in America.

Proving their presence before Chisholm is easy. But by 1870 the vast majority were erase from existence. Only small pockets in east coast cities were still alive.

Ride the Rails West for a few hours to a couple days, see a Rodeo. Just in time for the Trail heads to arrive with a new batch of “undesirables” to execute. For the fun and enjoyment of the spectators.







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