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This ritual and garb has not a single thing to do with Fish and everything to do with the Structure of the Tabernacle of Adam System. The System had a fountain in the center of the Towers. That fountain is symbolically represented by “The Fish” but the story of the Johan’s Wale is the same story with one word changed.

Johan’s spent three days in a System. Most likely on a ship in the middle of the Mediterranean. But since 1000 foot long hsips were beyond belief for the people of the time. They could only describe it in Whale terms. Since unless you saw the ship

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A blue Whale is 100 feet long, these ships were the inspiration for the Lake Nemi Ships. The Ship that Jonah’s was inside for days was a ship which a fully operating Tabernacle of Adam system inside of it. But the System was fully enclosed inside the Ship, so to only appeared to be a fully engulfed something of 1000 feet long.

Although this type of craft could be part of a different portion of Greek Mythology, were a “Sea Creature” grabbed some nay sayer off the beach. That could be the same ship type.


The Babylon Ritual has elements of intimacies “Whore of Babylon” to it, but the reason The Hyksos hate said ritual has nothing to do with the intimacies. It has everything to do with the Hyksos and their Rape culture. What a man wants, if he is strong enough, he takes it, and no one around is allowed to say no. If anyone says no including the object of his demands they are punished or killed.

The Whore of Babylon is not about the power of Rape, it is about the structure of sacred/divine energy which is an entirely foreign thing to The Hyksos. They take, asking is for the meek and timid.

A true strong person does not need to ask, they take and are strong enough to force everyone around o either accept the new way or be tortured till they are killed or accept the new way.


The Jesus Fish ritual is all about good, gracious, holy, consensual, and above all else divine.








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