Jewish Mysticism


Sometime after Jacob and before the Exodus this specific form of education began.

Of course the previous form did not include the word Jewish, since that is the name of Jacobís son who became the next leader of the Semitic (or Shem) people.



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Has been a vastly misunderstood portion of Judaism since day one.

It has also included a large amount of intimacies in its practice.


Futhark and Hebrew

One of the Most important things to note, the Yggdrasil people eg those that know about the Futhark and the Tree fo Life people eg those that know Jewish Mysticism aka C/K/Qubala have argued which one is better since day one.

The problem is, they are the same thing.

The Futhark fo course came first, based on the language of Hebrew. The Futhark was created first so that Hebrew Characters could be created based on the Futhark Circle Scaffolding.

The Jewish Tree of Life and Yggdrasil are the same thing.


Alister Crowley

Alester Crowley was one of the most famous end of the 1800s beginning fo the 1900s Occultists.

He founded the OTO, he also made his own Tarot deck. He also assisted in the creation of the Rider Wait Deck.

What is the most important aspect for the OTO, Jewish Mysticism, King of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba

are the following facts.

AC combined the use of sacred intimacies in his ritual work. He included actual male female penetration as part of what he did and wrote about in his ritual work.

But he did not just make that stuff up, he write many times he researched his ceremonies and recreated them from the past.











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