Jewish Rodeo’s


Define Jewish Rodeo, where Jews are the cattle and CowBoys torture the Jews in the arena till they are killed.


The Symbol for Jacobs line is the Cow or Aurox. So since vaquero derives from the Moorish Spanish in Mexico in the late 1600s early 1700s. The term means both a person skilled in working with Cattle as well as Jews who were nothing more than play things for the Spanish. Only two centuries previous the Moor’s controlled Iberia for the previous 800 years and treated the Jews almost as badly as the NAZI did.


In Mexico all bets were off regarding treatment of the Jewish Salves in their control.

As Plantation owners moved west seeking more lands and more profits, they encountered the Spanish and militant Islamic peoples in the west and in Mexico playing with their “Jews”.

It became an undocumented sport to create a “Rodeo” in the fashion of the Gladiatorial Games of the past.

From the days of Esau to present, the hatred of the Jews has not declined one small tiny bit.

The worst part is, when Esau’s culture split into those that follow Mohammed’s teachings and those that follow Abu Bakr’s teachings. They have been at war with each other since the first second the two men started to diverge from their understanding of the translation of the material they stole from Fatimah’s mother.

Although neither one saw a problem with the whole “Selling yourself to the devil to kill more Jews” as an issue. The issue was whether or not which one was the truth Prophet and which was the impostor. Mohammed thought himself the reincarnation of Esau, who thought himself the reincarnation of Adam. Abu Bakr did not see himself as the reincarnation of Esau, he saw himself as a prophet of god following the philosophy of Esau.


He hated his brother worse than the deepest bowl of hell fire. To Esau an eternity in hell was preferable to his brother being crowned King of Kings of the Tabernacle of Adam System and leading the Semitic People as a unified voice.


Ever since Esau and his line have constantly recreated the Gladiator Games to torture Jacobs line to death while profiting off the suffering. The original Human Rodeo was merely an extension of what the Esau line Romans did. which was only a modified version of what Moses built in Levant Lands. Which was only a slightly modified version of what the Hyksos/Avaris did in Egypt making the Jews perform as a slave shield wall to force them to fight and conquer to expand Esau’s empire.


The NAZI followed this exact pattern in their “Selection Process” courtesy of Schindler’s List Spielberg Movie. Nothing more than a Rodeo/Gladiator contest. Although the NAZI claimed it was “if you can work, you can stay” it was more strength of Will. Too much will power and the Jew was not a sufficient candidate for the Execution Chamber.

The Camps were about selecting fuel for the Death Chambers, using Tesla’s Stolen Wi-Fi machines to send fuel from the Camps to their Tabernacle of dam Systems to turn them on and use them as a WMD.

The NAZI were completely convinced because they were told in no uncertain terms those systems worked as a WMD because before the Civil War Confederates like Colonel Patterson from Lynden (of whatever the French name of the city was previous to his conquest of it) and Margret Hayes Davis witnessed a WMD in Manitou Frist hand. THE Weapon had been used against her father’s army in 1840, those that survived had reported directly to her when he moved to the original capital of Texas Manitou.

The Rodeo was a selection process, to find good fuel, and make the not yet fuel work themselves to just before death be good fuel.





TR Welling