Jewish Slave Shield Wall



The art and practice of using Jews by Esauís descendants as a portable and very disposable army to use and genocide whenever they want.


Every time Esauís descendants come to power they by default start to look for Jews to capture and put into slavery.

Because their economy simply does not function without the use of slavery.


Both slaves in the army and slaves in the fields.


The primary amount of evidence regarding the descendants of Esau are the Hyksos and then the Islamic cultures. Islamic is why the slave triangle trade happened in the first place.

The Muslims wanted to seek out and kill the Jews hiding in both the native populations of Africa and America. But since said operation is expensive they captured and put the natives to work as slaves so they could have sufficient profits to seek out and kill the Jews.

Because the Jews knew flat out the deepest secrets of Christianity. The Crucifixion took place in Rome, Caligula was the first Christian Emperor. The Lake Nemi Ships are a Tabernacle of Adam System.


Why is this information to deadly impornat to erase, because the rage Esau has felt since day one is that he had been denied by god the ability to access the Tabernacle of Adam System and use it to assist in the Weave of time. The System is a tool for the divine, not a weapon to destroy your enemies with.

Esauís descendants have no idea how to operate anything without turning it into a weapon.


To seek revenge against god and his brother Jacob. Esau in that cultures concept ďsold his soul to the devilĒ in order to send a fallen to kill his brother the new Israel.

But Jacob survived and went onto not only unite his people the Israelites but also to work with the Tabernacle of Adam system, rebuilding the system which used to Exist in Egypt on the West side of the Nile between Giza and Sakkara. Once finished, the descendants of his brother the Hyksos came a calling and needed to erase Jacobs full and complete printing of the original story of Genesis.

But upon arriving in Egypt, not a single Hyksos could find the books or the structure from which it was written in.

Their rage became manifest in the Jewish slave shield wall they created and sent into conquer Levant, then the Anatolia peninsula, then of course the Aegean.

The Aegean to conquer the Jewish refugees who knew they were coming and evacuated Egypt for the Aegean. Esauí descendants simply had to find the systems and either control them or destroy them. Since Esauís line will not hesitate for a second to kill anyone who gets in their way, they are sure once Jacob line has their hands on a System and make it work the weapon will be used instantly against them. So they have to hit first and hard to prevent their own destruction.

The slavery is to both support themselves and to constantly interrogate the Jews to find out what they know about the System.








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