Joseph Smith Journey to Immortality


In the beginning

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God flew over the Waters. To make water requires 2 parts Hydrogen = earth. 1 part Oxygen = air. Catalyst of fire to combine the two into water. Flew as in the motion between the three in order to produce a structure inside the Ætt. Which is the very next part. Separate the heavens from the earth. The first sentences of the Bible/Torah are the construction of an Ætt. The word on the blade of Enoch was three letters one repeats, the blade of Enoch was given to Enoch by his Grandfather Adam. Which was either a copy of or the blade Adam used in the Garden in order to achieve the goals of his job. Adam’s job was to be a steward in the Garden of Eden and to be a proper steward with all the things in the Garden.


The Riddle of the Sphinx

“what walks on four legs, two legs, and three legs”

The answer is Man. As in God made Man in his image.

Provided the assumption that Joseph smith was given secret knowledge about the Structure and ancient history of Monotheism, he would have been instructed about the three steps of Ætts of the walk of man.

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The first Ætt is about the adventures before divine revelations. Adam was a man before he was “breathe” into becoming a Human with a soul.

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The second Ætt is the actions Adam did while in the Garden performing his duties as Steward over the land and all its inhabitance.

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Third Ætt is the walk after leaving the garden.

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The Khafre Pyramid


Directly to the West of the Sphinx is the Khafre Pyramid Which is due south by a few hundred yards from the Great Pyramid of Khufu/Cheops.

The three Ætts of the Walk of Adam, also an illustration of the Three Ætts of the Walk of Joseph Smith.

Joseph Smith performed a similar walk to Adam.

Smith’s fall from Grace was at Carthage Illinois. Where he was more than willing to literally go to war in order to protect what was his. Which is and was entirely against the rules of his faith. Strict and conscious Non-Violence is the first and most important rule.

The Ætts of Joseph Smith’s life are the following.

From birth to age 16; where he worked in the spiritualist community in order to achieve the technical knowhow needed in order to achieve goals in his second Ætt.

His second Ætt age 16 to 39, were to find the plates, translate them, and found the Church of Mormon. His work with the Missionaries and in Colorado laid the foundation for his work in his third Ætt. This third Ætt had Smith traveling from southern Missouri all but due West (Sphinx to Khafre) to Colorado and working with the British and French Royal families in Manitou.

The third Ætt was from 39-? As he walked the path of an apostle of Christ.

Holy Roman Empire Library

The Library of the Holy Roman Empire was open to the public circa 1806. Just seven month 14 days after Joseph Smith was born.

Joseph and the Multi-Colored Dream Coat, the 12th son of Jacob was given the Cloak and became the Heir to being the next Israel. But his brother Judah hated this concept as much of Esau hated his brother Jacob. Judah sold his brother to their uncle Esau to remove him from being part of the line of succession. Uncle Esau was all to happy to accept as a slave his nephew. But Esau did not live in Egypt, nor was he allowed to live in Egypt. He was allowed to live in his kingdom of Mecca. Almost all the actions done from the moment Joseph was sold took place in Mecca. Anything and everything Joseph did took place in Mecca.

The Holy Roman Empire contained information which had been collected since the first libraries. Wilhem Wundt foundn books about the stuyrf of the mind and brain function and transltead a book about said. Ironically at alsmto the same time. Although Wilhelm Wundt would not be born till 1832, just 12 years before the execution order for Smith. Wundt spent his childhood in said library, fiding and traslanting the materials he found into the first modern book about psychology. Wundt and Smith both gained access to an ancient library and translated ancient material into a modern language.

The Martyrdom at Carthage

The person Martyred was Hiram Smith not Joseph. Joseph’s body guard/body double was killed not Joseph. Which is remarkably similar to the story of John the Baptist, which more than a few legends and religious documents state that John and Jesus were close cousins; close cousins and brothers is a similar enough for the Martyrdom issue to be a consistent variable. By the time news reached Joseph Smith it was months later.  It took him a while to travel with a new name and entirely different close from Carthage Illinois down the river system to Missouri, then west using the river systems and the planes to cross Kansas. He could not use Idaho and Nebraska to cross into Colorado, that was impossible. Too many early white settlers, and military units moving through those areas.

Starting with the headwaters of the Mississippi in 1490, progressing slowly south in 1840 there were various Islamic plantations in existence in Nebraska and northern Kansas, using the Missouri as a secondary water source. The Plantations have to get their crops to market, they have to import new slaves. They have to have a way to dispose of the Jews they find. Consequently Joseph Smith could not head west by west south to Colorado. He had to head south first, then at around Carthage Missouri which is directly north east of Joplin Missouri  head straight west to the Arkansas River. Once at the Arkansas River head to Manitou Colorado. He had to avoid almost everyone but specific native allied tribes.

“The lord god commanded Joseph to leave for the Rocky Mountains aka Colorado”

Joseph was not in the habit of ignoring a flat out command. So when given a command, Joseph would have flat out obeyed without the smallest of questions back.

The question would only be “my lord, when” not if, not what do I take with me. Flat out; When.

The answer might have been  very close to “drop everything and leave, right that very second”

“Joseph followed(, left out of the original notes. That comma indicates Joseph Followed the orders. While his brother Hyrum/John the Baptist) Hyrum a few minutes later after bidding a tearful farewell to his family. Inside the Mansion House,” Joseph left after a tearful farewell, the very next paragraph. Confusion because Joseph ordered his body guard to become him, so at this point all references to Joseph/The Prophet are in direct regards to the Body Guard/Body double.

Which is not outside the realm of possibilities, since a similar command was given to “St Francis of Assisi” when he was ordered to drop everything and walk directly out of the city literally nude. Frances is the Pharaoh name of a Pope and the fact that Frances himself underwent the Stigmata.

Frances needed to literally cut all ties to his former life and forge a brand new path.

With all the trials and issues surrounding the journey of Joseph Smith when he was guided to the Plates by god, at age 16. For 38 years Smith did his best to walk the path. But the lord does not give extremely difficult tasks without a third Ætt path later, which is much easier.

His first 16 years were a struggle with starvation and being a spiritualist among fanatical great awakening followers. People who would be more than happy to be violent against anyone who questioned their authority. Up to and including murder.

First Ætt of Joseph Smiths life; 1-16 normal life

Second Ætt of Smiths life, from 16-39 to found and let go of his LDS church. Let Brigham run the church.

Third Ætt of Smith’s life. Travel alone from Carthage following the river system first south, then west through southern Kansas to the Arkansas River. Following the Arkansas River to Colorado. Then North West to Manitou Springs Colorado.

June 22, 1844

Joseph Smith’s journey into Colorado (although not called that till the mid to late-1850s) in June 22, 1844 was a very interesting journey. Five days later his brother Hiram (like John the Baptist) would be Martyred (like Jesus) and body guard would be dead. He at most would be around Carthage Missouri, by the time he reached Manitou. The word would have spread far and wide regarding his Martyrdom. Making it impossible to come out of hiding and present to the world “The Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” The orders from the lord were specific, blend into society and take on this other job. A job he had done very successfully since around 1825, give or take. The next job was to assist the British and French still in Colorado with an evacuation; they were to blend into the Mormon settlers streaming west along the northern Colorado southern Wyoming boarder headed to Salt Lake City. But at the turn south portion headed to the City of Salt Lake, they needed to continue heading North West. Depending on timeframe, Joseph could have headed south using the Rio Grande and out to the Gulf of Mexico. Headed to Northern Ireland.

One possible reason the Lord did not allow a Mormon Settlement in Texas was the extremely likelihood they would be genocided by any number of enemies in Texas. Sam Houston was a FreeMason, the British and French Royal families were FreeMasons (the British founded FreeMasonry, not the English. The English stole FreeMasonry in the early to middle 1600s; forming the Grand Lodge of England, but gave homage to the British using extremely similar initials UGLE, since the family who founded FreeMasonry were the Ogle family.), and Joseph Smith was a FreeMason. Three FreeMason’s working together. Which would be an extreme reason why Sam Huston allowed a Mormon Settlement. But there was a major problem, that being the facts surrounding the evacuating Confederates and the Islamic business partners. They might have wanted to travel through those areas, but could not stop themselves from harassing and or outright killing the Mormons for questioning the theological authority of either the great Awakening movement or worse militant Islam. “death to all who insult Islam” has been a rally  cry since well before Mohammed regarding both Mohammed and the Koran. Although it was called something else previous to the name Koran.

The Journey consisted of Joseph Smith traveling with in basic only the clothes on his back. And an order to his friends and companions, not only do not follow me, but I am no longer here. Whatever happens you have to carry on as if I am among you. You have to carry on and treat my body guard/body double as if he is me. You have to swear to all mighty god you will never tell when I left or that he is me. You can hint about it, but entirely coded. So only those paying very close attention will be able to see the code and be able to understand it. Hence the “leave for Colorado”, then “tearful goodbye”, the violence the body guard performed, and of course the other body guard diving under a bed instead of standing between the aggressor and Joseph Smith. In several previous engagements, Elder Richards who dove under the bed for safety not only did not dive for cover, he put himself between the violence and Joseph Smith. Four strong aspects coded to provide evidence Smith was no longer present, he had left to travel to Colorado.

“Brother Richards,” the Prophet asked, “if we go into the cell, will you go in with us?”

“Brother Joseph,” Elder Richards answered, “you did not ask me to cross the river with you—you did not ask me to come to Carthage—you did not ask me to come to jail with you—and do you think I would forsake you now? But I will tell you what I will do; if you are condemned to be hung for treason, I will be hung in your stead, and you shall go free.” Martyrdom at Carthage.  All those times placing himself in front of Joseph Smith, this time he dove under a bed, took a mattress around himself. Strongly pointing to the body guard was present not Joseph Smith.

With that and the clothes on his back, Joseph Smith headed west following the river systems primarily out of Carthage.

The new task was part of the old path and tasks which Joseph had been secretly engaged with since the early 1820s. Very shortly after or possibly before he found the plates, he was contacted by the British Royal family. They had a task they needed him to achieve. They needed him to travel as far west as he could under the cover of creating a new religion “Mormonism” and to work with a group of Clandestinely trained individuals (one would eventually be joined by his brother Samuel, Samuel  would eventually become this groups leader, the group would take on the name missionary. All subsequent missionaries have a long and proud clandestine tradition, stemming from helping the French and British Royal families evacuate out of Colorado for first Castle Bellingham and then Northern Ireland and Eastern Europe) under direct orders from  Joseph Smith to travel to Colorado then called Rocky Mountain. Secure the British and French Royal families and escort them out of the area to safety. The Libertine French and the American government wanted them found and killed as quickly as possible. The more covertly the better.

Joseph Smith June 23, 1844 had a strong idea where he was going. The events of the 1820s and 30s presented him with a huge amount of information and Knowledge regarding how sacred and holy his actions with the Royal British and French had been.


The order and clandestine missions.

The British and French Royal family’s had literally become trapped behind enemy lines. Although the native tribes were for the most part allies of the British, had been allies for centuries. The English and Americans were not only not allies, they were perceived by the French and British Royal families as about as hard target a threat and enemy as possible. Since the English and Americans enjoyed killing Natives for sport, the body counts regarding the Americans killing natives in America makes the holocaust look like nothing in comparison. 50 to 150 million natives killed by English and Americans. The world mostly thanked the Americans for said removal process, which is one reason the Third Reich were so surprised they were not being thanked and celebrated.

The 1820s saw the rise of another wave of a concerted effort to remove the natives from being a problem. But the natives were not just natives; the natives were a combination of Africans, Jews, and Natives. Which means the three would need to be identified, separated, and dealt with accordingly.

The Jews would be killed, the natives would be placed in reservations, and the Africans would be returned to slavery. This is also the beginning of the Trail of Tears circa 1836. The trail of tears did not start in the 1830s and did not stop in the 1840s. Although the vast movement did occur in 1838, several occurred previous and  post. The separation process took some time.

A decade 1844, Joseph Smith had a very small window north of the Trail of Tears and south of the white settlers attempting to make their way west.  A very small window. He was under the strictest orders to have contact with almost not a single person minus a select handful of natives and a few stragglers who would not tell anyone they encountered some guy on the way. They would interact with each other, but no details of their pasts would be exchanged.

Around the same time Joseph Smith is interacting with the Amber Plates, he is contacted by the British Royal family who contract with him to aid and assist their war efforts against the Great Awakening Groups, the Militant Islamic groups, the Libertine French, the Americans, Spanish, Mexicans, etc.. In Rocky Mountain they need supplies, support, the wounded out of the area, etc. Smith is contracted and paid a large amount of money to send his most loyal and those he can trust to the depth of his soul to Colorado  as Missionaries to help.

From 1820-1844, the clandestine missions from Mormon safezones to Colorado had been occurring. But they did draw a huge amount of criticism and violence from those in genocidal opposition to the Royal British and French presence in general.

It was these missions which Joseph and Oliver orchestrated with the Ogle family in Tiffin in order to locate pockets of British and French in Colorado and escort them to safety is what caused the most amount of problem in 1844 which led to charges of treason. The real reason was Mormon’s were providing aid and comfort to the enemy, the public reason were host of other issues. Having a private army, insisting riots, etc. but the real reason was actively engaging in violence against the Plantation System. Said plantation system was primarily a Dutch, Militant Islamic, English, Spanish, etc. cultures attempts at continue to have their version of the Garden of Eden. With out the negatives of the Tabernacle of Adam System which would literally kill the Lord of the Manner over time.

The French and British Royal Family

In the 1600s the French King Louis XIV in partnership with his allies the British had been working diligently for the previous century to maintain a trade route across the Atlantic to the Americas, using the river system in America to cross the continent. Building several large cities down the Columbia River as both shipping hubs as well as shipyards to build ships to take cargo from the mouth of the Columbia west to the orient. And from the Orient east to the Mouth of the Columbia. Once in the Columbia, take smaller Long ships east to various Rivers in the east coast. Then sail across the Atlantic to Northumberland and France. Which provided huge amounts of income for the French and British crowns. Which pay in part for the construction of Versailles.

By the end of the 1600s and most of the 1700s the British and French Royal families had built a nice sequence of kingdoms in America. Building a sequence of fall back Castle systems. For when the English and other enemies did arrive there would be another Castle system to fall back to. The Militant Islamic cultures started to follow circa 1490; the English took to the middle of the 1550’s. The Spanish attempted to, but could not bring enough military resources to bear to  be a threat to Colorado.

In 1800 Napoleon of France would not tolerate questioning of his authority to be emperor of France. So he attempted to send troops to crush the Bourbon family in exile. His efforts failed, one because he did not travel with, two because he did not understand naval warfare, three because he sent troops with bad commanders. The entire mission to destroy the Bourbon family was erased because his troops lost so badly. He did not take defeat well.

Napoleon could not sent troops but he could pay for troops to be sent to have the family destroyed. Which would also explain why Napoleon sold New France and Louisiana to America for an extremely reasonable price. Napoleon offered such a low price in order for both sides to know as a matter of the hardest fact what the reason for the same was but to the rest of the world entirely clandestine. The British and French royal families were an extreme hard target threat in all ways to both the Libertine French and the Americans.

The only real way to remove the threat was to sent military  units to the area and destroy all traces. The military units were being sent north through Ohio, Illinois, Nebraska in order to drop down from the north of Manitou following the front range as to not be as easily spotted coming from the east and be seen from 20 miles out from the top of Pikes Peak. Hard evidence for said military units and military actions were the founding and naming of Pikes Peak, first Zebulon Pike in July 15, 1806 and then Edwin P. James in 1820. The Wars in Colorado raged from 1800-1860.

The British in the East had hired several people to go in with military units to escort any remaining pockets of British and French civilians out. Reinforcements in and civilians out. Some of the civilians were too stubborn to leave, thinking as late as the 1840s the British and French kingdom could rally and win. But that was not to be.

Republic of Texas

Andrew Jackson was a Plantation man through and through (earth to air, fire into water, the Ætt of the creation of the universe). He was also extremely anti-Semitic. He was strong allies and business partners with both the Barbary Coast Militant Islamic cultures as well as good friends with the pockets of Islamic plantation owners in both the south and the west side of the Great Lakes. He is a hero only because the overwhelming majority of his life has been kept secret. He in effect was a business partner with Al-Qaida. Who Thomas Jefferson only a few years previous went to war with; the Battle of Tripoli.

In the 1600s the French King Louis XIV knew that France would eventually fall to the French Libertine forces.  The movement was not a matter of if it was going to take over, but when. He attempted to teach his son and grandson the value of keeping an eye on them and keeping their power in check, but he failed to teach them properly. His grandson King Louis XV was a rank incompetent at keeping the Libertine in check, he imprisoned and tortured them to make them compliant. Starved the populations into submission. His descendants paid the price for the grandfathers incompetence. He lost the throne in France. Was forced into exile America. evidence for said can be found in the Poem and song “America the Beautiful” which was inspired by and partially composed on top of Pikes Peak. Interesting enough Katharine Lee Bates was a lesbian but followed Victorian and Edwardian rules of social order. She lived with her partner for 25 years, till the partners death. Around that same time another lesbian couple lived together in the Pickett House formerly Castle Ogle in Bellingham Washington. That Castle was fought over and eventually give up to the Americans in 1850, just 10 years after Joseph Smith assisted in the evacuation of pockets of British and French Royal family members to evacuate out of Old Colorado city to Bellingham Washington State. The electro-magnetic pull of a working Tabernacle System attracts people to specific locations who have internally specific types waves and frequencies. The Antlers Hotel is where Katharine Lee Bates was staying while she taught her class as Colorado  College, w which was established in 1874. Although the buildings were already in existence, and the library associated almost forced the creation of a college. All the buildings and library were seized from the British and French families. Hence the need for Smith to come in and help those present to understand they were fighting a losing battle. The Antlers was part of a working Tabernacle of Adam System, which is very likely were Joseph Smith was able to either gain immortality  and or was invited to go straight to heaven with his body, like Enoch.

But from 1790-1810 the French Bourbon Family in exile in Colorado, only to be followed and actively engaged in War. The Libertines felt it was their duty to find and destroy the Bourbon Family, and any allies that got in their way. The only solution was the genocide of the entire family. Leaving not a single person alive from the Bourbon Family.

The Formulation of the State of Texas can  be perceived as a distinct and direct proportion of these actions. The French and British hired the military and settlers to come to defend the southern portion of the Rio Grande in order to create a larger buffer zone between the forces hired by Napoleon III and Old Colorado City. Several of the key early Texan’s their families had been loyal to the French and British courts in generations previous. Texas could have been created as a way for a shield wall to be built to prevent the 1830s attacks on Colorado to occur as easily. Which would make the Alamo a Castle, not just a fortification. Since the Alamo was both a Catholic Mission and under the directive of the British and French Royal families. That makes the Alamo a Castle. But the Americans would not accept anything even close to said as a reality. Destroying anything and all even close to said as a matter of fact/course.

Oui and Ouija

St Frances was named to honor the country of France. The Country of France and the British Royal family were in Colorado in 1830 in exile. The electro-magnetics in the physics of the Ouija and the word Oui in French are absolutely connected. Which means the Oui in French is literally a direct reflection of the Electro-Magnetics sciences found in both the Tabernacle of Adam Systems and the Ouija. Add to those facts the concepts that replace the Planchette of the Ouija with a Square and Compass’s over a Holy Bible, in a working FreeMasonic Lodge which is consecrated ground was literally part of the ceremony but edited out by religious fanatics in the early to middle 1800s. Immediately after opening, the chaplain and the Marshal are at the alter, no reason they both could not touch the square and compasses Planchette.

The Arm of Napoleon III

Napoleon III would not stand for even a hint of anything close to a threat to his power. He sent troops and adjusted the maps so everyone knew beyond a doubt that the Bourbon Family in exile were under his military domination.

This is extremely fascinating, since the 1840 Texas’s shape stretched up to Old Colorado City.

Texas Colorado City 

Mormons In Texas

In early 1844 Smith sent Elder William C. Steffey  to Texas as an envoy to ask permission from Sam Houston if he could set up a church and area for Mormons to live. Houston agreed.

A few weeks later Smith sent Lucien Woodworth to establish a church and layout the grounds for a new Capital City e.g. Salt Lake City in Texas. Assuming the area would be better in most aspects than Illinois. But these plans were put on permanent hold June 25, 1844. Brigham Young chose not to follow through on any aspects of the work Smith created in the last six months he was associated with the Mormon Church. Young wanted to be in essence Sam Huston of Utah, not under the thumb of Sam Houston in Texas. But Young did not know the reasons why Smith wanted to build a capital city for Mormons in Texas.

Joseph’s Last Supper

Between June 21-22 Joseph Smith after spending time with his friends and limited family, he was ordered to leave instantly. Which is extremely similar to the actions and behavior patterns of Jesus at the Last Supper.

What is also similar about Joseph and Jesus at that exact time, Joseph had to perform virtually the same exact action Jesus had to. Not only did he have to die, but he also had to give up most connections to the past. Jesus had to leave the area of Jerusalem and make this way to Rome. Joseph had to make his way south from Illinois using the river system to Missouri. But like all Pharaohs and Popes, Jesus had to surrendered his name and accept a new one. Which is similar to the actions and re-actions done by Jacob.

Jacob after leaving his family and brother in Mecca. Jacob was about to be named the King of Kings of the Tabernacle of Adam Systems; this enraged his brother Esau to a point of psychotic homicidal rage. Not only after Jacob left to return to Egypt and his kingdom of Israel. Esau performed his claiming ceremony which would later be called “The Hajj” were at the end of said ceremony Esau sent a fallen to hunt down and hurt Jacob.


Journey to Immortality

Joseph Smith proved to be a beyond valuable person to the lord regarding his orders to Smith to help out the British and French in Colorado all ways possible. The strong and substantial evidence that the British and French Royal Families were in Manitou Colorado circa 1830 is the infrastructure they  left behind. The infrastructure which in large part still exists but has been close to entirely covered up erased due in no small effort to the English and Americans who came to the area circa 1857. They immediately began to erase all traces of previous infrastructure, but were unable to completely erase everything.

Smith had spent the previous six months working to relocate his Church out of Illinois and to Texas. He was about to order part of his followers to travel to Texas and the rest to Colorado. But Brigham Young had other ideas.

The second June 22, 1844 happened all plans which Joseph Smith put into place were immediately halted and reviewed by those who claimed to take over the church. Years of infighting led to power struggles the church is still working through in the present.

This was no longer a problem or an issue for Smith; he had his own tasks to achieve. Tasks which did not include any connection or communication with his former life. His family and friends would have to walk their own paths, he had his own new path to forge.

The Next part of the adventure of Joseph Smith was as a Pioneer Adventurer who had to make his living and journey different than the previous decades of his life.

He also had to take on the responsibility of a spiritual path. That path included a journey close to that of Jesus’s 40 days and 40 nights of in effect working through his own personal “Stigmata.” He had to put himself through walking the path of good while being attacked by darkness. On his journey from darkness to light, the bad things he had done. The bad things done in his name. the bad things which would be done in his name. In basic sins of the world he spent those days wondering from the great plains west of the Mississippi into the semi-arid desert of western Kansas and Colorado. joseph smith book 3The area of cross over between the white life circle and the black death circle is the valley of the shadow of death.

If this has any credibility, Joseph Smith’s Journey would have been in the shape of Pertho.  This symbol means how to apply that which the individual has built.

Smith used the river system to head to Carthage Missouri. Why travel several hundred miles south east then west to Carthage into Joplin Missouri unless that was the ordered plan.

Why Carthage Missouri, because it is a good place north of Texas in order to start making his way west but avoiding almost all English and Libertine French settlers. He was very likely dressed in buckskins and or clothing entirely different than the clothes he was used to wearing. His clothes and appearance were designed to entirely not be similar in any way to what everyone would recognize.

He also grew a large beard.

The northern portion of Kansas was used by English settlers looking for Gold, killing natives, and buffalo. The southern portion of Kansas was an area he could slip through without much notice.



The Planchette,

SD JD together at the Alter.

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Now the issue becomes the Queen of Sheba in the Lodge.



The Trojan War

What in the world could the Trojan War have to do with the immortanlity of Joseph Smith. The events took place on different continents, separated by two three entire millennia between the events. With a couple centuries added. But the events are more connected than are separated.

By legend the British Royal family are direct descendants from King Priam of Troy’s Cousin Aeneas who was given the command once the news spread that Agamemnon was rounding up a new army to bring to the shores of Troy. To either use the Trojan Army as his own person, to conquer more lands, or kill ever last Trojan male in the city. His secondary objective was to find and use the Trojan Tabernacle of Adam System to both make himself Immortal, but also to destroy all his enemies.



The history of both the British and the Parisii are from in basic the same source.

The name Parisii is very likely from the same source which King Priam and Hecuba named their second son Paris, brother of Hector. The Oldest son is named and trained to be in charge of the Army to take over as the next King of the City, country. But the second son is trained as an academic, to be eventually in charge of the library. Aeneas was in charge of the Tabernacle of Adam System maintenance, the physical plant of the city and the Temple structures.

The librarian contained the most valuable of information. That information had to be dismantled and transported out of the reach of the Dorians. Agamemnon wanted to both kill Trojans as well as seize control over the Tabernacle of Adam, system but he made the usual fatal error. The mistake was not understanding how the tool worked. The tool is a tool not a weapon. When the weapon is used wrong, the weapon will based on the power generated by the structure itself either est lobotomize the operator or worse electrocute portions of the body, turning healthy cells necrotic. A large enough volume of necrotic tissue will not be able to be safely disposed of by the biochemical immune system, will start to decay. Corrupting the system, the healthy cells around will begin to die and turn necrotic as well. Not long after necrosis will start to decay themselves. Turning a healthy biosynthesis system against itself and end the lifecycle of the body itself. The only solution is to remove the necrotic tissue before it can turn the biosynthesis against itself.

This is of the most key and serious of issues since because the founding of the LDS church has its roots in the Trojan War. The Trojans versus the Dorian/Avrais. Their descendants are who wanted Joseph Smith killed, partially because he was a direct and hard target threat against the Dorian/Avaris interests as well as being a strong supporter of the British and French Royal families.

The Trojan War was fought initially on two fronts, infront of the city of Troy  (although ti was not called that, that is a deep and intense insult most descendants of Esau use against the Jews.) and on the planes between the city of Genesis/Seven Hills and Alba Longa. Centuries later Genesis/The Seven Hills fell and was renamed Rome, to honor the commanding general Romulus.

When the city of Troy’s walls were finally breached and Ageememnon was finally able to assend to sit on the Throne of Troy. He specifically ordered the city not to be destroyed. Which is why he only sent in his most trusted and loyal to ensure the city would be captured virtually intect. The units which followed were tasked with some clean up of the remaining populations but mostly to put out fires. To keep the city all but entirely intact.

Agemponeon wanted to rule the city as its new Pharaoh. Which obviously menas he no longer used the name Agemonone, he used his new Pharoahnic names.

After the City of Troy fell, this is an extrmeley long and complex story all by itself. The Trojans for the most part had already evacuated. For the previous decade had in small protected pockets been evacuating out of the Aegean to Italy. The Knight order created to safely evacuate the Trojans out of Troy to Alba Longa would be used again to  shuttle pilgrims to and from Jerusalem two millennia later.

Upon arriving in Alba Longa and Genesis/Seven Hills, the Trojans continued their culture all but entirely unrestricted. Till the Dorians and Avaris found a way to follow. As small pockets of Dorians and Avaris arrived, they were  mostly dealt with and dispatched quickly. In this case very quickly. Patrols were set up around Italy to find Dorians and Avaris who followed from Troy and Egypt in order to not allow a small number to  sneek around the either attack or worse.

Worse would be to report back to the Aegean, and them to rally more troops and arrive in Italy with a huge number of ships and men. which owudl be difficult to not allow them to have a foothold. That foothold would be close to impossible to dispatch.

The foothold would open up a new front in the War. One front at Troy, one front at Alba Longa. The two fronts were eventually created, which means the survivors would have done the same thing. Sent out the most precious portionos of the populations to live in an area so far removed from the happenings in the Mediterranean that the Dorians and Avaris would not be able to follow. That location had been preset up by the 18th Amarna Egyptian Dynasty under the orders of Ahkenaten. He ordered his eight children to form their own kingdoms far away in order to preserve the happenings agn goings on of the 18th  Amarna dysnsty. He was bound and destermiedn to ensure h is culture would continue to surfive.

18th Egyptian Amarna Dynasty

So he sent his six daughters out to form their own kingdoms. He left his crippled and meek some Tutenkamun to rule Egypt after he died. A death in battle was about as honorable a death as is possible within the realm of being a King/Pharaoh. But crippled and sickly, he was not going to live long enough for most thigns. So Tut’s father knew he was sentencing his son to an early grave, but for the tiem and a combat oriented culture, at least it would be an honorable battle death with a weapon in his hand facing an enemy. What he did not count on was his son falling off his chariot in battle and dying 10 days later from disease.

Amenhotep iv AhkenATEN chose to instead of killing every last warrior in Avaris, when it became clear they were raising money, weapons, training soldiers, etc. to instead let them rise up and not murder them. God has very specific rules regarding Murder “thall shalt not kill”, only in self defense. But by the time the Avaris were going to advance and attack many on both sides of the shield wall were going to be killed.

Egyptian Mythology and Joseph Smith

Egyptian mythology explicitly describes the concept of resurrection. But the process can only be done inside a working Tabernacle of Adam System tool. The tool can never be used as a weapon.

Use the tool as a weapon and the toll will do irreparable damage to both the individual ad nteh culture.