Joseph Smith aka x Journey After Leaving the LDS


 Immediately upon leaving Smith had to perform several tasks.

Smith since the 1820s had been singing those of his supporters to “Old Colorado City” to build an LDS community their. Away from most anyone who would bother them.

At the time that location was the original Capital of Texas.

So when he lenared he needed to leave June 1844, he knew exactly where he needed to head. He needed to head directly to “Old Colroado city”. But he did nto kwon he had a few tasks before he could arrive, and then a serious amount of tasks after.


First task was to in all hard reality, he had to stop using his given name.

His name was so connected to his church that it was unmistakable.

Second, he had to also change his look.

He had to drop all his close; almost exactly like St Frances of Assisi and take on cloths the lord provided.

He had a much greater task ahead of him than just a little bit of messing around with a church which had become a cancer infested with corrupting influences of Young and his mental illnesses.


Within 12 hours Smith we no more, and a new man emerged. As he continued south towards the river. He had enough money to purchase new cloths, a ticket on a vessel traveling the few miles south to what would become the southern border of Missouri and the norther border of Arkansas.


Where he would have to continue to skirt the border between Ok and Kansas with the aim of avoiding as many population zones as possible. Interacting with some friendly native tribes was ok, but those loyal to the English, Mexicans, etc. was strictly prohibited in all ways.


The aim was a city which would be renamed in about 15 years to Old Colorado City. But it had the name “Rocky Mountain: for the previous several decades.

It was part of the 1849 gold strike, which did not occur for another 5 entire years.

Pikes Peak of Bust, Rocky Mountain sat at the foot of Pikes Peak.

The names were confusing so it was changed, and all previous property lands, records, and holdings became null and void. All the people who lived and paid for the lands previous were given either eviction notices or had to pay new land lords for ands they already owned but the paper was worthless.

Texas had entirely disavowed they knew anything about that 1000-mile-long army the previous year they were still bragging about.


Smith made his way from the Mississippi Due west. Along the southern boarder of Missouri and Kansas and the northern border of Arkansas and the Ok territory.

But his travels were not in a straight line. He needed assistance, an occasional horse, and more than few of the miles were on foot.

But arrived at his given destination he did.

But at his given destination was not the destination he intended.

His destination was an epic battle between h himself and a demon. Almost exactly like the battle Jacob had to fight against the demon Esau sent. In this case Young sent a demon to kill off smith since he knew smith survived the assassination.


Smith survived the battle over the demon but it changed him. He also took on the name Israel.


That battle is described in Smith and Jacob become Israel.

Continuing, the next Israel journeys to his destination.

He is given further tasks.

Which include assisting the French and British in Manitou to evacuate to Bellingham WA.

Smith through intermediaries sends word to send missionaries to x, y, z locations. Through his superiors, the Ogle family. The Ogles of tiffin relay his information to Oliver who relays the information to his family.


Once in Bellingham, the new Israel takes his group he had been sending to Old Colorado City to Bellingham. A few years later he is followed by Captain George Picket and his 1000s of unscripted men and they start “The Pig War”.

The city of Bellingham was only a respite as the French and British made their way back to Ireland to wait for the time they could rise again. As their ancestors had 1000 years previous when they were exiled from Britain by the Pictish circa 680 ce.


After arriving in Bellingham, new Israel was ordered to be on the first ships bound for Ireland.

Although they used the ancient family trade route.

Down to the Columbia, up the Columbia to its headwaters, over the continental divide, down the Missouri, up the Mississippi, to the great lakes, through the great lakes to Beaver Island, then straight east to Ireland.


Why not head straight to Canada only about 200 miles north (at the time) because about 10 armies sat between Castle Bellingham and Canada. Best to go around.

Once in Ireland, new Israel began work on his next books.

Mormon ii

















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