Joseph Smith and History of the Plates

why did Smith place the Kirtland temple were he did. In most of the writings we (the world has) evidence to an extreme to the mm placement of associated building. What is not discussed is why the buildings are placed the way they are, built the way they are.

Smith had direct, long standing, and of course first hand interactions with the Ogle family. The Ogle Family had direct connections and knowledge of the first still in existence printing of the book of Genesis. At least portions of it. The book of Genesis is literally printed in the Architecture of the Pyramids of Egypt.

The Plates which the book or Mormon supposedly came from makes zero difference if that story is true or now. Literally zero.

The only thing which is important is the hidden archaeological code buried in the construction of the Temples. If this code is in the Mormon Temples than the plates have more credibility, if the code is not present, than the opposite is true.

The Pyramids use the same construction parameters as the rest of the Megaliths eg Stonehenge

I said I though deep

the bible states that when Terah invaded Eridu, he conquered that ziggurat, and took possession of "golden plates"

no kidding.

a battle which followed Terah and his oldest son were killed in combat

giving those places with "Extremely advanced" information on them to the oldest surviving son Abraham.

circa 2600 bce.

after the bible described plates were taken out of Eridu and the Sumerian cultures possession. hence the continued battles.

Abraham directed his culture into Egypt.

where from 2600 bce for the next 500 years teh Jews stayed and build the Pyramids.

marvels of science centuries beyond what we are capable of doing in the present

it would take modern science about 200 years to built Khufu the way we hypothesis it would. all the evidence points to it took 8 years. which means placing a block every few seconds

which to move that many blocks into place by drawgging them would have taken the majority of the planets population to achieve

so that is obviously pure fantasy

what technology was on those plates?

were the Abraham/Eridu Ziggurat plates the same or similar to the Smith Plates?

I found a long lost lds temple in Colorado

constructed started circa 1830 possibly earlier and building was obliterated 1859


why were the plates hidden twice? the answer to that question is close to why the original Capital of Texas Temple and its entire community was obliterated. Why have a 1000 mile long arm which cuts through Manitou but stop a few miles south of were Denver would be in two years? Unless that is the Original Capital. It also had tons of gold in Ruxton creek. Three of the most important questions to the formulation of the church, and only a few care. That community in Manitou is more important than Kirtland.


exactly why did Smith ignore "Smith eave this area immediately. drop everything and leave" about a week before june 22, 1844. if he did drop everything and leave did the person murdered was that his body double/body guard? Manitou currently Colorado was called in 1830s Rocky Mountain. So we know were he was going. Why go to Manitou?



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