Joseph Smith and the first Capital of Texas

The actual first Capital of Texas was Manitou in what is now the State of Colorado. The Area of Colorado had a population profound higher than most of the entire area of Texas. Manitou Springs Colorado had a population in 1810 in the 10,000s if not pushing 100,000. That is more white settlers in the area than in the majority of Texas north to St Louis.

Being a FreeMason of good standing in several lodges I can tell you that their is a missing portion of the opening and closing ceremonies which directly involve or at least did previous to around 1840 some type of Ouija actions when two or three of the floor walkers gather at the alter. One directly touches a type of planchette, with another man within a few feet. if both touch that is the technical format for Omhs law, or Ouija. Add an intimate step with a female touching the planchette also and you have ouija and sex magic occurring at the same time. is the rumors/legends/stories of said in the earliest church records?

Joseph Smith Turned to Magic

In the journey of Smith’s exploration of his time as a FreeMason he began to explore the history and rituals of FreeMasonry. Hoping to use some aspects of FreeMasonic Rituals to flesh out his new religion. Which for a while worked till he found rituals which scared most of his flock to a point only those most loyal and the most dedicated to the path would be interested in learning about.

There is a portion of FreeMasonic rituals which is entirely about two specific aspects of the start and finish of a FreeMasonic Rite. When the Chaplin and the Marshall are at the altar with possibly the JW. With the JW conducting his business at the altar, what would happen if the tools were touched by both the JW and the Chaplin. The physics of Ouija are not only present but would be difficult to not work.

The planchette would be the tools, and the board being the Holy bible itself. Which metaphorically is sitting on a chest which contains the ark of the covenant.

Once news started to spread about the inner rituals of Ouija of Mormonism, the reaction would have been as violent and immediate as the Protestant religious people could have performed. This ritual for the Great Awakening Movement followers (which B.Y. was a strong born and raised as) would be close to the absolute definition of devil worship. Evil almost incarnate. Summoning a demon within the framework of an entrusted FreeMasonic ritual borrowed for the purpose of using Ouija as a two way radio directly to god. Little could be a larger threat to the Great Awakening followers. They would perceive said ritual in a Mormon Church as not only devil worship but literally summoning a demon. For a demon would be close to the only thing which they could associate with who could be moving the Planchette, or the combined Square and Compass’s.

Although not unheard of since the mythology and legends surrounding the building of King Solomon’s Temple, there are stories that he summoned demons and harness their power in order to cut, move, and shape the largest rocks used. Stones such as the Western or “Wailing Wall”.

The Violence of the 1830s and early 1840s.

Shortly after Joseph Smith was made a FreeMason on site, he started to dive directly into the foundations and formations of FreeMasonry itself.

First he found out that the UGLE was not the first formulation of FreeMasonry. The late 1600s early 1700s formulation of FreeMasonry came as the direct result of the conquests of the English Government over the British Government by the Tudor family specifically Henry VIII.

As a result of the English Government forcing the “Northern Kingdom” to either convert to Anglicanism or die, the vast majority of the British specifically the core of the British Culture simply chose to evacuate out of their lands e.g. Northumberland/Northumbria and to the Americas. Setting up new Kingdoms in America readying themselves for when the English could follow knowing the English did not have the Naval skills or shipwright ability from 1400-the very late 1600s e.g. 1680 to follow the British across the Atlantic. The British never lost their ability to sail the Ocean blue. From ancient Egypt to the point their culture was obliterate by close to half a millennia of continuous War with a dozen enemies they never lost their abilities for circumnavigation. But not matter how technically advanced the British were, constant onslaught from enemies on all sides will eventually destroy the entire culture. Which is what occurred from 1790-1890.

The British were possessed several key cities in American which they treated as “Their last stand” those cities by a sequence of cultures were slowly and eventually destroyed. As their battles with the English Crown in Britain the British were forced to evacuate out of Britain they were also eventually forced to evacuate out of the Americas to Northern Ireland. Setting off a continuation of Wars which the Irish people were caught up in and eventually themselves turned into an armed resistance against the English for attacking the Irish for what the English saw as harboring the British. The English Government from the time of the Stewart chose to obliterated all traces of the British culture. In the late 1800s early 1900s they for the most part succeeded.

Requesting permission of Sam Huston

Smith had been ordered at least that is what he told everyone to set what would become known as “Salt Lake City” in Colorado. Although Colorado would not be called that for a few decades. It was known as Rocky Mountain from the late 1700s to the point it was claimed by Texas. Then reclaimed by Kansas. Then reclaimed by Colorado. Each time it was claimed/reclaimed was for the primary reason the huge population in Manitou which the politicians could claim x people, but then not count them as citizens. Since they were both British and French not Americans. Body counted to qualify to be a state/territory but when it came to actual rights as citizens sorry unless you renounce all claims to other cultures and become Americans you do not count at all as anything other than enemies of the state.


Receiving permission from Sam Houston

Joseph Smith knew full well that the people of Illinois, Ohio, etc. had come to an end to their patients when it comes to the applications of the LDS members and their rituals. In the late 1830s early 1840s in some places it was socially acceptable to opening stack and kill a Mormon because to the Great Awakening Groups the Mormons were literally devil worshipers. “Thall shalt not suffer a witch to live” became the motto and the law simply looked the other way. Other than not publicizing their executions the Great Awakening movement riveled the inquisition in killings. The Reformation was not about stopping the killings but switching who would be killed by whom. The Protestants wanted to perform the killings and torturing, they were as it appears by the evidence jealous of the Vatican having all the fun dispatching the “Evil Doers”.

So the avoid being center stage of being the intended victims of the continued wave of executing Mormons, Smith wanted to take his flock to Manitou Colorado in order to try and mount a holy defense against the intrusions of the Great Awakening Followers. Who were so sure they were acting according to the will of god murder was part of their game plan.

FreeMason Smith to FreeMason Sam Houston, Smith started years previous to 1844 negotiating with Sam Houston in order to begin the process of asking permission to come into Texas to create a Mormon City. Houston Agreed. Providing lands in what could be called Colorado City. Which would account for why every single Trace of evidence regarding said action was obliterated less than 12 years later.

One of the primary reason the history of Colorado is so vague and misleading is because of the French and British Royal families intentional seeking them out and erasing them and all impacts they had. Minus the quarried stones they had built into their buildings. Those were reused to build the foundations of most of the major buildings in Old Colorado city and Colorado Springs in the coming decades. More than a century of quarried stones done in less than 20 years. Most of the buildings from said quarried stones were from previous Royal buildings.

The Events from 1840-June 22 1844 specifically concerning Mormonism and Texas are beyond fascinating.


First the last documented evidence previous to the night in question of his supposed assassination/martyrdom was he was headed to Rocky Mountain aka Colorado (although Colorado the state would not be named that for another 14 years circa 1859, in a few years it would be called Kansas for about a decade). The night of June 22, Smith claimed to have been ordered by the Lord to leave Illinois that very second to avoid bad things from occurring next. Since Smith was not in the habit of ignoring a direct and imminent order from the lord, he would have evacuated out of the area virtually that very minute. Stopping literally only to find out if he could take travel supplies with him or did he need to literally leave that very second with the cloths on his back.

Either way he was ordered to leave. So with a final order to his brother and his body guard/body double he left to follow the river system south. Then upon arriving close to the city of Carthage Kansas headed due west. Following the path of southern Kansas northern Oklahoma. That was the safest and most secure route he could take in order to arrive in Rocky Mountain aka Manitou Colorado in both short order as well as to avoid any possible encounters with any other white settlers making their way west. There were so many enemies around he had to travel the definition of carefully in order to avoid encountering anyone but native tribes.

upon arriving in Colorado he learned that B.Y. had orchestrated a Coupe De tant and seized control over his church. Changing the location of the future capital city from Colorado to Utah.

He and some of his most loyal did travel to Manitou but were ordered by the Lord to not only not start another church, but to help the French and British Royal family evacuate out of Colorado and to the Pacific North West.

French Royal family in exile

This is where the story of Joseph Smith becomes truly and frighteningly difficult to follow. The church he created became corrupted and was being run not for the good or the lord but the same thing occurred to the Mormon Church that has occurred to the Vatican. Paul corrupted the Catholic church from Simon Peter, B.Y. corrupted the Mormon Church from Joseph Smith. Realizing how bad his actions were on his death bed, B.Y. attempted to apologize to both smith and to the lord but he died with about as heavy a heart as is possible. His arrogance, egotism, and pure need to control and turn the Mormon church into this version instead of what the church was supposed to be was more than he could resist. Power and control were too tempting so he became a cancer and did bad actions. Smith was ordered by the Lord to not only step away but be a help to the Royal families who needed his help to evacuate out of Colorado/Texas following devastating wars which had been taking place since 1799.

The Wars in Colorado/Texas


The British Royal Family

Shortly after the future King Henry the VIII was born, the Vatican finally allowed one of the petitioners to cross the Atlantic to proceed. Not because they wanted to, but because they received a threat from the Barbary Coast Militant Islamic culture that if the Vatican kept a stranglehold on West bound ships and shipping that they would take their several million man army and invade Rome itself. Since the Vatican and Militant Islam had been battling against the only army capable of defeating the Ottoman army hoards in the previous decades, the Vatican won against the British knights and several of their Knight orders which included the Knights Templar. That victory against the Templers allowed the Ottoman Empire to rise up and become a threat. Forcing the Vatican to allow the Ottoman empire to spread to the New World. Which the Vatican attempted to follow but it took centuries to achieve in mass numbers. Which too little too late was, the Vatican never was able to obtain a strong foothold in the new world. A great deal of Mexico and south  American is still Catholic to this day, but they never possessed a strong military force. The Spanish and the Spanish Catholic church was the strongest voice. The Spanish Church is a different entity to the Vatican. Although they are strongly tied together, they operate under a different command and control center. The pope is still the leader, but the Spanish crown and the Spanish government are a stronger voice and paid attention to much more than the Pope.

From 1492-1830 enumerable conflicts and Wars which were entirely clandestine and no records of said were created let along exist between all the powers that be. Those Wars were long, drawn out, bloody, disgusting, and above all not documented. The Winners had less than no interest at all in documenting the Crimes against humanity they had committed. The losers were not only dead but most of their cultures were obliterate so their were no voices to contradict the winners claims said Wars did not exist period.

From the War of the Roses which was a sequence of Wars which were the result of the jocking for position after the 100 years war 1350-1450, the War of the Roses started before the end of the 100 years war.

Those two wars were fought between several different English and British families fighting both internally and each other to find out who would be king of kings of Britain. Unfortunately the families who won were entirely illiquip to lead and were replaced in relatively short order.

Lancaster, York, Tudor, and Stuart, than of course Oliver Cromwell, restoration of the monarchy, Windsor.

As the Wars were raging in Britain, the core of the British family began to again evacuate out of Britain, having just arrived a few decades to a few centuries previous circa 1066 with the Norseman Conquest or more accurately retaking the country of Britain back by the British. Conquering the Pictish culture. Which was one of the targets from the War of the Roses, the Pictish kept trying to resieze control over by making allegiances with former allies and new families. Most of their efforts failed. Their efforts failed because the different Pictish descendants kept fighting against themselves as much as they were fighting both enemies and the British.

The British had been conquered in the middle 700s, and forced into exile.

Forced into exile again between 1300-1650, the British were for the second time in less than a millennia forced to leave their ancestral home of face genocide by their most ancient foe. The foe name changes constantly but the core is still the same, seek and destroy the enemies of the Hyksos.

Excaping to America, knowing full well that

Manitou Colorado


Castle Bellingham