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Joseph of Arimathea 3/2/2013 08:12:26


A possible Roman citizen; he was on the counsel. Making him a guaranteed Roman citizen. Making all close blood relatives also Roman citizens.

Making his parents, siblings, siblings children, his children all roman citizens. They would have had to literally denounce in writing their roman citizenship to not be citizens.

Making Jesus Christ A Roman citizen. Possible even making Joseph mary husband a roman citizen.

Although the definition of Roman citizen, is vastly different than most assume


Joseph of Arimathea after the crucifixion traveled to the UK by legend. This legend is partially accurate based on the evidence Joseph was a high ranking Roman citizen diplomat.

Why Joseph traveled to Glastonbury abbey and dropped various materials from the crucifixion off is an unknown.

Joseph had material from the crucifixion. Joseph could have been related to either the Ogles, and or Guinevere.


Although it is possible; the material was moved during the pics revolt from Northumberland to summerset.


Several other pieces of Arthurian legends were also most likely taken from Northumberland to summerset.

Summerset; has a three part name, summer would be high noon midsummer. Which would point to both amber summer and vertical. Set points to a specific location, set/area of brace.


Since Rome was founded partly by Esau and Jacob line descendants.


Which could make him either from the Ptolemaic family..



Or Joseph could have been a Full roman citizen. Meaning his family owned substantial property in both Rome itself and outlying areas.


This would explain the majority of the extreme inconsistencies in the entire nativity and crucifixion stories. Jesus was a relative of the Roman Empire. Which would not make his a citizen; but a close relative of a honored citizen.


The evidence as to what Joseph and his family did or could have done is almost impossible to a point of view regarding several major miracles.

But if Joseph was a Roman citizen; most of the really difficult portions would be easy.



Idea one joseph of arimathea was Longinus; a nasty little bit of to do to force his uncle to execute him by pilot. Also satisfying one more lump of insult and degradation for the Esau line philistines.


Another idea is the spear came to Rome through alba longa. But could it encountered Zerubbabel on its way?

Would have had to leave Rome to travel to the middle east fist. (where it could have been broken or at least partially broken). Then sharpen down to a long spear.


But could joseph have been the one carrying the spear?



Ref; tracking the spear from Northumberland back to Jerusalem.

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Back from troy to Jacobís line in the middle east


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Back some descendant of Jacob.