Julian Calendar


1 January 45 BC (709 AUC)


The Julian calendar was not implemented till he had been dead by at least 32 years. It was not implemented till 30 years into Augustus time as emperor.



Then he could implement his control over Egypt; since he was not the true and full pharaoh of Egypt. Although now simply a province of the Roman empire. Although during his time it was common knowledge that Greece and Rome were merely provinces of the greater Egyptian empire.


That in truth the power of Egypt has simply moved capitals since 3200 b.c.e. or more appropriately 3800 b.c.e.


They simply move the capital where the power is currently. Almost same schema, same or similar sociological structure, similar governmental structure, similar almost all aspects, etc.


Thus creating at least three solid reasons why the Julian calendar was implemented when it was. The year the last pharaoh of Egypt died; allowing Rome full dominion over Egypt.


Which happens to be similar to the year when Jesus Christ was born. which would also give rise to why Christ was such an impressive threat to the entire Roman and Egyptian empires.

It is possible the laws of the time; that Jesus could have made a claim for the right of secession to the Roman Empire Throne itself. He could have definitely make a claim to the Roman Republic Throne.


He was born at least partially the heir to be the next Pharaoh of Egypt. In truth Jesus was born the pharaoh of Egypt.