Julius Caesar


Caesars life is an amazing adventure.

The life and times of Julius Caesar are something difficult to understand.

The Senate since the humiliating defeat at the hands of the Carthaginians forced the Senate to seek revenge against the original inhabitance of the city; which were almost exclusively made up of Jews.

Among the jewish families’ who stayed after the conquest date of 753 b.c.e. were the Julii and Lucius Family’s.

Both Jews, both powerful, rich, possessed their own armies, vast amounts of lands inside Rome Proper, and politically influential.

Both were also strongly connected to the temple of Jupiter on the Capelatine Hill.


Both family’s were too strong to kick out, destroy, or erase from existence. But to try and lower their influence over Rome and the Senate; the Senate chose to impose they family’s fight a war between each other. They were pitted into a civil war against each other. Of that civil war Caesar’s father was killed, if it was a member of the Lucius family or a senate assassination is an unknown. but if the families stopped fighting and killing each other, they senate would start to assassinate random members of the family’s till they continued to fight.

This occurred over the course of decades.


The Senate was starting to assume the legends of the Messiah were not only true but were about to come true.

Also those legends required the application of insider help. Strong and powerful Roman's were going to have to assist the life of the Jewish Messiah. the Best two candidates for said assistance were the Julii and the Lucia family’s.

So instead of allowing things to progress as normal, the Senate chose to get in the way and prevent their loss of power by figuring out a way in which those two families would obliterated each other.


Their efforts just like the Dorian culture the Roman’s are descendants from, backfired. Their efforts led directly to the development of the Christian Messiah and not away from it.

The gathered evidenced is rather compelling that the Messiah was a descendant at least on his mothers side from Julius Caesar himself.

His daughters daughter being the Virgin Mary is not outside the realm of a hypothesis.


They could not unify; the senate kept them too busy.

As a child the head of the Lucius family advised the Julii family to send Young Caesar to the temple of Jupiter to train to be a priest.

The temple itself was taken by the Dorians and turned into something else. The temple of Jupiter was not originally dedicated to him, it was originally dedicated as one of the legs of the Capitoline Hill Tabernacle systems.

Now the next question is, exactly what temple structure was the Capetline Hill designed to be a copy of the Pyramids of Egypt.


In the Anatolia peninsula Caesar finished and fully converted to Judaism and trained as a Rabbi. in order to be able to work with the Tabernacle of Adam Systems. One of those systems in was in the Temple of Jupiter on the Capatelin Hill. He was tasked with learning and to be the high priest of that temple to prepare for when he could work with the System. the Senate wanted this because Caesar would then be under the direct command and control of the senate.

What they did not count on was his creating a coupe detant and taking over the Roman Empire to become Emperor.

The whole point was to control him, instead he controlled them.

Which was more than a little angering for them.



Upon his return to Rome, he was given an immediate legion to control and a task to go sack Ga’al. Hoping he would be killed in Combat.


The Jew Julius Caesar expanded the Roman Empire exponentially in preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ.


His task was to absorb the Jewish communities and obliterate the old Hyksos/Dorian/Avaris and other Esau based cultures in Europe.

He did so with excellence.


All in preparation or the birth of his Great grandson Jesus Christ.

Although no evidence exists regarding this concept. there is more evidence toward this theory than all the other hypothesis combined.


Document fact the Roman's Lied about most things.

Fact the Senate lied about any and all things which embarrassed them.

Fact and hard fact at that; Octavian/Augustus himself hated his family and worked from his teenage years to his last breathe to erase all that his great uncle(adopted father) did. Including his “Evil” Stepmother Cleopatra.

The fact that Cleopatra was never captured by the Roman's is one of the empires most fervent humiliating and embarrassing events. Cleopatra and Caesar had a prearranged marriage possibly before the two were born. Absolutely after they were born and their true characters began to shin through.


Even though Caesar was years older, the two being mated was an absolutely nessessary thing. Their children would go on to do miraculous things.









TR Welling