Kaaba Megalith


I theorize there is either a wooden dolman inside Kaaba or a at least one arched megalithic structure similar to the Arch de Triumph. Very very likely both.

Megalith/Dolman on the ground floor,

An Arch on the second; similar to the Arch in the Queens chamber.

And on the Third Some type of Amber Room.

The Dolmen on first represents the Four Trees of Creation.

The Arch represents the Trunk and branches of those trees forming together of their branches. Similar to Image result for 4 way arch, the base where the four ways meet would be the collection of branches and leaves making up the Weave of Time. Image result for roman vault Each Pillar reaching the ground is one of the Trees of Creation.

Image result for st aug fl covered street St Augustine Florida Magnolia drive. Weaving together of the Branches which is remarkably similar to the Jesus Fish of the James the Brother of Jesus Ossuary


The Kaaba on its foundation has a “Black Stone”,

That Black Stone is several things all at the same time.

“Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Fairest One of All”. which is a direct references to Snow White since she very likely the Granddaughter of Mohammed. Her mother Fatimah was the Daughter of Mohammed and a British Princess.

Interesting would be if this hypothesis has any grain of truth, that would make Cleopatra and Julius Caesar both part of the Ancestors of Jesu and Mohammed. It is stated that Cleopatra had Flame Red Hair, Sky blue eyes, alabaster irony skin, pushing 6 feet tall if not an inch or two above. But that is hard to have an accurate account of since she was never without her personal guards in Italy. She was always either being carried (Hyperborean Style) or she was in large elevated platforms. So her exact height would have only been known to a few. Caesar her husband and Emperor of Rome was actually very tall for a Roman, he was 5’7” which is ironic since that is how tall Napoleon was 1800 years later. Caesar was a strapping man taller than the crowd around him, while Napoleon was considered short, and several inches shorter than the average for the men around him.

What does this matter to the Kaaba, the “black Stone” based on how much trouble Fatimah and her Children Caused over the course of the 600 c.e. century, plenty.

Fatimah and her father Mohammed were beyond sure that they had the only truth message and path of and to god. They had less than no problem killing anyone who got in their way.

After Fatimah’s heath in Rome, courtesy of the British Army following her back to Rome and fighting a grand fight inside The Tabernacle System of Lake Nemi. The battle did not last long, other than the fact the towers were obliterated in the process.

Her children were ferried away shortly before he left Britain for Rome. Her Children went East toward Germany through Paris, and she to Paris but then headed south towards Rome. Which angered Abu Bakr to the point of mass psychosis. He would stop at nothing to find and kill her.

But this took another six entire decades to follow her to Paris. His descendants were in charge of destroying Paris. But fortune they did not arrive, being all but entirely obligated before they arrived at Paris. But the facts of some type of Electro magnetics information was left behind in Paris does carry forward to a millennia later when the French could finally start working in their Magnetic Levitation experiments again.

Try as they might, the Muslims will not figure out that they are fighting on the wrong side.

They have had direct and persona access to the Kaaba for the last 4500 years, for the most part solidly. But in 4500 years they have not been able to make the system work. The several hundred other systems they had have managed to make work have themselves also not worked and or they work but give the Muslims Electric Shock Therapy. Sometimes just a little shock, sometimes a partial lobotomy, and other times flat death.

Which are the same results as of the Tower of babel. No matter how many times Terahs philosophy has been used, it does not work.

After close to 5000 years, of abject failure. Esau’s line would give up and allow Jacob's line to turn on the systems and held the world and the species improve. But alas refusal to give up and continue to lie, cheat, murder, covet, etc. over and over again is the best solution.









TR Welling