Orbital East,

Orbital West


The Kabbalah itself is in part born out of the issues regarding the Exodus.

The Exodus is entirely political spin; written by Moses the Hyksos. Moses and his family line worked very hard to destroy every aspect of what Judaism was before he was born. He wanted Judaism to reflect the morals, ethics, teachings, philosophy, etc. of Esau and his Hyksos. The Hyksos had tried several times previous to destroy the Jews, but their efforts had mostly failed. This time they had a different plan. This time they were going to destroy any and all records of what Judaism was previous and of course kill every  scholar who had any knowledge whatsoever of anything to do with Judaism previous to the Trojan War.

The Trojan War and the associated Exodus set up the secrets of what the Hebrew wanted to destroy. When things become illegal, there is an entire network of things which become open. So instead of allowing ancient Jewish knowledge to be lost/destroyed; the Jews simply did what they have done enumerable times in the past, they go underground and make their knowledge “Secret”. Creating secret organizations which are formed to keep the secrets alive for another generation till the Tyrants are conquered and or they die off. It usually takes between 200 and 1000 years before the ancient knowledge can come back from the violence of tyrants. The secret times are called “Dark Ages” because the Tyrants have one and one only enemy; knowledge they cannot control. Hence the reforming of ancient original Judaism into the Kabbalah.


10 Sephirot

However most of original Judaism has been a consistent target of rage, hatred, and crimes against humanity only solidly for 3300 years. Only a few breaks for a few years, to a few dozen years each about a dozen times from the end of the Trojan War to present. Although if the Muslims and of course the followers of the Evil Priest Paul have their way, the world will be heading into another Dark Ages starting with America circa 2020 ce.

The Kabbalah in this shape is close to the exact shape of the Earth’s Magnetosphere as the Magnetosphere itself it created by the Earths Electro-Magnetic Sphere. The Structure is the earths Electro-Magnetic Sphere pushing into the Suns Solar Wind. The Solar Wind and the Earths Electro-Magnetic Sphere merge together; leaving an Electro-Magnetic wake behind the planet earth orbital west.

In a similar shape, the Ark of the Covenant is in effect designed to reflect the same Solar Wind wrapped around the Planet. The Wings are the Solar Wind.

 The Ark of the Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant was created out of what remained of both the Tablets god created to write the laws for the Tribe on and what remained of the Golden Calf.

The History and concepts of the Golden Calf itself is long, detailed, and very inappropriate. A huge amount of Genocide from the descendants of Esau (his cultural descendants include the Hyksos and the Avaris, among enumerable others) delivered upon the Jews.


https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/2/2b/Ark_of_the_Covenant_19th-century.png/220px-Ark_of_the_Covenant_19th-century.pngImage result for ark of the covenant


This connects the Ark to Time Travel

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Orbital East

The Future, as the earth travels orbital east in its orbital path. That is the future.


Orbital West

The Past is an Electro-Magnetic Wave and Particles collection “or” recording of the Solar Wind and the Earths Magnetosphere; combining together to leave a permanent Electro-Magnetic for lack of a better description “Mark” or “Wave” orbital West.


Now based on these concepts, it could be possible to gain access to exact Electro-Magnetic sequences from the past in the Wake and in effect “Travel” in some way, shape, or form to those past events specific to the Wake of the Earth’s Orbital West recording/wake.


It would also be possible to create an Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope to read the wake from the past in order to find out information from the past.


The Sun puts out the Solar Wind

The Solar Wind comes directly from the Sun

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The Wake is identifiable and readable

The Earths Magnetosphere is identifiable

The Solar Wind from the Sun to the rest of the Universe. The Electro-Magnetic waves particles etc. work exactly the same as the Synapses in the Brain. Presents evidence that Each Star communicates with all of the other Stars. It just takes a while for the information to reach the other Stars. Obviously the farther away the less they communicate.











TR Welling