King Louis XVI


Born August 23, 1754- ?

The mythical propaganda he was executed in 1792 had no basis in fact, evidence, reality, or rules of acceptable royal order. It is pure fiction, with less than zero basis in fact, other than the events in New France dictate to the strongest degree the French Royal Court Joined forces with the British Royal Court in Exile in Manitou Colorado.

This mythology was supported by the Spanish, Dutch, and of course the English Royal courts who also wanted the French Royal Court destroyed.

But June 20th it is possible King Louis XVI died at the age of 89 in Whatcom County WA state and a new military leader was needed. Preparations had already begun to follow the descendants of the Royals in Manitou who evacuated to Castle Ogle in what is now Bellingham WA. A commander which Captain Picket would later release of command and take over his position at Castle Bellingham renamed to Fort Bellingham.

From 1792-1805 the royals in Manitou lived a very nice and happy life.

Good negotiations with the natives, excellent gold to rebuild the treasury, and of course sufficient time to rebuild a Tabernacle of Adam System capable of defending the area for the next millennia.

All finished by 1810.

But there was a problem, the Dauphin was still not yet old enough as a teenager to actually command his forces. He had too much of his fatherís less than strong will and his motherís not that diplomatic skills. He was not a military man, plus he was still a teenager. He was born in 1885; making him only 15 at 1800. He was 20 by the time the libertine French sold his lands of New France to America. America wanted to kill the French and British just as much as the other world countries did.

By the time he was an adult of 21 Louis Charlies had seen more horror and bad behavior in the last 16 years than most battle hardened soldiers see in an entire career. His 50 the 60 year old father was not the target of assassination, he was. The Mexico, Spanish, Dutch, American, and English governments all wanted him killed in a beastly and fast manner. Dying slowly on a pike works just as well as on any other torture to death device. Once on the machine, death is assured from infection is nothing else. Just as long as the threat to the Libertine French Government and strong allie of the other countries was dead, that is all they cared about. His close cousin and body double would live his very short life in prison and lie within a few years. Knowing how difficult the War was going to be, his father had relationships with a cousin of Maryís so that they would look the same but be a body double. Most body doubles have a really nice life. E.g. the base of the story the truth of the childhood of the man in the iron mask. He was a royal body double for that king. But after he was no longer needed his identity became an issue. The King having relations with a close cousin of his wife to ensure a solid body double.AS long as the body double does not grow up and be either insane or do stupid things, it all works great.

Exile and harsh conditions living in the Palace in Bancroft Park Old Colorado City did not help. He did not have it in him to be strong enough to not be crushed by the violence around him.

The British for the most part had started to send their forces to Bellingham to secure that area for a Royal stay.

But within a few years they had themselves already started to face conflicts which were going to grow into huge and substantial Wars from 1810-1860.

King in Exile Louis was not up to the task, he hid for the most part behind his stronger wife (but she was more hardened by life than a good diplomatic leader. She had a temper but not real steel backbone). She took her directions from the British who were strong, battle hardened, and of course used to Armageddon type Wars.

The British culture itself began as them being exiles from the city of Troy.


The British exiled out of Troy, then out of Alba Longa/Samhain/, then were forced to leave for Northumberland, then were forced to evacuate to Normandy, came back and reclaimed their British lands from 1066-1550 when they were exiled again, exiled to their cities and areas in America, slowly over the next two centuries lost every major city they controlled from 1600 to 1805. Being pushed farther and farther west till they arrived in Bellingham with the French Royals in tow.


The British made the decisions while the French court of Louis XVI simply and mostly followed along.


At some point Louis started to become close to death so evacuating him out of the battle was the only nice thing to do. Louis is most likely buried or at least was buried till his grave was violated and his body destroyed in a crematory courtesy of Picket or his grave is still intact hidden in Whatcom county somewhere around Lynden WA.


The rest of the family from his survivors Mary Antoinette etc. eventually were forced to evacuate to Northern Ireland. Where the English were seriously not happy in the least and attacked Northern Ireland with all due harshness for the next century to find and erase the French Royal family. Although what is really interesting is that Northern Ireland does not belong to the English. It has always belonged to the British. So that area it is entirely impossible for the English government to give Northern Ireland back since they do not own it.

Which is why the British evacuated to Northern Ireland in 1830. To hopefully ensure some small pocket of the British and French culture could survive in Northern Ireland.


This relates to Joseph Smith since they needed a Battle field commander with the ability to listen to the lord and do as commanded. Smith was that cover their exit commander.







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