King Solomonís Temple


The Grandson of King David built this temple

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This temple was constructed as an exact replica of the Temple of Tyre, which has direct connections with the Temple of Apollo Troy. But the Trojans themselves were literally Jewish. The Temple of Apollo Troy was itself a copy of the Temple of Egypt in Memphis. The Temple in Memphis was later used by the Ionians as a clue to track backwards to the original Temple design.


The Temple of Apollos at Troy was a Tabernacle of Adam System. which directly connects the FreeMasons to the City of Troy. Since the Tabernacle of Adam System at Troy as much as the 1330 Trojans under the command of King Priam could dismantle and move the Tabernacle of Adam system out of Troy and to someplace Safer.

That place ended up being first Alba Longa through Tyre, and then to Northumberland. Forming the base of the Temple structure at NewCastle Northumberland.

Northumberland the location were the Roman Army was destroyed from the moment Caesar stepped foot on Britain to literally the last day of the Roman Empire. The Romans took this defeat very badly, losing almost constantly at The Wall. That they turned their attention to the Middle East and destroyed the city of Jerusalem. Dismantling the Tabernacle of Solomon well the Temple of Zerubbabel and have every single rock moved from Jerusalem to Rome. Reassembling the Temple of Zerubbabel into the Coliseum. Sacrificing Jews in the rebuilt/remodeled temple of Zerubbabel aka the Coliseum became a specific favorite of those Christians devoted to Paul. They enjoyed watching Simon Peter devotees being sacrificed to the glory of Memphis.

The actual Temple of Solomon had suffered the same fate 500 years before; every single block minus the western wall was taken apart and eventually shipped to Rome.

Ever wonder why the Vatican is centered in Rome and Not Jerusalem, the Romans had about 10 different Tabernacle of Adam Systems dismantled from their original or at least that point in history original homes, shipped to Rome, reassembled, then attempted to make them work.













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