King Solomons Circuit Board


Based on the evidence left by those who had access to what the pre-Zerubbabel Temple of Solomonís Temple looked like.

Caligula, the city of Heliopolis, Fr Francolon,etc.

The Temple was more than likely a circuit board, a very long and complex circuit board.


A 100 or more foot tall building entirely wired for electgricty. in part, its operation was to have open electricity flowing around the place.

The other buildings which did not contant the Amber Room would have appeared to be similar to Dr Franksensteins Laboratory.

It would have made noise, appeared to move around, and would be extremely frightening. The buildings of the Tabernacle of Adam System, when the machine was on and operating at 100000 of amps could and or would have been the definition of terror to anyone who did not understand electricity.

It would be similar to walking into teslaís laboratory when his Tower was on.

The uneducated masses would have reacted with closer to pure militant violence.

Thor Killing the Giants; could be a mythological association with one of the tasks of the Aesier when they were closer associated with their ancient cousins the Hyksos/Dorians (about as anti-Jewish as possible, surpassing the NAZI by millions of executions and of course millennia of fiding and killing Jews) in the Middle East/Levant Lands.

The Giants could be those electro magnetics towers.







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