King Solomon’s Mines

I can statistically prove the mother language of Hebrew is the Futhark

The Futhark is a calendar

That is a hard fact, no doubt


Physically, tangibly, hard reality.

every letter has a tunnel/straw/mine below it

where the metal is, is 7 specific random letters,

below every letter is a tube

Every tube has a structure/shape/ and associated meanings!


Although King Solomon’s Temple is directly associated with “King Solomon’s Mines” which was made into a fictional story in the middle to late 1800s.

The Mines are directly associated with gold/amber, the Queen of Sheba, the  wisdom of Solomon.



Having a thought about King Solomon’s mines

As in "where is the gold?

Last time I checked "money is the root of all evil" so obviously god does not value gold

he owns it all, so what does god need gold for.

knowledge is what god values.



behind every single Hebrew letter is a Cave/Mine/Tunnel/Straw, etc. structure where the sun is the center and the earth creates the walls. The earth literally creates the Walls by being in a Gravity structure which the Ancient Nordic People designed a Calendar to explain it. That Calendar is literally a Map of time. The numbers of the map can easily be translated from numbers into letters. Letters into words, each word has meanings. Which means that the structure of time itself has a translatable language.

The Elder Futhark Calendar is not only a map of time it is the structure of how time and language work. The structure of time “The Tunnels/Mines/Tubes/etc.” is also a language and mathematics. An extremely complex set of information.

King Solomon’s Mines


Inside King Solomon’s Mines.


The Jacob’s Ladder/Staircase. The Same Staircase which is directly connected to and associated with the Masonic Middle Chamber Staircase.

Although only three of the Mines are depicted in the graphic, each of the Letters is its own Mine.




Futhark Hebrew Time Tunnel


The Queen of Sheba and a long lost ceremony inside a stated communication of a FreeMasonic lodge. As far it is possible to decrypt centuries old Masonic Rituals, around the same time “King Solomon’s Mines” books were being written these Specific FreeMasonic Rituals which partially included the descriptions for the Queen of Sheba’s floor work inside a Lodge were being edited out. It is almost like the stories were a way for the British to leave a secret as to what the ritual was directly connected to a FreeMasonic Lodge, the Queen of Sheba, and of course a long forgotten ritual edited out circa 1800s from both American and United Grand Lodge of England. The Edited out ritual occurs at the top and bottom of each Stated, where the Marshal and Senior Deacon are at the Alter at the same time. The Queen of Sheba portion





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