King of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba


A portion of the King Solomon’s Temple ceremony which has been edited out was before the ceremonies which are associated with the current rites. King Solomon under supervision of the Architect and of course the Queen of Sheba did a pre-dedication ceremony.

Leaving that Ceremony, the architect had to undergo his Noah Ceremony where he was ceremonially executed at each of the 3 primary gates of the Temple.

His body was taken to the inner sanctum sanatorium where Hiram completed his meditation with the divine and used the electricity from the “pre-ceremony” between King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba to “come back”, with any message from the lord.

This is also written in the Stages of the Cross, where Jesus on this path interacted with three separate female groups on this way to be crucified.

A single female who gave him a cloth to wipe his face.

A group of females before the river

A group of females after the river. That second group might very well have been Cumaean Sybils.

If correct, the Sybil’s have been lying for 1900 years about those actions. As well as their betrayal, away from their Jacob order and embracing the philosophy of Esau with Fatimah.


It is these ceremonies Allister Crowley recreated in his OTO.

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This is not out of nothing, Esau and his followers did produce borrow said later to be called Jewish intimacy ceremonies to perform them in the Kaaba.  How else to summon a demon to go kill his brother Jacob on his way back to Egypt/Israel.



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