Language Matrix Translations




The Language built into the Futhark structure is based on the Ǽtt. The Ǽtt itself is a multi-dimensional concept which is best illustrated by a careful observation of genesis 1:1-4

1 In the beginning god (center) created the heavens (up) and the earth (down).

2 Now the earth was formless and empty (a sphere) darkness was over the surface of the deep, 

and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

(To hover over the waters requires water. Water; 2 parts hydrogen {earth}, 1 part oxygen {air}, catalyst to combine the molecules {Fire}, to create water. Earth south/back, Air north/forward, Fire east/right, Water west/left

This is of course according to the overwhelming majority of the orientation of Egyptian Hieroglyphics, specifically the Narmer Passport. Narmer is facing north.


You have

1.     Center

2.     Up

3.     Down

4.     Left

5.     Right

6.     Back

7.     Forward

8.     Destination

This structure allows for the application of how to go about taking the Hebrew words in the matrix of the Futhark Calendar and begin to translate them into some type of Linear Sequence.


Each Linear Sequence is dominant at its time. Example at the time of writing, it is April 25, 2018. Right now the dominant aspect of the Solctices and Equnoxes is Maybon or mayday. Which is only a few days ago. On May 1 Maybone will be dominant, and its letters will be dominant.

Easter just one fixed point back will be back one step. Oriented to the fixed point of Polaris. Observing Polaris means that the Ǽtt is oriented to Polaris, since that orientation is a fixed point for our solar system, not just our planet.

The directions of north, south, east, west are fixed points for the planet itself.


The Equinoxes and Solcticees are fixed points the planet passes through on its way around the sun.

Measure too and from fixed points is the key to unlocking the secrets of this language matrix.


June 22 mid summer is the next fixed point. which means it is forward by one. August 2 is forward by 2. September is forward by 3, October is middle and least influencial of the fixed points. Yule is back by 3, imbulc is back by 2, and easter is back by 1.


That is one way to orient the structure of the language present.  











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