Leonardo Da Vinci



April 15, 1452, Anchiano, Italy - May 2, 1519, Clos Lucé, Amboise, France

·     The Life and times of Leonardo Da Vinci

o  Leonardo’s life was almost the absolute definition of a complex story. The number of things he did which were clandestine and or so secret they are still secrets more than 499 years after his supposed death it is unreal.

o  He was so smart he was a master of about a dozen differnet subjects. But he was a bastard, his parents were not married. But he was born with some genetic quirk of fate. Both parents had children before and after him,


·     Dante’s Inferno

o  Dante Algieri wrote a story about a protagonist going from hell, to purgatory, to heaven.



·     Versailles

o  the best and easiest way to translate this word is by a differnet Latin couple words

o  illes is in base plural

o  verse is a defined thing,

o  Several defined things. A College with several campus’

o  there is another name for this type of a location.

o  that name is Polytechnic.

o  Versailles was designed by Leonardo Da Vinci in order to be his own personal Polytechnical Institute.

o  the first and foremost evidence for this. Versailles phase 1 is not one building of 100,000 square feet. It is 3 building in the form of what would be used half a millennia later in the very fictional concept of “the Flux Capacitor” in the DeLorean built by the fictional character Dr Emmet L Brown in the movie “Back to the Future” played by Christopher Lloyd.

o  However that building configuration was created half a millennia previous to the birth of Hollywood.

o  This is by no means the one and only connection between Leonardo’s work and of course violently advanced technology, time travel, the arts/entertainment, the Medici and other extremely rich friends in Northern Italy who had unending treasure vaults, etc.

o  the Third Reich and of course the Thule Society also had a huge amount of investment into any and all advanced technlgoy they could get their hands on as well. There are about 100 different lines of continently regarding Versailles, Leonardo Da Vinci, and time travel experimentation. The Reich built and tested “The NAZI Bell”, for one hard physical piece of evidence. which was classified about 5 minutes after the officer in charge came across it.


·     The War Between Genius and Façade

o  from the time humans began to think and process information to present, there has been a war. That war consists of people who are truly gifted with intelligence, wisdom and the drive to do something with said intelligence versus people who are either not smart and or think they are smart but are blown away by those who are truly smart.

o  The war which began between the two sides has been raging since the first really smart person and will continue for the foreseeable future. Why because the anger and rage which comes from those who are not smart but pretend to be smart turns to violence against those who in their opinion “humiliate” them by being truly smart.

o  At virtually every turn, Leonardo was confronted with inferior minds who turned to rage when they tried to


o  Everything which occurred below shows the war between the two sides. What is most interesting is the behavior patterns behind what motivated the Prussians to perform the actions they did; are in large part motivated by


·     The Hyksos Culture

o  The culture of the Hyksos itself was as much of a part of Leonardo Da Vinci’s life as his own artistic skills.

o  The Culture of the Hyksos was created by the descendants of Esau the brother of Jacob. Their names have been translated incorrectly over the millennia.

o  The name Esau means in effect Beast, he earned his name by the fact from a small child to his last breath he was not a thinker, he was a person who used brute forced and muscle to achieve goals. In effect his personality matched that of a Beast. It can be fictionalized that he was the first Were CreatureereWolf. All predatory, nasty, animal, with no social skills in most any way. A true hard core beast. Wild, untaimable, un trusting, untrustable, etc.

o  This fiction comes from the concept that he during the funeral for his brother Jacob (meaning Holder of the Foot), Jacob was given the sword of Enoch was passed to him from Adam; at least according to what the bible says. However no matter the fictional accounts which may or may not be based on hard physical reality; theology aside there is no way to prove the existence of Jacob or Esau minus DNA. Esau’s destroy all that does not bring us glory and power saw to there is all but no evidence of either mans actuall existence.

o  However that does not change the basic facts.

o  The basic facts are that the culture Esau’s descendants created was the Hyksos. The Hyksos name changed about 10,000 times in the last 4500 years. The more nasty and aggressive beastly cultures from Esau name change every few years in order to ensure the crimes of the past are not applied to the present. “we did not do that, do not condemn us for their crimes.” Despite the continued behavior patterns of the past. The new demand to be given a chance to do all the same crimes again, then be stopped, then name change, then demand the chance to do all the same crimes.

o  With the basic concept of “you have to have hard physical proof, I did the same things the previous named culture did.” which means they only have pauses in their continued evil actions. They pause name change alter their actions a bit to not be as easily caught, then continue to do the same thing they have done for 4500 years.

o  One of the cultures the Hyksos name changed to was Teutonic, who name changed to Prussian.

o  One of the Satellite cultures the Prussians created was the FreiKorp. The FreiKorp are responsible for creating the democratic party, the Jacksonians, and eventually the Confederate states. A Century previous they were responsible for the Seven Years War aka the Samhain War aka the French and Indian War. Same exact behavior patterns from Esau to present; just under different names.

o  The entire beastly behavior pattern stems from a soul level rage over being denied access to the divine. Which brings up the question “why was Esau denied access to the divine”, that answer is actually easy to answer.  Beastly behavior patterns for the most part go against the rules from which the monotheistic god has created. The first being “thall shalt not kill”, with violence comes eventually killing.

o  Beasts do not respond well to being told no, no about anything is something beasts respond badly to. Usually their instincts come out and they attack. They do not back off till something happens to either make them stop, they are tired, or their mind switches out of “fight or flight” and they can at least semi-think again. To control this requires a higher degree of thinking which animals and beasts do not possess. Hence the reason prisons were created; to put people who cannot control themselves violently in a place where they can only hurt themselves. However, when it comes to a divine jail, that means every time one of Esau’s descendants walk into a Sanctuary, they will not be greeted with a warm and comfortable embrace of the divine.

o  This denial of the warm embrace of the divine has driven Esau’s descendants to genocidal level rage over the assumption of those who are embraced by the divine. There is an unconscious assumption which has been with the descendants of Esau since day one they have been cheated. They have been cheated out of a connection to the divine, and they will kill anyone who they feel has said connection to the divine. They will happily kill any and all who control devices (machines, tools, equipment, items, etc.) which allow them a connection to the divine. Which exactly defeats the purpose of a connection to the divine, killing. Thall shalt not kill, not exactly keeping a secret as to “what not to do”.

o  Then of course there is the problem of superiority. Thall shalt not have any other gods before me; when you have a beast mentality, which you have been seperated from your idea of the divine, you look to and begin to worship anyone and or anything which you think has come connection to the divine you do not. As a group there is a flocking tendency. That flocking tendency can and or will produce the object of the flocking becomes a figure of the divine. Rulers/leaders and celebrities have oftentimes become objects of worship.

o  However, there is a difference between actually being appointed by the divine and pretending to be appointed by the divine.

o  The royals of Europe original those who were direct descendants of the Princes of Troy were in fact touched by the divine, they were appointed to their positions of leadership. However, over the 3000 years since the fall of Troy, most of the His/Her Royal Highness’ families have been removed from power usually by violence and replaced by in varying degrees descendants of the Esau/the Hyksos.

o  Example Buckingham Palace was not built by the current inhabitance, they inhabited the Palace through wars and purchasing it. the current inhabitance of Ogle Castle also did not built it, they obtained it through other means, same goes for every European Major city. The current rulers did not build the city/nation/culture, they obtained it through other means.

o  Which includes the Vatican, the Popes are not descendants of Simon Peter, or any of the 12 apostles. Some of the apostles might have produced children. But the current leadership from about 80 ce to present have had all but no connection to original members. They were born after and most of them were aligned not to Simon Peter but Peter.

o  One of the 10,000s of cultures which are descendants of the Hyksos are the Prussians. Esau is the origin Islam.


·     The Hyksos shortly after the Thera Volcano

o  The thera Volcano erupted circa 1535 bce. Shortly thereafter the Hyksos were removed from power in Egypt.

o  1535-1335 bce. The 18th Egyptian Dynasty took over the second to last pharaoh was Amenhotep iv aka Akhenaten the father of King Tut.

o  What does this have even the slightest thing to do with the life of Leonardo.

o  That is a bit complex.

o  You see when two events took place; those two events for the most part shaped the very structure of the city of Paris founding.

o  We first need to start with this extremely brief explanation by saying virtually everything we know about the Trojan War was written down by legned the grandson of Odysseus, who was also by legend named Homer.

o  Homer wrote two stories, the first being and Iliad, the second the Odesee.

o  The Iliad is about the Trojan War itself. The build up to the war, the war, and the gates being breached.

o  The second is an extremely edited and modified version of Odysseus’ journey home. Which was edited to not include the idea he followed the trojans to Italy, fought with them for a while, then sailed home.

o  Most of the citizens of Troy managed to evacuate the city well before the gates were breached, most of the people in the city were mercenaries hired to fight the Hyksos renamed Dorians who eventually more than a millennia later would call themselves Greeks. Which is a pure Roman invention, some isolated cities some scholars were using the word Greek. But it was not a popular name, it was mostly used by very isolated scholars in the larger cities. But each city was a city/state; they were not called Greeks they were called Athenians, Spartans, etc.

o  As the evacuating Trojans left the Anatolia Peninsula, they traveled to Italy and set up living in the cities of Alba Longa (courtesy of the Prince of Troy Ǽneas, his story if equally as detailed, complicated, etc. as Leonardo’s) and Samhain. Not to forget other cities within a distance around. Some went far north to Florence and Milan, others traveled south but not for long. The descendants of Agamemnon’s army followed and took up footholds to the south. They attempted to north, but were not all that successful. The Islands west of Italy and footholds south of the city of Samhain.

o  All too soon it became clear that the descendant army of Agamemnon had less than zero interest in backing down. They won at Troy, and would win again at Samhain (the city of Samhain would fall circa 582 years later and be renamed Rome after the conquering general Romulus). Samhain took almost 600 years to defeat the people of Samhain. However not all the citizens of Samhain wanted to stay in a War zone, especially with an enemy that would rather die than leave. They were present and going to stay and keep fighting till they won. Generation after generation would keep fighting and fighting and fighting.

o  The descendants of Troy began to disburse into Europe forming some of the oldest and largest cities. Which included New Castle, Edinburgh, Paris, Leipzig, etc.

o  The British are direct descendants of Ǽneas and his wife. This wife is an extremely good question as to who she is. according to legend his first wife was Queen Dido, but the day after he married her he left to found the city of Alba longa. However, this is entirely Roman legend, which the Romans would have lied flat out about these events. Since the language those things were written in the Romans purposely destroyed. Why so they could control the message of history. The Romans were just as bad as the Vatican during Leonardo’s time regarding power, control, money, weapons, technology, etc.. Hence one of the many reasons Leonardo did not give his best ideas to the Italian Government, just because they no longer called themselves Romans did not mean they lost the Hyksos attitude.

o  From the Trojan War till 753, the citizens of the not yet called Rome began to evacuate the city and the area. They evacuated out to a number of different cities. One of those cities includes Paris.

o  Paris was both the name of one of the Princes of Troy, it is also the name associated with education and learning. Reference when Julius CǼsar conquered northern Ga’al, one of the cities he conquered was Paris. Although according to Roman law it was not name yet, so Caesar gave the city to the Parrissi to do with as they so choose. The Parrissi were from a couple different locations which the Romans had conquered, he had them gather together, bring their libraries and settle in their own named city Paris. The city of Paris since its Roman claimed founding has been dedicated to the scholastic arts since practically day one.

o  Moreover, the Parrissi have been working on scholastics for and through most of the last 2000 plus years. One of the best universities in the world is located in the Latin Quarter of Paris, Latin since that is the area of Paris which the Sor Bonne is located. Through most of the time that school has been running being able to learn Latin to read ancient texts has been a solid and substantial part of the curriculum.

o  Paris was the absolute obvious choice for Leonardo to send his library. Since the population was accepting to information, technology, etc. . It appears all the Italians, Romans, and Vatican wanted to do was to have it, control it, turn it into weapons, and destroy their enies with it. The Parrisi seemed to have the correct ideas regarding what to do with their education and scholastics. So Leonardo sent this stuff there, with the help of the Medici.

o  The Medici sold him the land, with an unbreakable contract. That contract copies were sent to key people and places for safe keeping. Since he knew eventually the enemies of knwogle and education would have another wave and come back to pweor. The wave of hatred of education eg the Dark Age, did not happen once. It had happened several times. Some are longer and of course a wider area effect. Some are smaller in length and of course duration. Example Kansas and Oklahma have been experiencing a rather short and localized Dark Age for the last couple decades. but a little bit of political will shifting and they will emerge with the help and support of the states around them.

o  But other places like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Indonesia, etc. are suffering under an extreme Dark Age which does not seem to be letting up anytime in the next say century of two. The worst part is, the cultures causing the dark age in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Indonisia, Pakistan, Afganistan, etc. want to spread their rage and hatred across as wide and far as they can. They would be more than happy to have the one and only book in existence would be the Korran, to have time start from the moment Moahmed was given the gift of the Kaaba, etc. some less militant aspects of both sunni and shia want the teaching of evoluation entirely forbidden and to kill any and all who know anything about it. start the clock from Adam and eve.

o  However those things are merely wishful thinking.

o  Fatimah was followed out of Mecca years later by  the follweors of Abu’s and their  armies; with the task of finding her, killing her, and all who converted to her form of Islam. It is difficult to determine which Abu hated more; Fatimah or her form of Islam. But in the end it does not matter he hated them equally and wanted both to literlaly not exist. Consequently he ordered his followers who would eventually take on the name Sunni, to find and destroy all traces of Mhammed, fatimha, and her form of islem.

o  In the mean time Fatimah left Egypt and headed to Carthage. In Egypt and cArthage Fatimah found all kinds of information which was not available in Saudi Araba regarding the theories her father found in the library cache her mother was transporting from Constantinople to various libraries in Northern Europe. Since the Church was fully and completely intent on dragging all in its considerable power into a 1000 year long dark age. the British chose to do anything and everything they could think of to not allow that to happen. Or at least not in the areas they had any say/control over. They kept up the information processing through to the point of the Crusade's 1080. From 1080 to present the British were attacked on every front imaginable and eventually the entire culture was destroyed.

o  Fatimah in Alexandria and Carthage picked up aspects of information which the descendants of Paul left behind. Those aspects of information told about aspects of the story of Esau and Paul which expansed the information her mothers library hinted out. But their a difference between ideas hinted at and of course solid well explained out ideas. Fatimah on her way to Rome found all kinds of said information well explained out in the communities who were entirely devoted to the phislophy and ideas of Paul. Those same communities a few centues previous had sought out and killed a body double for x the best mathematician of her day in Alexandria. She was of course farried out of Alexandria Egypt before the trouble turned violent. The Guards proteting the second Alexandrai library saw the destruction coming and put all the most valuable books/scrolls/codexes/etc. onto ships along with all of their best scholars and sailed them out of the area. Bound for the universities in Northern Europe. Britain, Paris Leipzig, Oslo, etc. where they would be safe and be free to explore all the scholastics they wanted without fear of the population around them being able to find wholes in the defenses to kill them.

o  Fatimah made her way with a huge collection of documents with her to Rome. Where she spent a small ish amount of time. her small ish amount of time in Rome did prove to be on the large side of significant to say the absolute least. Of course her firsts time in rome pales on comparison to the impact she made a decade or two later when she came back through Rome; it is also the location she was killed in combat in one of the towers on the shisp in Lake Nemi. But that is an extremely long and complex story. So long and complex that it is not really possible to explain in this format.




·     Fatimah

o  The Prussian Empire itself was formed in part based on the actions the descendants of Paul and of course the Hyksos named changed to a dozen or more cultures.

o  When Fatimah evacuated out of Mecca with her dyning father in toe, she headed to Egypt. Where she was hoping to find a temple, the ceremony, etc. in order to be able to resurrect him from the dead like Adam  did with Able.

o  Fatimah did not see a single difference between her father and able. They were both killed by a brother they not only trusted but in a way loved.

o  Abu Bakr took rather hard and extreme acception to the claims that Moahmed was making regarding he felt he was the reincarnation of both Esau and Adam. Since Esau felt he was the reincarnation of Adam. So if he was Esau then he was also Adam. And the blade of Adam aka Enoch belonged to him. He would have also been given the power of brining the bead back to life.

o  Being denied those things is what caused both Mohammed and his daughter to develop a rather large alternative perspective on life. Mohandm wanted to prove to Abu he had the ability to bring himself back from the dead and Abu was entirely sure he would not be able to. Which would allow Abu the ability to sieze control over the entire islami world and reduce the footprint of those loyal to Moahmemd by a complete amount. Unfortunately for Abu, his efforts to kill off all that remained loyal to Mohammed and his daughter proved to be a genocidal waste of time.

o  Soon after Fatimah, her guards, and the body of her father were evacuated out of Mecci they arrived in Egypt. They only spent enough time in Egypt to determine if any of the sacred locations would work



·     The Prussian Empire

o  The Prussian Empire itself has an insanely difficult situation. The situation the Prussians faced was to try and assist their axis armies from Mecca and still “look” like they were good Catholics.

o  Although the formulations of proto-protestantsan groups did not help much. Since most of the protestant groups had simple taken the information from Islam and the writings of Fatimah and merged them, then repackaged the façade to look like Christianity. But Protestantism is in fact mostly if not 99.9% Islamic.

o  In fact the Prussian Empire is who paid for the publishing of the Gutenberg Bible.



·     Venice

o  The founding of Venice is a direct result of the Crucifixion, the “apostolic families” families of Venice have for the most part been the “Leader/Doge” of Venice for the first 1500 years. Venice is similar to Pompeii in that way. A huge amount of converted Christians evacuated out of Rome after The Evil Priest started his war against the followers of Jesus. The earliest Christians needed a place to go in order to preserve the original message of Jesus; some want north to built Venice, some went south to reformulate Pompeii. Unfortunately those who went to Pompeii who did not escape the cities destruction during the eruption Aug 79 ce. Emperor Titus the son of Vespasian was the less than two months on the Thorne as Emeperor. He saw the eruption and the utter obliteration of the city which in the previous few years had become a major Christian hub, as a sign from the gods that the new Christian relgion was bad, and all chrisitnd including some followers of Paul should be considered enemies of the state and killed.

o  However those who traveled to Venice experienced the opposite, they thrived in the brand new city they had built. Trade abounded, their military was huge, navy equally so, the money poured in. The new Chrisitans who had build what amounts to a collection of Noah’s Ark replacments; thrived. For the most part the city of Venice is still thriving today.


·     The Medici family

o  The name Medici is the base word for Medicine. However during the middle of the Dark Ages, the name and word Medicine did not just mean “medicine” it was more of a reference to the science behind medicine. The science of medicine is actually insanely complex, much more complex than any one given medical profession. It is actually insanely complex. 2500 years after Hypocraties formalized and reinvented the field of Medicine from its ancient origins, the field is still very much in its infancy. Despite the fact that the area of Gross Anatomy which Leonardo Da Vinci reinvented; thanks in huge part of the support of the Medici family. The book most medical doctors have used to study human anatomy contained copies of Leonardo’s dissection drawings.

o  The science which allows medicine to work is actually much more elaborate. That is where the Medici word originates. Extremely complex and detailed science and mathematics from which one aspect of said is the field of Medicine, but Medicine is not the only field which stems from this science and mathematical base.

o  When you break it down into its finer points. everything which occurs in the body is electrical impulses. Everything which occurs to the body originates in the neuropathways of the brain. Electro-Magnetic waves which start with a synapse firing which leads to other synapses responding, there are trillions of synapses in the human brain. That is a huge amount of different intensity Electro-Magnetic waves cascading through the skull. Differnet waves produce different purposes, which is exactly the reason a Scanner is needed. Although the process for building one is no where in the neighborhood of easy. Hence the word Medici, the incredibly complicated science and mathematics behind the name of the family and a separate field of Medicine.

o  Centuries later, and after WWII, Electro-Magnetic technology finally advanced enough in order to begin to take Pierre and Marie Curries work and make it digital. Not just from element through tissue to film; which process an x-ray. But add the concept of scanning and Electro-Magnetic machines which in various aspects can produce Electro-Magnetic waves, which can be sensed by other machines and those other machines can produce a colletive image or a scan of said Electro-Magnetic waves.

o  CAT

o  MRI

o  EKG

o  EEG

o  Etc.

o  Are all connected to this type of discipline. Which physical evidence for can be found in the Quatrains, written by one of Da Vinci’s French Students Nostradamus. He used a Scanning Electron Telescope to create his images. But he also wrote what he saw into a complex code so that future generations could see and read what he saw, but not understand it so well as to disrupt the flow patterns of the Universe.




·     The British Empire not the Kingdom of England.

o  The British Empire was the Whole Island chain ruled by the British from Bamburgh Castle. The Kingdom of England was just the Mercia lands from southern Sherwood forest south to the end of the island.

o  Though a large amount of debate is included in any position regarding this subject from the Hastings forward.

o  The British specifically the Ogle family who owned Bamburgh Castle and 1000 other castles in Northumberland (Gaelic name the Kingdom of Ogle), has been at war with the Prussians since the Day the Teutonic Knights formed. They had been at war with them previous but that would be a dozen war lords operating under various names and locations in Levant Lands. The Teutonic Knights formed to protect themselves against the invading British during the Frist Crusade.

o  However just because the invasions too place, does not mean for even a second that all the Europeans in Levant lands were wanting to be foled back into the Catholic folds, or worse be considered European Again. They had long ago become Muslims and were more than happy to fight for the Muslim cause; they had left Rome, and Europe to escape from the ways of Jesus. Thy were in no way interested in going backwards into the control of the Papal State. Which to some the Papal State was the worst aspects of the Roman Empire leaving out all the good. The Papacy wanted all the money and power, at least the Roman Empire had no problem with individual and families keeping the bulk of their money. The Papacy had a huge problem with large families keeping most of their money, the church wanted it. also religious devotions and the like, many found Islam to be a much easier alternative. And they were allowed under Islam to express as much rage and hatred toward the enemies of Islam as the imams could encourage. Genocide was not discouraged, genocide si not only encouraged but rewarded.

o  The British from day one had a huge problem with the whole thing. Every aspect of the religion of Mohammed/Esau the British had the largest problem with. Mostly they have a problem with 99.9% of the theology which has become a secret and either no one knows it or only a select few know it and do not care most of the religion is a matrix of lies and deceits.


·     Britain versus Prussia

o  The fight between the British and the Prussians

o  The first Crusade 1070

o  Like most htings involved with hisotyr. What the history books tell you is like .001$%  of less of the story. Historian's love as a profession to boil it all down to the absolute least about of infmoraiotn possible.

o  I was in a history class, were the instructor was so frugal in his homework that he gave us single page worksheets. A fill in the blanks worksheets. One page covered the entire middle African cultures. I had another instructor who demanded I plagerize my essay and not add a single original letter. He demanded that I copy and paste my answers of a 500 word essay directly from the book. If he could have made the essay 100 words he would have. But the school demanded minimal standards.

o  The stories of say the Battle of Hastings have been dropped to the absolute smallest amount of infmraito possible. Which leaves out all the really interesting details.

o  For example the Picts were Muslim.

o  The Picts had been Muslim since 640 when Fatimah evacuated 8 June 632 CE.

o  Which is an extremely interesting coincident, Joseph Smith was ordered to leave the area and his church perminently behind at vertialy the same day in the calendar that Mohammed was evacuated out of the Middle East by his daguther Fatimah; with the strong assistance from their Royal Guards.

o  All that set up the Prussians creating their own “Gutenberg Bible”. To compete with the Vatican who had still refused to publish openly their own version of the Bible. But the Gutenberg bible and the Vatican version were in some ways similar and in some ways so violently differnet they are not the same book in any way.

o  For evidence look to the Book of Kells created circa 800, written in Latin. Based on Vulgate which itself is based on various and assorted gospel copies from the 200-400 ce time period. 382  is when it assumed that Jerome began to work on a new unified translation of the gospels. Since the previous version Vetus Latina which was not a book but more a collection of gospels in effect collected together. Almost every version of the Vetus Latina was different, as different owners pulled what they did not like and replaced with what they liked. Also the facts of what the Bishop of Lyon did changed a huge amount of the function and structure of the Roman Catholic Church, and its gospels. He wanted to recreate all the gospels to suit the teachigns of Paul and entirely removmed the teachings of Jesus. Which for the most part his work did achieve that goal. Since a lot of his work found its way into the Vetus Latina, and then into the Vulgate. However just because the Church ignored the other gospels, and other writings associated with the 12 and their immediate descndnats does not mean a single thing when it comes to the accepted bible.

o  These different version all have the same problems. They are all not the actual story of Jesus. They are political spin based on the translators opinion of what various wrods, sentnace, paragarphs, chapters, etc mean or meant at the time. which Leonardo was so smart and so eduated that when he began to be eduated in the ways of the church, his close proximaity to both the U of Balonia and his fathers friends who had access to papers, works, books, etc. what he could read he attempted to. And what he found was a rather fascinating collection of hidden details.

·     Renaissance

o  Starting roughly in the last 1200s, the Renaissance itself was at its core an attempt to bring the ideals, concepts, culture, etc. of classic Greece and Roman back into fashion.



·     1450 The Gutenberg Bible


o  There is less than zero doubt the u of Balogna purchased a copy of the Gutenburg Bible.

o  Which means that Da Vinci was less than 100 miles away from that bible. There is zero chance his father, family, or friends would have insisted on the little Genius be able to read the bible.

o  This would have shaped a huge portion of his life.

o  Blue Prints in the Gutenburg Bible

§  Blue prints were included in the framework of the Gutenberg Bible. Leonardo saw them and spent an unknown amount of his life rebuilding them. But he also knew flat out that if he made more than just the most basic of preliminary notes/sketches that if he notebooks were observed by the Vatican they would kill him, no trial, no medici’s stepping in. They would flat out kill him, likely a few second after the closest guard could pull his weapon and engage target. There is heresy and there is heresy, carrying around that type of information in your notebooks is simple a flat out latter heresy.

§  Which is one reason he had to spent the end of his life in France, by the time the Vatican figure out Verseilles was based on his designs, which he in part designed from both the blue prints included in the Guttenburg Bible and of course his studies which led to the building of the Sistine Chapel, and its later painting.

§  One of the reason the ceiling apinting was put off for so long is it was an absolute sure way to keep Leonardo under the thumb of the Vatican as long as possible. They kept promising him he could paint it, then saying “later”. From 20 to 50 “later” was there only answer. When later became now, with one caviot “you can paint it Leonardo, but you cannot take the credit for it. you have to paint it but we have decided that Michaelanglo will be credited for the painting. You see he was caught committing Heresy and his punishment is to have his name associated with a form of art he hates and to be told for the erest of his life he is master painter equal to you.  Your punishment is to not be able to claim credit for your own work and a vastly inferior painter who hated painting will take all credit. If you disagree, we will simply kill you both for Heresy and assign Raphael it, he will not do as good of a  job. We will have to pay a nasty toll from the Medici family, but that is what we have decided to do. We get, you all have to be punished for not obeying our authority. Our authority is the authority of god, you disobey god, you must be punished.”

§  Or Leonaord would have simply gone to Paris at the age of 21 and not reaturend to Italy minus a few relatives interactions. Worked on his school built his inventions, etc. however he did also have to do his spy master job.

§  He was not an infield agent he was more of a in the office planer, a master planner who gives instructions to the in field spy's. Italy was suffering from several hundred if not more clandestine invasions from both the Prussinas and the Mulsims.


·     Muslim invasions

o  The Muslims had been trying to invade Italy since the day they formed, but their army was simply too small and ineffective to mount an effective invasion of Italy and not all but literlaly destroy the place with the combat. The point is to not burn the place to the ground, the point is keep the structure intact; but to create a homebase for the Sunni and a homebase for the Shia.

§  Sunni like their capical of Mecca

§  However Shia are operating under a odd and twisted ideology regarding a deeply buried secret amongt the Shia. That Fatimah evacuated Mecca, traveled to Egypt, then west to Carthage, sailed north to Italy, spent days if not weeks in Rome, Converted the Sybils of the Cumaean order to Islam, left Mohammed’s body in the Catacombs as close to the Vatican as possible, evacuated out of Rome back to Carthage,

§  Over to the crossing point to the Iberian Peninsula, crossed over into France, traveled up France to close to Paris if not into Paris, then west to the English Coast, crossed over into Britain, then proceeded north to the Kingdom of Ogle.

§  Where she proceeded to have all kinds of interesting adventures in Britain which cascaded into the Pictish War, her side lost and lost badly. The Winning British chased her from Britain all the way to Avalon (aka Lake Nemi) which is just south of Rome where her army and the Combined Britihs, Islamic, etc. armies against her battled it out for the next while. The center of the battle was Lake Nemi, hwere Fatimah was going to enact the ritual to resurrect her father from the Grave.

§  Hard evidence; Osama Bin Ladin is Shia, the Terror attacks of the last while have been because of a long and deeply help secret about Fatimah and Mohammed himself. The direction of the attacks have had the same exact motivation from Fatimah to present, to resurrect Mohammed. But to resurrect him, requires a solid working Tabernacle System, unforntunealy for them, every single working Tabernacle they encounter “does not work”. The most senior Shia officials come in and attempt to resurrect Mohammed/Esau as the immortal leader of their path, the ceremony fails, and they destroy the temple. Because obviously it is the fault of the temple not their or the ceremonies fault.

§  Now something to take extremely seriously.

·     The ceremony is found in bits and pieces scattered throughout the entire monotheistic world.

·     Ask yourself a question, a solid, good, loving, caring father, etc. what would that father do to have their murdered child returned to them. The answer is nothing, up to and including “take me, god take me instead of him”.

·     In the longer extended version of the situation, Adam after his son was murdered, he traveled back to the Gateway to Heaven and did everything he could in order to have his murdered son returned from the dead. What happened then is something of a mystery, since all of a sudden a third son appears Set. The problem is, Set in Heiroglyphics is a word to describe “the underworld/death/hell”. Right their in their third son’s name is the definition they did not have 3 sons but 2 and Set is the returned from the dead Able.

·     Which is matched by the architecture of the Khafre pyramid. The Khufu is the story of Noah and his fleets journey through the cosmos.

·     Not long after Islam began to spread, Mohammed and Abu Bakr began to disagree upon some of the facts they were translating from the books they stole from the Constantinople library. They seized control over a ship which was transporting books from Constantinople back to Northern Europe. One of the ships was seized, this one happened to have a female crew member. Be that crew member the captain or not is a solid question. but a female non the less. That female was red hair, blue eyes, over 6 foot tall, and a fullyl trained warrior. She was more than a match in combat, one or several she was a better warrior than most of the arabs she encountered.

·     That female was eventually sold into slavery several time to different prominent families. where her new “husband” along with a dozen or more of his friends would hold her down to take liberties with his new property. Which produced a child a piece. But the second her new slave master/husband let his guard down, she killed him. But she was a better warrior then most, so they had a huge difficulty in killing her. Eventually her body count per family was too high and she would be sold again. Eventually after 3 husbands and 3 kids, she was sold to Mohammed’s family, she and the library which came with her. Since Mohammed was a scholar and not a warrior, he was much less of a threat. But he was also smart enough almost to never allow her out of her chains. Even after she bore him a child, a girl who looked like mom but had dads personality.

·     In the 1400s the Shia were making another in a hhuge push to invade Ruopea. They were loosing huge in Iberia by 1485 they would loose 90% of the lands they held for 800 years. They were pushing hard into Turkey and into Transulvania, but were dead stopped by Prince Vlad Dracula III of Wallachia. He took over for his father and had continued to battle against the Shia pushing into eastern Europe. His battle tactics are still a thing of legend. But his tactics worked because for the most part during his time in power the Islamic Armies stopped pushing so hard into his area.

·     The plan was to push hard north, then swing into Italy from the east side and north, to form a solid and complete army to overwhelm Rome with at least a million man army. Which 500 years later this stragagie worked form the air. The Third Reich did successfully in effect invade Italy from both the air and dimplomatically. El Duchie was a fan of Fascism and was more than willing to be diplomatic partners with Adolf. EL Duchie was the first to be a Fascist.

·     The plan since 640 has been to capture Rome or equivalent to have a great Mecca Equivalent in Europe. However for 1400s years all efforts to achieve that goal have failed spectaculary.

·     Only a few per generation are informed of why shia need to capture Rome itself. But capture it they do need; as least according to the teachigns of Fatimah based on her actdions and pieces of information Adam.

§  The military efforts in Italy from 1460-1510

·     had failed in almost every way. The spy's the Prussians and muslims set had been entirely utter failures. Thanks to clandestine operates which were not documented or were documented so little that they are not acknowelged as being real in most any way by historians. Those spy versus spy operations needed the best and the brightest to head up a variety of “OSS” teams. But those teams needed planners, and of course required people capable of thinking that way to conduct finding the Muslim spy operatives and erasing their threats while gathering the least amount of attention possible. Leonardo would have been recuruited into this organization from an extremely young age. Possibly early teens, no doubt by his late teens he was a emember.

·     the family which ran said organization OSS the Medici would have been extremely high on the list of possibly members. If not the people who founded the Venice OSS itself.

·     But they did have a rather sizable problem.

·     Where to run such operations from, that answer was beyond simple. Venice of course. What cover operation would be created. The Venice School of Art of course, founded, ran, and managed by the Medici.


·     Venice is in the absolute best strategic location to defend Italy from invasion from the Muslims in south eastern Europe by sea and from north east attacks from Austria/Croatia.

·     Monaco headed off attacks from Iberia.

·     Leonardo was taught how to be a spy and a master painter in the Venice School of Art.

·     What better tools to use than spy craft to be taught in an Art School.

§  Since the Sunni see Abu Bakr as their prophet and he deflected to the inventor of Islam Esau, although some very limited documentation points to not Esau but Terah (the Father of Abraham) as the inventor of Islam.


·     Bishops of Lyon circa 125 ce

o  The shear volume of damage these three men to the function and structure of Chrisitnadty  and the Gospels is impossible to measure.

o  Three Bishops of Lyon in a row had one guilding princapls, to order all of their follweors to find every single written gospel they could get their hands on (reminder Christianity was not exactly legal even behind huge armies in rome and other locations in Italy the new Christinaity was not legal, but was mostly a capital crime. The only place it was not a capital crime to be Christian in Venice.) and bring them to him in Lyon. He would personally read every one, the ones he agreed to he would either keep or translate into Latin. The gospels he did not agree with he destroyed, and ordered the people who believedrote them he had his followers to kill the people and in some cases destroy the church.

o  Anything and everything to destroy the message of Jesus and have the Message of Paul the one and only. Enforced by as much violence and deception as they could get away with. From 300-1800 ce the violence was genocidal level backed up by an approving state.

·     Emperor Constantine

o  The Emperor Constantine himself had just as difficult of a history as Leonardo. But his actions led directly to the structure of time Leondaro lived in. The bible which Leonnardo formed a huge part of his artwork from was all but dictated by the biblioteca which Constatine put together at the Counsel of Nicaea. The Library which Constantine possessed half of it was the Roman Library the other half was from his mothers family the British Ogles in the Kinugdom of Northumberland.

o  One of the largest reasons the identify of his mother Helen has been hidden since her birth is that her father was one of the largest embarrasemnts to Roman Empire itself. Her father defeated the Roman Empire every single time they met in battle, the last huge encounter between the two the emperor Konstantine went full on toe to toe against the descendnts of the Trojans aka ht eBritihs Ogle family and lost. He lost so big that he ended up with a sword at his neck on his knees. He was not only forced to surrender, but he was also forced to give up all kinds of concessions to the British Ogle family in order to simply keep living. The senate was more than a little pissed off at the idea, but they had absolutely no choice. the bets of the best of the Roman Army were rotting on the fields of battle, the senate had no choice but to give the Ogles every single thing they wanted.

o  That is what happens when you go all in with everything you have into a battle and lose. The only thing which stopped the Ogle family from marching directly south into Rome and the Commanding general sitting on the Emperors throne was the fact he did not want to. Hteir was not a single legion between his toes and the city of Rome capable of defeating him. He had taken out in several sequencial battles every single battle hardened and hard charging legion the ROMan Empire possessed.

o  Why he did not remains a very interesting aspect to explore. Why did he not push to become the new Emperor of Rome, he had every single right to, he had ever single right to demand any and everything he wanted. The only thing he wanted was lots of money, and for the Romans to stop invading his kingdom. He also wanted his daughter to be married to the Emperor, he would allow Konstantinous to live, and go back to Rome provided he Mary his daughter Helen.

o  The Emperor valing his life, agreed and married Helen.

o  This union produced on child, a boy. Constatine.

o  10 years later Helens father died of old age, and of course battle injuries.

o  Shortly after Emepror Konstnatine ordered his forces to charge over the wall, and against they were met with a bloody defeat and came off with mostly losses. Wave after wave of attacking across Hadrien’s Wall only produces death for the Romans.

o  Of course with the Peace broken, Konstantine immediately divorced Helen, who made her way back to her home. She also helped direct the battles and make quick work of the Roman Army.

o  Years later Knostantinous himself lay dying at York.

o  Soon after his death his son Constaine became Emepror and ordered the Roman Army to stand down at the wall, and most of the soldiers to return home. The War was over. At least for a few decades.

o  Constantine took over and did not exacgtly have the support of the Roman people and even less support with the Senate. He was seen as more like his mom than his dad. If he continued to push the Roman Army to conquer the Kingdom of Ogle, they would have been happier with him. But the army was in shambles. So many years of war, the treasury was all but empty, the city of Rome itself was so corrupt petty property owners and the like ruled the city with an iron fist. Rents were extreme, everything cost vast amounts, the poor were literally dying in the streets and the officials were only upset at the expense of removing the dead. The rich were trying to gouge every last dime out of the Empire as they could in order to retire somewhere else in the lap of luxury. The city of Rome was dying, and instead of working to save the city, those in charge were only interested in finding out how much they could profit off of its demise and move away.

o  A million person strong city within a few decades was reduced to a few 10,000s. The once grand palaces were abandoned and falling into ruin. Property which used to rent for more than most in Rome could afford was free for the taking, since the people who owned it had evacuated with their riches long ago. Those who could not afford to move out of the city began to move into the houses of the uber rich, the palacial palaces and the like. The city fell into collapse. The Roman Empire was over, what killed it corruption and greed the likes are difficult to compare.

o  Emperor Constantine had taken the library out of the city and planned to build his own new Empire in the Anatolia Peninsula. The Crossing between the Mediterranean and the caspien sea became his new city and new capital. A city which would thrive and be strong for the next 1000 years. Before it fell to the newly converted to hard line Islam the Blue MOngle Horde.

o  With city would not be conquered and become an Islamic city for a few more decades. but it did fall and became renamed to Istanbul from its original Constantinople.

o  Constatine gave up Rome so that the Vatican could seize control over the empire and the city. He knew the newly appointed Emperor was nothing more than a puppet answerable to the Pope.


·     City of Constantinople

o  300-1453



·     Counsel of Nicaea 325ce

o  The Counsel of Nicaea was supposed to be a group meeting of the minds for the Christian Faith. It was supposed to be a all are welcome to come and express their opinions, gather the various gospels and have a meeting of all of the different sects to come together to decide what was part of this religion and what was not.

o  But the meeting for the overwhelming majority of the members it was a complete failure in every aspect imaginable. The genocidally violent sects had decided that now would not be an acceptable time to stop being violent, this was the perferct time to ramp up the violence to a point of mass hysteria. What better time to seize compete and total control over the message presented than to have bands of ranging soldiers stationed well outside the city in order to capture anyone coming to the event. Read their documents, destroy the documents, and kill those handling the documents if need be. This conclaive was to force the colletions of gospels into one place at one time to have the message of Paul to be the only one acceptable and the message of Jesus to be all but edited out of existence.

o  One of the largest Egyptians sects was not allowed to attend at all. Their gospels were completely excluded and shortely after they were hutend odwn and killed outout mercy. Their scrolls were buried in the desert of Egypt, and only discovered in the 1900s, their sect was called the Gnostics. Their collection of gospels is called “The Gnostic Bible” which the Catholic and eastern orthodox church have both denounced said gospels are pure fictions, some of those scrolls directly and with emphasis contradict what the canonized gospels say and that is unacceptable. Some of the gnostic gospels feature authors and references to authors who had not been seen since well before the Counsel of Nicaea 325 ce, and a lot of them had not been seen since previous to 100 ce before the Bishops of Lyon got their hands on them an destroyed them.

o  Despite the fact the gnostic gospels were during his lifetime not in existence. Aspects of there teachings did survive and were available in other forms. Leonardo was impacted by the Churches around him. Some of them were nice and “god is love” others were genocidally violent. He had to reconcile all of those factors as he stufied the gospels in order to create the pieces of art he did.

o  Some of the art pieces he created depended largely on a deep research dive into whatever version of the gospels he could get his hands on. Which means that he had access to extensive libraries. Libraries which most other scholars not only would not have access to, but did not know said knowledge existed.

o  Hteir is no way Leonardo did not know about the Counsel of Nicaea, the Bishops of Lyon, and of course the several versions of the bible which the schools he attended had copies of.

·     The Swizz Guard

o  The story of the swizz guard is very long detailed complicated and of course layered. But once the Swizz Guard were in place, the Vatican has not needed to worry about an invasion every since.

o  The Swizz Guard used to be called Templars, the Swizz Guard were tasked with protecting the Vatican and its structures since the First Crusade, because the British who founded the Templar Knights and hired a few men to be the actual Knights knew that the Muslims would never stop trying to invade Italy. They would not stop trying to invade Italy till they the knwoege that the Vatican itself was the last remnance of NOahs Ark and that said pieces of the original Ark still contained “special power” of the edivine. Those powers could be used by man to achieve divine goals.

o  Which in part explains the Dark Ages.

o  The from 200-600 the church became seriously about removing education from the people in hopes that in several generations the human species would forget that the crucifixion took place in Rome, and that the Julii family were directly and personally responsible for creating an Empire for the Messiah to rule the earth from.

o  They were praying that the city of Heliopolis’ real name would be long forgotten and no one would connect the dots to rebuild the fact Heliopolis at it half heart is literally the last remaining pieces of the real Noah’s Ark, that Caligula spent vast amounts of obgh the Roman Treasury and the Julii family treasury to bring both the city of Heliopolis and its sister city IWNW to rome, and had them docked in a converted swamp make into a dry dock directly next to the Vatican Valley, which was directly next to the Vatican Hill. The Vatican Hill of course was quarried immediately after the eCrucifixion and a miles long and 50 foot tall wall was created around where the Hill used to be. To prevent it from becoming a pilgrimage site. The Senate failed in all aspects at that one. Even  at the darkest part of the Dark Ages, the Vatican/Noahs Ark Fleet was still a pilgrimage site.

o  The Vatican itself chose to after the vioeltn War which occurred at 650 ce, chose to do a violent and semi-perminet deep dive into the dark Ages. Banning all reading, writing, letters, numbers, etc. they chose to do this in part to erase the facts of the War hci occurred in and around Lake Nemi circa 650 ce. Why because for a while three separate Islamic armies occupired Rome and Italy and were not interested in retreating back to mecca. They were present they wanted to find out why Fatimah had taken such and extreme interest in Rome that she risked the last full measure of devotion to come back to Rome with about five armies in town behind the army she had been carefully assembling for the previous three decades and had most of it crushed and dead on the ebattlefield in Britaih, that battle was called “the Picits revltl” which occurred over the course of several weeks. Then extended from Britain into the heart of Rome Porpoer then to Lake Nemi. Where it ended with the death of Fatimah, and her failrure at resurrecting her father from the dead.

o  But what her intention was became very clear to most of the participants. The participants of course figured out quickly what her intent was, and they wanted to use the assembled tools to change them into weapons and use those weapons to do their own damage.

o  The Vatican and the British were not interested in allowing the muslims to do that. The British and the Vatican joined military forces and after they had defeated Fatimah at Lake Nemi, they turned their attentions against the other Muslim armies, and defeated them. From 650-1050  the Vatican was for the mst part safe from further said types of nastiness. Other nastiness of course, but not to that level of exgtreme. But after the British retook their lands from the Pictish at Hastings and the battles which followed, the muslims regrouped and chose to reattack Italy and of course push into antolia. Around Constantiniple and into Russian and of course Euope.

o  Hence the need for the Templars then the name changed Swizz Guard.

o  Some although it is a very small number of the upper most educated in the wyas of Islam, muslims know that Moahmed first ordered his followers to make their way back to Egypt and recapture it. which they did, but he was going to evacuate Mecca anyway and set up his Shia in Egypt, centirng his capital in and around the Great Pryamids of Giza. Khufu, Khafre, Memcaure, he was going to build himself a Fourth Great Praymid, larger and more impressive that Khufu. What and how much of the truth and facts regarding the structure of AErdology is something that likely we will never know. However since the facts regarding Mohamed’s body has not been found, despite the fact that he has millions and millions followers. His daughter who was the mother of the person Mohammed put incharge of Shia version of Islam, despite the fact it would not be named that for decades. Despite all the facts, it is clear that Mohammed had larger and more elaborate plans for Egypt. Which were basterdized and twisted into pure fiction. He did not venture to Levent Lands jeruslame, that is pure fictional mythology. Actually it is more hard core (with hallucinegentic drugs added) fantasy fiction than anything which resembling real life.

o  His Hajira was to Egypt, not north to Jerusalem. That is mythology created to throw off the public to focus on the capital city of the Jews, rather than to work on the facts and direct evidence.

o  Which is really interesting since the real capital of Israal is not Levant lands Jerusalem but in fact it is hwere Helioppolis Egypt used to be.

o  Both the Jews/Hebrews and the Muslims have spent the last 1400 years fighting and genocidign each toher in order to win in a giant divine game. But both sides are fighting for literally pure fantasy fictions. They were both sold a sequence of lies, and those lies have been their guilding motto every since.

o  Remember satans nick name is “the father of lies”. Part of the reason satan created said structure was to find out how many peipole would literally listen to those who have no real idea and not research the subject tthemslves. The questions are violently obvious.

o  Which is one reason the swizz guard was created in the first place .

o  Question one; were the pyramids graves.

o  Question two; translate Heliopolis.

o  Question three; translate IWNW

o  Question four; What is the significance of Heliopolis and IWNW

o  Question five; Hwere where those cities moved to.

o  Question six; when Jesus entered Jerusalem, exactly where did he enter, exactly.

o  What language is jeru native it. it is not Hebrew, Hebrew did not exist  yet.

o  What does Genesis Chapter 11 begin with two paragraphs about the Nephilim and end with Noah building a ship. The two are more than obviously related in at least one if not several ways.

o  What were the pyramids used for.

o  The answer to those questions and 1000 more point to the accepted versions of hstory wich the senate demanded there citizens accept as gospel became adjusted slightely when the Vatican and papal states took over and then created 1000 year dark age to prevent the facts from eing known. The more the facts were hidden the easier the sieze control and lie to everyone it became.

o  After the Reinnaissance, which Leondardo was the tip of the sword for his time, he forced the gates of truth and evidence to open wide. He brought light into the darkest bowls of the lies and delussions which the Romans and Vatican had been sowing since the day Jesus walked out of his tomb under the Vatican  and proclaimed to the Romans World “I am alive” not by words but by walking through the streets of Rome to the Senate Chamber itself. Everyone in the city was too afraid to oppose someone that most of the city could witness for tehmslves had died in a gastly and grizzly fashion.

o  To cover these concepst using the tools of satan, makes the harder these facts come out, the more light and holiness is brought to the situation.

·     A gift

o  One way the legendary brilliance of Leonardo can be explained was that he was conceived in a ceremonial way, an ancient Egyptian Fertility ritual. The Father and the  Mother volunteered to perform this rite, and it produced a pregnancy. The offspring was on the unusual side of extremely brilliant. He was a prodigy in a dozen or more fields.

o  But unlike other ways this rite is performed where one of both of the participants are “unwilling” this one depends on both sides being entirely willing, free willing, and able to perform a fertility rite.

o  Traces of this rite can be found in a wide variety of connected culture, but mostly the documentation is about the rite being performed in the definition of the wrong way. where at least one participant is not only unwilling, but it does entirely against the persons will. They are forced into it and have the worst types of reactions from but the during and after.

o  The Ceremony likely took place in Florence under the direction of the Medici family.

o  A couple words have been found regarding the mothers nationality is African. Making his heritage in part a variety of combinations. However it is just as likely his mother was from Etypt, and a relatively close association with education. Meaning either rich and or from a Royal family and or form one of the Roman families in Egypt who had left Rome to live in Egypt as Jesus had directed. A daughter of one of those families is the most likely, based on the ceremony needed to be created. Plus her status after the birth being given a huge amount of money and married to a lawyer. They had several children after. So did the father, he had several children with other females after Leondaro was born as well. None of his siblings had his capacity for thinking.

·     The fictionalized account of some NAZI guards depicted in “The Reader”

o  The character which Kate Winslet played was mostly fictional, a combination of several of the guards at various Concentration Camps in the Third Reich.

o  However the actions done were not. Their was a great deal of sex which occurred as part of the rites/rituals/ceremonies/etc. of the Third Reich. The entire Lebsenborn project was about this very same thing. it can be fair to say the same ceremony which Leonardo’s parents engaged in is what the Lebesnborn project was based on. And the evidence could not be more clear regarding the fact that an unknown number of Third Reich citizens did in fact engage in sex for the purpose of producing offspring. Those children were called and considered to be Adolf’s Children. Children born and raised to be the ultimate perfect Aryan Race. Those Children when they came of age would lead the Reich into the next generation of supreme beings.

o  But the Lebensborn project does not have its origins with the Medici, and its specific emphasis on the science of Electro-Magnetic wave identification, tracking the sequcnes, and determming what those sequences means.

o  The ceremony also does not originate with the Egyptian Fertility rite which Ahkenaten used and relyed upon through his lifetime. Which his son King Tut was an obvious offspring from said fertility rite.

o  The Rite is part of the Medici knowledge and understanding regarding Electro-Magnetic waves. Which in a number of ways the family kept as secret as possible from day one to the last day they had power. The question becomes what did they do with their scanning Electro-Magnetic Telescope? Was it destroyed, was it moved to some hidden location, was it sold to someone/country, was it stolen in the middle of the night, etc.


·     By the 1400s

o  a large number of htings were happening in Italy and Europe were which causing extreme problems. One of the things which was causing problems was the constant and conitnous threat from Muslims from the south from the Water, east through Turkey, and west through Anatolia.

o  The Prussians were not only strongly helping the Muslim’s but were privately hard line Islamic themslevs.

·     According to newly found Documentation

o  Leondaro’s mother was a slave or an extremely poor female who lived with a family with a house which was so delipidated it was not taxable.

o  After the birth, the family was suddenly flush with cash, she was married to a equal ranked lawyer.

o  However there is a thing which needs to be addressed.

o  According to some very interesting and of course entirely secret information; there is a ritual which the Catholic Church flat in all ways refuses to acknowledge,


·     Prince of Wallachia Vlad II 1395- 1447

o  All the evidnece needed to know that the Muslims were pushing their invasion forces up through Turkey into Hungary. No need to look any further than the siege of Vienna and of course the Kingdom of Wallachia. Several generations of Rulers did everything in their considerable power and ruthlessness in order to ensure the Ottoman Empire would not ride over the defenses in Europe and replace the western culture with Muslims. The Muslims were completely determined to not only invade Europe, but seize control over it. They were/are completely convinced that allah wants them to erase all those who do not convert to Islam. Kill everyone who does not convert, destroy every single document which has ever been written which might in even the smallest way contradict the teachings of Esau,

o  The Siege of Vienna

o  In the next century 1550s, his cousin Elzbeth bathelray lived and achieved great success. Of course till both the noblemen of her area and the Muslim invadors accused her of witchcraft and killing young maidens. Her story is long, detailed, complicated, mostly fiction, etc. her enemies wrote her story and had not the slightest problem lying on a stack of bibles and quarans in order to destroy/obliterate that female from having power over them. Every single one of her major accurors were men who owed  her in some cases vast amounts of money. They were broke and wanted to go siege, they wnatd to form armies and go attack those who had money and appeared to be week. Most of them lost, which means the treasuries they were planning on paying her back with, were not accessed. They had no way to paying her back the loans they used vast amounts of political force to obtain.

o  The same evil behavior patterns Vlad fought against a century previous Elzbeth fought against, but she lost a little bit harder than she did. He was assassinated, of course. But she was imprisoned in her room for the last years of her life and her reputation as a committed serial killer of more than 500 young girls will likely never end while the current dominnt paradium repeats the same lies the office of inquisition allowed her accursors to slander her name with during and after her trial. Less than zero evidence was presented, which directly linked her to the murders. All of the witnesses recanted later, stated to a person they gave testimony under at times violently painful torture.

o  Every single time there is a war, to pacify the really nasty soldiers. The soldiers are given free access to the townsfolk to do as they please for x number of hours/days. The soldiers seek out the young maidens and … unmeanshonables occur. But those are the types of soldiers who are hired by the type of war lords who demanded and used political force to make Elzbeth give them vast amounts of money to go to war. She knew they were going to lose, but she could not say a thing to them. They would not believe her till they looked at and saw their gang of mercenaries either run off or dead on the battlefield. This realization only comes after they llook around and start to think there life might be in danger. They assess how many of their mercs are dead, and they then run away to avoid capture, being tortured, and or then killed for attacking a city/castle and losing.

o  Knowing they were going to lose. Bathelray sent word to the cities that they needed to send all of their single young maidens to her for safe keeping. She built a hospital as during wartime most large estates become hospitals to deal with the collateral damage from war lords using their populations and mercenaries to kill their enemies.

o  With no maidens to be inappropriate with, the mercs would  be more than a little angry/frustrated. Just because they are mercenaries does not mean they are not serial killers. A lot of serial killers join militaries, and police forced in order to enact their need to kill with the requirements of the job.

o  This is a different generation but the same almost exact parameters her cousin vlad faced a full century previous.

o  He was facing a 40,000 home army, trying to keep the more than a million strong ottoman army from walking through European cultures/countries. He used the nastiest and dirtiest tactics he could think of in order to keep the muslims and the Russians from joining forces to destroy Europe.

o  His actions cascaded directly into the actions Leonardo did, and the absolute need to not have most of his best ideas in Italy. He sent his best ideas to Paris to be held in profoundly better forficiations, example the bastille. The Bastille was both a prison for political prisoners and one of the best fortified libraries in existence. 


·     Birth Year 1452

o  Leonardo Da Vinci was born in April before the Calendar was Adjusted from the Julian to the Gregorian October 1582.

o  His actual birthdate is then in question since the Calendar was off by more than 4 months.

o  Would be interesting to find out if his father knew this and worked off an already adjusted calendar which would not be fixed by the Pope for another 129 years.


·     His family

o  Leonardo’s family lived at least a bit of his life in a very complex family dynamic. His father had many children with several wives after his birth, likely a few previous. His mother also had several children after her first sons birth.

o  The siblings he had who were closest to his age, he was closer to. The youngest of his siblings he either hardly knew and or did not spent more than a very  small amount of time aroudn them once or twice. He in his latter life was so busy, he did not possess the time to spent with his siblings. He was fighting too many wars on too many fronts in at least two countries. He also had two jobs which have up till now been entirely clandestine and beyond entirely secret.

·     The Fall of Constantinople and Leonardo

o  One of the largest problems the western world faced after the fall of Constantinople was an absolute desperate need to find a replacement for all that had occurred in that city and more specifically in Hagia Sophia over the course of the last 1100 years.

o  The city was an absolute beacon for knowledge, education, literature, science, mathematics, etc. if you were a scholar and you wanted to study in the place to study. You made yoru way to the city of Constantinople and because virtually the entire city was teaming with scholars. Absolute experts in almost any and every subject were present and not that far away.

o  It became obvious that the Islamic army would rather die than to not possess the city. Convert the city from being the first fully intended Christian City to conquer the city and convert it to Islam. Make all the Christian temples mosques, etc. force as much of the population to either leave or convert to some form of Islam. The problem is, this is exactly against the code of god. God commanded that all humans have free will, free will to chose to do what they want to do. Satan argued to his ultimate detriment that man had to worship god in a very specific way. From Day one to present Esau and all of his followers demand that the humans in their domane have to worship god according to the way they see best. Which is the exact argument satan stood on. Makes all those hard core born again Christians and of course most of the muslims in the world are directly going against the will of god and are fighting on the side of satan. Forcing others to follow the way they demand to worship god.

o  This issue was one of the major themes in Leonardo’s entire life. Everyone knew flat out that the city of Constantinople was going to fall. The Islamic empire knew they would sacrifice up to and including a million infantry to take the city or reduce it to rubble. The enhabitance of the city kenw and had begun to evacuate decades before the bulk of the army arrived. And the rich, leaders, and traders of Europe knew the city was going to fall that the time of the Byzantiuum Empire was at an end.

o  However all that technology, all those scrolls, scholars, etc. which were at Constantiniople had to be moved out. But they would also need a new place to live and to continue to do their research thing, they needed an entirely secure location to house the most advanced and special scholastic works.

o  Which brings up the general idea of the need for both the Sistine chapel and of course Versaille.

o  Could the building blocks of the Sistine chapel been in Constantinople since sometime between 30 ce and a few decades before the fall of Constantinople circa 1430 ce.

o  If so they would need to be built into the Chapel, since they were the last remaining fragments of the temple of IWNW. Which legned had it was built by Adam himself as a copy of his temple structures in the Garden of Eden.

o  It took the Vatican more than a decade to decide what was best for the remains of a building which had existed millennia before Noah was born. Interesting how humans force their opinion onto something which has absolutely no need for a humans opinion but the humans still push themselves in. god usually has a much better plan.

o  However outside of what the Vatican demanded access to and to make decisions based on a list of parameters and priorities. That left the rest of the stuff pouring into Europe from Constantinople, which was absolutely not anything close to the definition of small in most ways of measuring. A 100,000 square foot building was a great start to house the materials which were shipped out of the city before the Muslims took over.

o  It would be absolutely fascinating to find out how many secret floors below the ground level were built and have in some cases remained secret to this very day.

o  The new Constantinople in Europe would be a target like it was previous in the past. The Alexandria lighthouse was been a hard target for the descendants of Eesau since day one. They have changed names 10,000 times, but they still have the same exact behavior patterns.

o  A new Great Library/Constantinople library/etc. would need to not only be built, but it would require a school master equal to the task of overseeing said school. the first prerequisite for the school master, to be not affiliated with any family so he or she could do all the work of the school in absolute secrecy. Enemies are so numerous as to loose count.


·     Art Career

o  The Medici family used his art skills in painting, sketching, etc as a cover for his spy work. If you think he was a Legendary Painter, he was one of the best spy's to ever take on the clandestine arts. He was only mildly an in field agent. He went into the field to observe and to collect data, but his actual spy work was in the office advising those in power how to act and react to the very very real threat from an invasion from the hardest target enemy was the Muslims, the second hardest target enemy was from the Prussians. His Art career allowed him to conduct research while working on art commissions. He spent 10% of his time doing the art, the rest was spent assembling plans to maintain Italy’s indepndance from invading muslims. Which the muslims in Italy were more than plentiful, they were also more than eager to soften the defenses before the main body of the troops arrived. Fortunately for Leonardo his mastery of the clandestine arts prevented the Muslim Invasion. All thanks to an completely convincing  art career.

o  His efforts were so successful that eventually at least in his lifetime the Muslims gave up trying to invade Italy and refocused their efforts to the west to an invasion of the Americas. Of which he had one hard line stance regarding the application of discoveries to the west; Vaican get out of the eway and allow an expedition. Stop killing all hwo apply for said exploration permission. The Muslims shifted their focus away form Italy and to the Americas, thus starting the triangle trade and later the Colonies. The French and British successfully divided north America into two parts, west of the Mississippi and east. The British took the East and the Pacific North West. The French took from the Mississippi to the west from the Cascade mountains south.


·     Spy Career

o  Leonardo lived in an area which was virtually crawling with both muslims and Prussians trying any and everything they could think of in order to soften the defenses of the Italians in order to invade and turn the Vatican into their own Capital. A goal which was started by the Shia faction of Islam when Fatimah evacuated Mecca and headed to first Egypt and then Rome.

o  Her goal was to resurrect her father in Rome, and then rule Rome with her father as Emepeor and then herself as Emeperror. She was attempting to repeat a similar outcome to Cleopatra. However her goals were undone, and her presence was erased from the history books. In her lifetime her enemies refused to acknowledge her existence. But most of her enemies were to a genocidal amount misogynists. The hatred of females is what their culture is based on, which is secondary to their hatred of Jews.

o  It would not have taken Leondaro long to figure out that the muslims hate females more than they hate Jews, and their hatred of Jews is absolutely paramount. One reason they are told as to why to keep attacking the west is because they are all “Christian” which was started by and founded by a Jew. So they are all Jews just not in name. however this is not true, the descendants of Paul are not Jews. NOther are those who follow the protestant path, they are not Jews either. They are just a differnet form of Muslim. Martin Luther, John Calvin, etc. ahted Catholicism. They hated the message of Jesus, but loved the message of Paul. Paul was a Hyksos descendant.

o  He was a spy from his youth till the day he died.

o  It is possible his advice to the Vatican, which was militarily backed up by the Medicine and other powerful Italian families is what obviously led to the Voyage of Columbus 1492.



·     Homosexuality

o  Loenardo was not Gay, the prostitutes he hired were for one purpose and one purpose, to be models and or workers to move large things in his labs/studios. He could have hired normal laborers, but they are usually not that attractive. He needed thin, muscular, atheletic models for his art pieces. So he would hire them to move very heavy things around, and drawn them while they did it. to store up images for present or future art pieces. People always needed Angels, and warriors, etc. they do not want to have a portrait of Great Grandfathers battle victory showing his 50lbs belly and double chin. THEy want an Adonis looking body builder ready to battle against the forces of evil. But the best looking men are the prostetues, so hiring them is a must for an artist to see the muscles moving. He also did anatomy studies of this models, those images ended up being published by someone else in the book “Greys Anatomy” which used almost all of his anatomy scetchs. All Medical students are required to learn what Leonardo taught himself. Gross Anatomy

·     Scanning Electron Telescope

o  Somewhere in the research Leonardo was allowed to learn, he studied Electro-Magnetics. Somewhere in that mix, he had access to the Roman Empires Library. The same library which Mary Shelly gained access to in order to write Frankenstein from.

o  Leonardo worked to restore the function of the Scanning Electron Telescope located in the Third Floor of the Sistine Chapel.

o  He then evacuated one step ahead of a dozen Arch Bishops who were fully intent on killing him.

o  He evacuated to France where he went to work educating the best and brightest of France and of course fixing their Electro-Magnetic machines. One of those machines was used 300 years later in the French Capital to execute 100,000 people with the Electrified guillotine.

o  The Scanning Electron Telescope is not about looking at things small, but scanning the Electro-Magnetic waves, signatures, and frequeneis in order to see into the past and or the future to determine what the Electro-Magnetic patterns were/are. In a very real effect it is a time machine of sorts.

·     Florence Art School

o  As a 14 year old Da Vinci was sent to the best painter/sculptor school in Florence. Da Vinci’s life from his youth for most of ht erest of his life was mostly conducted in secret. The amount of secrets he conducted through his life are too numerous to list easily. What happened in this first 14 years of life are a mystery.

o  What happened from age 14-21 is also mostly a mystery.

o  He was at the School of Florence for 7 years, he learned more and became a master of the following skills.

o  drafting, chemistry, metallurgy, metal working, plaster casting, leather working, mechanics and carpentry as well as the artistic skills of drawing, painting, sculpting and modelling

o  he was already mostly a master of them before he arrived at the school. He had been a professional in many fields before he turned 12. Just because it was not acceptable for a Basterd to be mentioned regarding what he did, does not mean he sat in his family house and did very little form the age of 3-14. Then did whatever was required of him from 14-21. The year he graduated he spent the next couple years living at the Medici family compound in order to achieve undocumented things. But with all of his vast knowegle, and genius the most likely aspect is, he was being trained how to be a spy for the Medici spy organization.

·     Master Painter

o  Leonardo was a master painter before he entered the Florence school of art. So by the time he arrived, he was already equal to if not better than the recognized master of the school. After 7 years he was clearly better than the master, and the master of the school recognized Leonardo was a legend and treated him as such.

·     Master Engineer

o  Leonardo lived only a few miles to the west of Florence, the Home of the Medici. They would have recognized his genius and potential early in his life. He would have been given as much instruction in anything he wanted to learn from as early as his brain could pack in the details.

o  For Leonardo he masters painting very early in life, so his entire education at Florence and other places was a cover for him to achieve other goals. He was on paper achieving x official goal, but in reality they all knew he was so much better than any of them. So they let him do his own thing. He at some point in his teens became a master engineer, being able to design machines and mechanical things. Skills he put to use for the rest of his life. Earning commissions from various and assorted super rich and of course governmetns. his most important engineering  commissions were entirely clandestine; he rebuild the machines in the third floor of the Sistine chapel in order to have them work. He was hired by the King of France to do the same thing, however he did have to leave Italy under heavy guard since the Arch Bishops of Rome wanted him killed for a wide variety of reasons.

·     Master Architect

o  As a child, most children play with blocks and other “building materials” but for Da Vinci, this was differnet. His mind was so advanced, being one of the smartest and most goal directed humans to ever exist. His “blocks playing” turned into actual Architecture skills. By the time he was an adolescent he was already professient with the mathematics to build things. Small things as a not yet teenager, as a teenager larger things, and as an adult multi story buildings.


·     Master Machinist


·     Master Chemist


·     Master Metallurgist


·     Master Diplomat


·     Master Spy

o  During Da Vinci’s life, he was forced to be spy and work for very long periods of time clandestinely. He was forced to work almost constantly for both the state of Italy and of course whoever he was commissioned with.

o  He spent years with some of his parents, spending days on end in open café’s and of course marketplaces. In part because in marketplaces, the


·     Sistine Chapel

o  During his teenage years. The Vatican wanted to put a finishing touch on their St Peters Basilica and Square. But they were at a loss as to what to do and how to do it.


·     Working with the Vatican

o  For someone as smart and heterosexual as Leonardo was,  a large number of the priests in the Vatican were either Gay or were outright misogynists. So his interest in females enraged them to a point of mass hysteria. He was accused of homosexuality on several occasions.

o  But to anyone who has had experiences with deeply in the closet Homosexuals; even if said action is a capital crime. Turning someone of power down regarding their sexual advance will lead directly to a charge of said. They will do anything they can think of to punish you for rejecting their sexual advance. They feel rejected, humiliated, embarrassed, and degraded. You also know their secret, you have knowledge about them which is a legal secret. Since they do not want you to have power over them, they will immediately turn the accusation on you. They will use their considerable power all against you. This occurred more than once to Da Vinci. In fact he happened on at least 3 occasions. Which is one of the major reasons why he was unable to seek employment with the Vatican itself, he had to seek employment with private rich people and of course with smaller churches outside of Rome.

o  This also caused a problem in his career as a spy. He was too smart, so those in charge over him had a huge issue with his understanding of what was happening in the world around them. He was one of the best field observers regarding the secret Muslim invasions of Italy.


·     Machiavelli

o  The Prince




·     Mona Lisa



·     1485

o  A sequence of requests to create an expedition to the west occurred. The Vatican either said “no” or killed the petitioner for questing church doctrine.


·     Malleus Maleficarum 1487

o  The Vatican had become so tired of being humiliated, degraded, etc. that they allowed the publishing of a book to find and destroy all witches.

o  The Witches Hammer was a book not about the nature based religion of Witchcraft, but to find the descendants of Fatimah and kill them all.

o  This was an extremely iddiotic and ignorant form of the very last gasps of the Inquisition. They used this book and its guildlines to conduct mass genocide on all of their enemies. The 1500s was not a fun place to be for anyone who had even a thought against the authority of the curchh. But when you increase pressure, the backlash of that pressure will result in a equal and opposite response. The response was that by the end of the 1500s, the Rennaissnace was in full scale and the Vatican found it could not kill them all.

o  Their were simply too many people working to improve, proving the Vatican’s Hard line tyrannical dictates wrong left and right. The vaticans response in the 1600s was to increase pressure and to kill every single poor and not unde the protection of various families and armies they could. But it was too late, by the end of the 1600s, most of Europe was not longer Catholic and rejecting outright the fanatics who had been in charge of the Vatican for the previous 250 years.

o  Remember why Leondardo was banned from Italy. Tey would rather die than admit they were wrong. It took 250 years but their power base was destoyred.

·     1492

o  The year colobus sailed the Ocean blue. The largest problem, the Vatican was forced to allow this trip. They were forced to in order to keep the muslims from invading Italy. If all of their resources were directed at exploration and there slave trade, they would not have the resources of the focus to invade Italy and turn the Vatican into a Mosque as they had to Constantinople.

o  Upon arriving back home in Spain 1493, the Vatican was pleased about the money and of course the slaves. But were unbelievable angry about being wrong. They took part of their rage out on Colubus , demanding outrageous penance for his proving them wrong the earth is afterall round. But they also took their rage out on Da Vinci and others who had been so strongly in favor of the voyage. Despite the invasion of Italy by the Muslims semi-perminently put off; does not mean the humiliation, embarrasement, degradation, etc. did not affect the power structure of the Vatican. They were shaken to there absolute core, and when very nasty men are shaken they almost by default react violently. They feel like they have to get even.

o  12 years later they finally got their ultimate revenge on being proven wrong.

o  They wanted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel painted, but they wanted Da Vinci to do it. on one condition, that Michaelanlgo was going to take all the credit, while Ledonaro was forced to do the majority of the work. He was forbidden to take credit for it.

o  As he was forced to not take credit for a large number of other pieces he did for the Vatican from 1490-the last day he was allowed to be in Italy.

o  He was forced to leave or be executed for heracy by the office of inquisition. But Leondardo had simply too many friends and powerful armies too invested in his future to allow his exedution. So he was forced to leave.

o  The Vatican had put up with far too many insults, and humiliation from him mto tolerate his prence. Any further.

o  They would rather die and be destoyred than to take any more advice from that man. The Arch Bishops had been so humiliated, degraded, insulted, humbled, etc. by Leondaro for so long they would rather turn the keys of Rome over to the highest ranking Shia on earth than to allow him to be correct again.

o  The rest was a complete collapse of the Vaticans power in the 1500s. by the 1600s with a whole century of being absolutely and completely nasty,

·     Paracelsus


·     Leonardo’s students

o  It is unrealistic to assume that from no where some of the greatest minds the human race has procuded existed in the same timeline as Leonaordo Da Vinci and he was not part of their base education.

o  Which means that he taught them their polymath specialities as either a visiting professor in any one of a half dozen uiveriteis they were at, at the same time, or very much more likely. They all came to his uuniveristy and were taught by master instructors who he had been teaching over the course from 1460-1519.

o  Now something of the most profound of important, in a room say in the not yet called that Versailles; Leonardo,  Copernicus, Paracelsus, etc. you have a collective IQ in the 1000 plus range. Each scholar bouncing ideas off each other and improving the overall quality and quantity of scientific knowledge to a point at which even our most advanced sciences and technology in the present would be light years being.

o  It is a hard absolute fact that at least two of these scholars spent years working on and researching time. 1000 plus colletive IQ and at least two of them worked on time. At least one of those two also was a master engineer. Engineers build things, Leonardo designed and built an extremely accurate clock, at least one advanced design.

o  I would argue that he built a moving clock. His tank is not a tank, his tank is more of a mobile clock. A Clock which is not designed to move like a tank, more designed to keep extremely accurate accounting of 4 separate aspects of time.

o  170 plus club definitions of words

§  It is an extremely easy thing to present the evidence of those individauls in the species who are “differnet”. They are not autistic or have asbergers, but on occasions they do present with savant type bahviors. People who can do htings with ease the rest of the species struggle with. Which produces a rather large amount of anger and frustration regarding the 100 plus IQ people and some type of built into their natures need to be superior. A 200 IQ person makes them look and in this case feel inferior in several ways. The 100 iq person reacts usually badly and begins to play the power dynamic game. Using any and all tools of hteir power dynamic to “get back at” the person or people aroudn them with 200 iq.

§  Leonaordo faced this type of interaction his entire time. Minus when he was at his school, where he was not only in charge but he was also a huge part of the cultural dynamic. The school was not about playing power games, the school was about “what was your last idea, what was yoru last invention. What do you need to help create your next idea/next invention”. The power dynamic was not about games, it was all about the ideas each student came up with.

§  Add females to this dynamic and supposedly and with hard evidence to back it up, the ideas and inventions begin to fly. However there is a large amount of intimacy issues involved. Those who become inclined pair up and become active, the ideas and the biochemistal mixing does produce interesting ideas, and inventions.

o  Paracelsus


o  Copernicus


o  Voltaire

§  1694 1778


o  Nostradomus

§  1503 1566


§  Quatrains

o  Machiavelli


§  The Prince is a co-written between him and Leonardo

o  Any female from any background capable of functioning at his school was welcome.

§  Just because Italy hated females educated does not mean for a single second that Leonaordo had the same issues. In fact he liked and enjoyed females. He just had to keep his non interest in Homosexuality underwraps, the artistic and Vatican at the time were largely full of homosexuals, who were more than a little nasty to outsiders not approving. Since their acdtions were illegal and punishable by death. Anyone who found out they were gay would face at times extremely to excessively extreme violent reaction. A lot of those men were in positions of power, and would happily use any and all power they could against anyone who they would assume could use their homosexuality against them. They had to remain in power, against any and all others. So if they were caught, that person would face the worst punishments that person could bring to the situation.

§  Teaching females, the daughters of both the poor and the uber rich was equally a throne in the side of the above people. They liked their all boys school, they liked the power and control they could insert over younger weeker boys. Females react different to given power dynamics. And very insecure males react badly when they are confronted with a female who simply does not care about the power game.

§  Leonado’s school would forced both the non-homosexual power players and the homosexual power players to question the way they did things. Would force them to focus away from the political power games and almost entirely on the subjects at hand.

·     Italian War of 1494–1498

o  Under obviously guildance from Leondaro and his group of spy's from the Medici family. The armies of norhtenr Italy simply got out of the way, and allowed the French troops to simply enter and do what they wanted. Their was a battle plan in place. But Leonardo was not ony part of the planning, he was a key member of the French Army. This War had been planned for at least a decade before Charles was capaboe of the job.

o  Leonardo had proved his metal and worth to the Frnech, and had totally and completely pissed off the Italians in his own country. A country which had threatened to kill him on dozens of occasions. It is an unknown what about Leonardo they hated more, the fact he was an accompslihed basard, or the fact he was smarter than a collective building he happened to be in at the time. put all the brain power of a building, and him next to each other. He was smarter than they were collectively. Which people who are simply too smart are usually seriously hated by those who only think they are smart.

o  David Letter man told a story about the first time he saw Robin Williams on an improvisational comedy stage. He was born in Indiana, and he made a joke about how if he was not good enough he would have to take a bus back to Indiana. Robin got in the stage and was better than any comedian who had been on that stage in years. He was better at his first time on stage than comedians we know in ht epresent who eventually became known in comedy and entertainment circles. But he was great right out of the stating gate.

o  Most of the comedians back stage were all thinking “well that was a fun ride, he is better than all of us combined”.

o  In the case of academics and of course politics, those who are remarkably better tend to anger and enrage the people they are around. People who convince themselves they are the greatest and surround themselves with supproters who tell them they are the greatest 24 hours a day 7 days a week. When they get around someone who is truly awesome, the anger is soon to follow. Thus is the case of most of Leonardo’s life. He angered so many people with his legendary brilliance, he had to keep running from project to project in order to stay alive.

o  During the French invasion Leonardo in basic hid the entire time in Milan. He hid in part because he spent part of the time working on the last supper, the rest of the time working to thwart invasions from Shia Islam and the rest giving detailed information to the French who were occupying the city. Giving them as much information about his most advanced ideas in all subjects he could.

o  Four years of almost constant pouring information into the occupying French army. To go with the agreement made to form a polytechnic school in France. Which ultimately turned out to be at least one of those locations was Versailles. Although a lot of his ideas were built at least tested in both the bastille and the Louvre.

o  By the time he arrived in France as an older man, he was all but set to give his students a library which they would be trying to decode some of his more advanced ideas centuries later.

o  He knew that Charles would deviate from the Plan. The Plan was not to go after Naples, the plan was to turn west at Rome and enter a mostly defenseless city unopposed. Which would have altered Da Vinci’s plan entireliy. But Charles did not want to pay attention. He wanted what he wntaed, and he did not care he was 100s of miles away form the closest support troops, and the French citizenry. He was not supposed to go all the way to Naples. But when he turned south to a city which was ripe for the picking, instead of turning ointo Rome. That is when his strategic mind failed him, and the enemy was simply waiting for his ssupply lines to be too far and for him to be cut off and forced to surrender.

·     Last Supper

o  1495–1498

o  Obviously Leonardo was an absolute expert in geometry, which would be interesting if he had learned multidimensial mathematics from reading the Guttenburg Bible. Are the letters and some symbols aligned to create a multidimensional “structure” using the letters as in effect studs in a wall. If you have a sufficient mind, can the letters be aligned in your imagination to create some type of a structure which could be a reflection of King Solomon's Temple, or Noahs Ark. Which are in effect a heritage design, the Ark is what King Solomon designed his temple to reflect.

o  Getting Leonardo well outside the power of the inquisition was the next needed step. The Vatican was so pissed off at the success of the second Voyage of Columbus, they all but lost there collective minds. The 100th monkey syndrome caused the Vatican to go homicidally insane over the concept. One of many of their targets was Leodnardo Da Vinci, so he needed a fortified location to hide out till the office of inquisition chose to move on to other easier targets.

o  But while he was in Milan to paint the chapel, he was working full time on plans to both undermine the newly published (only 10 years previous) Malious Malificarum but also to use any tools needed in order to throw off the invasion forces from Prussian and Isalm.

o  This painting took him 4 years not because of his slowness, but because he could only paint in very small number of hours every few weeks to months.

o  For most of the time while the French were invading Italy, the years they spent. Leonardo came and went form Milan under the cover of darkness. He would leave for long periods of time. come back paint large sections of the wall, in a few days to a few weeks, then just as suddenly leave again. He only told a handful of people what he was doing.

o  What he did, he traveled back to Paris, to work with his school. only when the coast was clear would he come back to Italy and continue to work.

o  It is curious as to how much of his life he spent in traveling between northern Italy and Paris, which is in the very far northern part of France. Leonoardo was able to achieve these goals because he had so many powerful friends, who were also extremely rich. But he also was an idea machine. He was always producing ideas which either made his benefactors money or military machines they could use to stay in power. His work as a spy was also very bennificial for him to keep his interests “mobile”. At any given day it is an unknown hwere he might be. It was close to impossible for his enumerable enemies to find him to arrest and kill him, since they did not know where he was most of the time.

o  But one thing is of an absolute certain. He knew that the plaster and paint into the wet plaster method would not only never work in that specific building, the danger of catastrophic damage to the painting if not outright obliteration was so high he knew he had to use other painting techniques. Those other technoques did not hold up as well as the paintings in other fresco types including the ceiling of the Sistine chapel. But those other cities did not face bombing runs which would have all but entirely obliterated the paintings themselves. Milan did. infact the only intact wall from that bombing run was the heavily fortified and sand bagged Last supper wall. But only because it was protected by various means. The rest of the building was all but entirely destroyed. He knew that humans need to go to war, they need chemists to develop better and better gun powder and other explosives which will use less quantity but a harder quality explosion. This being a fact, he did not want his fresco to be destroyed by some bomb chemistry invented in 400 years which would reduce the building and his painting to rubble. Being a city in northern Italy, Milan was a huge target to invade and obtain a strong foothold in northern Italy. From that strong foothold, that invading army could push through most if not all of Italy. So he knew that his paintings were under extreme threats from the moment he painted it for the rest of the foreseeable future. Milan would be hit hard by a sequence of invading armies. It already had been hit hard. The chances of supersonic pressure waves hitting the church and the wall were not a matter of if, but when. Plaster would not stand up to said type of waves. So he was forced to use materials which would allow for movements under such pressure waves. The Vatican could get away with Plaster and Painting into the wet plaster. The Chances of supersonic pressure waves in the form of bombs hitting those paintings were very very small. The Vatican was the episcenter not Milan. Milan was great, but was also so close to Europe it was subject to invasion. And would suffer dozens if not hundreds of invasions over the next 1000 years.

o  As clearly in evidence Image result for last supper sandbagged

o  In 1940s the church was all but entirely destoyred when allied bombers mistook the church and bombed it. all but the heavily fortified painting by Leonardo was destoyered. The room the apinting was in was all but destroyed. Minus that one wall.

o  Image result for last supper sandbagged

o  The last supper and the reconstructed church. The Mural took an extreme amount of damage. But it would have been oblitered and non, recoverable had it been paint on plaster. Or the amount of protection would have had to be intensely greater. Feet and feet on 5 sides just to keep the pressure waves from destroying the plaster.

o  Da Vinci understood pressure waves far better than even modern chemists do. He simply did not have the capacity to create the necessary ingredients to further the art of baslistics beyond where they were.

o  Although he did expariment with said, but he also knew that any WMD weapons he created would be used by some of the most vile people you can imagine. The amount of people killed trying to “sieze” control over the weapons he made would be close to genocidal. If he gave said weapon say a bomb with supersonic destructive abilities to say Machiovelli, his enemies would insnatly invade. Just to take the weapon, then use it against their enemies. That weapon would be taken from them by ever more powerful enemies and eventually the worst people would possess his most deadly.

o  The number of inventions he thought of but did not see them constructed, they would not be invented till 400 years after his death; proves the above with room to spare.

o  His work on weapons and outright refusals to give his best and most destructive weapons to the Vatican could also be a monumental reason he was hated and despised so much by the war hawks in the vatican. They wanted to go to war with all enemies of Christ, which means they wneated to go to war against anyone who disagreed with hteir understanding of Christ, that they were a smaller fraction of Crist himself. So questingin Christ meant they were being questioned. Which produced for the most part, extreme levels of rage and bitterness. 


·     Nicolaus Copernicus 

o  Copernicus February 19, 1473, May 21, 1543,

o  To say the Prussians did not have spy's in Italy is simply ignorant. They had spy's of all shapes and sizes. Copernicus was just one of an army of them. Universities are one of the best places to sew discontent and subterfuge.

o  Studying where he did, hteir is less than zero chance that one of Nic’s teachers was not Leonardo Da Vinci. They were so close that it is impossible to not have met.

o  However Copernicus was never the less a spy.

o  A Prussian Spy v an Italian one; student v master. An interesting interaction to say the absolute least.

o  Leonardo being better at mathematics than Copernicus, leads one to an easily drawn theory that the whole geocentric thing was not Copernicus’ idea but Leonardo’s, but it was Nic who published. Since he had the backing of the Prussian Army, which was simply in all ways larger than the Medici army. However the Medici be it smaller was mostly filled with special forces troops. It takes a dozen or more infantry to equal the battlefield destructive power of a couple spec ops soldiers working as a team.

·     Sistine Chapel Ceiling 1508–1512

o  The Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel the commission occurred when Leonardo was 55



·     His fathers death

o  Ser Piero da Vinci died July 9, 1504; his Bastard son Leonardo is said to have stepped in to setle his father’s rather large estate. Which Leonardo was entitled to not a single penny of it. but his 12 half siblings from his fathers side fought over the estate very hard. The problem is, Leonardo had all but zero to do with these actions. He did not want to waste this time with such idiocy.

o  He was actually richer than his father, Leonardo had worked his entire life for the uber rich and powerful. He took in their money, but had virtually no exensive, most of his adult life he lived on the estates of the super rich. They paid him, but he did not need to pay for antyign. Some of his commisseioned works gave him small furtunes. He di dnot have expenses so 4 to 6 small fortunes for his works would have given him a large fortune.

o  This would be one of those times he would have clandestinely traveled to France to set up his school. or at least one of his schools, one of them would become Versailles.

o  From his early to middle 20s Leonardo spent that time looking for a good place to explore his ideas with the proper suppprot. Most types of support were all but impossible in all of Italy. Milan he received some support, but it was almost always limited, in Venice much greater levels of support till his genius questioned the authority of the powers that be and the doge in charge. Which his legendary genius soured the field, and his school was not possible. He became what can be described as a traveling professor, full privileges at virtually any school he went to. But since he was both a bastard and of course smarter than the entire faculty put together, he pissed off more people than he taught.

o  So France was the only real option for him.

o  If he was younger, some of the Colonies would have been a perfect option. But he was in his late 40s, although rich, the populations in the areas of established colonies and cities were not interested in Art they were interested in bare bones survival. The Carribean would work great in about a century, but he was in this very late 30s when Colubus Sailed the Ocean Blue. So that was not an option, plus he spent his entirely life fighting as a spy against the Mulsimsm. Going to an area where they were in the overwhelming majority with vertaully no defenses against pirates and the like. That was not an option, the muslims would have sent an entire fleet to say cuba to kill him, or capture him and use his genius to win their war against euroepean.

o  So he spent a huge amount of his time bouncing back and forth between Italy and France. Which angered the Italians and of course the Vatican to a point he was not invented back. He left with Frances I perminently.

·     Leaving Italy

o  It became more than violently clear that the Italian Govnemrnt and the Papacy was more than a little disgusted with the events and actions of Leonardo Da Vinci’s life. The deep seated hatred of the man spilled over into denying him the ability to claim his own artwork.

o  Despite most of the Sistine Chapel is Da Vinci’s work, he was denied any connection with the building, architecture, design, painting, or any of it. AFter the Paiting of the Chapel was finished, Pope Leo XIII and the French King Frances I

·     Louis XI of France

o  Louis has been in communication with Leonardo since years before he was elevated to be the next king of France.

o  Not only did Louis approve of all that Leonardo wanted to do, he gave him all the ability to do said. Even working with the Medici and other Italian families to help hide the fact Leodnaro had planned from practically the beingin of his adult life to retire in France. He had just planned on retiring to France much earlier in his life.

o  The amount he could have done in France without the extmree annoyances of the church and other uber rich playing political games with him. Without his career as a spy demanding he stay in Italy to keep the invasions the Shei Muslims from invading took most of his life. But the effort allowed the Vatican to remain not a mosque from day one to present. Which was a larger task than one might think, since the entire time the Vatican has been in operation it has not always possessed an army capable of defending itself against a full scale islmaic invasion.

o  Louis was more than happy to have any and all assistance he could from Leonardo, they kept up a healthy correspondence from the time Leonardo was child till Louis died and his son Chares VIII took over, but was 13. But his oldest sister Ann ruled till Charlies was old enough. But both Ann and Charlies took up the tradition of interacting with Da Vinci in order to mainting what their father has built.



·     Charles VIII 30 August 1483 – 7 April 1498

o  Charles did his best but

·     King Louis XIII 7 April 1498 – 1 January 1515



o  The automaton Lion


·     Versailles

o  The Architecture build into Versailles


o  Image result for maples leaf

o  Two things first before we start in on Leonardo designed Versailles, one is a hard undeniable fact. The British Ogles in Tiffin Ohio (who had previously owned the library which the Prussians renamed Heidelberg University)

§  The shear volume of information in the Leonardo and Versailles connected to the British/French is worthy of its own book. So much information, so much detail, so many subjects to cover, etc. it comes difficult to narrow it down.

o  There is zero way the French for the previous millennia and post till 1790 did not share research, technology, etc. with their allies the British. So the British were able to know all but exactly what was happening with the French and the Medici in the future location of Versailles step by step. A decade before construction began, and every step along the way up till 1790, when the French Royal Family were forced to evacuate.

o  What the British Ogle family did with this data is an extremely large and complex question. Of course the largest problem becomes, we know the Prussians and English formulated huge armies to follow the British literally wherever they went and attacked them without mercy. The amount of expenses the Prussians and English went to in order to attack and British was literally most of the GDP of the English for better than half a millennia 1300-1889. The attacks continued after 1889, but after were almost entirely clandestine since there was no unified force the British possessed after to fight back. It was individual families who were attacked after. But the attacks did not stop till the family ended their possess of the libraries and technology they had possessed and kept secret for the previous 6000 years.

o  The Fact that the Maples in Tiffin Ohio, despite the long string of issues; the name of the city was changed, the Prussians attacked the British Ogles from the second they encountered each other in Ohio till the Ogles finally gave up their secrets and recreated from the battlefield in utter humiliating defeat. The rest of the family were allowed to live, but they had to give up all of their secrets/technologyeapons/army/etc. before the Prussians would back off. The last gasp of the Ogles of Tiffin with a living connection to the past and the accosiated technlgoy was Elmer Ogle who lived his entire life in the Maples the second much much smaller house the Ogle’s built in the property. The other was very likely across the street were the Hospital is now.


o  Brings the question, was the original Palace designed to reflect what Versailles would be called 200 years after the core of the building was built. It was called Versailles after 1680, from 1480-1680 it was called whatever Leonardo called it. Since it was a JPL type research lab, some of the machines were built into the architecture itself. Hence the not changing the design of the building in the three expansions and remodels which occurred after 1550.

o  Leonardo had spent a considerable amount of his time for the last half of his life sending information to France to the French court in order to  build machines in France he would never give to the Papal states. The French Royal court and the Medici family worked tirelessly for decades to both secret his papers to Paris and to build in absentia his designs in exact spects from his blue prints. Most of the construction occurred while he was unable to remove himself from Italy. The Italians and the Vatican knew he was a once in a Centruy mind and they wanted to keep him under their domineering thumb for two reasons. First they wanted to ensure that he kept producing ideas for them, since they were so helpful, the second, it is very difficult to abuse him if he was in France. The Carrot they kept dangingly before he was he would eventually be allowed to design and paint the Sistine Chapel provided he both stay in Italy and take their abuse. He reluctantly agreed on several aoccations. But he also plotted against htem in order to hurry up the process. Hence the French Invasion from King Charles who instead of going to Rome to conquer that city, he stupidly chose to head farther south and conquer Naples. Which was the largest mistake of his life. After he was forced to evacuate with most of his troops dead on the battlefield, Charles was forced back to France in humiliation. Leonardo was punished by being again denied to finish his work on the Sistine Chapel of ran other 5 years, then he was allowed he was denied the ability to put his name on it. he could be present but a 20 year his junior student of his was given the honor and façade of painting the ceiling while he did all the work. After Leonardo was an older man and immediately left Italy in pure and utter disgust at the evil way the Italians and Vatnican had treated him. They wanted all the good, and also wanted to punish him for his being so much better than they were. Consequently, he did not trust a single person in Italy to possess the weapons he could think of. The last three decades of his life were spent sending some of this best information and ideas to France to by pass the Italians. The Italians had proven beyond a doubt they were incapable of dealing with his inventions properly. They were angry, upset, and humiliated by his constant brilliance. The only option was to either travel to France and or travel to Britain to escape the office of inquisition. He knew the French were sharing his ideas with the British, which he was perfectly acceptable with.

o  He chose France because it was both closer but it was also easier to deal with. The Civil War in Britain was for Leonardo going from one group of unintelligent government officials in Italy to another in England. He did not want to deal with the Enlighs, but the English and British had been at war since the English were still called Rome.

o  So, France it was.

o  The decision regarding where he would place his worship in France was easy. The Medici family owned a huge estate south west of Paris, only 12 miles away. THE future home of Versailles Which would be more than close enough to interact with the court and assist in fighting off the Prussians, who were much closer and a harder target threat. But in France they were easier to fight. Less spy's and more soldiers. The Prussian spy's in France were easier to spot and subdue.

o  The Future Home of Versailles was owned by the Medici family, which from 1500-1650 was owned by the estate of Leonardo Da Vinci. But for at least a few years belonged to Leonardo himself.

o  But he was a basterad, and some aspects of French polite society took a harder and nastier view of said birth condition than the most hard line Italian upper class society.

o  he was allowed to take even less credit for what he did in France than he did at the end in Italy. Which is to say all but none, he worked on his notebooks, and in basic according to public record retired as a 60-year-old man.

o  However, his mind would not allow him to retire, his mind would not allow him do much of anything but keep working till his last breath.

o  It is not a far-fetched idea that he is the master architecture behind the three primary aspects of construction on the property. His own design in the late 1400s, the upgrade building a century later, and Versailles 150 years after his death.

o  1661–1678 Primary construction and remodeling of the Chateau designed by Leonardo Da Vinci. To expand some of his ideas, and of course to build what Leonardo had envisioned in 1490 but could not for a wide variety of reasons.

o  However, his designs were implemented into Versailles.

§  Which a small aspect legend of this was included in the Dr Who episode of the girl in the fireplace. The fireplace was in Versailles.

§  Clockwork Killers are trying to attack and kill in Versailles. In the Episode the Dr comes to save the day on several occasions.

o  Minus the dr who fictions, all that happened on that land, lends itself to an extreme amount to the concept that Leonardo designed the three structures at the site in order to be able to achieve some extremely interesting Electro-Magnetic machine goals. Not just a scanner, but possibly machines (reference the clocks Louis XVI was proficient with), engines, some type of a Electro-Magnetic gun (rail gun), etc. as his students continued to learn and grown from the University of Versailles, they continued to learn and expand on their masters ideas.

o  The university of Varsailles itself continued to expand and expand, needing larger living spaces, as well as larger and larger classroom facilities, then of course they needed over time vastly larger and larger and larger more complicated laboratory space. But they needed to keep the entire place as clandestine as humanity possible. So as to drawn all but zero attention. The less attention the students at Versailles would drawn the less the Prussians would want achieve.

o  The Sorbonne in Paris was a great distraction. The students their were like the normal students, but Versaille itself was like JPL. Which itself has one insanely complex and detailed story wich is also mostly clandestine. For a while Heddy Lamar was stationed at Jett Propultion Laboraries. She was a far better inventor and engineer than she was an actress. However injuries surfered in her time as a spy and in the laboraroty over the years began to show on her face. She claimed they were botched “plastic surgeries”, but in truth they were battle scars. She was a spy from her teenage years in Austria to the very end, she had little interest at all in the notarity which comes from her acting life. She only cared about keeping fascism in all of its forms from reappearing. Despite the facts that McCarthy was himself based on behavior  patterns just as much of a fascist as Adolf's inner circle. Demanding that the nation not only pay attention to what he said, but that everyone needed to live their lives according to his rules of acceptable order.

o  At Versaille, the primary enemy of French was the Prussian Empire.

o  Fictional account built into the architecture of Versailles

o  Back to the Future



o  Flux capacitor


o  Image result for flux capacitor

o  Image result for flux capacitor


o  Epcot Center


o  The EPCOT portion leads this collection of infoation to one of my more outlandish hypothesis. That hypothesis being that the NAZI’s someone managed to crack the codes which led to the formulation of a time machine. Based on the evidence collected in this theory about Leonardo, the Prussian Empire was able to occupy Versailles with at least four separate “research teams” from 1790-1944. During that 150 years they managed to cobble both the machines needed and the mathematics required in order to create the maps needed in order to actually create some type of a time machine and use it without destroying themselves.

o  Thanks to the work of Alan Turing after he was taken out of England under “operation paperclip” and broguth to America. The English wanted to execute him for being homosexual, but the America govnemernt could not have cared less about said activies. In fact in Las Vegas, being homosexual is not all that against the law. especially post Benjamin seigal expanded the Flaminogo from a small bar to a full scale resort. However during that expansion, the feds came a calling to turn the slot machines into a collection of computers all working to crunch the numbers for the atomic blasts occurring only a few dozen miles away at the AirForce base.

o  Those machines success rate was high enough that Alan was asked to relocate to JPL in LA to  begin construction of a larger scale computer capable of beignign to crunch the numbers for the not yet ready to be made public Rocket program; which eventually became NASA.

o  That program was built whtin the framework and structure of Walt Disney Land not far away from JPL. Hedy Lamar and Alan worked together for years on both Las Vegas and of course JPL. The two and dozens of others translfered to Orlando where they worked to build Walt Disney World and its EPCOT super super super computer’s. the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and eventually MGM compouters were built and linked together in order to create a computer system so large and complex that it could literally cacluate aspects of Astrophysics. Long away distant galaxies and their gravitational forces would be calculated from earth.

o  However it is not outside the realm of possibilities that most of those buildings and computers are based on what Leonardo had found in the architves he was allowed to read/study/and let his vast imagination run wild from his youth till his 50s.

o  His designs were based on King Solomon's Temple design.

o  King Solomon's Temple itself was a copy of Noahs Ark, fleet. Reflected in the Narmer Monolith which features at least 5 ships.

o  Noahs Ark is directly influenced by the Nephilum since they are mentioned in the same chapter as Noahs Ark begins construction. The Nephilim are mentioned in the first three paragraphs, then it moves directly into Noah and his Ark.

o  These are all in basic the same subject line from Noah, Narmer, the Pyramids, the 18th egytian dynasy, King Tut, the Trojan War, the British, The Roman Empire, the Vatican, Mohammed/Fatimah, the Dark Ages, The Prussian Empire, Leonardo, Renaissance, Versailles, FreiKorp, the Samhain War aka the French and Indian aka the 7 years war, the American Revolution, the Amieican Civil wAr, Franco Prussian War, NAZI, the Space Race, etc. each of thse events have a profoundly large amount of continieuty through them. A continuity which Leonardo played a rather huge part in, and his ideas/inventison/machines played an even larger part in from 1480 to present.

·     Francis I 1 January 1515 – 31 March 1547

o  This man/King had one of the most difficult tasks in all of human hisotyr. His task was to spend the time before he was king of France assistning Leondardo in his Univerisyt plans, and the 4 years from the point he became king to the point leondoari died helping a rather old man implement his plan. Then the next 27 years implamneting an plan created by one of the smartest humans to have ever lived. And to keep almost every aspect of the situation as secret as if he was given both the plans for a nukeral bomb and 12 actual working bombs in a warehouse. He had to keep it all, keep it all secret, keep students leanrign from the work the master had left behind, train his repelacment in what to do after, and prepare the next generations for hwo to handle this huge project and keep it out of the hands of both the Vatican and the Prussians.

o  As he kept sending the best and brightest of the students of France to the future Versailles, he had to deal with what they thought of based on there education based on reading the vast amounts Leondaro sent to France for safe keeping to keep those ideas from the Vatican. Which was absolutely in no way easy. He also has another problem; the predicstors of Cardinal Richelieu had a very good idea that Leonardo had sent his absolute best ideas, notes, blueprints, textbooks, etc to France. They would stop at nothing to possess them. But they also wanted the same thing that the French wanted, to keep said secrets out of the hands of the Prussians. Frances had more than enough difficulty with keeping all of this coordinated. His successors were unequal to the tasks set.

o  By 1580 the House of Valois (1328–1589) was about to fall and their was absolutely no clear successor. None of the cousins was mentally cpable of the tasks set by the Univerisity which would soon become “Versailles”. The Bourbon family took over as Kings of France, it is unknown how much they knew about the “origins” of the place. It is in extreme doubt the house of Bourbon knew anytign. The only ones who might have known were Marie de' Medici who might have told the Cardial, but that is in extreme doubt. But there coupe detat failed and she was sent into exile. If her son knew anything about the mahcines buried in the infrastructure of the Palace is a rather extreme doubt. But from 1589-1790, the more than two centuries it is doubtful all of the kings would have remained ignorant of the history of the Palace and of course its designer Loenoardo. The fact Leonardo had placed Machines built into the original part of the Palace itself would not be that difficult to figure out. Using the machine on the other hand could prove to be on the infinitely more difficult side of impossible. Leonardo had five full decades to think about the ideas and problems of hnading that powerful of a tool to just anyone. Especaly since France had a huge protestant problem, protestnatizm itself was designed and built by the Prussians as a façade form of Isalm.

·     The House of Bourboune

o  From 1580 to 1790, the Royals spent a lot of time arguing and trying to assert dominant and power over hwo actually ocntorled the buildings. The French Kings demanded to be the ruler of the house, but the students refused to acknowledge. Plus the Medici never relinquished ocntorl over owernship of the core of their property rights. The Frenchh Kings purchases the lands all the way around the orogial 1000 acres. But the Medici by contract with both Leonardo, his descendants (students, and favorite half siblings, possibly but unproven children),  and the House of Valois (1328–1589) would have objectly refused to sell the lands under no uncertain controts. The contracts would have been drawn up by a team of the nastiest and most follow the law lawyers the Medici could hire. Leonaordo wanted a property contract so air tight that the legalities could not be overturned minus simply seizing the lands and killing anyone who questioned the authority. The contract was sent out to several major power brokers in order to have absolute assurance that the U Leonardo created would not be harmed in any way.

o  One of the objectives of the many Wars in EUopre was fought over to obtain a copy of one of those contracts to possess the university Leonardo founded. If they could obtain a copy, they could lay claim ownership, ownership means they might be able to find those machines and use them.

o  In some aspect of evidence, King Louis XIV in some way found one of the copies and claimed overship. Not only did he claim owernship but he expanded the Univiesty from around 300,000 square foot lodge to pushing the million square feet it is now. But the original buildings are still intact, the original machines are also likely intact. With some fixing for a century of two not being used, those machines could be used just as effectively today as they were designed to by Leonardo in 1480.

o  The Sun King somehow figured out how to use them, and avhieved great goals. But he obviously kept the secrets from his sons and grandsons, since his Grandson King Louis XV was to much of an iddiot to even consider sharing secrets with him.

o  Although it is possible Marie Antoinette knew about the secrets and was able to work with them, her husband was not capable of understanding them. He was capable of fixing some aspects of their machinery, but not of using the machines as they were intended.

·     Students of Leonardo’s Polytechnic in France Versailles

o  At some point when Da Vinci was in his middle to later 20s, according to the rules of the Guild System he would have to have his own School. it was find for him to be resident master at Florence and of course Venice, and occasionally at the Vatican. But he needed his own school. hwere he was not answerable to annoying authories, or a school board who were more interested in kissing up to the Vatican than to do best for his students. He would also never be allowed to have his own school in Italy. No area of Italy or its govnermnets would allow him to be a school master in his own right.

o  The only option was to open hisi own school in a different country. The nswer was entirely obvisly, Frnace. He could not call himself School Master in npublic. But he could found, start, create the curriculum, have dozens if not hudnres of students, unlimited budgets, and 10,000s of acres of school property in which to explore his various ideas.

o  Leonardo had continued his practice of including females in drag as his students. The rich and royals he worked for, he would teach their children, and in a lot of cases taught the girls as much about science, mathematics, education, literature, etc as he could.

o  Female spy's can be some of the best intelligence gather’s in the business. Men when trying to seduce a female will say close to anything to impress, to achieve the conquest goal. Some females carry it forward to the after pillow talk, were the guys will continue to brag about all they know militarily. Others will only take it to a certain point.

o  But those female spy's need to be educated, to know what questions to ask and to understand the technical stuff they are told. Being told about the engineering specs of a new weapon. If you do not have an engineering background, there is very little chance you can memorize that much detail and relay it quickly. If you have an engineering background you can go into hours of detail about the information and rarely miss any of the specifics.


o  supposedly Nostradamus was the smartest student in all of France. at the same exact time that Leonardo was living the last 10 ish years in his life.

o  placing the two smartest people in the country as master adn student is the definition of a no brainer.

·     The University of Versailles

o  This school was created under a shroud of secretly so intense that literally no one not directly connected has known anything about it.

o  Which is an extreme accomplishment since the first 200 years of the universities life were entirely ignored, the next 200 years it was a working palace, the hundred years 1680 till 1790 obviously the Prussians figured it out, but instead of telling the world tkey kept it a secret and simply attacked france till the government collapsed. First they attacked Louisiana, when New Orleans, St Louis, and the Mississippi fell under Libertine control. They began to attack the outskirts, which is where the Drump family came into france from Prussia. They were part of the FreiKorp since before the Freiopr name changed to that. They were part of the French Revolution using any and all tools to undermine the French ORyal family. In the outter cities, this worked extremely to an umeasurableley well level. Although the Prussians possessed control over a larger portion of France, the Royals still kept control over Paris and Versailles, at least for the most part. By 1760, the end was inevitable. The Government was gingn to collapse and their was nothing the French Royals could do about it. Although King Louis XVI was sure he was a good king and his citizens loved him, he was mostly correct, but the Prussian spy's churning out lies about him every day did not help. Support for the French Royals took a couple decades of constant propognda to finally collapse the govnermnt out of Paris and to Versailles, the King was still sure he could achieve great goals.

o  The question becomes, if he had lost control of 90% of France and all but small areas of Louisiana, what could have motivated him to hold onto that Palace till he was picked up and evacuated out by the Musketeers. One night he and his family were put on horses and evacuated out. A relay system had been put into place, every x miles fresh horses were saddled and ready to go. Those members of the family smart enough and capable enough had already started to ship out the most precious of the machines and library which could be moved. They had done this over the course of the rpeiosu decade so that all but a few copies were in Versailles. Those copies were burned the night the family left. They arrived at a waiting ship a few hours later, and were shipped out.

o  The question becomes with the time between 1680-1790 established as one of the major reasons the Prussians were attacking endlessly against Versailles. The fact the places was designed and built by Leonardo is a huge amount of evidnece as to why. The Prussians have shown an extreme amount of lust from the day they name changed to Prussian from Teutonic over said techology. They were angry they were not allowed to sieze and possess it. From 1100 ce to present they have been entirely consistnat in all ways as to attacking to seize control over the most advanced technology they could get their hands on. From 1790-present they have centered themselves at Versailles, and have not relinquished control over it the entire time. Paris is one thing, but Versailles is the crown jewel in the Prussian Empire.

o  The Students at the future named Versailles, kept the secrets well. But it appears the expansion of the place in 1680 was what gave it away.

o  The question becomes, exactly what information did Leonardo send to this school in order for this school to be so radically important for two centuries.

o  A list of known Leonardo Inventions and or sketches which most were not built

§  Anemometer

§  Historians stipulate that it was Leonardo da Vinci’s fascination with flight that inspired him to innovate the anemometer, an instrument for measuring the speed of wind.

§  Flying Machine

§  Of Leonardo da Vinci’s many areas of study, perhaps this Renaissance man’s favorite was the area of aviation. It was this interest that inspired his most famous invention – the flying machine.

§  Helicopter (Aerial Screw)

§  Though the first actual helicopter wasn’t built until the 1940s, it is believed that Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches from the late fifteenth century detailed a predecessor to the modern-day flying machine.

§  Parachute

§  Though credit for the invention of the first practical parachute usually goes to Sebastien Lenormand in 1783, Leonardo da Vinci actually conceived the parachute idea a few hundred years earlier.

§  33-Barreled Organ

§  The way Leonardo da Vinci saw it, the problem with canons of the time was that they took far too long to load. His solution was to build multi-barreled guns that could be loaded and fired simultaneously.

§  Armoured Car

§  The precursor to the modern tank, Leonardo da Vinci's armored car invention was capable of moving in any direction and was equipped with a large number of weapons.

§  Giant Crossbow

§  One thing Leonardo da Vinci may have understood better than any of his contemporaries was the psychological effects of weapons in warfare – as illustrated by his giant crossbow invention.

§  Triple Barrel Canon

§  As a military engineer, one of Leonardo da Vinci's key beliefs was that mobility was crucial to victory on the battlefield. This idea is seen in his triple barrel canon invention.

§  Clock

§  To put away any initial confusion: Leonardo da Vinci did not invent the clock. What he did was design a more accurate clock.

§  Colossus

§  Perhaps even more interesting than the ambition and innovation behind Leonardo da Vinci's Colossus invention is the dramatic and heartbreaking story of his attempts to bring it to life.

§  Ideal City

§  No idea speaks to the epic ambition and scope of Leonardo da Vinci's inventions better than his ideal city, which combines da Vinci's talents as an artist, architect, engineer and inventor.

§  Robotic Knight

§  With his innovative, engineering mind, Leonardo da Vinci had many ideas that employed the use of pulleys, weights and gears – including his invention of a fully animated robot.

§  Self-Propelled Cart

§  Before motorized vehicles were even a glimmer in someone's eye, Leonardo da Vinci designed a self-propelled cart capable of moving without being pushed.

§  Scuba Gear

§  In his lifetime, da Vinci designed many inventions dealing with water – perhaps, most notably, scuba gear.

§  Revolving Bridge

§  Designed for Duke Sforza, Leonardo da Vinci's revolving bridge could be quickly packed up and transported for use by armies on the move to pass over bodies of water.

·     1519

o  The supposed death of Leonardo Da Vinci,

o  Three problems with this.

o  First he was in France and a national treasure.

o  Second he spent his time in France specificlay working on the devise Nostradomus was later use to “scry” into future events. A scanning Electron Telescope. So what exactly would be the nessessaries to turn the telescope into a machine to travel to that location. The answer is an extreme mastery of a couple dozen fields which all of which Leondardo proved in his early live to be possess mastery of those fields.

o  Third the permission from the King of France to actually turn the machine in and venture into he future, some point where the things which were causing his death could be reversed with modern medicine.

o  For direct evidence of this, look no further than King Louis XIV the Sun King born September 5, 1638. That King had sufficient details in order to take advantage of the knowledge and technology Leondargo brought to France.

o  It can be estimated that Versaiiles was built as a huge collection of machines in order to assist in said scanning Electro-Magnetic Electron Telescopes. Which is son, grandson, great grandson, and great great grandson were all incapable of understanding hwo to work with the tools. However King Louis XVI, was an expert Watch making and fixer. But his efforts were contained in a substandard mind.

o  For further evidence, look no further than the King Louis XVI and his family escaping. Where did they escape to? How did they escape? Could they escape through the Machine? Did they evacuate with the help of some type of steam engine. Which the Roman Library and less than zero doubt the French Royal Archives would have had a copy.

·     Nostradomus

o  Nostradomus was born in 1503

o  From a very young age he showed absolute signs of being  Wunderkind, an extremely advanced child. Capable of thinking so far past those around him, he soon as he matured from toddler to child, he proved to be smarter and have a better memory than most of the teachers in his area. He was sent to school and he had an even larger problem. He was smarter than mmost of the teachers in one of the better universities in France.

o  The information was brought to the kings attention. The King had two problems.

o  One he had a tabernacle system which not only did not work anymore, but the system itself was causing more harm than good.

o  So he needed to hire someone who actually had an idea how to fix the machine.

o  He looked around the found Leonardo Da vinci and offered him the job. Paying the Vatican a huge sum for the rights to in effect purchase the slave da vinci.

o  But da vinci had to finish painting the ceiling of the Sistine chapel first.

o  However

o  In the 7 years from the end of the Sistine Chapel ceiling completion to his “death”. Loenardo was in France working directly for the Royal Court, which also meant he traveled where the king wanted him to be.

o  He spent time in Paris, in Avous, Navarou, etc.

o  He fixed the Tabernacles systems, in order to not have the ruling family members continue to be lobobomized.

o  He also took on Nostradocus as an apprentice, an apprentice given a code name. similar to the code names he had given  his female apprentices, who he was paid huge amounts by the rich and royals of euorpe to teach their daughters how to do what he did.

o  He was given apprentices; of a specific type. Females, the wunderkind, and not that talented young adult men who were great at looking good and making it look a certain way. but they were nothing more the window decoration. Lodnoero focused his lessons on his special kids both boys and girls who were “a cut above” the rest.

o  How something of the most important to deal with.

o  Nostradomus saw into the future.

o  The assumption goes that

o  Translalte the numbers to letters, in the quatrains.

o  The upper end master who taught nostradomus was at least one of them was Lenoardo Da Vinci.

o  Da Vinci himself was already an expet in the concepts of time.

o  He was also an expert in the applications of Electro-Magnetic

o  Take nosradoums’ scrying bowl

o  Now add key (chevron) points around the rim.

o  Now connect the key chevron points around the rim to different Electro-Magnetic generators. Those key generators would be attuned to a different frequence, wave, vibration, and of course signature.

o  Nostradoums could “dial in” to a specific location in time. both a global gps, but also a timesynk.

o  He learned this at the feet of Da Vinci, who lenared it by reuilding the tabernacle Systems of Adam and Noah. Aka the Sistine chape and st peters basilica.


·     Speaking of Nostradomus and the Quatrains

o  The largest problem which modern science, it misses thing which can be totally and completely obvious.

o  We know Nostradamus based on his writings used some type of device in order to “see into the future”. A scrying bowl of sorts. But there is little mention of said bowl, what it was attached to, if the survace of said bowl was an Electro-Magnetic event horizon. With electrical impulses directed at the surface of the water in varying Electro-Magnetic pulses, waves, frequencies, signatures, etc. in order to turn the surface of the water in the metal bowl or crystal bowl into some type of a scanning Electro-Magnetic telescope. Using Electro-Magnetic’s to see far away objects, locations, etc.

o  Kind of reminds of both Warehouse 13 and of course the show The Librarians. A collection of items which were synked to a given location, event, person. stored away from the public, so they would not cause damage/harm to either humans or the planet itself.

o  But Nostradamus was warned that if he had told too much of the future, the book he write in/published itself would become an object of hard damage to humans, the earth, or the universe itself.

o  However he did write in a numbered code which he hoped at some point in the future someone would come along and begin to translate the deeper and more complex numeric and lettering concepts he wrote in. There is a language inside of the words and sequences of words he used.


·     1500 Prussia

o  The Prussians knew they had bene having huge problems trying to infiltrate Italy. All efforts minus a small handful were stopped before they could get started.

o  Eventually the Prussians connected the dots and knew that the situation involved Leonardo. In response even though he was an old man by then, he had already trained people and put plans into place which they wanted to know about.

o  Eventually they figured out some of the key aspects of Leonardo’s future plans revolved around Versailles. So they needed to come up with a plan to capture Versailles intact. Which is much much more difficult than it sounds. Since given enough time, the French would figure it out, and move the most imporntat stuff out. But given a large enough amount of time, the French would get sloppy and point the Prussians directly to where the largest secrets Leonardo had invented were.

o  It took all of the 1500s, most of the 1600s, and 90 years of the 1700s; but they finally achieved their goal of taking Versailles with most of the library in Paris and the Sorbonne intact. Which only angered them more. Since the French knew full well that the Prussians were plotting against them. Had known about it since the First Crusade.

o  So the first thing the French and British did was to move first the library and then the most dangerous machines out of the reach of the starting to get ichy army. Since the Prussians were never not itchy, the concept of relaxing was never part of the situation.

·     1692 the Salem Witch Trails and the University of Versailles

o  Although the two seem to have less than zero to do with each other. Versailles and the British had a very very close relationship. Had for the previous millennia and would continue till the end of the next century. When the Prussians in both American and France destroyed their cultures and replaced with their own.

o  The Salem Witch Trails were a huge part of the American Revolution, Judge Rutledge and the future second president of the US John Adams spent months in legal verbal battles over the fate of America. The decloration of independence is in part from these arguments. John Rutledge to his core was afraid of the laws in Massecheusetts which were in huge part based on the Mallius Malificarum were not going to be allowed to exist in his state, or for that matter the entire south. The southern states usually voted the way Judge Rutledge did, as a voting block. However Judge Rutledge had a much larger and more profound point. since a large if not sizable block of the citizens of the south were hard line fanatical muslims with in some cases extremely large plantations. Which means despite the fact that massechuestts and other northern states were what they assume were violently anti-msulim. A huge portion of the Ameicans were going to be Muslims. That there rights were just as imporntat as the rights of the most fanatical puritan chrsitan.

o  Judge Rutledge used the Salem Witch Trails again and again and again to point to puricants have their own version of sharia law which is just as fictional based as foolish as to each other. They are not laws, they are religious fictions masquerading as laws and evidence. both hard line puritan and hard line sharia are both ridiculous in all ways shapes and forms.

o  Which brings us to what was happening in the lead up to the Salem Witch trials which were occurign at the exact same time as the build up to the expansion of the Palace (Univeristy/Polytechical school) Versailles. The students and their royal overseers were at the absolute limit of what the Palace could do in order to coninnue to be an effective, school, govemrnt admin, laboratory space, and palace. It had reached its limits decades previous, but outbuildings had been being used to extend the life of the main facility. But out buildings were close to impossible to maintain secrecy and security. With a given order, the palace could be closed off and in effect become a fortress with 3 to 5 foot walls in just a matter of minutes. An armed musketeer stood at the entrace to every single doorway. They could not maintain security if half of the outbuildings were more than a mile from the main building. So the decision was made to expand the Palace to its present size, which took from 1680-1710. Which would only last for 80 years till the Prussians managed to infiltrated sufficient amounts of the French culture to perform a coupe d’etat and sieze control over France. But that would not happen till 1790.

o  What the real target after the Prussians got the royal family out of the way was to find the research which had been conducted at Versailles for the eprevious 300 years. Three centuries of invvovation and advancements with was founded based on the most advanced books and letters Leonardo could send to his supporters the Medici in France. The shear volume of information he would have been able to send to France in three to five decades would have been extreme to the absolute max. a dozen of his note books with his most advanced ideas were sent to France, 10,000s if not more letters were sent to France, and of course his own presence in the last say 10 years of his life. He would have been similar to the fictional Dumbeldoor at his own created Hogwarts school of WitchCraft and Wizardry. Since radically advanced science is indistinguishable from magic.

o  Also the science used to create Solomon's Temple was an absolute retirement for him to learn. 

o  But in order to conquer Versailles an dof course seize its technoly and three centuries of research which is mostly based on the research and ideas of Leondargo Da Vinci, the Prussian Empire had to make a very long term and complex plan. They started this portion of their plan when they figured out all of their plans in Italy were in part stopped based on the master spy Leonardo Da Vinci, he sopted 100s of hteir plans and prevented the Vatican from being captured by their really good friedns Shia Islam. The two would not get over their rage regarding being blocked at virtually every turn.

o  So a plan was needed. The first plan was to dismantle the holdings the French and British possessed in the New World. The second part of the plan was to needle at the defenses and culture of both Britain and France.

o  As the noose tightened; both cultures respeoned exactly as predicted. And the enemy was present to further tighten the noose just like a snake constricting around its intended victim.

o  The Salem Witch Trails were only a distraction to focus attention away form their efforts pushing the boundaries and defenses at Versailles, the more they learned the better they could attack later and know what buttons to push.


·     World War 0 Samhain War 1754-1762 aka the French and Indian War, aka the Seven Years War


·     Tiffin Ohio

o  One of the targets the Prussians set their sights on was that of the Heidelbergu library in Tiffin Ohio. Although it would not be called Heidelberg or Tiffin till post 1840-1830 respectively.

o  Whatever tiffin was called previous has been in part lost to the raveges of time.

o  However

·     Conqeust of Versaii

o  To take Versaii, required taking out the bastille. Which was no easy task to say the absolut least. But both were not feasible targets till Louisiana itself was conquered and mostly under the control of the Prussian Empire, eg the Samhain War, aka Seven Years War, aka the French and Indian.

·     Conquest of the Bastille

o  14 July 1789

o  The Bastille played an extremely important role in the protection of Paris from the moment its foundation was put into place till the day it was torn down during the French Revolution. Although most of the time the city was a prison for the enemies of the French Kings. It had a very bad reputation, and was a symbol for all that was wrong with the French Royal family.

o  It was also the home for many years to the Man in the Mask, it was cloth not iron, and it was mostly due to factors which are entirely unknown. He was found in his cell dead in 1703, c. 1640 – 19 November 1703.

o  The arrest was in or around July 1669; which corresponds to the just after King Louis XIV was brought to the School/University in order to find out why a Medici facility of size and shape was going just 12 miles away from Paris. Obviously he found out, it would be an assumption that the “prisoner” was not actually a prisoner but was actually a scholar from Leonardo’s school. King Louis XIV could have used this person as a “tell me everything” about the school, with a little bit of help from time in prison to loosen his tongue.

o  The mask was not only used by this prisoner, but was used by a few dozen prisoners over the years. Their identities would have to be heald under the most careful of secrets in order to keep the secrets of Leonardo’s school as hush hush as humanly possible.

o  Although the prisoner was held for some 34 years, the records are only as accurate as the King and the prisoners secrets would allow.

o  It is the height of idiocy to assume the tools, weapons, machines, etc. which the plans for which were sent to France from Leonardo would have been built in only one lcation. They would have been built in 3 to 6 of the most important locations. The Bastille being number 2 on the list of places to put violently advanced weapons. But those weapons would absolutely require specially trained technicians to come in and maintain and use them. The masks were in part to ensure that not a single one of the Prussian prisoners and other enemies of the state would be able to identify who the technicians were. The Technicians of course could come and go from the Bastille from several secret tunnels built between the Louvre and other Palaces in the immediate area. So that the Royals, Guards, and others could move freely between the connected buildings without drawing attention and or exposing their actions. Sneaking into a building various and assorted materials, or the upper upper class people would require the used of secret entrace/exist. The King or other ministers making a visit to the Bastille would absolutely require secrecy of the highest level.

o  The prisoners in the Masks would students and technicians to maintain the machines, equipment, library, etc. in those select locations.

o  The Bastille was built 1357, its first 100 years of life were as a fortification/prison. Its second 100 years of life were exclusively a prison/storehouse of some of Frances most heavily valued treasures.

o  The fortress’s third century of existence half of the Prison was used for the most upper class citizens who apposed King Louis XIV rules. These were not political prisoners, they were actually students and edoctators who were in part working on some of Leonardo’s ideas in Paris, while some of the other students and faculty were at Versailles. If the studnts/faculty needed to be in paris and interact with the Louvre and or some of the other Royal connected buildings they had ready access. The rest of the prisoners were Prussians who had caused extreme problems in France.

o  The question is, why did the French choose to put Prussians directly inside and next to the most secret school in all of Europe minus Versailles of course. Where the political prisoners from Prussia actually political prisoners or where they friends of France from Germany/Austria/etc. allies working with the French and this caused the Prussians who were not allowed inside the bastille to be angry and focus on what was happening in that prison. They wanted in, and were not allowed. Actual political prisoners were brought in, and instantly shuffled out of one of the underground tunnels to other locations in and or around Paris, of course either drugged or unconscious. They would be altered in x location and wake up in y location, assuming y was x; but with no windows and or other tell tail signs what would inform them of where they were.  5,279 students and prisoners went through the place over the course of a several centuries.

·     Conquest of Versailles

o  The conquest of Versailles itself is an extremely difficult story to tell it has a several centuries of buildup, and the it follows the conquest of the Louvre which was only conquered because the bastille was obliterated. The Bastille of course protected the Louvre, but once the Bastille was taken, their was nothing standing in the way of the Prussians seizing control over the Louvre. The Louvre meant that Paris was in the hands of the Prussians, which meant that the only thing standing between the Prussians and Versailles was thin air and 12 miles. The Prussian Army was much more blood thirsty and very willing to commit genocide to get what they wanted. The Prussians had spent the eprevious several centuries working every angel they could in order to set up the dominoes in order to gain access to Versailles, they were not going to let anything get in the way. The really odd thing is, the Prussians have been convinced since day one, the killing, genocide, violence, burning of libraries, coveting, etc. they as a nation have done is all justified in order to fight the evil beast which has possessed the lords tools and machines. They should be the rightful owners of said technology and knowdgle, and till they are all of their evil actions are entirely justified.

o  They set their sights on Leonardo’s school as soon as they figured out that is what He had been doing for all those decades corresponding with the French Kings. He was setting up his own school. they did not figure it would take three entire centuries to gain access to it. they figured a few years and all would be great. 1480-1790; three centuries it took. But by the tiem they finally entered, they had less than no idea how to locate, understand, or operate the machines they spent three centuries killing to obtain. The Prussians would rather kill scholars than to learn from them.


·     The British Ogle family in America

o  The British Ogle family have an intensely long and complex story. The British began as a result of the Trojan War.


·     1806

o  The 16 years between the Prussians succeeded in destyrign the French Royal Govmenrt they set their sights on destroying the Holy Roman Empmrie. It took 16 years but they succeeded in destroying yet another culture.

§  French and Indian War

§  English Colonies

§  British Colonies

§  French


§  Holy Roman Empire

§  American Civil War

§  Franco Prussian

§  Spanish American

§  WWI


§  Cold War

o  Statistically speaking, the Prussians spending vast amounts of time and resources to destroy the economy and culture of France in both America and Europe, after France fell to the Prussian FreiKorp it appears their next targets were America and of course The Holy Roman Empire. American managed to hang together for at least a little while but the Holy Roman Empire collapsed 16 years after the French Royal System. 

o  Which gave Prussia full and unfettered access to the whole of the Roman Empire Library, the problem they encountered is it became entirely obvious after four centres of nothing but attacks in all shapes and sizes what the Prussians wanted. They would kill ever human being on the planet in order to obtain the technology which they believed the Evil others held which God had given them a special “gift in order obtain those technologies and to turn those technologies into weapons in which to defeat there enemies with.

o  To obtain those technologies they used every single dirty trick in the book in order to obtain them. They were more than a little soul level angry those weapons were not in their hands.

o  To the Prussians if they were simply allowed to possess those weapons from the beingin, they woudll not have done all of those evil actions. So to the Prussians the evil ations were not their fault the evil actions were the efault of their enemy, because they had a divine right to those weaponsn which they would then use to kill all of the humans who disagreed with them. But that was also gods will, to kill all the humans who questioned their divine authority.

o  Obviously they had been attacking the Holy Roman Empire for centuries but they focused on them immediately after the French were destroyed. In order to obtain access to the libraries they had been denied.

o  The funny thing is, the few times they gained access to people and weapons they had been demanding, the Prussians as a culture had all but no real idea how to use those weapons. They were like children with a implaced battery, with less than no idea how to do anything with it. They kept saying “knowing hwo to  use it, is entirely not the point. possessing the weapon is, we will figure out how to use it over time. but we must by divine right must possess it in order to ensure you will not use it against us”. No amount of time would convince them that was not going to happen. “if we have not use it as a weapon at all in all of these centuries, what makes you think we will use it now”, which the Prussian answer was “but you might use it tomorrow, and we have to fight you as if you have used it and we must stop you from using it”

o  The paranoia and almost Schizophrenic perception of life Loenardo noticed and this guided a lot of his decusion making. One of his major decisions was to transport his most impressive invensions out of Italy to France. He knew that the Vatican (those loyal to Paul not Simon Peter) were working in very close axis with the Prussians, had been working with them closely over the last centuries and would obviously continue to work with them. So anything given to the Italian Govemrnet would be shared with the Italians and then be given to the Prussians. If he gave his secrets to the French, the chances were very low the French would simply give his designs to the Prussians, at least without a fight.

o  When the Prussians learned just how many secrets, advanced technology, weapons, etc. Leonardo gave the French; the Prussians responded with pure hard core violence. Their battle cry was “how dare you deny us these weapons. We must have them so we can destroy any and all who get in our way”. which is exactly the reason Leonardo, the French, the British, and the Germans refused to give to give the Prussians anything. Which only angered them more.

o  Although it does not take much to anger a Prussian, usually breathing in their general direction.

o  However immediately after the Prussians crushed the Holy Roman Empire, they poured into the libraries they had just captured to find weapons. In those libraries they found good stuff, but they found entire bookshelves, cases, and rooms empty. Those books had been taken out and shipped someplace else.

o  The Novels Frankenstein and of course “the Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, were published about this same time and the Prussians took the technology used in those books as proof they were being denied. They knew that type of technology had existed previous, they wanted it, and were again being denied. Which only further enraged them.

o  The Prussians turned hteir attention away from the destroyed Holy Roman Empire and toward where the British had evacuated to in the previous century.



·     Joseph Smith

o  Just 17 years after the collapse of the Holy Roman Empire,

o  What could Joseph Smith have even the smallest thing to do with Leonardo Da Vinci.

o  The answer is the Vatican and the French had been diplomatically interacting with the British since day one. The British are the ones who actually formed the Templars who name changed to the Swizz Guard in the 1200s, shortly after they were declaried illegal on Friday 13th,

o  Smith was brought into British power and influence in New York, the British worked with him from circa 1820 to the day the Prussians decided to kidnap him to force him to work translating ancient scripts found in the Heidelberg Library captured from the British Ogle family.

o  Wundt had been brought into achieve the same goals several yearas previous, Oliver Cowdery the co-writer and co-founder of the LDS church was present and well documented lived in Tiffin Ohio for at least 8 years.

o  Cowdery was forced to translate, he was partnered with Wundt, and Smith was brought in years later to also work to find Electro-Magnetic weapons in the British Ogle family texts.

o  The results of said were Wilhelm Wundt about a decade later wrote the first modern textbook regarding the field of Psychology.

o  In Wundts Laboratory were a collection of Electro-Magnetic mchines. Those machines were oblitereed during WWII. Well they were not obliterated, they were packed up and shipped to Prussian to be expearimented on, then were shipped likely to the Koch family compound in Wash Kansas, which is in the far south poart of the state middle, only a few miles north of Oklahaomh. The Koch family also have the Russian/Prussian Amber room, shipped courtesy of Eric Koch of Konseburg Prussian, the former capital city of Prussia. Before they moved the capital to Berlin.

·     Wilhem Wundt

o  From Wundts time in Tiffin, he not only devellped the field of Psycholgoy but he also developed several very rudimentary scanning electron Telescopes, each designed to scan for Electro-Magnetic impulses form different body nervous system reactions.

o  However it is logical and statistically realistic to have those scanning electron Telescopes to be redirected into the function and structure of time itself. A similar machine is what Nostradomus used to write his quatrains with, Leonardo taught him how to use it.

o  The French Kings Leonardo lived with and around for the last decade of his life were close allies with the British, the British possesses similar technlogy and had used it various times over the previous 1000s of years.

·     Banquet for Queen Victoria hosted by Napoleon III in the Royal Opera of Versailles, August 1855

o  The long and storied actions which occurred at the Palace of Versailles important events took place every few decades from 1490 to present.

o  It is extremely difficult to understand how to attribute all of these events are directly contributable to the work of the rather extreme legendary genius to Leondardo Da Vinci, but facts are facts.

·     Proclamation of the German Empire, 18 January 1871, 1877 by Anton von Werner


·     Franco Prussian War Jul 19, 1870 – May 10, 1871

o  This war occurred immediately after the American Civil War. Which was a creation of the Prussian Empire and the Muslims living in America. They both demanded to have the freedom to live their lives according to whatever way they wanted. In this case the way they wanted to live was by committing crimes against humanity, to profit off of others work, to feel powerful over “inferiors”, to seek out Jews in African and kill them all, etc. the north decided that 80 years of America committing crimes against humanity was enough. The south had made more than enough money, plus the Trail of Tears was entirely unacceptable.

o  The south demanding to “I have the right to do any nasty, disgusting, immoral, evil, etc. thing I want. WE have the right to do collectively any evil thing we want, and not be harassed for being evil.” Was what the south was demanding, the north chose to inform the south “we the people means; we the people, not ‘we the privielaged’.”

o  The north and south fought, and south lost for the exact same reasons they demanded freedom. Little nasty power brokers began to demand profits form everyone and everything in order to simply have the economy and transportation in the south occur. They knew they had power, and used it to demand everyone pay them huge amounts to do anything. Which resulted in the economy in the south screeching to a halt. When you have every level of a society turn ultimately greedy, charging extreme amounts of everything. There is simply not enough money to be handed out for everyone. A few make a killing, while everyone else starves. Which unfortunately for true power brokers, they always blame either “that is how things are", or worse “you should have thought of that before you tried to cheat me”. The worst power brokers always feel cheated, they did not make enough profits off of everything during their lives. They could be richers than the riches person on the planet and still feel cheated.

o  This is what the south economy was like during the Civil War.

o  The culture itself has had an underylying “cheated out of” for an extremely long time previous to the fouding of America. The Confederacy’s main parent was the Prussian Empire spy organization “the FreiKorp”. Which underwent several aname changes before they became the Confederacy. First it was simply Tammany Hall, then a dozen smaller groups, then the democratic party, then of course Jacksonians, the dems and jacksonians turned into the Confederacy.

o  After they lost the war, the most hard core of them evacuated out of America for Prussian. Where the Prussians went to war with France. With 10,000s of fresh battel hardened troops from America, the Prussians decided that 1866 was a perfect time to push the defenses of the Libertine and to force some changes to the French culture they had wanted to for generations. However the Prussians llost. On paper the Prussians won the battles, but they lost the larger picture. The larger picture is of course several different sets of Prussian Empire spy's ake the FreiKorp groups worked hard and strong to seize control over Verisailles but really non managed to figure out how to use the tools and equipment left behind. They were simply not smart enough to decode it.

o  Children playing with an advanced machine, they could do a little but, but no where near the fullest potential for the system.

o  However this did not mean the Prussians did not stop trying to force there way into Paris to seize control over the Louvre and Versailles to seize control over them and to force the machines built into the infrastructure to work. but no matter how much work they put in, that way of thinking will simply not work.

o  It is interesting, the Prussian Army has occupired Paris/Versailles on several differnet occasions form 1792-present, each time they have occupied Paris, the end result is the same. They can only stay for a short time, are unable to get the machines to work, and end up more frustrated than when they were denied access because they could not understand how to operate the machines. “I must have access, I will kill the world to gain access”. But after they gain access, they have no idea how to make the machines work. and in the rare occasion they are able to make the machine partially work, it either backfires on them or they can only make it semi-work.



·     Bellingham WA State

o  What can the city of Bellingham WA Territory have even the smallest thing to do with Leonardo Da Vinci.

o  The answer is the Florence and Venice Schools of Art. He was alum of former and a teacher at the latter. Of course he also had the problem of trying early fixes to the sinking situation. The city had been sinking since practically the first day. Since the city was not constructed correctly in the first place. The city was supposed to be a model of the cities of Heliopolis and Memphis, which began life as a collection of ships in effect tied together. Not all that different than the plot of the first Jews movie. Where the kids have a cascade of accidents and have to tie there boats together in order to keep afloat. Same thing, but purpose built.

o  Those cities began live as a collection of very large ships, tied together, and then a platform created over the top. Since the ships would not be going anywhere, they were anchored in place by a variety of means. Accessing the bowls of each ship for maintenance was needed, but other than that the tops of the ships the sails and rigging was removed, so a large city size flat platform could be constructed. And the city grew from there. Venice was not constructed this way, or if it was, the ships were not maintained, they were allowed to simply rot away. If the ships were maintained. Than the current problem would not be a problem. The ships only need to be re-anchored to allow for a higher draft (water level above the floor of the lagoon). Leonardo knew this, but the government of Venice refused to listen. If they had, the current problem would not be a problem. The amount of buildings destroyed because of flooding would also not be a problem.  You see the idea came from after Noah’s fleet docked next to the temple of IWNW. Noah knew that the Nile flooded, so he knew he needed to make his “Capital City” capable of handlying up to a 50 foot wall of water. So that is exactly what he did. which was mimicked millenia later by Abraham with the city of Luz renamed to honor him a few generations later Memphis. Both of those cities were moved by the Julii family to Rome.

o  Bellingham began as Castle Bellingham in the mouth of the Nooksack River.

o  For evidence of said look no Further than the spy career of Sam Clemens. He was a career spy, he went to work for the Union as a spy in his teens in the build up to the Civil War. He was a licensed Steam Boat Pilot, and the Mississippi had shut down all traffic but military on the Missisippi from 1860-1865, he could not work. So he was assigned to a job in Nevada but was TDY’ed to the Nooksack, since River Boat Pilots were not an easy thing to come by in the Spy Trade. Especially Pilots with 100% devotion to the Union.

o  The British used the same technology they built Venice in the mouth of the Nooksack.

o  The city built in the middle of the Nooksack was likely modeled after the city of Venice.

o  But Venice itself was designed and built around the concept of a Spy organization to keep the invaders from central, eastern, and southern Europe from invading Italy. Attackign Rome from the east. which worked

o  Venice established circa 100 ce, plus or minus 50 years.

o  Castle Bellingham in the Mouth of the Nooksack was inspired by the applications of the rather ancient secrets that Noah did not have one ship, he had a fleet. That fleet was responsible for carrying the Nephilim and their library out of area A to B then to C, where it sat for the next 4000 years till it was transported to Rome, where it has set in the same area for the last 2000. Today what remains of NOahs fleet is what we call St Peters Basilica, what remains of the temple Adam built called IWNW is what is now the Sistine Chapel. Which Leonardo Da Vinci helped in both the initial architecture and then the painting of it 3 decades later.

o  In the Nooksack, the British Spy headquarters had been overseeing the Ferndale and Lynden FreiKorp for the previous several decades. But the Prussian Empre was gearing up to start the World Wars, they needed to conduct operation I to destroy most of the Royal families of Europe to finally put an end to the last gasps of the Feudel systems of govmernt which had worked together to keep the Prussian Empire at bay for the previous 800 years. WWI was planned to destroy the Royal families. WWII was designed so the Prussian Empire could expand out, and work on the research they had wanted to do since they were still called Teutonic Knights. That research included Electro-Magnetic techonlogy. In hopes of being able to find a way to find and or build a Scanning Electron Telescope, to study the waves and folds of time itself.

o  The Dutch in Lynden had a really good idea what technology the British had in or at least had in the city they later destoyred because of the experiences they had in Tiffin Ohio in from 1820-1850. The Ogles of Tiffin possessed both the books of said scanning electron Telescope and or a full on working other Electro-Magnetic machines which the Prussinad were absolutely deserate to turn into weapons. Weapons they wanted to rule to world with, then of course challenge god for supremacy over Heaven.

o  For evidence of said Scannign electron Telescope is the workd Wundt did with Oliver Cowdery and Joseph Smith in Tiffin in conjunction with the britihs Ogle family.

·     The Signing of Peace in the Hall of Mirrors, Versailles, 28 June 1919


o  End of WWI Versailles



·     Leonardo’s life in Years

o  One of the Smartest Americans to be documented was Mary Johnson who worked for NASA, she was not only one of the smartest people to ever work at NASA she is one of the smartest Humans to ever have lived.

o  She finished High school at age 11.

o  She finished college around 14, she finished her PhD in mathematics before she was 18. Saying Leonardo was equal to her means that he entered the Florence school of art and his 7 years at that school was simply a cover to obtain the necessary velum needed for the Italian Guild System. But most of his time at that school he was not that that school. He was just 12 miles west of Paris supervising the design and consturciton of his Polytecinal School. The only problem with this school is that he would have to operate it entirely secretly. He had to “pretend” he lilve din Italy his whole life, minus the last few years but in reality he was living on his Univeristy for at last 40% of the time from age about 10 till he died. He died on the grounds of his Univeristy. The rest is pure fictions. He did not spend 6 years painting the last supper, he spent about 6 months painting it. If that. More likely he spent a few days painting and months between in Florence working with his benefactors as a spy master, or in Paris building his university teaching classes to the best and brightest of the students France could come up with.

o  Two entire centuries after the school was up and operating, it was taken over at laast in part by the French Court, legally it is a huge debate as to if the Da Vinci family or the French Royals own it. At least till the French Revolution when the Prussians claimed ownership and have less than zero interest in giving the place up. Although it is an extreme doubt if they know how to operate the mechanical devices built into the walls and basement of the Palace. However those mechanical devices are not the only devices which have a similar design. Those designs were built into the Sistine Chapel, Miramont Castle, the Stille Group headquarters, area 51, etc.






















·     Leonardo’s first 14 years are mostly a mystery. He was trained by the best teachers and tudors money could buy; courtesy of the Medici family. 

·     He spent time at the Univeristy of Balonia,

·     He spent time in Venice

·     He spent time at least once in Paris.




























































Florence Art School





Florence Art School

·     He was sent to the Florence School of Art, where he was already proficient if not a flat out master of most of the things that school was teaching.






Florence Art School





Florence Art School





Florence Art School





Florence Art School





Florence Art School





Florence Art School





Florence Art School

Sistine Chapel

·     He was released from his Florence School of Art contact, with the license which that guild demanded.

o  He was a licensed master of the following fields

§  Sketching

§  Sculpture

§  Painting

§  Engineering

§  Drafting

§  Drawing

§  Mathematics

§  Etc.

§  That school taught about 2 dozen subjects, Leonardo was a master of each one at various times before he left.






The next couple years are a total mystery, there is no record of Leonardo being in Italy at all.

Statistically speaking he was not in Italy at all for these 3 years. He was in France 12 miles west of Paris to continue working on building his own private school. with full and compete support from his family, the Medici, and the French Royal court.

He had was given this land of at least 1000 acres if not larger as a gift for some assorted various achievements by the Medici at last 10 years previous. He intended to build a Univeristy on that land the second he was given it.

He was given the land by his Medici friends. When obvilsy they were discussing a problem, they either invented him into the room and discussed it with him or he wondered into the room and prosetned a solution not a single person present would have thought of in a million years. The solution obviously worked and propelled the Medici family into further wealth and political power. In return for his solution, he was given this land.

The rest of his life was divided between being a spy for the Medici, traveling around Italy and France reporting back. Obviously on accoation he was asked to formute strategic plans to achieve financial and or political goals. His plans almost always worked. He just had to keep his spy life entirely secret. Which was ok with him, as long as the Vatican stopped trying to kill him every few months in his short spurts of time he lived in Italy.

The Vatican and locals tried to kill him so often it became a routine.

During a couple  conversations with new popes especially after the French invasion of Italy. He was asked why he was such a traitor to Italy. His answer was simply; “you have been trying to kill me since I was a child, why in the world would I want to be loyal and patriotic to a group of people who not only want me dead but have plotted to kill me on dozens of occasions. The few and far between times I was nice and give you nice things, you either refused to listen and follow my advice or you used it and the truly hard core arrogant/eroticist people get jealous and try to have me killed.  This does not happen with the French court, they thank me for my ideas, give me lots of money, have given me lots of gifts, and not once have to attempted to kill me. So what is the upside to being a loyal Italian, the answer is if I was more loyal you would have killed me by now.”


































































Malleus Maleficarum 1487







































Last Supper





Last Supper





Last Supper





Last Supper





Last Supper













































Sistine Chapel Ceiling 1508–1512

Sistine Chapel Ceiling 1508–1512





Sistine Chapel Ceiling 1508–1512





Sistine Chapel Ceiling 1508–1512





Sistine Chapel Ceiling 1508–1512





Sistine Chapel Ceiling 1508–1512










































Leonardo’s legacy outlasted him by three centuries. Although the last century the school had to co-exist within the confines of the French Royal Court. Although the oringal School was left entirely alone and intact, The French court chose to build two or three extensions to the north aroudn the original school. which helped the original school expand and increase classrooms, rooms for the purpils, and of course dozens of more laboratory areas. The school was soon being infringed upon by the demands of the French Royal court. Which was not all that interested in science, mathematics, engineer, but palace intrieg, etc.

King Louis XV was all but entirely incompenant when it comes to the school. he was an OK king, although he managd more than a few of his countries affairs rather badly.

His grandson was even more incompentnat. But after a few years the Grandson’s wife matured and learned enough from the school in order to be able to be one of the most effective rulers France had ever seen. The problem is, the full scale attack from the Prussians and their propaganda machine which churned out lies and disgusting comments 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

She did not have a chance, she did her best but once it came right down to it. She was managing a country the eprefvious century of bad management had just about destroyed it. her chances of succeeding were between slim and less than zero. The only way she could have managed to safe her country from the Prussians is if she would have gone out into the field and let the troops herself as commanding General. Winning a few major battles, but that is only if some of her most loyal soldiers would have taken her roders. Which huge doubts exist regarding at that time if even her palace guard would have taken her orders. Her brothers troops in her country would follower her orders, but that would be a huge problem for building loyoaty with her own troops.

She and her family were forced to evacuate France. Leaving the Univeristy Leonardo had built and his successors had managed magnificently for the rpeovious three centuries, had to be abandoned. Most of the students either left as they could making their way north to normady and then across to Britain. Or they followed the French Royals to America. Where they attempted to rebuild Versailles in what was then the Capital of Louisiana after New Orleans fell which is now called Old Colorado City Bancroft Park. Portions of the Original Palace basement and foundations are still in existence. However everytign from the ground up was destroyed in the early 1900s. That Palace served the early settlers of Old Colorado City well as the state capital from of several different govmerns after the French were forced to evacuate and travel to Whatcom County WA state.

Versailles 1792 was finally in the hands of the Prussian Empire, who then spent the next  150 years trying to decode the information within, before they were removed by the Americna Army circa 1944. However soon after Paris was turned back over to the Libertine who are only a little different than the Vicci government set up by the Third Reich. The Libertine are just differnet names for the same spy organization under the command and control of the Prussian empire.

Although the Univiersity which Versailles surrounds was perfect for more than three centuries. The very fact that it the school operated in abject secrety for three centuries allowed the Prussians to erase it from existence with abject eas. It is easy to erase something that had been designed to be a secret in the first place.

They went in, found the rooms, did a complete search, but when they went to look for faculty and people who might have known anything about hwo to run the machines, they came up close to empy. Names were given to the Libertines like Robespierre and others to hunt them down and bring them to trail. Under extreme duress questioning they were asked questions about the secrets of Versailles, if they knew anything they would have told everything. But their was a plan, and almost everyone hwo knew anything were evacuated before the Royals were, they could not take the machines with them. But they could take the people who knew how to operate the machines and have them leave. Some traveled own to the Italy to seek shelter with the doce of Venice, and other very secure locations. But mostly they were sent to Louisiana and Ireland to keep them well out of the hands of the Prussians. Who did not stop looking for them, nor have those that know in France have they stopped searching Versailles as to how the machines work, to turn them back on.

The chances the machines are connected to some type of time machine is not outside the realm of possibilities in any way.

Leonardo was an abject super genius, and he had all the financial backing he would ever need to explore the mathematics of some type of a time machine.

With an unlimited budget from the French, the British, the Medici, and access to the Vatican library on occasion. There is little that man could not have done.