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Description automatically generatedBased on the trustable documentation about Master Leonardo Da Vinci’s life. His IQ was somewhere between 210-300. Which means he was one of the absolute smartest humans to have ever lived, from the first Homo Sapien Sapien to the last, he was one of the absolute smartest.

In comparison to the majority of the humans with a plus or minus 3 deviations from the mean; eg 70-130 IQ, he makes most of the human race look like they have a zero IQ. He makes Medical Doctors and the like with 125-135 look like they have a 25-35 IQ. Or hardly enough to tie their own shoes.

So that being put into perspective, no insult intended but this is about science, mathematics, evidence, and schizophrenic paranoid delusional behavior reactions to someone who makes overwhelming majority of the rest of the human race look like we have the IQ of cabbage in comparison e.g. the Vatican the Holy Roman Church the Holy Sea; the Sea description is a reference to Noah’s Fleet which St Peters Basilica has bits and pieces from the original as its base construction.

Because Leo’s plan to remove Rodrigo Borgia from the Throne of St Peters was almost successful, the Italians became on the hard side of enraged with him.

Angrier than they had the previous 3 or 4 times they tried to kill him; eg serial killers.

However as punishment, Leo was finally allowed to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel (a task he had wanted to do since he was a teenager). The Vatican gave him a choice, paint the chapel in whatever way you want to, but give the credit to someone else. Or be forced to leave Italy right now.

Leo chose to do the painting, in formats and styles he absolutely hated. But it also allowed him to paint in secrets of his life.

Image result for sistine chapel ceiling touch

Not only is this a picture of Adam reaching out to touch god, but it is also god reaching out to touch Adam.

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Note the Hand of Adam, is in close to the correct angle for Orbital insertion.

The Painting is oriented the top is facing West, the foot is east.

Adam is on the North side, God South.

The Arm could be a representation of the Cross Bow ground up launch,

The Army is pointed due South, But the Hand and finger are pointing south then due East.

Those are rather close to the exact angles needed for orbital insertion.

Leonardo da Vinci painted the Sistine Chapel Ceiling

His name was not associated as punishment for high treason against Italy, specifically Rodrigo Borgia. Rodrigo used his son and daughter in the Tabernacle Electro-Magnetic Machine to gain the power to elevate himself  to Pope, which angered Leo to invasion and removal level. However

he was behind the French invasion of italy 1492-1499

the last two digits of Adam’s index finger are according to the compass due east. Finger 2 and 3 are already pointing due east. one is slightly crooked the other ring finger is absolute due east.

Although this painting has specific dates associated.

As in to the exact date, and possibly even hour of the day of those specific dates.

You see in Masonry as all Masons know as a matter of the most hard fact the hand has extremely specific associations.

Although this is the Right Hand, so this the months previous to the Right Hand dates.


May June July are reaching out to God


Gods Right hand August is reaching back. while the index is pointing due north, the second and third digits are pointing due east.

But September and October are piloting due East.

Then the onboard rockets take over, and boost the capsule into space and or low earth orbit.

Leo spent so much time inventing gross anatomy class, that he knew exactly how to place god into the format of a brain. The issue with that is; C itself has form, shape, substance, those thigs can be converted to variables, those variables converted to numbers sequence, those numbers can be converted to letters, and when letter sequences form into predictable repeat patterns those are called Words.

Did Leo know that the Universe in several differnet ways actually can think?

But for this specific examination of facts.

Did Leo in his late 40s start to paint the chapel, but included his lifelong experiments with flight.

Is their a possibility that Adam reaching for god is a symbolic representation of the information to follow regarding Leo’s work in aeronautics and space flight?

Third Point Egyptian Nut, Geb, Shu


Is not all that different from the Adam reaching out to touch god.

Related image 

The arch of Nut, is that a representation in Hieroglyphics of the Language of the Cosmos/C.

Working on Aeronautics and space flight in France would absolutely be a reason for the Vatican to become so angry with the French and Leo to attempt several times to kill them. But the Vatican had larger fish to deal with. They had to fight off a Muslim invasion from spy's.

Italy was an extreme example of a country which absolutely desperately wanted to kill Leo on a serial killer stand point. They tried to kill him on no less than 3 separate public attempts, likely about 5. Before he was finally evicted from  Italy at the age of 60. People Leo knew who were either his age or younger had already started to die of Old Age, he was such a hard target threat against the Vatican he had to be removed from Italy while some of his peers were dying of old age. That is how much of a threat he was to the power structure of Italy in his 60s. This is about the evidence of the man, and why his enemies in both Prussia and Italy did everything in their more than considerable amounts of power to erase as much of the accomplishments of him as they could. The ways they altered his inventions or miss represented his inventions began when he was a teenager and he first became noticeable as a threat to the powers that be. Identifying the mathematics of how they suppressed him is important, but rebuilding from the destroyed evidence the secondary evidence, the primary items can be recreated. This is an exploration of the primary and secondary evidence he left in his wake. To find out what he actually built, and invented based on what the enemy did not understand was classified information they needed to destroy.

Rebuilding his inventions and ideas based on carefully working the forensics evidence. One find out how the metaphoric fire started, two find out why the arsonist set the fire in the first place. The fire was set to destroy evidence, finding out what evidence was their target is half the picture. The other half is deconstructing the fire to determine where the fire was aimed. Both techniques will provide a solid picture of what it was and why the serial killer wanted him and his ideas dead.


Someone with that type of IQ can be really good at thinking about stuff, thinking through various ideas which 3 definitions from the mean have no ability to think of let alone think through. 

So with that evidence in mind and repeated a couple times to make the point. The following evidence is not outside the realm of what someone with unlimited money, support, a staff of countless, etc. can do. Leo’s support came from the French Government who were on the hard side of extremely rich, the Medici who were at the time richer than the Vatican itself, and dozens of extremely rich French and Northern Italian bankers and merchants who had equal too to a bit less money than the Medici. He had access to more money than in modern terms Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, etc. combined. There are times he had access to so much money he could have purchased huge portions of the city of Rome itself.

However, that would have served no scientific purpose which would not have led to direct genocide. The Vatican would have gone to war with him and all of his friends, they would not have stopped till all of the Vatican and Swizz Guard forces were dead.

Although he did create a battle plan which 90% of it worked perfectly for the French King to Invade Italy and seize control of Rome. He would have put the Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope of Rome back together. But he had to settle for just his Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope Versailles.

His battle plan became the French Invasion of Italy, which was supposed to conquer Rome. Install Medici on the Throne of St Peter, remove Borgia from the throne, and of course rebuild the Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope of the city of Samhain. which is an extremely long and complex story all on its own.

Which he built for enumerable reasons but close to the top of the list was to give the machines and tools of the Tabernacle System of Adam which was present around the time of the Trojan War in Paris. Of course Paris at that time was just “the Island of the City”; Notre Dame and the Palace structures to the west were the system. 2 huge complex buildings to the east, two huge building complexes to the west.

In the 1400s part of the buildings to the west were demolished.

In that research and those extremely secret machines he had direct access to in both Rome and Paris. Very likely in Florence, and Milan but the direct evidence of those is limited to an almost no easy to access level.

Leo took the machines and the building configurations and built Versailles from it circa 1460. Versailles translates to Polytechnical College.

And now the really really hard scientific evidence to deal with which directly affects the field of FreeMasonry.

Based on years of gathering evidence, the Alexandria Lighthouse which was built by Ptolemais and is descendants were Parissi. The name sake of the city of Paris, Prince of Troy Paris the one and only husband of Princess of Athens (although the H and S were added centuries later by the Greeks. so the city was actually called The City of the ATEN, named after the Deity of the 18th dynasty as well as the Old Kingdom 2600-2100 bce.) Helen of Troy. The whole Menelaus marriage thing is based on the propaganda of the Hyksos/Dorians who females were less important than cattle. If a Patriarchal male with an army behind him sees a female and wants her, he will kill any and all of her protectors to possess her. He does not care at all that she might already be married, have children from other men, he wants/he takes. Same goes for Menelaus’ in his mind he had claimed her before he set sail for the battle. She was his possession, nothing was going to get in his way, up to and including killing every single trojan who stood between him and his possession. Apply that to the Vatican and how much they wanted to kill Leo.

He was not safe in Italy for longer than a few weeks at a time.

He also gained access to the Parissi Library in Paris and Bolonia. He had also gained access to the library in Rome. In his mind he collected the various and assorted evidences of the Electro-Magnetic Wave weapon of the Alexandria Lighthouse, and the electricity from the Pyramids which powered it. With said information he set to attempt to understand aerodynamics. Which led him to study space travel.



While working on Notre dame, I already knew that statistically speaking Leonardo Da Vinci lived most of his life in France. the French king did not want to kill him, the papal states did, attempted to on a serial killing basis. attempted to 4 separate times.

however, the French did not. Actually the French were in all but full favor of Leo’s being part of their court. Here is a “blank check” when you have that all spent, let us know we have entire checkbooks ready for you. You do your legendary genius thing, we will happily pay for any and all  of it. Just let us have access to the results. Which will be, impossible to describe.

in his notebooks, direct physical evidence can be assembled through his sketches and some of this working models.

each of the major aspects of flight and space flight can be found

trying to determine what to do with it

Leo studied at Sorbonne which was still operated by the Parissi up till 1790, which up to a short amount of time ago that building was still used as classroom space.


Leo’s works were not in Notre Dame

he studied there 1460

taught there 1470

unproven, but extremely likely

the serial threats on his life, stating he was working for x person or y person in Milan or Florence is easy. however, being clandestinely in Paris, that keeps the assassins from finding and killing him. Best way to survive an assassination attempt, do not be where the enemy thinks you are.



Heliocentric Universe Mathematics.

With all that work on flight and space flight. Leo would have done the math's to prove the earth was a globe. with his inventions.

Leo had been working on flight and space flight for decades by the time he was in Venice as a visiting professor.

While Leo was teaching at Venice, one of his students Copernicus was also there.

One of the following occurred.

Either a simple classroom discussion led by Leo and Copernicus figured out the earth was a globe and Leo’s mathematics are what he copied in Prussia to publish. And or Copernicus stole/copied Leo’s notes took them back home and published under his name. Either way Copernicus got the credit by stealing from someone far smarter.

Decades later Galileo digging into the archives of the Medici in Florence found the telescopes, mathematical/equations, and the other details of said and republished. Ignoring both Copernicus and Leo’s work. Of course, the Vatican was still extremely angry with Leo despite the fact he had been dead for decades. They were still angry with him.

Helio Centric Universe rediscovery should actually be readjusted to Leo’s work/discovery.


This theory with an extremely high degree of hard core evidence; this theory is only a small percentage of theory, over 90% is physical evidence.

Did Leo spent his life in mostly secret. He came into the public eye, did public things, then disappeared for months to a year on end. He did this repeatedly dozens of times. He was in France; where they did not want to kill him.

The clocks/computers Image result for inside leonardo da vinci tank inside the “Tank”/“Space Capsule” were drawn not to be wheels but to be clocks/computers. Image result for inside leonardo da vinci tank

Related image

Those are not wheels, those are different clocks and computers.  Automaton “automatic driving vehicles/computers” to perform the maneuvers needed during flight and space flight.


The first problem is Van Bruan spent time in the Sorbonne in the 1930s. He was a professional scholar so he could readily access the libraries in France with little if any problem.

So how much of Peenemünde was Van Braun’s genius and how much of is work was copied from Leonardo Da Vinci. Leo was a half Jew scholar from half a millennia previous; being half Jewish would have by default disqualified the Third Reich from giving him credit.


Hedy Lamarr also studied at the Sorbonne, she took her ideas and some of Leo’s and worked them into American Technology. She founded her own Versailles aka JPL, and her own space flight launch facility at Vandenberg AFB. Hedy and Leo were both from Jewish backgrounds, both on Hedy’s side, mother on Leo’s so it was impossible in the build up to WWII for Hedy to be credited with JPL, forget Leo. The anti-Semitic America going into WWII was so strong, more than a small percentage of Americans wanted to join the war on the side of the Reich. Several very prominent politicians including Prescott Bush not only sided with the Third Reich but he made money off of them, and funneled money to them through his bank. His son became POTUS 41 his grandson became 43.

Of course JPL is 150 miles from Vandenburg AFB

150 miles is more than enough space to allow for problems and issues to not harm populations.

But it also is close enough for Hedy and other Q branch spy's to travel to the launch facilities and apply their ideas to the technology.


Two unbelievable Genius’ standing on the shoulders of Leo, since where he spent decades of time developing the drawings listed below, they went onto built Vandenberg AFB and of course NASA.


Statistically the drawings and the real-life physical technology below are simply too similar to just be chance. To many variables which are either a dead-on match or a 95-99% match.

The Movable Bridge being a Launch Tower.

His multi-barreled guns are in actuality directional rockets.


Every single piece of equipment needed for airplane flight and of course space flight Leo wrote extensively about, drew 100s of drawings on the subject. Spent years studying birds in flight. Built several 1/1 scale models to test his aeronautical ideas.








Historians stipulate that it was Leonardo da Vinci’s fascination with flight that inspired him to innovate the anemometer, an instrument for measuring the speed of wind.

Image result for anemometer



Flying Machine




Of Leonardo da Vinci’s many areas of study, perhaps this Renaissance man’s favorite was the area of aviation. It was this interest that inspired his most famous invention – the flying machine.

Image result for flying machine


Image result for space shuttle landing

Expandable collapsible wing



 max manuverabiliyt

Image result for f14 tomcat

Max speed, 2.3 mach. 730 mph at sea level

Expandable collapsible wing

Helicopter (Aerial Screw)


Electrical generator


Though the first actual helicopter wasn’t built until the 1940s, it is believed that Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches from the late fifteenth century detailed a predecessor to the modern-day flying machine.

23001C74 Image result for helicopter (aerial screw)


Related image





Though credit for the invention of the first practical parachute usually goes to Sebastien Lenormand in 1783, Leonardo da Vinci actually conceived the parachute idea a few hundred years earlier.




33-Barreled Organ


Rocket engine array


The way Leonardo da Vinci saw it, the problem with canons of the time was that they took far too long to load. His solution was to build multi-barreled guns that could be loaded and fired simultaneously.


Directional rockets, the Russians have used said since 1947.

Image result for russian soyuz rockets

Armoured Car




The precursor to the modern tank, Leonardo da Vinci's armored car invention was capable of moving in any direction and was equipped with a large number of weapons.

Image result for leonardo da vinci armoured car



Giant Crossbow




One thing Leonardo da Vinci may have understood better than any of his contemporaries was the psychological effects of weapons in warfare – as illustrated by his giant crossbow invention.

Image result for giant crossbow


Image result for submarine missile launch

Triple Barrel Canon


Launch propulsion


Aircraft carrier catapult


As a military engineer, one of Leonardo da Vinci's key beliefs was that mobility was crucial to victory on the battlefield. This idea is seen in his triple barrel canon invention.

Image result for Triple Barrel Cannon Related image Image result for Triple Barrel Cannon







To put away any initial confusion: Leonardo da Vinci did not invent the clock. What he did was design a more accurate clock.

Image result for leonardo da vinci clock


20CDBEB5 Related image Image result for enigma christopher




electric arc furnace (EAF)

Perhaps even more interesting than the ambition and innovation behind Leonardo da Vinci's Colossus invention is the dramatic and heartbreaking story of his attempts to bring it to life.

Image result for leonardo da vinci colossus

Image result for leonardo da vinci colossus

Leo created an arch (electricity) force. Using electricity instead of forced (blast) air (furnace) to heat the metals needed to combine to make steel, stainless steel, and other mental compound. He more than proved his Metallurgy genius with his horse.


 Leo had access or he invented this type of technology, were you place electrical rods into the oar and you use electricity to bring the temp up to around 2000 ish degrees. More than enough to make the metal light enough for space flight



Stassano furnace exhibited at the Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia "Leonardo da Vinci", Milan


Ideal City


Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope


And buildings for launch facility

A clandestine launch facility.

For aircraft and spacecraft.


No idea speaks to the epic ambition and scope of Leonardo da Vinci's inventions better than his ideal city, which combines da Vinci's talents as an artist, architect, engineer and inventor.

Image result for leonardo da vinci ideal city Image result for leonardo da vinci ideal city


Image result for versailles

Image result for vla



Robotic Knight


Atutonimous robot,


With his innovative, engineering mind, Leonardo da Vinci had many ideas that employed the use of pulleys, weights and gears – including his invention of a fully animated robot.

Image result for leonardo da vinci Robotic Knight


Image result for space autonomous robot

Image result for iss repair bot

Self-Propelled Cart


Apollo computer


Before motorized vehicles were even a glimmer in someone's eye, Leonardo da Vinci designed a self-propelled cart capable of moving without being pushed.

Image result for self-propelled cart

Image result for self-propelled cart


Related image

Scuba Gear


Space pressure suit


In his lifetime, da Vinci designed many inventions dealing with water – perhaps, most notably, scuba gear.

Image result for leonardo da vinci Scuba Gear


Image result for space pressure suit

Revolving Bridge


Missile launch tower


Designed for Duke Sforza, Leonardo da Vinci's revolving bridge could be quickly packed up and transported for use by armies on the move to pass over bodies of water.

991FECF1 Related image 

Related image

Image result for leonardo da vinci Revolving Bridge


Image result for leonardo da vinci Revolving Bridge

A mobile rocket launch platform.

Image result for missile launch tower


Image result for mobile icbm launcherRelated image

Mechanical engineering

Image result for leonardo da vinci Revolving Bridge




Gigantic problem number one.

The above information and side by side with his drawings and of course the modern equivalent of his drawings being directly in most of the drawings more than 90% in a couple cases good luck finding differences between the two which count for more than 2% of his idea and say Apollo Capsule.


Did Leo’s submarine work with Archimedes screws pushing against water, or are they Electro-Magnetic screws designed to push against the solar wind and the earths Electro-Magnetic sphere?


Are his Submarines, actually some type of French Space Station?


The angles of Adams arm as he reaches for god are key.

The upper arm is straight off the launch pad

The forearm is starting roll program to both maintain stability and to start the twist needed for the sun hot space cold barbeque roll. to keep the spacecraft from being destroyed, the craft is constantly being rotated to make the expansion and contraction of the several hundred degrees towards the sun and the several hundred degrees away from the sun balance out.

The spacecraft is rotating in order to keep the ship from tearing itself apart due to expansive heat creating rips between it and the contracted cold side.


As the rocket reaches close to the wrist (the upper part of the hand) it begins to turn horizontal in order to enter orbital flight.

The palm of the missile continues to barbeque roll as the nose pushes past 45’ to start flying towards parallel to the ground.

At the fingers the roll and orbital angles are almost complete.

The last few adjustments e.g. the knuckles make the last course corrections before “main engine stop”. With the craft successfully in orbit.

Each step and angle of orbital flight is painting into the left arm of Adam.

It is of course it is possible it is on the extreme side of all by chance, but statistically it is all but a certainty. Open Heart Surgery has less of a statistical chance of being successful than all those 1000s of variables between the shoulder joint to the tip of the finger.

When you add the orientation of the building itself,

The finger is pointing due east.

Related image




Built in Calendar in the Adam and God Sistine Chapel situation.




The possibilities with someone of that level of intelligence, with unlimited resources, and with better than full support from a collection of armies which dwarf the army of the Vatican by about 20 to 1.

With those types of resources, building gliders which are launched via the cross bow. Then use the cannon directional rockets to achieve a higher level of height.

Extend the wings from the capsule turning it from a falling brick to a glider.

Alter some of the shape of the structure using in effect bat wing extensions to allow for aerodynamics.


Have said aircraft begin to slowly make turns around the launch pad, in this case Versailles. But it could very well have been based on ancient Egyptian Old Kingdom Technology.


Once the basic glider is in the air. send up additional “rockets”, to meet up in midflight. Image result for air refueling but instead of adding fuel, add bran new rockets.

Which can then boost the glider after the wings and other sections are retracted again. Boosting the aircraft to higher and higher altitudes.


A few dozen experiments to a few hundred, and a craft can achieve low earth orbit.


The brains, the money, the money, the money, and the will to do it is what was lacking. Leo had all of it plus more brains.


Now to bring back FreeMasonry into the discussion, which had the largest and most intense impact on Paris and the Parissi.

FreeMasonry was recreated after the Pictish issue on the island of Britain after 1066. The British brought the information back after they moved back to their kingdom of Northumberland.

But immediately had to leave again to head off a Muslim invasion into Anatolia which threatened both Constantinople and south eastern Europe. Patriarchal Cultures do not react well to being humiliated, degraded, and insulted. The British did all three during the battles of Hastings. Had been doing it from 650-1066. But as long as Islam kept a hard-controlling fist in the newly renamed England, their other humiliations were set aside. But the second they lost England, they regrouped and pushed from the east side. These constant pushing for dominance and control over Europe from the south from Iberia and from the south east from Anatolia began to eat at the constitution of the French Kings. From 1090 to 1130  a mere 40 years, the fear grew exponentially through the first two crusades. THE first happening immediately after Hastings, the second happening about a decade later.

Both armies poured through Paris, muslins and Prussian spy's doing their best to interrupt the Templars from the British Culture, and the British pushing through Paris on their way to head off the hordes. 1130 is when the decision was made to obliterate the original Notre Dame Synagogue/Cathedral and rebuild a new version, specifically designed and dedicated to the Catholic Church. However, in the 300 years it took to build the New Notre Dame, the old fears soon became renewed with new attacks and political spy games occurring in France and Britain.

By the early 1400s the French Kings had had enough and had decided they were going to destroy the building Palace complex to the north of Notre Dame, erase any and all evidence of its existance, as well as destroy about half of the Palaces to the west of the Island.

It took decades to get all the money and such arranged to begin building upgrading the location of the new French Palace of Louvre, the new Palace had to be built before the old one could be dismantled.

Leo enters Paris to study at the Sorbonne in the middle of that process. He entered in the 1450s, comes and goes back to Italy for the next 55 years. He has direct access to the Sorbonne for most of those years. He has access to, teaches classes at, and moves the super-secret Electro-Magnetic machines out of Paris and to his Polytechnic College think tank location of Versailles. Leo spent some serious years in Paris and in Notre Dame itself. Since even during that time it was still in part used secondarily as a Palace of sorts.

The buildings which were destroyed were based on King Solomon’s Temple blueprint, which itself was based on both the city of Heirakonopolis and of course Heliopolis/IWNW. Which was moved to Rome by Emperor Caligula just before the Crucifixion.

What was dismantled at Notre Dame and the other Palaces, and compounds on the Island were a copy of the Tabernacle System of Adam. That system has strong and substantial evidence regarding being a Electro Magnetic Wave Radio Telescope. With 100s of not 1000s of copies in Africa, Europe, America, etc. Lends some serious amount of effort regarding Noah’s Fleet and some type of space connection. Although that is only statistical. It is a hanging collection of variables which lead from space flight back through about 20 different tabernacle system designs and copies.

A is Adam, B is the System Adam Created, C Noah’s Fleet, D Egypt, E the Pyramids, F the Hyksos invasion, G evacuating out of the way of the Hyksos to Ǽgean and of course Italy, H Trojan War, I Samhain/Rome, J the Crucifixion, K Hadrian’s Wall, L the Pictish Revolt, M 650-1066, N Hastings, O the Crusades, P is FreeMasonry, Q the Renaissance, R is space flight. Any subject consistent with the evidence which connects the subjects with any of those variables connects to the same equation string.

Radio Telescopes allow for celestial communications.

They also allow for the possibility of travel into those areas.


The library of the Sorbonne expanded to an extreme amount with all the books pouring back in from Constantinople, hidden library caches left in the centuries previous, and of course combining with what the Parissi already knew.

Noah’s Fleet was in all hard reality more than just a collection of small Nina, Pina, Santa Maria boats. Each one was a small ship of the line; which was about 60 feet long. The larger ones were more than 100 feet long. However, what is absolutely important to remember, the fleet came to rest in Egypt. Mount Ararat was a fixed bearing location. Like a lighthouse, they knew where they were based on the lighthouse.  The lighthouse being Mount Ararat; Noah knew where to steer to in order to arrive at the temple of IWNW and the associated city. 3500 years later to be renamed in Greek Heliopolis which translates in Hebrew to Jerusalem. 

From there and Heirakonopolis you find some of the first Tabernacle Systems of Adam which are/were still in evidence.

IWNW was renamed by the Greeks circa 800 bce to Heliopolis which translates into Hebrew as Jerusalem. Which is a very long and intensely complex sequence of branches of information. Each one feeding to the trunk which feeds from the root system. All very complex layers of information.


The aim of Leo’s work was to give the French both an Airforce and of course a Space Fleet.

The basics of said Space Fleet can be found in the more eastern versions of both the ancient monotheistic stories as well as in the mythologies of Egypt.


Leo was simply building or rebuilding ancient technology the Vatican had spent the previous 1000 years working very hard to destroy any and all records. But he was smart enough to reassemble the pieces from what the Vatican by then was not educated enough to know to destroy.


Ancient airplanes, and space travel.


FreeMasonry and Space Flight


If you are a FreeMason, all it takes it to examine each variable for what it is, where it came from, and to put into the larger context of King Solomon’s Temple itself was a copy of a copy of a copy from

Noah’s Fleet.

The Flag Ship the Grand Lodge, and the support ships the individual Lodges.

Jesus and Mohammed both religions claim that their “Prophet” ascended to Heaven (space flight) from a Tabernacle System of Adam.

For Mohammed although the fictions are he traveled to Levant Lands, which has no basis in reality.

He did on the other hand travel to Egypt with his daughter Fatimah. But that is a long and complex story. Which ironically has a huge amount to do with both Notre Dame Cathedral and the life and times of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Jesus of course ascended to Heaven from the Mount of Olives, which is actually Rome where the Vatican sits right now. Has sat there since days, to months before the Crucifixion of Jesus.

But things become complex immediately upon the end of that event.

So two mythologies regarding space flight.

Not to mention the “Sky Gods” of several of the polytheistic religions talk about “Space Flight” Ra among them.

Ra rode in his for a missing better description Orbital Space Station.

Which would also explain how the ATEN was built into the Pryamids circa 2600-2100 bce.


It took the ISS, and GPS (satellite system), and massive on the ground computer technology in order to prove the ATEN is built into the Causeways of the Pyramids.

The Bent Pyramid Causeway bisects were King Solomon’s Temple used to be. Hence FreeMasonry and the Pyramids are the same subject.

The Causeways being a fixed point for space navigation is also an extremely important point when the discussion comes around to ancient space flight.

If you look at the physical evidence; there is space flight all over the place.



To show the evidence and functions of all the working parts which added to each part of the potential theory that Leonardo Da Vinci created/recreated his own Space Agency and performed numerous flight and space flight tests. That is a gigantic amount of research and would cover millions of individual facts needed to show the data.


Anther sequence of evidence, a system of technology on the extreme side of well known in the 1400s.

Leo would have put the lock system into place but vertically, to keep boosting his capsule higher and higher, faster and faster.

Image result for water lock system

Use the same mathematics to raise ships from sea level up to some lake or other different heigh body of water. Example the pacific is higher than the Atlantic Ocean. Of course the Atlantic in geological terms is still growing by x cm a year, as the mid-Atlantic Ridge volcano continues to erupt and spread east and west.

The Atlantic Ocean is relatively rather young, so it is in effect still pulling water into it. As the Pacific slowly shrinks. However this process will take millions more years, before the west coast of America connects with the east coast of Asia. More like 10s of millions of years.

have additional booster rockets either attacked and or sent up to meet the glider exactly how a lock system works, pushing up from the bottom.

There are other forms of vertical propulsion which do not include chemistry at least in the explosive aspects of chemistry.



Laser Beam flight

By using some version of the Alexandria Lighthouse “weapon”, it could be possible to use the same mathematics from the video to push a capsule into low earth orbit.


However there are numerous problems, not the least of which are it would require dozens of lasers located at exact intervals down range from the launch site to allow the capsule to enter orbit at 17000 mph.



And now for a truly, on the cutting edge of the most dangerous and on the extreme side of crazy ideas.


All the above ingredients are needed for spaceflight. However there is a missing ingredient which is beyond important which explains the events from 1490-present.

The Fictional TV show Warehouse 13 at close to the start of episode 1 season 5 Endless Terror


Did Leonardo Da Vinci put his vast intelligence towards the following concept.

Did he think of a way to create a hermetically sealed both space suit and in effect capsule in order to travel between point A x fixed points in space time, through B some type of Electro-Magnetic generated hole between A and C, to C which would be another fixed point in space time.


In other words the above could be all the needed inventions for spaceflight, but it could also be the needed inventions and technology for time travel.

Leo knew that it would take so much electricity to fuel to go faster than the speed of light, since the speed of sound was 730 mph, or whatever measurement he used.

He was an expert in maps, clocks, and mathematics. so he had more than sufficient skills to find out what the speed of sound was. He would have also been able to create the needed equations to find out 186,000 mps is the statistical average for the speed of light. Which he would have also known was the an average.

Since it is easy to prove the speed of light changes based on the rules of Electro-Magnetics.


So pushing a craft to said speed would be insane.

However, pulling a craft through some type of Electro-Magnetic field/sphere to artificially create a connection between A through B to C.


Could this be the subject the Thule Society was trying to find, rebuild, focus on. Which the Prussians has spent half a millennia attacking with all tools in the box; to gain access to said tools to time travel to fix the species to make things the way they wanted them. Namely to go back and kill Jacob as an infant.


Remove their enemies before they were born. Which is in part the plot to the TV Show Timeless, which is a story which tells about 2% of events which actually happened. David Rittenhouse was a spy for the FreiKorp, he might have created a Rittenhouse organization, but it was a subsidiary of the FreiKopr. which itself was a subsidiary of the Prussian Empire, which was a subsidiary of the Teutonic Knights. Which came from the descendants of Fatimah who eventually out of Britain circa 650 ce when their mother left to go to Rome to resurrect her father Mohammed.







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