Levitation and  King Solomon Temple



Science in the laboratory have been able to on many different occasions prove beyond a doubt that it is possible to manipulate electromagnetic waves sufficient to create a zero  gravity sphere. Depending on the size or location of that sphere, moving the 1000s of ton blocks into place to create the Western wall of King Solomon’s temple is not only possible but realistic.

This book is an exploration on the technology and knowhow the ancients used to move gigantic blocks with almost no effort minus the efforts involved with creating portable electromagnetic machines.

The evidence of their existence being destroyed is easy to prove. After the exodus the 19th dynasty figured out that what they did not do previous was to completely erase the children of Israel presence in Egypt. Israel   was able to retake the Pharaonic throne because from 2100-1550 they were allowed to have at least a little bit of power, Knowledge, etc. in order to function.

While the Hyksos were coming back to power in Avaris, they chose to scrub all evidence of Israel out of Egypt.  To make sure there was no possible way for Israel to come back to Egypt ever again.

Moses and the exodus was more like a holocaust than a good thing. Moses being more like Himmler than a savior to the Jewish people. The pharaoh from which Moses went into battle with was most likely the 18 year old Tut; since tut shows signs of battle damage to his body.


If Moses was a pro-Israel person whom chose to turn away from the unholy religion of his adopted father/mother than why was a replacement Great Temple not built for another 300 years.

And only after a bloody war against the Jews by a Philistine army. The philistine’s were descendants of the Hyksos.



All those negatives, no wonder the truth behind the levitation talked about by legend “Solomon Controlled Demons” to build his Temple in Levant Lands 300 years later were erased. The conqueror erases sufficient amounts of evidence and places the population in jeopardy long enough and they all forget the height of technology they used to have.


Light waves, sound waves, focused using a Djed which is amazing since the Djed is the symbol used to describe the Sarcophagus Osiris was placed in and then shipped to Byblos to be part of that temple. The city of Byblos is the city which the papyrus was shipped from to Greece and Rome which the books of the new testament were written on.

The Djed is the tomb from which Isis resurrected Osiris with in order to product Horus.


The story of the Djed used to Rise something matches the Legend from Solomon. To Rise a Carved rock in to place, to Rise the body of Osiris like a Rock.

To connect between the physical and the ethereal allowing a connection between the physical and the boatman aka Adam/Kyron in order to achieve other worldly activities.