Libertine French


The concepts of the Libertine come directly from the philosophy of Protestantism.


Martin Luther created Protestantism based on the teachings of Fatimah and Mohammed. He hated all aspects of Catholicism. Although he was entirely ignorant that the same philosophy which the Vatican was based on post 300 b.c.e ie the Evil Priest Paul was the same which inspired Mohamed.

Martin Luther was entirely convinced that if he just repackaged Islam into a slightly different package that European cultures could and would accept in droves. He was correct.


Not much difference between “God is Great” and “Allah Akbar”. “the Glory of God” and “Allah Akbar”.

A dozen other sayings in English are a close enough example of say Arabic phrase. ‘


The whole born again thing is pure both St Augustine of Hippo and Mohammed’s daughter Fatimah. Her whole thing was to resurrect her father with the Tabernacle of Adam System.


Protestantism collides into the structure of the failing French royal Government with King Louis XV the grandson of the Sun King. He is so incompetent he makes decision which bennifit himself and only himself. He mistress is dumb as a post and constantly makes comments which are entirely ignorant.

The Dauphin is King Louis XV grandson, Louis XIV died September 1, 1715. Louis XVI was born August 23, 1754. More than three entire decades separated the Great Louis XIV with his Great Great Grandson Louis XVI. Louis XVI teacher was his beyond incompetent Grandfather who had already lost control over New Orleans and the Mississippi. They once controlled the entire river, then the Libertine and the Muslims controlled virtually every inch of the River. The French Royals were stuck with only being able to control the Rio Grande and the Arkansas. The Excuse the Libertine gave for their aliening with Militant Islam cultures was the money. They Libertine mov3emtne was making hand over fist with their cooperation with the Muslims and the Salve trade. The Crimes against humanity are just small issues when it comes making tons of gold based on other peoples hard work.

So the Libertine Government continued to support the Barbary Coast Muslims as long as they gave huge amounts of money to their European Allies including the English.

The need to destroy the British had become a European and Africa wide need to seek and destroy them.


Why because the British and the French knew about the Tabernacle of Adam. Their enemies needed to kill every single one of them in order to ensure that they the secrets of the WMD would only belong to the conqueror and no one else would find out. Which was in part successful, the first experiments during the Civil War proved to be highly accurate regarding the technology and its ability to produce mass causality. But the weapon could not be used since the Weapon was too dangerous, so it was shipped to Germany for further study. The Confederates and their children formed Think Tanks to study the System and its WMD capacity. 20 think tanks later enter the Thule Society.

To Germany through France. The French gave an open invitation to the Confederates to come, but some of the libertine rules were not acceptable to the Confederates and they moved to Austria and Germany where radical anti-Semitism was not only acceptable but a strong portion of how the governments and societies operated.

Being anti-sematic in American depending on crowd was ok, being anti-Semitic in Europe was a standard conversation. In the German Beer Halls it would be difficult not to find a conversation about the dirty Jews happening at least once a day.












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