Lost Mormon Temple


This story is beyond complex.

This temple was destroyed and erased from most documentation because it was placed in the Capital of Texas directly before Texas declared war on Jews and Mormons. Second Bingham Young by 1840 was Pathologically Homicidally enraged by all things which Joseph Smith was and represented.

The Third Reason no one knows about this Temple in the Original Capital city of Texas is because Bingham Young hated with a Passion well beyond measure even beyond his hatred of Joseph Smith was African Americans. His disgust of Africans and Natives was so profound that he did not allow them into his church or hold any type of official office in his church. It took more than a century after his death for his church to overturn the laws preventing African Americans from being allowed into his church. His hatred was well beyond unacceptable.

B.Y.’s hatred of Smith knew no bounds at all. But he hated Natives and Africans more. Interesting a man with more than a dozen subjects he hated beyond measure was allowed to be the head of a major “peaceful church” for decades. After strong and significant evidence presents he had a hand in the execution of the founder of the Church. Although Smith did not die/Martyr in Carthage Illinois.

ON his death bed Young finally apologized to Smith for helping to execute him.

Although Smith did not die June 22, 1844. Smith stopped being Smith on that night, well a few days previous, “Leave Now” the lord commanded Smith to leave.

What the documents state is that he was ordered to leave, he did so. But what is not written mostly because those documents were altered later by Young as well as at the time by the few survivors present. Smith ordered the documents to be in the next days altered to hide the fact he needed to chart a path separate from the Church he founded.

It was time for him to leave. What that meant was, that Night Joseph Smith became Israel.


He left that night,

Several days, to several weeks later on his journey to his custom built temple in Old Colorado City he battled a fallen and either won or lost.

Most likely Won. But that battle had to be done entirely away from his church. It was a battle between himself and a fallen.


The Hajj

Curious if Young repeated a similar ceremony that both Esau and Mohammed did to get even with those that they hated with everything they had. Did Young perform a ceremony to send a Fallen to Kill Smith, just like Jacob?


Paint Your Wagon


The story of the erasure of the previous civilization in Manitou and Old Colorado City are outlined in the movie “Paint Your Wagon”

When it became obvious that it was about to become illegal to be British/French/Jewish/Mormon in the capital of Texas. Of course about that same time the City became the Capital of Kansas. In the movie this is when the “Religious farmers” came into the picture.

Also the movie talks about the “Mormons” entering the city and settling. The story was dropped to only three, and two moved on. But that is poetic license during the anti-Semitism of the 1950-1960s.


The entire town was virtually destroyed during the battles which followed.



Part of the reason the situation became so bad was in the last 1840s and all through the 1850s, Confederates were evaluating out of the south to avoid the obvious approaching Civil War. They brought their hatred of Je3ws, Slaves, and of course their militantly violent Islamic friend with them.




General Palmer Colorado Springs











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