Lucifer MorningStar Translation


Anti-Semitism from 4000 bce to present has been a rather intense subject for most of those 6000 years.

It can be stated that the whole “Noah’s Ark” journey was based entirely on anti-Semitism.


So in some language previous to the invention of say Hebrew and Latin, which were obviously not invented at the same time or within 1000 miles of each other.

The genocidal level enemies of the Jews as a whole would take good ideas and good concepts and turn them violently evil.

A good concept turned ultimate Evil, would be the name in unknown language Lucifer Morning Star.


So Let us begin.

With Morning Star.

Morning Star the definition is one of the many definitions for the Elder Futhark symbol of Jeru. In some versions the spelling is Jera, others Jeru.

Jeru is the 12th character in the Futhark sequence. The 12th son of Jacob was given the title of “The Multi-colored Robe”. Which is brothers through jealousy sold him into slavery to the Pharaoh. Although that story is not exactly correct, Judah was sent to the Pharaoh for various negotiations and training. While in the Pharaohs palace he was taught about the Function and structure of a specific type of mathematics. That Mathematics is directly related to the function and structure of converting the fixed points of the earths daily rotations and the Orbit of the Earth around the sun and converting those fixed points first into numbers and then through cryptography letter. Collecting those letters together to create repeat letter sequences. Those letter sequences are words. Words sequences become sentences, sentences become paragraphs, paragraphs become chapters, etc.

All in all an extremely complex and detailed mathematics to study.

Recreating it has taken most of my life.

But the fixed positions of the day, from morning when the sun/star first pokes its head out from the horizon forward are fixed points from which to measure. 


Lucifer as most scholars can tell you has been translated and defined as “The Holder/Bearer of Light”. Luc/Lux itself was translated into Latin as Light. So we have the defined definition of Light inside the word Lucifer.

Now to take ifer and translate it.

To Bear something, means to hold it.

To hold something requires a separate between “your possession, and external forces”.


The Light itself is a beacon within the function and structure of the darkness. It itself has boundaries between the inside which is light and the outside world with is darkness.


Now this is where things become a little bit odd.

The difference between a building/fortification and a Castle is two things. One the structure must have a self contained temple/church/synagogue/etc. with boundaries between the outside world and the Temple itself.

That Structure “holds light within”.

To qualify for the name castle, it must be a Pope approved “Catholic Church” with a catholic trained priest in residence.

Back to Lucifer, not the being but the word itself.

To create a solid boundary between the inside light and the outside darkness requires infrastructure. To hold/bear light requires intent to hold said light. IN a being that requires some type of fingers, hand, chest cavity, etc. to Hold the Light inside as a separation between the inside light and the outside darkness.

The Hebrew translation of Castle is Salem. Since this word existed more than a millennia before the formulation of the Catholic Church it is impossible for the word castle to be applied, however in proto-Hebrew Salem works just fine and dandy.

So you have Salem as a structure which “Bears Light”. A building, fingers, chest, scrolls, etc. holding light in. The intent to hold in and be a protector of the light is part of the Ifer word.

So you have a light protector Salem, and Morning New Day in Futhark translates to Jeru.

In many anti-Semitic cultures they like putting last name first, first name last. So


Salem (Lucifer) last name first, Jeru (Morning Star) first name last.

Translates to


Jeru Salem.


Direct linguistic evidence of a collection of ceremonies which predated the Exodus which were at the core of Judaism.

Which were turned from good and wholesome from the lord to evil and darkness by genocidal level Anti-Semitic Cultures.


Lucifer can also be a translation of the name Jacob, since Jacob in Sumerian Translates to “Holder/Bearer of the Foot.” The foot is a very rough and not exactly nice translation of The ATEN. The ATEN itself is a light Disk/Sphere which has “Limbs, Hands, Feet, appendages, etc.” from the Disk reaching out to select “Holy Things” the ATEN chose to touch.

The “Holder of the Foot” and the “Bearer of Light” is metaphorically and symbolically the same definition.









TR Welling