Lynden WA


The French city and Palace destroyed 1860s by the Confederates


The city and copy of Versailles located someplace between the guard meridian east to the center of the current city of lynden.

The guild because of the Rose Line Paris, the rose line runs through the Louvre


The old city was destroyed, most of it was dumped into the nooksake, but down stream the refuse of the city caused a huge log jam. A jam which lasted for decades, till phoebe managed to raise enough money to remove the jam.


However phoebe was married to a Jew, Holden was a Jew, he family were Jews and had converted to chritisnaity at some point in the past. but Jewish blood was still made him a Jew.

Phoebe was elected major after the dutch came in and claimed territory Pattenson invited them inn. Pheobe’s job was to clear the area and prepare the city for the Dutch friends of Pettenson to come in and create a city. A city which was going to be a new capital of the confederacy, hiwhc was going to be based on the same exact economics the previous cities confederat economy was based on. Confederacy was based on slavery and plantation systems.

But in WA Territory it was not called slavery it was called Indentured Servants.



Lynden Washington State











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